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       Some say, “All we need is love.”
Yes and no. No, because sometimes certain basic material needs and responsibilities are placed above the emotional needs. An example is when a couple separates because his or her job is in another city. And yes, when we act with love, the heart is happy and we are happy. That is what most people really want. Now let us recall some known expressions and analogies, and then interconnect them.
1) Love God above all things. (First Commandment)
2) Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39)
3) Love God with all the strength of your soul, mind and heart. (Matthew 22:37)
4) Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness that everything else falls into place. (Matthew 6:33)
5) The Kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:20 / 21)
Deductions: if God (G) is in our heart (H), then G = H
Fire of Love (FL) is in our heart, then FA = H
Then G = FA
God is the Fire of Love
However, how to go inside? Meditating.
How to fulfill our duties and operate /respond with love? By practicing the Fivefold Path (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and

Agnihotra opens us to Love.

How to express unconditional love?
Through Selfless Service.
If we love our work, the work gives us happiness.
If we work on what gives us joy, work is a Blessing.
If we thank God for his/her gifts, God showers us with Grace.

How to give thanks to God?
There may be as many ways as there are human beings and more and all are valid.
Where and how to begin to give thanks?
Thank God for the gift of life.
Nevertheless, how to realize this gift?

   You may sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, place your hands together touching the chest with the thumbs. Inhale and feel the air passing through the nose, throat, expanding the pelvis, abdomen and chest. Retain the air briefly. Then exhale and feel the air going through the nostrils. Empty the head, neck, thorax, abdomen and pelvis.

Sus comentarios, preguntas, sugerencias e historias para el Boletín Homa son bienvenidos;  Puede escribir a
Abel Hernández & Aleta Macan a terapiahoma@yahoo.com Por favor añadir su dirección. Gracias!


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EDITOR's NOTE - continued

    In prayer position, with folded hands and thumbs touching the chest, inhale, retain and feel your heartbeat. Then exhale, empty and feel and hear the heartbeat. Gradually increase the attention and feel and hear the heartbeats during inhalation, full retention, exhalation and empty retention.
3) Combine 1) y 2).
4) SWADHYAYA (Self-Study)

Who turned on the motor or pump of the heart?
Who touches or hits that drum (tum -tum, tum -tum, tum -tum ...)?
Who gives maintenance and monitors the activities in the factory of the body?
Who is in control? Who is the manager of this factory?

The Answers to all questions are INSIDE.
      OM LOVE OM           OM SHREE OM


Vinayak Lokur
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

          "This is my personal experience. I am 45 years old and I perform Agnihotra regularly. I keep looking at the flames with bare eyes. My eye glasses number has reduced thrice in last 2 years: Right Eye from -1.0 to -0.25 & Left Eye from -2.0 to -1.0.
(Editor: We received the previous and the recent copies of the test reports, confirming this improvement.)
     I was hypertensive a few years back. After performing Agnihotra for one year regularly, I stopped taking the BP tablets 3 years  with the physicians approval. Since then I have become eligible for blood donation and I have donated blood 3 times in last 3 years.

   I also got my routine health check-up done in the last week and found that all parameters are in perfect order. This reinforces my faith in the "Sacred Homa Healing Fire”. Regards".
(Photo: Mr. Vinayak Lokur, Homa Therapy promoter, in front of Agnihotra Fire.)

Gloria Cortez Espinoza
Guayaquil, Ecuador, S. America

   "When I take my son to a Homa session, each time he sleeps in the process of the therapy. He has a very placid sleep and a wonderful rest.    When he wakes up, he is always in a good disposition, in good spirits and cheerful.                       Usually, he is an earthquake but Homa Therapy calms him.
I want to start doing the Fire also at home, because it helps my children and it helps me. It is just wonderful."          
(Photo: Mrs. Gloria with her 2 children)



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           Mrs. Pulido Tita and her husband Pablus, practitioners and promoters of Homa Therapy, shared Agnihotra on their trip to Playa Isla de Frances, Tolu, Sucre, Colombia, South America y and they sent us the following testimonies and wrote:
  "The way of Light is beautiful and wonderful. Homa Therapy is our beacon, our goal and our center. A hug. Om Shree Om. Tita y Pablus."

Daniel Martinez
      "I could not sleep
. Now I'm pretty impressed with what I can do. Before, when I went with my wife for a walk, every muscle hurt and I got tired.
    By taking the Agnihotra ash, I am a very different man and I am thankful for this improvement and for the change of my life.”
Mrs. Duran
    "I was in bad shape with earache. But by coming to you and Homa Therapy, I feel healthy, happy and content. I am taking the Agnihotra ash. I thank you and the Therapy for being well."
Mrs. Sista
     "I feel good, I feel so much better than I was. I could not sleep; I felt my head was big and heavy. I am now taking the ash of the Agnihotra fire and my health is improving.”

Tita Pulido Daniel Martinez

Sra. Duran

Sra. Sista

Dr. Jorge Luis Torres
Lima, Peru, South America

    "I am a psychologist in the Hospital EsSalud of Carbayllo. We are practicing Agnihotra there with the support of the Med. Tec. Christian Álvaro Vasquez. We have included the practice of Agnihotra as a part of the treatments and we do it every Saturday. The Agnihotra practice is open to the public,   patients and  medical staff.
   We have noticed that many people experience peace and stillness during Agnihotra and this helps them in re-establishing their physical and emotional health. HT helps to  treat stress  and many other diseases.
     It is also important to mention that this part of the

hospital where we practice the Homas, seems to be filled with positive energies. We have won several contests: first place in psycho-prophylaxis, mental health, vial safety, etc. This year we will also have a new location. Many wonderful things are happening with the Homa Fires.
    If you practice Homa Therapy, you will notice that many aspects of your life will change, not only the physical health, but also the emotional, your family life, work situation, things will go better.          Experience it – Do not just believe!”
(Photo: Dr. Jorge Luis Torres practicing Agnihotra.)



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   Unseasonal rain, hailstorms trigger farmers’ suicides in Maharashtra

     In February and March 2014 Indian state of Maharashtra experienced a series of extremely destructive and unseasonal hailstorms. At least 12 people have died during the storms. Up to 100 farmers have committed suicide across the state due to crop losses from these storms.
Experts have assessed the area of loss at more than 2 million ha. more than Rs50 billion.

    Crops of soybean, chickpea, wheat, maize and sorghum and fruits such as pomegranates, grapes, mangoes (all varieties except alphonso from Konkan), sweet lime, watermelon, papaya and bananas have been damaged heavily.
Total damage to the crops is being assessed at 120%, which breaks down to total loss of crop plus 20% expenses to clear the damaged crop and prepare again for re-plantation. For further information please see:

     (Photos: hailstorm damage to: 1.) grape plantation 2.) corn field 3.) wheat field 4.) desperate farmer who has lost all his crop 5.) destroyed banana plantation after the unseasonal storm in Maharashtra, India.)



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Bruce Johnson  reports from Tapovan, Maharashtra - inside the area of the climatic disaster:


          "Here in Tapovan, we have again been blessed with only minimal damage from the storms. Hail stones as big as marbles fell just as our crops of chickpea and wheat were reaching maturity. Nearby to Tapovan several trees fell blocking the highway. Our crop losses were limited to only about 10% in wheat.     We have negligible losses in chickpea and peanut, small losses only to our vegetables.     However, we did lose all our mangoes which were just at the flowering stage. Our other fruit trees were not much affected except for our very prolific lime tree in our courtyard which lost about 300 fruit in a matter of minutes at the height of the storm.
However, one month later it has bounced back and

again is full of fruit.  We can see that Agnihotra and the Homa Fires give very high level of protection against climatic disasters such as this."

   Tapovan Homa Farm - a paradise remained in an area destroyed by unseasonal storms. (Photos: 1.) Bharat, chef with a healthy and nutritious vegetable harvest for lunch     
2.) Working in the garden that provides a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, vegetables, fruits, etc. for daily consumption, untouched by the storm.    3.) wheat field in Tapovan - strong and healthy    4.) lime tree in full recovery)



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          New Report Reveals Two-Thirds of European Honeybee Pollen Contaminated by Dozens of Pesticides

Greenpeace, 17 April, 2014

More than two-thirds of the pollen that honeybees collect from European fields is contaminated by a cocktail of up to 17 different toxic pesticides. These are the shocking findings of a new study released.

    In addition to pesticides-related chemicals, the report also identifies substances used in insecticides, acaricides, fungicides and herbicides, produced by agrochemical companies like Bayer, Syngenta and BASF. To mark the release of the report and protest against the chemical industry’s role in bee decline, more than 20 activists unfurled a giant banner outside the headquarters of Bayer, in Germany. 
    The study is a snapshot of the toxicity of Europe’s current agricultural system. It demonstrates the high concentrations and wide range of fungicides found in pollen collected around vineyards in Italy, the widespread use of bee-killing insecticides in pollen from rape fields in Poland, the detection of DDE—a derivative of DDT—a pesticide banned decades ago, and the frequent detection of the insect nerve-poison Thiacloprid, a neonicotinoid, in many samples from Germany.                  To read full article please see:

   Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet Researchers find 3million-year-old Landscape

    "We found organic soil that has been frozen to the bottom of the ice sheet for 2.7 million years," said University of Vermont geologist and lead author Paul Bierman. The finding provides strong evidence

     that the Greenland Ice Sheet has persisted much longer than previously known, enduring through many past periods of global warming.  
Source: http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/researchers-find-3-million-year-old-landscape-beneath-greenland-ice-sheet/#.U1aFvfmSy2U


   Orangutanes "The Thinkers of the Jungle" could extinguish

   We all recognize these highly intelligent and impressive animals - orangutans. But very few people know anything about their habits and how they live. Around 6,000 of these animals die every year; they are among the world's most endangered species. This book reveals the truth about the tragedy besetting the jungles of Borneo and

 Sumatra.    The breathtaking and moving photographs cannot fail to trigger a  strong emotional reaction on the part of the reader. In 1989, Willie Smits came across a sick baby orangutan in a vegetable market. He nursed her back to health and named her Uce for the labored sound she made while gasping for breath. More orangutan rescues followed. With small amounts of money contributed by thousands of schoolchildren in Indonesia, Smits began what became the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) to rehabilitate orphaned and misused orangutans and return them to a safe place in the wild. He confiscated orangutans people kept as pets, exploited as prostitutes, used in medical research, and trained to perform in shows, like the orangutan boxing matches that are staged in Thailand.  Please see:



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The Homa Fires are shared daily in the two main hospitals of Piura, Peru. These sites are charged with Agnihotra atmosphere and support many people

in their healing process.
(photo above)
Audiovisual presentation of Homa Therapy in the auditory of the Hospital Reategui for the community of Piura.
 People have been invited through a daily newspaper.    Many Agnihotris are happy to share a few hours on Saturdays with people in need. (photo left)

     There is much healing and miracles with the many Homa Fires lit.
     Mrs. Violeta Ruesta, Mayor of Castilla, accompanied us by practicing Agnihotra. She testified about  her relief of stress, headaches and other problems with HT.
         25 Agnihotra Fires silently shared their blessings upon all.
(photos left and above)



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     Mayor Aura Violeta Ruesta keeps inviting us to present Homa Therapy and do Agnihotra in different suburbs of Castilla, like  'The Garden' to help the people to deal effectively with their health concerns. (photos above and below)

         The Mayor also invited Homa Therapy to the suburb
 'El Montero'.
We found much interest and need for healing, for there are many chronic degenerative diseases where conventional medicine offers palliatives but no cure.

(photos left and below)



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            Agnihotra with the humble people of 'El Montero' in Castilla, Piura.       People of all ages are in need of healing and improvement of their ailments.          The constant practice of Agnihotra Fire and the intake of its ash are a solution for healing, relief and furthermore to live a happy and dignified life. The Agnihotri couple, Mr. Francisco and Mrs. Martha, offered to continue to visit the villagers with Agnihotra.

     (Photo above: in the front Mayor Violeta Ruesta, doing Agnihotra
   Photo below: during Agnihotra, peace and harmony reaches all hearts and the beat united in joy and gratitude.)

   Celebrating a birthday with lots of Homa Fires! To practice many Homas is very auspicious on someone's birthday! We did a massive Rudra with the Homa family of Piura.  (photos below)



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       After the Rudra, we all went to the hospital to do Agnihotra  with others who could not participate in the Rudra and with patients.
   This birthday was once more a ‘Festival of Healing Fires’ for everyone. And as Master Shree Vasant said: "One year less to fulfill all the duties. So, now strengthen your efforts to serve."

            To end this wonderful day full of Light and Divine energies, we sang devotional songs and Javier Cruz and his lovely family prepared, shared and served a delicious vegan cake, sandwiches and juice.
    Javier is a longtime Agnihotri and the owner of the #1 vegetarian restaurant "Ganimedes" in Piura.



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Upon arrival in Ecuador,
the first Homa Therapy presen-tation and Agnihotra practice was in the newly established vegetarian

restaurant "Amaranto"  in Urdesa, Guayaquil, owned by the Agnihotris Maria Agustina and her husband Patricio Feijoo.

We also met with dear Homa promoters:
Dr. Jaime Montufar, Dr. Gagliardo and Mabel, Eng. Rivera, Arch. Cajas.
(photos above and left)

   A "massive Rudra" was organized in the Homa Medical Center 'The Good Shepherd’ headed by Dr. Jaime Montufar.   Agnihotris and patients came from all over to attend and receive the blessings of this Yajnya. (photos right and below)



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(Photo left)

Upon completion of the Rudra Yajnya, the time of sunset approached.
Many Agnihotra pyramids were lit. They warmed our hearts, purified our minds and silenced our souls.
The flames seemed to dance with a symphonic masterpiece, soothing each and every pain.


In the "Homa Center of Guayaquil", the healing Fires have been burning with much fervor for more than 12 years.
Its director Sonia Hunter
teaches and practices Agnihotra daily with the public at sunset and Tryam-bakam on full and new moon.
Sonia and her family feel blessed through the Homa Fires.


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    Photo above: another wonderful Homa meeting in the restaurant 'AMARANTO'
(or AmarTanto = Love So Much)
      Med. Tec. Luis Carriel related some of his many experiences occurred in his Homa Center called  "Finca la Zenaida"  in Vinces, Los Ríos.
       So much healing and Divine blessings through the practice of such a simple Fire, so easy, so effective and so affordable!

     The permission to have this Agnihotra encounter with loud speakers in the MAAC (Museum of Anthropological and Contemporary Art) came from heaven together with comfortable chairs for everyone.
   Prof. Abel gave an introduction about HT and several people as  Roberto Merino narrated their experiences   (photo right).
We celebrated a wonderful evening by the Guayas River

with many healing Fires.  (photo below)   Nature rejoices in the presence of the Homa Fires; a slight wind started playing with the healing flames.  Watching this silent spectacle lead us gently to inner peace.
    At the end, everyone received the healing Agnihotra ash and information about the various Homa centers in different areas of the city.



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Homa Therapy in the "Father Damien" Foundation
with a group of leprosy patients living under the loving care of Sister Anita. The practice of Agnihotra and its ash are helping them to feel better and heal their wounds,

physically and emotionally.          (photos above: 1.) enjoying Agnihotra and 2.) listening to the personal stories of the patients)

             Agnihotra meeting in the 'Centro Sol Cultural' directed by Dr. Mónica Reynoso in Puerto Santa Ana, Guayaquil. In this Center, meditation is practiced frequently and its energy invites us to enter into deep silence and experience common-union beyond words.



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  (photo right)    The founders of the Holistic Homa Center  'Vida Nueva', Viviana Esteves and her husband Mario Angulo,  invited friends and patients for the Homa presentation given by Prof. Abel.        They practice Agnihotra for many years and it is part of their many healing techniques.
(Photos: practice of Agnihotra and the Homa Therapy sign outside their Center.)

        Another Healing Center where Agnihotra is practiced belongs to Mr. Diminzon and his wife Norma.
       They learned this art of ancient Vedic healing with Therapist Marianita Pazmiño. Incorporating Homa Therapy in the daily healing work brings wonderful experiences.
   This service oriented couple organized a Homa meeting and Agnihotra practice at their center.
 (photos right and below)



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(Photo above left)
Maria Agustina and Patricio Feijoo.

(Photo above right)   Workshop on 'homemade Homa medicines' facilitated by Aleta.
It included the preparations of: 

Agnihotra ash cream, suppositories, eye drops and also how to prepare ghee.      Afterwards, we practiced Agnihotra and shared a profound meditation (photo above) before listening to Abels' talk about the 'Wisdom of the Homa Fire'.

        It is always an honor to visit Sonia Hunter in her Homa Center and share Agnihotra. This has been the first Homa Center in Guayaquil. It is keeping its doors open for anybody since approx. 12 years. Sonia introduced Homa Therapy to the Father Damien
, which has helped many of the leprosy patients to heal 30 years old painful wounds.   (Photo: Sonia  first from the left)



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(Photo  left)
Agnihotra with leprosy patients in the Chapel of the 'Father Damien' Foundation.
To view the documentary in HD on Homa Therapy (partly filmed in this Foundation) conducted by an Ecuadorian program called "La TV" in August 2013, please see:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8WUL0bfKtE    o

       Through Viviana and Mario we met Elizabeth, her husband Cesar, their 3 kids and Mrs. Sandra Mercado. She is well known for her expertise  in 'Medical Bio-magnetism'. She and her children run a Healing Center with a big variety of treatments based on Bioenergy. We have had the pleasure to experience the efficacy of these treatments, especially when done in Homa atmosphere.
(Photos: 1.) presenting Homa Therapy      2.) Valentina -baby of Elizabeth and Cesar- loves Agnihotra ash       3.) Elizabeth with her 3 children participating in Agnihotra
 4) Agnihotra in the Centre of Medical Biomagnetism of Sandra Mercado and her family. They plan to offer Agnihotra to their patients several times a week.)



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       Healing Mantra workshop in "Centro Sol Cultural" with Dr. Monica Reynoso.
 Prof. Abel showed videos about the resonance and influence of sounds, words and thoughts. Everyone concluded that Mantras are sounds of Power and Transformation.
(Photos above and  left)


    We shared a wonderful, joyful and healing afternoon outdoors with many people in the  Malecón 2000 thanks to Mr. Jonathan Gomez, Manager of

the Malecon and Mrs. Solange Adum. 
(Photo above: Dr. Montufar with patients sharing their Homa experiences. 
Photo left: Alvaro Obando, member of the Guayaquil Symphony playing his violin and Solange Adum.        Photo right: Prof. Abel teaching the Agnihotra sunset Mantra)



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         Prof. Abel presented Homa Therapy as Science of Ayurvedic Medicine showing short video clips.        He learned about the most common problems of the participants while
Dr. Montufar presented some recent cases of diabetes cured in the Homa Medical Clinic 'The Good Shepherd'.
      Sonia Hunter of the Homa Center Guayaquil related some of her many healing experiences with Homa Therapy.       
The attendees received a flyer and were invited to visit and participate in Agnihotra, free of charge in any of the various centers in the city where Homa Therapy is practiced.

     When sunset approached, the many Agnihotris took their pyramids and illuminated earth and heaven with the healing Fire.     The warmth and united love that emanated from each Agnihotra pyramid and from each heart of man/women/child present, made this evening an unforgettable experience.    So much Divine Grace operates in this sacred Union! (see photos this page)

We thank all Agnihotris actively involved for sharing their Fire and healing ash and serving selflessly with love in their heart.



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Ms. Camila Paz Llamazares wrote from Santiago de Chile:
       "So many blessings that this Vedic technology brings to heal the atmosphere from pollution, radiating goodness towards all beings. Thanks to those who supported the 12-hour Tryambakam Full Moon Homa in ‘Espacio Celeste’. 
(Photo collage below from the full moon meeting in Santiago de Chile)
We also received the link to the video produced by the reporter Denise Dutrey called: "HOMA- EL FUEGO SAGRADO" ('Homa, The Sacred Fire'). It is a micro-documentary and can be seen in:



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From Lima, Mr. Carlos Martin Gonzales wrote :

          "We practice Agnihotra on Saturdays in 'Sanhando' Institute of Alternative Medicine. This therapy is within our voluntary services and our patients get miraculously healed with the Homa. Namaste."

(Photo:  first to the left is Mr. Carlos Martin Gonzales with Prof. Oriel Pacheco and their lady friend.)

Photo left:
Martin Gonzales sharing Agnihotra with friends and interested people

    Mrs. Jessica Auza wrote from Lima:
   "On March 22nd, 2014, we were given the chance to share sunset Agnihotra at the Expo-Fair “Mentes sin Límites” (Limitless Minds) a wholistic fair, at the San Agustin Riviera Hotel in Lima, Peru.           More than 100 people came to experience the healing energies of the Homa Fire.       Many showed their willingness to learn and

start practicing Agnihotra and others who even have long time unused pyramids at home, felt a renewed willingness to resume their practice. Blessings abound in Agnihotra atmosphere!
 Blessings abound in Agnihotra atmosphere! "
(above photo  shows Jessica Auza accompanied by Mr. Gregorio Quintero, on the left - and Prof. Egberto Oriel Pacheco  on the right)



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Excerpts from the letter of Parvati Rosen-Bizberg and Suwindi Kadir:
       "On January 18th 2014, in Krakow, Poland, we were given the opportunity host a Fire & Sound Healing Circle for Fukushima in the yoga centre ‘Garden of Harmony’.
         Approximately 40 people gathered, 14 pyramids ablaze for sunset Agnihotra. Our intention was to focus on Japan and send healing energies from our circle of Agnihotra fires.
     Leela, one of our youngest community members, distributed paper hearts to everyone. Participants were asked to write their ‘Wishes for the World.’ All the hearts were then put in the center of the room surrounded by a circle of candles.
     We began with an introduction to Agnihotra and our healing intention for the evening. We showed slides of Agnihotra, slides showing the effects of Fukushima, followed by animated talks by Jarek Bizberg and Jacob Sawyer. We emphasized the state of our world, and why it was important to step up and make positive changes.
           As scientific studies and individual experiences have shown, Agnihotra neutralizes radiation and its effects. As our planet now faces new challenges as a result of Fukushima, Agnihotra is even more vital and crucial to practice than ever before.
         For sunset, with all intent on sending healing, we lit our fires and performed Agnihotra. As everybody slipped into a wonderful state of peace, we sent our prayers to Fukushima. The room was aglow with golden light
As the flames gently flickered out, Parvati y Katy started to play their crystal bowls with Jacob softly drumming, to gently awaken the group from their deep meditation. One by one, we all lifted our voices together in harmony, still focused on healing our Mother Earth. The feeling of connection and unity was truly tangible in the room.
       We ended the evening with some universal songs and chants. Lastly, we shared an original song with lyrics by Parvati and music by Suwindi, called It's Up To Us. And it is indeed, up to us!    (see photo below)



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          Bruce Johnson sent this report about their continuous Triambakam Fire:
        "On March 25th, 2001 we commenced our continuous Om Tryambakam Homa Fire.

   This year we celebrated the 13th anniversary with a small ceremony at 11am here in Tapovan. As far as we know this is the only Fire of its type on the planet at the moment where people from any caste, any religion and any nationality can participate at any time given.

  Dr. Ulrich Berk from Germany was the special guest. He performed Vyahruti Homa after which he gave a short talk about the importance of the Fire and congratulated us on our achievement of 13 years.
Also some pictures of the Agnihotris who have contributed over the years including Prabhakar y Tryambak, the two

anchormen who have each maintained the Fire for at least 6 hours per night, 15 nights per month, since the commencement of the Fire in 2001. Without their devotion we could not have reached this milestone. Amor."
(Photos: 1) Anne and Bruce, the guardians of Tapovan, celebrating the anniversary with Mantras and Chants 2 ) Dr. Ulrich Berk during Vyahruti in the presence of Agnihotris participating in the continuous Tryambakam Homa and children from Tapovan school. 3) Mr. Tryambak and 4) Mr. Prabhakar, the Fire pilares.)



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       Time is short and we do not want you to miss this opportunity. Change has to occur. Intensify Sadhana.

         Venezuela will really produce great results, particularly farming experiments. IT IS VITAL THAT THAT STARTS NOW.

         You are not responsible for actions of others. You are, however, quite responsible for your own actions. There-fore, it is best to accept whatever hand is dealt you at this time. You will be surprised at the results.

        You are following as you are shown and you will reap the results daily. Your mood changes will not be abrupt and after some time you will find how you do not get disturbed at all. Do not fear the responsibilities you have, financial or otherwise. You just take care of your responsibilities and then leave it. Be efficient and consistent in your dealings in this world. Then you are doing your duty but you are not getting caught in the web. The deeper reality you reach and experience only through meditation and the guidance you are given at that time.

           We are not here to make decisions for you. We will guide you. That is all we can do. Some things are suggested strongly only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise we only give guidance. In various ways it is given.

         Nothing is so important to allow it to make you angry. Under no such conditions we should get angry. People are too quick to anger. No one person is to blame but when you know how important time is it is your responsibility to use it properly. Remove your anger and your pride. It is so simple. Keep quiet. Then that impulse to anger falls away.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 96                       page 25

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Agnihotra Ash: Antidote for Radiation
        Yes, yes. Substantial levels of radiation are being reported in California now. On West Coast of U.S. higher levels of radiation are being reported and simultaneously, being suppressed in mainstream media. Expect to see a ‘spin’ to avoid high levels of anxiety. Most beings are unaware or so concerned with their own daily living that they do not pay attention to dangers, even when they are exposed publicly.

The antidote for radiation that is in your hands is pure Agnihotra Ash. This is a miraculous substance which can be used to protect against radiation effects and also can be used in agriculture to protect soil and plants from radiation. More reports need to be made on the effects of Agnihotra Ash on radioactive soil, water, food. Let us see what can be done in this direction. Meanwhile, don’t wait for scientific proof to be validated. Those of you who are longtime practitioners of Agnihotra know the effects can be quite profoundly positive.

Share this knowledge now all over the world, particularly in Japan now, as well as to areas most affected by the spread of radioactive particles. Those beings residing on the West Coast of California and in Hawaii particularly need to focus on ingesting regularly Agnihotra Ash, as well as considering spreading the ash over any garden or pasture areas. Those of you who ingest dairy products, particularly in areas most affected, should consider alternatives. If you must eat dairy, particularly milk, then perhaps best to treat it with Agnihotra Ash for a period of 24 hours prior to ingesting. Refraining from dairy products in those regions is preferable.

For Intuitives and Healers
Yes. This is a time like no other in the history of the world. Those who are sensitive can feel the pulse rate of the universe. In effect, many who are intuitive, particularly those involved in or being called to healing as their life’s work, will feel much more the pains, joys, sorrows of the world outside. It is absolutely essential that those of you Light healers, intuitives, clairvoyants keep yourselves buffeted by pure Light within you and a practical outlook toward the world beyond your door!
As you heal others, you also receive an intensified shield of Light around you. Be consciously aware of the protective shield divinely created to house your healing energies. As far as possible, maintain one-pointedness as a goal and observance of purification practices, which illuminate your inner power rather than insulate it. Draw Light into your being.
Avoid places where negative energies gather. Prepare a place in your own home where you can keep images of that which is pure and light. Keep that space clean and free of distractions. Know your place in that room is where your healing energies are activated. Take time out of every day to ‘recharge your batteries,’ go within and sharpen your listening skills.
That which is sacred, hold very near to your heart.
Walk away from conflict.
Express only that which comes from a place of love, truth and kindness.
Walk in Light.
This is the very time your path has been preparing you for.
The table is set.
Bring forth the Light.
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