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       We continue the study of the law of action and reaction. We can visualize this with the example of the ball hitting the wall. Under ideal conditions where there are no other factors involved, the ball comes back with the same intensity.
An object of mass (m) is thrown with a force (F1) and acceleration (a1) and collides with a wall over a distance (d) after a time (t1)



The same object of mass (m) returns to its origin with a force (F2) and acceleration (a2) after a time (t2).
By applying the formula:
Force = mass x acceleration.
F1 = m x a1 and F2= m x a2
If the mass (m) is constant, and a1 = a2
Conclusion: F1 = F2

     This law always manifests in ideal conditions in a vacuum.
   However, usually there is no vacuum and there are other factors that can affect the results such as: the friction between: the object and the  air,

Golf ball hitting a wall

the object and the wall ,  the possible change of shape and mass of the object as it travels and collides, the temperature, the atmospheric pressure, etc.  Also, remember that there is a tradeoff between (E)energy and matter according to the formula:
  where c = speed of light.
     That is, in ordinary terms, for every action there is a reaction, which can vary depending on many other factors.
This explains how a seed can become a tree which produces similar fruits, which are not exactly the same. No need to be a geneticist to draw these conclusions, although the study of this science "Genetics" helps us understand it . This physical law of cause and effect is also manifested in the metaphysical field as the Law of Karma.    This also explains how a couple (man and woman) can generate children who are similar to some extent, but with different qualities. That is, you can predict to some extent the results or events through conventional sciences like: physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, and astronomy. Something similar can be done with unconventional sciences or approaches like: astrology, metaphysics, Palm reading, alchemy, Tarot, etc.
However, spiritual teachers and scientists tell us that destine may change when the willpower is increased and is channeled and concentrated in a direction chosen for certain goals.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com


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EDITOR´s NOTE - continued

       This explains how some people have achieved goals that were seemingly out of reach. We can find many stories of remarkable men and women who have "made it” in spite of many difficulties. In addition, we have heard of so-called “miracles” that break all the predictions of conventional and unconventional sciences. The saints and sages tell us that the law of grace can overcome the law of Karma.     Above our will, there is God's will and by getting in tune with this Divine Will, we open ourselves up to endless possibilities or " Miracles".

    And of course, through the practice of Fivefold Path (Yagnya , Daan, Tapa , Karma and Swadhyaaya), we approach the resonance or harmony with the Divine. You can check this by looking at the thousands of miracles reported by many people throughout the world.
     Yes, yes, yes, each day comes with one or two opportunities to open yourself to The Divine Grace, especially during the Agnihotra.

Note: to see a beautiful film to reflect  on this topic, click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyzpJLWpj00 


Hermes Ernesto Salazar
Hospital Reategui
Piura, Peru, South America

      "I am 59 years old. I was suffering with Diabetes for 10 years. I was feeling a lot of pain and coldness in my legs and arms, especially at night. I could not sleep. I started doing Agnihotra and I started to feel good, I can sleep better. I am doing Sunrise and Sunset Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa. I am experiencing changes. Prior to that, it was a martyrdom of pain. Now I can sleep.
Previously I did Agnihotra irregularly and it helped a little. However, when I started doing Agnihotra regularly and taking the ash daily, I began to feel much improvement. I have also felt that Tryambakam has helped me a lot.

     I fill a quarter of a 3-liter bottle with Agnihotra ash, then I add water and shake it well. Then I let the ash settle on the bottom. The water becomes transparent and I drink it all during the day. At first, I felt I have to urinate all the time. With this, my pain in the legs is completely gone. When I take the Agnihotra ash, it is like eating, and I need to eat less food. Nevertheless, amazingly I have gained weight. Before the Homa Therapy, I weighed 45 kilos and  now I am 56 kilos. This change occurred in a month and a half approx. This is great for I feel like a 30-year-young man. It is amazing."
(Photo: Hermes Salazar practicing Agnihotra in the Hospital Reategui. He always makes very big Fires.)



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Amparo Rene Castillo Benitez
Cajabamba, Peru, South America

            "I am 62 years old. I am a Nursing technician and I work at the Hospital of Cajabamba. I have been coming to Homa Therapy for one week. I felt a lot of pain in my neck and my shoulders. They were swollen. However, I participated in the Agnihotra at the hospital and took the ashes and I slept very well, more than usual. Then I started coming to the Cajabamba Homa Therapy Center. Now, I have no pain and I have not taken any pills. I needed to take Ibuprofen before going to bed. Now, I participate in the Agnihotra Fire, take its ash and sleep very well without

pain.            Also, I felt sharp pains like thorns or needles in the leg, but I have applied the ash with ghee and now I am OK. I used to get massages, which hurt a lot and these used to help for a short time but the pain would return. Now with Homa Therapy I feel good. Thank you."                                       (Photo: Amparo Rene Castillo)

Milagro Victoria Hidalgo Flores
Rimac, Lima, Peru, South America

             "I am 46 years old. I practice Agnihotra since I was 29 years old. One of my first Homa experiences was when I did Agnihotra on the 'Temple of the Sun' in Huaraz. We had to walk about 4 hours. Upon reaching the central part inside the Temple, I did Agnihotra. I felt guided by my heart to hold hands with all who had accompanied us and chant the Mantra 'Om'. I could see in a vision a young man like Saint Martin of Porres with many children. Strangely, the electricity had gone off when we did Agnihotra and came on when the Agnihotra extinguished. I felt a realization - Everything was in synchronization. It was the right gear, at the right time, at the right place with the right Homa Fire.

Although, I originally did not intend to perform this act, it was like an inspiration. When I left, I felt like a great accomplishment was made. My doing of this Agnihotra Fire Ceremony in this Temple justified my existence in this world. I felt an infinite peace. In addition, there was no fatigue or exhaustion. I felt light as a feather as I was walking down the mountain."                        (Photo: Milagro Victoria Hidalgo)

Esther Ramos Ramos
Comas, Lima, Peru, South America

        "Two months ago, I had a baby and recently I came to the emergency room with Postpartum Depression.
  All I did was to throw myself on the floor and say that I did not want to live, because someone was telling me in my head 'kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself'. I could no longer handle this and I wanted it to end it.  I could not take it anymore.

  I was going to be hospitalized in the psychiatry ward.  At that time, the Therapist Christian Alvaro said 'take this' and he gave me Agnihotra ash. He also told my husband not to take me in the ambulance to the psychiatry ward because  I would be given more drugs there and may even get worse.  Then I said, help me, help me, help me.
      When I took the Agnihotra ash, I felt relief immediately. I have been taking the Agnihotra ash for 7 days and now I am much better. I come to Agnihotra to receive more  ash."
(Photo: Esther Ramos and her baby are participating in the Agnihotra at Essalud Hospital 'Merino Molina' in Comas)



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1st meeting of Homa farmers in Sutagatti, Belgaum, India

        We received following information about this meeting, which took place in the Homa farm of Mr. Abhay Mutalikdesai, in febrero 2014:
"The encounter started with the performance of Vyhruti Homa. (Photo shows from left to right:
Shri Abhay Mutalikdesai, Dr. Basarkar and Shri Vijay Shete, who organized the encounter. Below photo shows the participating farmers, who have all have a  Homa Resonance Point (HRP) installed on their farm.)

     Several farmers had brought their Homa organic produce for display as well as for sale during. It included jaggery, banana, biosol Homa Gloria, grapes, cow’s ghee etc. Some photographs were also displayed for highlighting the Homa Organic Farming (HOF) work.  Dr. Basarkar had brought copies of his M.Sc. students in Biochemistry who worked with HOF technique on soybean, tomato, cabbage and bhendi or lady finger. The work reveals that HOF produce was excellent in quality and quantity. The crops had less diseases than their chemically produced counterpart. For example, the Homa tomato yield was 10 tons higher per hectare and the Homa cabbage yield was 5 tons higher per hectare, than organically produced material. LThe soy bean and lady finger registered 28% and 36% higher yield than the organically produced material.

        Dr. Basarkar also demonstrated the preparation of Homa biosol ‘Gloria’. Homa biosol has turned out to be a boon to organic farmers. La Most of the organic farmers face a big problem of pathogenic attack on their crop via air. They feel helpless since they have vowed not to use chemicals on their crop. Agnihotra is a fumigation technique which produces formaldehyde in small amounts that controls the micro-flora in the atmosphere.
Homa biosol’s foliar spray has been demonstrated to have good control over such attacks as shown by the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad.



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Report about the 1st Homa farmers meeting continued:
    "There was also the awareness that HOF's aim is to make farmers happy. Farmers are not interested in any type of research and control studies and other formalities. He wants to lead a happy life with no financial burden or debt of any type. He should get good yield of his crop and have crop protection through the help of harmless inputs from the field itself.
He does not want to get cornered as it happens with chemical farming.
     HOF greatest advantage is that it protects the health of the land, farmers, consumers and animals in the surrounding area.
It was pointed out that the produce from chemical farming brings diseases like cancer, arthritis, tuberculosis, asthma followed by pain and agony. To save our motherland we have to first stop feeding her chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

Dr. Basarkar drew the attention towards the state Punjab, where the ‘Green Revolution’ had started after independence. It is now a torn state due to excessive use of chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Villages are for sale, since nothing grows in their fields.
  This state has the highest number of cancer patients for the past five years (86.453 breast and uterine cancer patients). More than 33.318 people have died in the past five years in Punjab due to cancer. Dr. Basarkar also pointed out that among the more than 215,000 farmer suicide cases in India, none is an organic and Homa organic farmer.
To counteract the pesticide menace, Homa Organic Farming is the only answer.

Shri Abhay Mutalikdesai with his excellent wheat crop.

     Mr. Abhay Mutalikdesai narrated his story and the hurdles he faced since 1988 when he had jumped into Homa Organic Farming (HOF) without any farming experience. His father had warned him not to enter agriculture since it had given him bitter experience and also did not give sustained production but decline in crop yield and health. Still he went for HOF.
   He became the top vanilla producer in  India.
   Then he was advised by his spiritual Master to concentrate on food security through HOF.
Then it happened that a great decline in vanilla prices in the market came, which caused many farmers’ suicides.             Now his situation is such that his HOF products are booked in advance. We could see disease free wheat sown next to the Agnihotra hut.      His wheat receives only water through sprinklers which sometimes contained Homa biosol ‘Gloria’."



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     Peru - melting ice cap

By Justin Gillis
Feb. 25, 2014

      In a 2012 photograph, a glacier on the Quelccaya ice cap in Peru, the largest piece of ice in the tropics, which is melting at an accelerating pace. Many see the ice cap as a symbol of global warming. (Credit Doug Hardy)
     Sitting on a flat volcanic plain 18,000 feet above sea level, the great Quelccaya ice cap of Peru is the largest piece of ice in the tropics. In recent decades, it has also become a powerful symbol of global warming. Yet the idea that the ice cap has retreated over time because of a change in temperature, rather than other possible factors like reduced snowfall, has always been more of a surmise than a proven case. In fact, how to interpret the disappearance of glaciers throughout the tropics has been a scientific controversy.
Now, a group of scientists is presenting new findings suggesting that over the centuries, temperature is the main factor controlling the growth and retreat of the largest glacier emerging from the ice cap.             To read full article please see:


Global Warming Leads to 150,000 Deaths Every Year
Infectious diseases and death rates rise along with global temperatures

By Larry West

    Global warming is not only a threat to our future health, it already contributes to more than 150,000 deaths and 5 million illnesses annually, according to a team of health and climate scientists at the World Health Organization and the University of Wisconsin at

Madison — and those numbers could double by 2030.      
      Research data published in the journal Nature show that global warming may affect human health in a surprising number of ways: speeding the spread of infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever; creating conditions that lead to potentially fatal malnutrition and diarrhea; and increasing the likelihood of heat waves and floods.
For more information please see:


Toyota’s wireless vehicle charging system tested

        The system, which can charge a vehicle parked in alignment over a coil on the surface of the ground, will undergo verification testing involving three plug-in hybrid vehicles in use in homes in the Aichi Prefecture.
       The wireless vehicle charging system can fully charge a vehicle in approximately 90 minutes. It uses magnetic-resonance technology to transmit electricity, changing the magnetic field intensity between the coil on

the ground that transmits and the coil on the vehicle that receives.



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    Sharing and enjoying Agnihotra daily in the two main state hospitals for Piura  and The North Region of Peru.

(photos above and left)

Healing Women's Circle
with Prayers, Fire, Meditation and Songs for a world full of Light and Joy.



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             Homa Therapy presentation in the auditorium of the Hospital Reátegui in order to inform the general public of this simple, inexpensive and efficient technique applicable in all kinds of physical, mental, emotional, social and other diseases or problems.
  People learned through the newspapers about this free  Healing Event that ended with the massive practice of  Agnihotra. (photos this page)



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Mantra- Workshop at the home of Don Francisco and Martha, Agnihotra practitioners and Homa volunteers. (photos left and below)

         Videotheque Homa in the vegetarian restaurant 'Ganimedes' of Agnihotri Javier Cruz. After practicing Agnihotra healing fire, we watched the movie "Nosso Lar" (Our Home) with spiritual content about life after death.  (photo below)



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         Homa promoter, Christian Alvaro Vasquez, organized several Homa meetings in hospitals in the Northern part of the Peruvian capital, Lima.
  The photos on this page show the state Hospital (EsSalud) 'Marino Molina' in Comas, where Prof. Abel gave an introduction to Homa Therapy with video testimonies, showing the amazing healing effects of this technique when applied correctly. (photos this page)

           Some doctors and hospital staff participated, some with their own Agnihotra kit like
  Dr. Jorge Luis Torres and Dr. Tayana Bedregal (first and second from the left on photo to the right.)

     The Med. Tec. Christian Alvaro told many of his Homa healing experiences  in his work in the hospital and also with family and friends.



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      Another state hospital in the North of Lima is EsSalud in Carabayllo, where a good number of patients and interested people came to know and learn more about this new Homa Therapy.          After a short introduction by Dr. Jorge Luis Torres, Prof. Abel presented the effects of Homa Therapy in Health and took the opportunity to exercise with attendees.    
     All assistants, between 5-105 years old, participated. It is never too late to start to improve one’s live.

   During Agnihotra  with many Fires lit, stillness and serenity washed over the crowd.      Everyone stayed in a deep  healing meditation, despite of  sitting on the floor. A lady told everyone that she arrived with headache that she has had for a week and after Agnihotra it was gone!!      Everybody received the healing Agnihotra ash and carried it with gratitude, knowing that it is a real treasure.



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     At various opportunities, we met in the veg. Restaurant 'Sabor y Vida' of Prof. Humberto Guerrero  to share the "Good Homa News" with the Agnihotris of Lima.

   On every Saturday, sunset Agnihotra is celebrated in this location. We had the honorable assistance of Mrs. Blanca Cabanillas, her husband Angel, Mrs. Betty Guevara, Carola, Jessica and other Homa promoters.  



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Inauguration of a new Homa Center in Rimac, Lima.
It was originated for the pleasure of serving and helping others by Mrs. Milagros Victoria Hidalgo.

She  teaches Yoga for children, birth without pain and other natural therapies.

      Mrs. Milagros had the honor to meet Shree Vasant personally and practices Homa Therapy since many years with great success on a personal level and also in her work.
    Eng. Luis Tafur, along with his wife Rosa, gave some healing testimonies. 
     Prof. Humberto Guerrero  explained why he decided to share

Agnihotra every Saturday in his restaurant.

    Eng. Kishore Gupta spoke of the universality of the practice of Agnihotra since time immemorial.        Prof. Abel gave a talk about: a) the effects of Homa Therapy (HT) in the field of human health.
 b) How HT helps to  create safety and  harmony  in a neighborhood.

          He also mentioned the importance of opening more Homa Centers in different parts in the city to alleviate and eliminate the problem of violence.
(photos this page)



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An introduction to Homa Therapy and its effects on Chronic Degenerative Diseases was given in the Hospital Essalud in Comas to  doctors, medical technicians and patients.
Med. Tec. Christian Alvaro organized this meeting.

   Prof. Abel answered many questions and concerns.
    Med. Tec. Christian Alvaro and Dr. Jorge L. Torres reported some of their many healing experiences with Homa Therapy.    

After  Agnihotra, its ash was given to all attendees.

(photos this page)



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      We were honored to present some of the many benefits of Homa Therapy in the Gita Ashram, whose Director is Eng. Kishore Gupta.
  The teachings of the Bhagavad Gita include Yajnyas  (Homas). Chapter 18 Verse 5 says:

 "Yajnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma cannot be abandoned, and they have to be practiced; they are purifying means, even for the great souls."

The Panditji (priest) of the Gita Ashram also participated. (see photos above and below)


Ms. Camila Paz wrote from Santiago de Chile:
           "The 'Homa Festival' organized by Ms. Denise and Ms. Karina and Ms. Camila in Madre Tierra (the Mother Earth Center) in Santiago was a beautiful  meeting for unifying and expanding this beautiful ancestral knowledge: Homa Therapy.
              During the festival an Introductory Homa workshop was given by Mr. Hector Rosas.            A Homa Organic Farming Workshop was taught by Paul Riquelme.           A Sanskrit Veda Mantras Workshop was taught by Prof. Carlos Bustamante.          An Indian Dance and Music Presentation was offered by Aisvaram Yogam group.         Throughout the festival, the Tryambakam Homa was performed and there was a booth with vegetarian food and Homa articles. We thank the workshop leaders, the artists, helpers and attendees for their selfless service."  (see photos on next page)



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Ms. Camila Paz further wrote: "A micro- documentary was also shown - "Homa El Fuego Sagrado" (Homa: The Sacred Fire) which is disclosing the work on Homa Therapy and the work being done in the "Bhargava Dham” Homa Farm in Cochiguaz, a place which is receiving volunteers throughout the year. GRATITUDE! OM SHREE"
To see documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQo1vLVFS0I&feature=youtu.be



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         We received this photo to the right from the Homa Center of Quito.
Mrs. Vicky Zurita
is sharing Agnihotra with friends who came from Houston, Texas to learn this technique directly with her and to take it back home to the USA.


Bruce Johnson sent following photos and information:

         "Dr. Pamela Fernandez (photo left standing in blue shirt) organized this Homa event with  17 Agnihotra pyramids in Makiling Quantum Park, Los Baños, Philippines. She is Associate Professor and Head, Seed Science and Technology Division, Department of Agronomy.
     She is a research scientist at University of the Philippines Los Baños College of Agriculture.



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     We received following information and photos about the celebrations on 'World Agnihotra Day' in Sangamner, District Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra.

Mr. Girish Sangle, who organized this event has been practicing Agnihotra for the last 8 years.



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            Mr. Amrut Kulkarni wrote about the 'World Agnihotra Day' celebrations in Vita, District Sangli, Maharashtra:
"We had a fantastic event here in Vita. More than 130 people participated & more than 30 people performed Agnihotra. I have attached some photographs for your reference. Best Regards,."                                      (Photo left: Dr. Basarkar and Mr. Jayant Barve)



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Mr. Vinayak Lokur wrote from Belgaum, Karnataka, India:
       "The ‘World Agnihotra Day’ was celebrated by conducting an awareness program for the benefit of the citizens. Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai enlightened the gathering with the procedure & effects of Agnihotra.    In his speech he emphasized the importance of Agnihotra in daily life & appealed to the gathering to practice, experience & spread the word to many, as it is the need of the time if we want to overcome the ill effects of environmental degradation. Due to emission of positive energy in this process nature becomes clean and clear.
Over 40 people performed sunset Agnihotra. The residents of Shantai Vridhashram & Aadhar Orphanage were also present. Some of the Agnihotra performers also shared their experiences.
    Mr. Kallapa Tarale - a devotee of Iskon Temple enlightened the gathering about the ‘Holy Cow’ and its significance in Hindu life.       Dr. Pramod Basarkar shared some healing experiences from around the globe and Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai sighted the benefits experienced by him in his farm & the significance of Homa Therapy in Ayurveda. Information was also shared about Homa organic products, their importance and benefits. Shri Santosh Mamadapur, Anil Islampure, Maruti Gurav and Anand Majukar coordinated this enlightening healing event."


         LA TELEVISIÓN (LA TV) is a television program that produces and transmits high quality reports, with contents that focus mainly on social, political, environmental and cultural issues, in an ethical and responsible manner.
The TV program has twice been awarded the prestigious "King of Spain " award for television journalism and the "GLOBAL 500" award given by the United Nations in recognition of environmental protection.

        Nationally, LA TELEVISIÓN has received the award for BEST RESEARCH PROGRAM on ten occasions.
     LA TV keeps the 1st place of sintonía between journalistic research programs, and finishing its 21 years of service, it is committed to maintain its mission to deliver reports with the highest quality, made with journalistic ethics and social responsibility.
To see the documentary on Homa Therapy made in August, 2013, please click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8WUL0bfKtE  or



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          When you are not ‘clear’ do not act. Be strict with yourself. Then there is no pressure. Truly realize that you are not the doer. If you realize that all burdens fall off your shoulders and you will become more efficient, more strongly motivated and lighter. Forget about past. Put all concentration on what work is now at hand. Observe more silence. Really go within for peace you seek outside. Fortunate are those who have followed the Light through times of darkness, even in times of great disharmony on this planet. Continue following the Light. Allow no fear. Entertain no doubt. Seek no fame for the work being done through you. Always be humble as a child in all innocence.

All Grace is bestowed. These are times of great renewal, rebirth in essence. It is time soon to rejoice.

          Listen to the Fire. It is strong.

         Now this work must be done quickly. Agnihotra has to go everywhere. Everywhere. More silence, more meditation. No time to waste. Do this work. No time to waste. Your ego will go of its own accord. Your fears will go.

         We have unblinded you. We have shown you what is a trap before you become too engrossed in it. We have led you from the depth of darkness to the light before you. Now you must make the effort, both of you, to completely change the negative ways of thinking and behaving. DO NOT JUDGE. If the other person begins to blame you or criticize you, do not judge him. Understand. Then practice that understanding. Practice similarly even if you feel pain. This one thing will help you tremendously. Release the past. Release it with all love and forgiveness for the other person. As with a child, take hold of their arm and help them up. We don’t scream at a child when they stumble. We simply help them, encourage them. Have compassion. Do not take pleasure in the other person’s pain. If you see you have hurt someone, stop immediately and give them all love and compassion. Where is the question of taking some perverse pleasure in giving them more pain? This is normal, no? But we have to rise higher than that.
We know that the dark side exists, certainly, but when we create an atmosphere of healing with these fires, it dispels the darkness. It can completely change the energy of the place and the same place where one has felt the negative forces, one is actually surrounded by the Devas who are protective. It becomes an atmosphere where healing takes place.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Choosing Light
Dear Earth inhabitants—the current climate in which you find yourselves is super-charged with positive and negative energies simultaneously. As the saying goes, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” We reiterate, the energies which surround this planet range from extreme love and harmony to absolute chaos and destruction. As well, human beings have the choice to embrace either. This brings us to our most urgent plea to all beings on this planet who are awakening or have awakened.
If you carry anger into the next phase, if you carry resentment and disharmony in your being, you will surely find transitioning into your Light bodies too burdensome for you to bear. Your energy bodies are being prepared during your sleep and during deep levels of meditation. Your energy bodies require a different level of sleep than you think, which is why some nights you require very little sleep, yet feel energized and clear the next morning. Other nights, you need more than normal amounts of sleep and can awaken sluggish and inactive. The healing levels required by each being vary.

On Faith and Love
However, in addition, one must begin a fierce and determined battle against the negative forces which will always arise to stop those warriors of Light. One’s determination need be very strong now. Faith will always win over fear. Light will always triumph over darkness, but one need focus on the Light with every breath one has.
Do not allow darkness to overcome you, even when it encroaches upon you. Those of you who are strong in your love of God, who immerse yourselves in spirit and whose work is directed for the good of all—you will experience extreme states of Love, unconditional love which will fill your hearts

with uncommon Joy. Darkness will run from the enlightened heart. Thus, strive to become full of love in every thought, word and deed.

On Healing
Yes, yes. Indeed, energy fields in which beings operate are challenged, even though the higher levels are protected by a force field untouchable by human intervention. This is why we encourage all healers and Light Workers to focus your energies on these subtle planes to gain or regain strength to work in the world.
There are what can be perceived as ‘attacks’ from outside, especially apparent when projects are undertaken which will enhance and propagate the Light. Thus, those beings who are working toward a more harmonious world need focus on that which strengthens, not weakens, resolve.
Challenges are just that. They are opportunities for Divine intervention! So you can see the Hand of Almighty guiding and guarding your lives. All of you need to banish fear of any kind from your minds.

Nothing in fear will serve you.
Nothing in fear will heal you.
Nothing in fear will strengthen and protect you.
Everything in FAITH will do all of these!

The choice is so simple. Once your mind and heart choose faith over fear, it is like opening a doorway for an influx of what you call ‘angels’ to descend into your life. The calling, which your body, mind and soul set forth into the atmosphere when you consciously choose Faith, is exhilarating, and creates a ripple effect throughout the energy spheres which surround you. Those rays of Light extend beyond your immediate aura and radiate way beyond where your imagination can perceive!

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