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HUMAN World vs. ROBOTIC World

       It is said that "each head is a different world", but there seems to be many similar worlds. How is your world? Real and Natural or synthetic and virtual? Let's do some comparisons of experiences and your answers will reveal what world you are in.

Which one is your world?

Robotic Virtual World: Human World:
Heat from electric heater. Feel the warmth of a hug.
Playing electronic games and watching movies.. Listening to a friend or storyteller.
Couples Running in different directions.. Walking together, holding hands.
Mostly eating alone with the TV, PC, etc. Eating with your wife/husband, partner, children, family or friends.
Watching, listening, sensing, etc. maily things. More looking, touching, hearing, smelling, etc. your loved ones.
Feeling a massage from a machine. Feeling the massage of gentle hands..
Eating fast food and/or prepared in microwave. Your meals are not fast food.
Your classes are online with 3D animated characters.


Your classes are with a Teacher that gives himself/herself in each lesson with all his/her mind, strength, heart and soul.
You take a quick shower. You bathe in the river, waterfall, well, or in other natural sources.
Focus is on making money. More focus on making friends.
The job is just to get results at all costs.  you learn and appreciate each step of your work.
Spending more time with TV or PC. More time with Nature.
Smelling disinfectants and artificial perfumes. Smelling the fragrances of the flowers and trees in the field or garden.
Air conditioner. Natural air.
Your food is more synthetic, plastic, transgenic; you drink sodas, take pills, and get injections, serums, etc. More natural meals, juices and fresh fruits.
Listening more to electronic sounds and recorded human voices. Listen more to live human voices.
You are surrounded by artificial light most of the time. Surrounded mainly by natural light from the sun, moon, stars, etc.
You are playing more with virtual machines (Games, PC, etc.). You play more with people, children and/or animals.
Your toys are made of artificial materials, plastics, etc. Your toys are made of wood or other natural materials.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com


EDITOR's NOTE - continued

Listening more to TV, PC, tablet, phone, cellular, video games, etc. Listening more to singing birds, wind, rain, river, waterfall, animals, silence, etc.
You are usually isolated with leather and/or plastic shoes. Your feet are in contact with the earth, grass, stones, etc.
Your Medical consultation is quick or online. The medical consultation is long and the MD is a friend.
Your time passes by next to machines and your human relationships are protocoled. Your hours pass alongside people who help and interact without much protocol.

There are many things we cannot change quickly in our environment, but the Fivefold Path (FP) helps us to be in the world, without attachment to it (being a prisoner). Yes, yes, yes, the FP helps us to reconnect with our human nature and realize our Divinity within.   

Note: Fivefold Path (FP) for a happy living:
1. Perform AGNIHOTRA for purification of the atmosphere which leads to automatic purification of mind.
2. Practice DAAN (sharing of assets in a spirit of humility to reduce attachment to worldly possessions).
3. Practice TAPA (becoming better managers of our energy expenditure by training the body and mind to react to all circumstances in life with Total Love).
4. Perform KARMA (all your actions for self purification  and thus no expectations which bind you to the material world).
5. Practice SWADHYAAYA (Self-study) for liberation. Who am I? Why am I here? My work on this planet is to learn to react with TOTAL LOVE with each opportunity given to me.
This is the Fivefold Path for happy living on the planet. By practicing the Fivefold Path, we become better members of our society, group, religion, community, etc.


Kerly Mabel Quinteros
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

       "A lot has happened since I started with the Agnihotra fire. It has led me to know and investigate more. Since I acquired the pyramid, I do it at home and I feel like a lot has changed, perhaps irrelevant, but for me it is important.

Now, I do not feel so afraid to be myself. I get up early. They called me for a job and I will start full time on Monday. In addition, it seemed an abyss separated me from my parents, but now I am getting closer to them.

Thanks for bringing this knowledge to those who know less. I know someone  is always waiting you (myself included) for that love you so easily delivered on the road.
I feel happy every moment; I live this experience (Agnihotra) because I find the peace and temperance to stabilize me.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God for everything! I hope we can meet again soon and always in wonderful circumstances. A bear hug for you with sincere affection from someone who wants to learn to be a better human being every day. 
(Photo: Kerly Mabel and her nephew doing Agnihotra in the Guayaquil Homa Center.)

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Karen Cueva Noboa
Homa Center "Vida Nueva" (New Life)
Alborada, Guayaquil, Ecuador


        "I am 25 years old. I had a problem with polycystic ovaries. Since I was a teenager, I had problems with my menstruation. Sometimes, between one period and the next, 2 or 3 months passed;
I was rather irregular from the beginning. I started menstruating when I was 10 years old. Since that time, I was prescribed birth control pills.

It seems that eventually they harmed me for health checks showed that the cysts increased rather than decreased. At that time, I was 15 years old. Then,  not only one ovary was damaged, but both of them.
I was treated by six MDs (gynecologists) for several years. The last doctor said that nothing could be done and the uterus and ovaries should be removed.
I was 20 years old. That day I went home, I hugged my mom crying and told her that I could never become a mother. But I did not want to have surgery or take more pills.
         When I met Viviana, I was 22. She told me about Homa Therapy. At first, I did not understand much and I was somewhat incredulous. Then, she invited me to a health convention. When the doctor said 'when you breathe in the smoke, also place your hands in the area where it hurts you.' I remember that I put my hands on my belly and on the stomach. And the first thing I did, was to ask for the cysts to go away. I pray very much. Viviana gave me Agnihotra ash and I started taking it. I did this for a month until I came to her Homa Center "Vida Nueva". I was taking the Agnihotra ash in juice, in water, in shakes or pure. After 6 months, Viviana told me to do my health exams because she had to travel to Italy for a few months. However, I never took the test, I just continued with the Homa treatment. That was in October and in December, I was already pregnant. The pregnancy was a normal 9-month gestation. Now my son will be 2 years old and he also takes the Agnihotra ash."
(Photo: Karen Cueva Noboa giving her testimony at the Homa Center "Vida Nueva".)

Alejandro Cajas
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"I have been practicing Agnihotra for 13 years. When you practice this technique, you do not expect life to change. However, you do not absorb things, and you know how to face the difficulties with confidence, without stress.     But amazing things do happen. For example, recently when I had just finished morning Agnihotra, the window was open and I saw a little bird. Since I was a small a child, I wished to hold a bird; this was my dream.

  And I said: 'My God, when are you going to grant me this wish. I am not going to do any harm, I will not hurt it, but I would like to hold it'."   Continued on page

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Continued Testimony of Alejandro Cajas:
        "The bird was sitting on a twig. I approached slowly so that it would not fly away. It looked at me, then it bowed down its head, closed its eyes and I talked to him, asking 'are you sick?' Then I took it into my hands. It allowed me to do that. It did not fly away. I took it with me downstairs to my wife and I said: 'See this little bird. It allowed me to take it from a twig'. My daughter also arrived; they are already accustomed to witness so many beautiful things happening. Then I took it back. It grabbed the twig, raised his head, opened his eyes, looked at me and then flew away.
  It was a desire fulfilled by God. I consider this a miracle; this contact with an animal that fears us because of their experiences; they carry the fear of man in their genes. For me, that was an emotion of happiness."
(Photo Page 3: The Architect Alejandro and his wife Estefania participating in the Agnihotra in the 'Casa Sol Cultural' in Puerto Sta. Ana, Guayaquil.)

Alex Córdova
President of the Chamber of Commerce of Jaen
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, South America


                 "I came to know about Homa Therapy through Eng. Luis Tafur. I was going through serious health problems for two years. I suffered from acute stress in 2010 and 2011. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with 'general anxiety disorder". My situation was very, very serious. I was close to death 3 times. I thought I would die and my whole body hurt.

    I had a CVA (cardiovascular accident). My face was paralyzed and I started to lose interest in life. I tried to get everything in order. I was paying an expensive life insurance to leave my family protected. I was lethargic; I could not do many things. I had little sleep, sore tonsils, etc. The company forced me to take vacation for 2 months in order to get healed. I went to a prestigious clinic, where they did the tests, but did not find anything. I was told to go to a psychologist, but the psychologist said, that I need to go to a psychiatrist.
    I was eight months with the psychiatrist and he tried many drugs with me. I was taking three pills every day. It was strange for I was with tremendous anxiety when I run out of these drugs, like a junkie. I always had that feeling even though I am a professional and I could go to the drug store and buy my drugs. Still I felt that way.
    When I met Prof. Abel, I already had 6 months with medication (3 tablets per day) and I could not be without it.       I consulted  Prof. Abel about my case and he said: 'Practice Agnihotra, take its ashes several times a day to reduce the anxiety and reduce the drugs gradually as you feel better under you doctor's supervision.'
However, I wanted to cure myself faster, so I started doing the Homa Fire, initially without believing, and I decided to stop taking the pills.
The first two weeks I felt a little weird; I felt anxiety.    However, I did the Homa Therapy exactly for two months and then I felt an improvement in everything, everything.   Many things started to happen and and many changes occurred.          After half a year, without realizing it, I was no longer on pills.     Since 2012 and up to this day, I am anxiety free. Now, I have taken on more responsibilities, more activities and do not feel stressed out. I am healthy, I feel good. One cannot explain it how it works but Homa Therapy is something that just works. That's what happened to me and I'm happy for this help. Try it."
(Photo: Alex Cordova practicing Agnihotra.)

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Tomato - Variety “Marglobe”

Previous harvest using agrochemicals:


• 90% Oidium sp.
• 95% Bemisia Tabaci

• Completely healthy
• Size: 7 cm • 10 cm
• Weight: 85 gr. • 120 gr
• Thickness: 13 cm  • 20 cm
• Taste: without taste  • pleasant
• Texture: shining • firm and shiny
• Color: pale red • intense red
• Yield per plant:
   1 to 2 kg
• 3 to 4 kg
• Ripening time:
12 weeks
• 7 weeks

Observation: Eng. Rosa Cortez Morales, Ministry of Presidency of the Republic of Peru, South Amercia

 Beans with HOMA FARMING

Edgar Arevalo Patow
Farmer in Alto Huallaga, Huanuco, Peru:

          "I made my Agnihotra solution and began to fumigate 2 times per week. I received 50 kilos of beans and I was told that I could get 400 to 500 kilos for half of ha. and 900 to a 1000 kilos per hectare. However, I harvested 2600 plus kilos."

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   The Corporate Takeover of All Natural Food

         Walk through your local grocery store these days and you’ll see the words “all natural” emblazoned on a variety of food packages. The label is lucrative, for sure, but in discussing the natural label few have remarked on what’s really at stake — the natural ingredients and the companies themselves.

If you take a look at some of the favorite organic and natural food brands, you’ll see they’re owned by some of the largest conventional companies in the world. Coca-Cola owns Odwalla and Honest Tea. PepsiCo owns Naked Juice. General Mills owns Lara Bar. Natural and organic food acquisitions aside, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and General Mills all opposed California’s GMO Proposition 37 that would require GMO food labeling. Today, some of those companies touting an all-natural list of grains and sugars can be seen changing the ingredients in their natural food products as the natural foods’ distribution channels are pushed to larger and larger markets.
for more info please see: http://www.healthfreedoms.org/the-corporate-takeover-of-all-natural-food/


              Salvadoran Peasant Farmers Clash With U.S. Over Seeds

JIQUILISCO, El Salvador, July 5th, 2014 (IPS)

Under a searing sun, surrounded by a sea of young maize plants, Gladys Cortez expresses her fears that her employment in the cooperative that produces seed for the Salvadoran government may be at risk,

if United States companies achieve participation in seed procurement.
“This is our source of income to support our children,” Cortez told IPS as she continued her regular farming tasks at the La Maroma cooperative, one of the seed producing establishments located in La Noria, in the municipality of Jiquilisco, in the eastern department of Usulután.
The U.S. government, through its ambassador in El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, has set conditions on the delivery of a development aid package worth 277 million dollars from the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a U.S. foreign aid agency. It wants the country to open its seed procurement process to U.S. companies.


         WiFi – The Invisible Killing Fields

         "There are no safe levels of radiation."
- Barrie Trower, Physicist and former Military expert on Microwave Radiation.

        The mass rollout of Wifi over the past decade has been phenomenal as to how integrated it has become in all facets of our society and our personal lives. Yet few have asked the most important of all questions, ‘Is it Safe?’

      At what levels does ever increasing Wifi become dangerous to human health? Can it, or, is it affecting our electronic bodies, our well being and our abilities to think? And to what degree, if any, do invisible radio and microwave frequencies begin to affect our own DNA structures?
      Over the past few years, and secretly for decades, scientific and medical evidence has shown conclusively that the low frequency pulsed radio and microwave frequencies are causing significant damage to our cells resulting in extreme increases in autism, heart irregularities, brain wave changes, cancer and generational fertility destruction in males but even more significantly in females. The most prominent changes due to WiFi radiation though is with our children and teenagers due to their developing immune systems and thinner skeletal structures:
"As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors; a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, fetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth. Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations."

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   Another Healing encounter with Homa Fires in the 'Anita Goulden' Foundation, a shelter for children with disabilities.    With the regular practice of Homa Therapy,  the quality of life of these children and youth can be improved drastically. (left)

     Audio-visual presentation and massive practice of Agnihotra in the auditorium of the Jorge Reategui Essalud state Hospital.

           Many Agnihotris came together to create a wave of bioenergetic healing and to enjoy this heat that opens the heart...
(see photos to the right and below)

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         Sharing the benefits of Homa Therapy, the Science of Ayurveda, with Mr. Margarito Machaguay, Manager of the Municipal Office for the Disabled, at its headquarters.
Eng. Luis Tafur talked about his experiences with the healing Homa Fires and encouraged the attendees to continue this practice. Prof. Abel and Aleta showed several videos where people with disabilities were able to improve their quality of life thanks to Homa Therapy. (see photos this page)

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During our stay in Jaen, we also shared morning Agnihotra, especially with students of the Pedagogical Institute and the National University of Jaen..  (photos above)

Chamber of Commerce, Jaen (CCJ)
Sharing Agnihotra with a group of entrepreneurs, CCJ director, Alex Cordova and Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter.
(photo right)

      Prof. Abel took the opportunity to meet with a group of students and teachers of the Pedagogical Institute (PI) to share energetic and relaxing yoga exercises.
      The students enjoyed to know about Homa and to learn new methods of concentration.   Nathaniel and Idely, students of the PI, organized this meetings and another one at the school 'Immaculate Conception'. (see photos left and below)

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     Another invitation to share the Homa Fire and psycho physical  yoga exercises, was at the school 'Immaculate Conception'.      Prof. Abel took joyfully the task of showing how the body and mind connection can be improved. What we do to one, affects the other. For example, walking with correct posture increases the energy level. They checked it out! (photos this page)

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   'Anti-Sress Homa' workshop for the Professors and Executives of Jaen National University.

    There was much interest in knowing the multiple origins of stress and its solution with the practice of Agnihotra and some simple

physical exercises of therapeutic Yoga.    

 Everyone learned the basic Mantras. During the Agnihotra, all breathed deeply, relaxed and enjoyed the healing energies.

(Photos this page)

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      In addition, the students of the Jaen National University also were given the opportunity to learn about Homa Therapy and experience Agnihotra.
    To prepare the body and mind for this, Prof. Abel did some yoga exercises first. Although they are young, they have health problems of different kinds. It is never too late to change bad habits.

    With the practice of Medicinal Homa Fires one can quickly achieve improvement and positive changes in body and mind.
The students learned Mantras and during Agnihotra, there was an impressive silence.      Then everyone wanted to receive the healing Agnihotra ash.. (photos this page)

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       Again, we were invited to present Homa Therapy in Bagua Grande in the company of Mr. Margarito Machaguay, Manager of the Municipal Office of Handicapped and Eng. Luis Tafur.
Agnihotri friends, Prof. David Echevarría and Mr. José Abel Izquierda came from Nuevo Piura (a faraway town) to share the healing Agnihotra. (Photo left - the first two in front of the Agnihotra Fire.)

      We want to emphasize that Mr. Margarito (Peru's tallest man) is not only tall in size, but also big in heart. He is the voice of many disabled people. And despite his physical problems and pains, he is always ready to help others. With the constant practice of the healing Homa fires, this task will be easier. We give our love and gratitude to him. (see also photos below)


           Mrs. Marleny Chuquizuta, director of the EsSalud Center for Senior citizens in Jaen, learned about Homa Therapy (HT) and experienced  the benefits of the Agnihotra.
   Then she invited us to present this technique in her place for many older people suffer from pains.

   There was much interest in this novel therapy.
Now, HT is being shared several times a week in this place.

(photos above and left at the Health Center for seniors in Jaen)

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        In a team effort, through Eng. Lucho Tafur, Dr. Absalon Vasquez (candidate for Regional Presidency), his wife Mrs. Isabel, Architect Cesar Galvez, Mrs. Rosa Galvez, Dr. Leopoldo Quispe and more friends, many TV interviews and massive Agnihotra healings took place.  

TV interviews with Luis Mego in 'Point of View' at  "TV Norte" (Photo above) and
Alberto Moreno
(left) in 'The Final Word'    The public was invited to  experience HT.

              The first Agnihotra  session and Homa Therapy presentation was for the team of Eng. Absalon Vásquez.  (photo above).  with the title  "HT for health, agriculture, cow raising and ecology".
     Then a series of presentations about the benefits of Homa Therapy followed in different parts of Cajamarca.

  The Hostal 'El Cabildo'  of Mrs. Mary Posadas Villar was filled with people interested in finding solutions to their health problems through Homa Therapy. (photos above and left)

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         More interviews on local TV with Herman Rodas for the program 'TV News' (photo right) attracted more people to see what Homa Therapy is about.

Every day, there were Agnihotra sessions and people reported improvements with restful sleep, relief of pain, more calm, joy, inner peace, etc..

      These photos were taken during the interactive presentation of “Homa Therapy and its effects” and during Agnihotra:
-above: in the lounge of the group  'Cajamarca Siempre Verde'
-left and below:  auditorium of the Municipality of Cajamarca (here, there were two Homa presentations that ended with the healing Agnihotra Fire).

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   In Guayaquil, Ecuador, Santiago, Chile and in Piura, Peru, women gather in groups on Thursday to: 1) heal with Homa Fires, 2) strengthen their spirit of sisterhood, 3) sing and dance in honor of Mother Earth with gratitude and joy in their hearts.

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       We received these pictures and information from the Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela' in Armenia:

       "Photo right -  seminar on “Human Development” for the team of the Botica. It was directed by sociologist Natasha Zabala.

The Homa Fire accompanies all our activities and adds Heat and COLOR to our lives.

         Harvest photo: This is Camilo Gallego’s Homa harvest. He is responsible for agriculture in the HOMA Botica de la Abuela. He expresses "what a great joy it is to eat these healthy products".

         The photos above were taken at the beginning of the tribute to the company 'Aral Thel' that belongs to Dr. Javier Aristizabal and Mrs. Luzena Aritizabal. They produce medicines from herbs, plants and flowers. They have been helping the community with different projects for 25 years. The Aristizabal family also practices Agnihotra.
       The photo to the right was taken in a trainings session for the staff; in the foreground Dorita Betancur, our director, while performing Tryambakam Homa."
Receive a sisterly hug,
Marcela Peña Castellanos
Research Department of Botica de la Abuela

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   We received the pictures of this page from Ms. Camila Paz from Santiago, taken during a  Homa workshop at the "Mother Earth" Center in the month of May.

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      Reiner Szcypior and Manu send these photos and report about their trip to the pyramids of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

      "In Visoko we were invited to share Agnihotra and the Fivefold Path with the Brothers of the Franciscan order and guests.
Aranda, Ingomar and Heike
were the sponsors of this trip.

       The group consisted of people of different nationalities, committed to help nature, heal the earth and receive the high energies of the various pyramids (Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon, Dragon and the Tunnel).               We did several Homas in these sacred sites. Afterwards, we delivered the ashes to the Bosnia River at the point where it joins the river Fojnitza. In Sarajevo, we gave the healing Agnihotra Ash to the Miljacka river, where we also practiced Agnihotra to support the initiative '100 Years of Peace'."

Photos of Agnihotra : 1) in the pyramid of the Sun 2)  in Tumulos. 3) Delivering the Homa Ashes to Bosnia River with Mantras. 4) in the Pavilion of the Franciscan Monastery.
5) at the entrance of the Tunnel.

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      Shree Gurudev Ashram Shala, Taharabad (Nasik)

     Homa Therapy students and teachers do Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa daily with wonderful effects.

(photos to the left and below)

Photo above:
Performing 21 Rudras at Yajnya shala in Kharagpur under the guidance of Prof. Mulay.

Photo left:
Demonstration of Agnihotra in Labour Colony at Sambalpur, Orissa.

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       We are pleased to announce that our next Somayag will be held in Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar between 3rd and 8th February, 2015.
This will be the sixth in the series of seven Somayags, the inspiration for which came from Shree Vasant Paranjpe. To date five of these Somayags have been completed successfully. There are still two remaining.

This 6th Somayag is known as Atiratra. Amongst other benefits its purpose is to give nourishment and longevity to all living things on the planet. The beneficial effect of each of these Maha Yajnyas last for several years. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease free. Soma Yags yield a great benefit on our psyche.
Fore more information please visit: www.somayag.org

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              The answers to all questions are given in the Vedas, but the interpretation of the Vedas has often changed the TRUTH to suit the masses. There is great push now toward the LIGHT. The AGNIHOTRA fire will spread now in very fast way all over.

            You go into more strict disciplines. Then you become free.

             Negative forces have been stopped. Energy pattern shifts. There will be safe havens where fire is performed. BUILD THE ARKS OF FIRE ON LAND. Homa fire heals now.

             If we cultivate the habit of giving away part of our material possessions we have learned the secret of happy life. The sharing of assets should be the consequence of a dutiful response in the heart of the donor.

   The action is doubly blessed. It blesseth him that gives and him that receiveth. One need not anticipate a demand from someone before giving. You give because it is your duty to give. This is Daan, the second aspect of the Fivefold Path.

              When healing power is achieved one must cease abuse of one’s body and of all others. That is one must seek to purify one’s body and one’s mind. We have suggested practice of HATHA YOGA and PRANIC BREATHING. Take very seriously what is told to you as these are truly the last days.        Healing power is greatly diminished when the mind is not in harmony. Limit the negative habits that harm the body. Focus must be on spiritual growth.     Keep away from temptation; React with love, not with just maintaining good humor. Take these steps and the Divine will take hundred more.

             Do whatever nice effort you wish to make to get what you desire early. However, do not be disturbed if it is late in coming. You may make all the effort but if you say that you will be happy when and only when you will be getting what you desire, it may not be wisdom.        You have to learn to be happy wherever you are now. You have to say to yourself, "I try. However, His will be done".       If you train your mind to be happy where you are, then chances are you would be happy even when you get what you desire. This is absolutely certain.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On A Life in Evolution
      Yes. Let us shift the focus to more global matters than more personal ones for the moment. In these uncommon times, it seems even regularly scheduled events are subject to change. Nothing is predictable. Disrupted weather patterns have sent forecasters into a tailspin. Meanwhile, areas in turmoil remain unusually calm, while violence rages in regions normally not under siege.
    There are no definites, and this affects beings in all walks of life. Economies fluctuate. Those with sensitive natures, whether they be actors, artists or nuclear physicists—all are subject to emotional and physical weakness.
The latest losses in the ever-affected entertainment world have struck a chord with many across the world. The fragility of famous figures can make one feel more vulnerable, as beings tend to identify and idolize those of perceived higher stature. However, it is often those for whom fame is food for flagging self-esteem, who are the weakest at defending themselves from a world far too harsh for their comfort. Still, the public feels more vulnerable when one whom they have adored falls victim to the perils of drugs, alcohol.

And where can beings seek help in these intense times?
   Those of you with the ability and willingness to listen and the compassion to understand, may well open your doors—as many will flock to you in these times of dire need.          When one being listens in a compassionate state—‘state’ because it is not a way of thinking but rather a state of being—one begins to enter into a unique realm where compassion takes on a radiant hue, uncommon to common thought.
One trades rationale and logical perception for pure, simple resonance of being in a state of oneness with another.

      This is a great gift to possess, but as with all possessions, one must share graciously with others. Then, the cup is filled and refilled again and again and again.
This thus is a state of love. And this is what the great Master Jesus had referred to when He said, “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.”
Again—not simply a state of thinking, but a higher evolved pure state of being which leads to “I and My Father are One.”
These are the goals of a life in evolution.
Walk in Light, dear ones, step by step.

On Helping Youth
Yes, yes, yes. Substance abuse is on the rise. Despair and depression draw many good beings with potential and promise, lured into the mire of disillusion. There seems to be a rise in suicides now, not only violence towards others. Quite naturally, those whose hearts are full of compassion will find them bursting at times like these.
      Today’s youth especially need help and hope for the future. No matter who you are, there are ways to express your support and concern for those young ones in need of guidance and direction.

        We encourage you to form support groups for youth whom you know. Venues are so needed where young ones can come together in company of peers and express themselves without fear of judgment or reprisal.
          If you are in such a position of authority and are trusted by the ones in need, perhaps consider creating such a forum where their voices can be heard and resolutions can occur by natural process of self-expression.
            At young ages, just to have one’s voice heard can make a difference in their lives and in the future. Hand in hand, lift those who are falling, to stand again and follow their compass to fulfill their own goals. OM

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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