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       Let us continue with more self- study (Swadhyaya) and analyze “reap what we sow" So goes an adage in the Bible (Galatians 6:7). Can we sow lemon and harvest apples? Obviously no. The law of action and reaction, also called the law of karma or law of cause and effect, is responsible for most events.
Life brings people for us to learn lessons, grow, serve, pay past debts (karmic), guide, be guided, etc.

a) Sometimes, we are part of a group, where according to our views, the members are very different from us. Most of them are selfish, envious, jealous, greedy, lying, changing like a chameleon, timid, fearful, coward, spiteful, gross, dictators, tyrants, unjust, lusty, dirty, treacherous, ugly, evil, lazy, vicious murderers, disrespectful, proud, etc.

b) Sometimes, we interact with a group whose members are honest, fair, friendly, social, humble, hardworking, intelligent, helpful, beautiful, truthful, calm, courageous, loving, disciplined, organized, spiritual, kind, forgiving, comprehensive, clean, pure, demure, respectful, bright, angelic, holy, wise, innocent as


children, cunning as a wolf, worthy, builders, healers, teachers, etc.

c) Sometimes, we relate to a group whose members are a mixture of a) and b) (saints and demons).

d) Sometimes, we are with people where the individuals seem to have a salad of positive and negative qualities. That is, a person can show to be a saint in an instant or a demon in another.

So the question is: Why does life place us in these situations? According to our research, we create and attract these situations, depending on our current mental state and/or our past and present actions.
Occasionally, we can meet a being who enlightens us, gives us clarity, inspires us, guides us, shows us a path, a way of being and living, takes us by the hand towards a state of peace and bliss which we did not know.
They come to us and embrace us, not for our merits but for their mercy and unconditional love.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com


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EDITOR´s NOTE - continued

       They come to us by "Grace". They are the Sadgurus, spiritual teachers, guides, etc. Of course, our past good deeds may bring us closer to Him/Her, but we are generally not so deserving of meeting them, because we still need to develop many divine qualities.
The situations which we live, the people with whom we interact, the pleasant or not so pleasant experiences are a consequence of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

          Through the practice of the Fivefold Path (F.P.), we can transform our mind and environment. Yes, yes, yes, we have the power to change our thoughts, emotions, words and actions consciously through these powerful techniques (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya). To Change is a law. Everything changes and through the F.P., the changes go from negative to positive and from positive to the ones that are more positive.
Long Live the F.P. and the changes.


Virginia Castilla Cruz
Cajabamba, Peru, South America

             "I am 65 years old. I came to the Bioenergetic Homa Healing event in the Convention Center with bronchial pneumonia. I had it for 3 years. Mrs. Veronica invited me to this event. Therefore, I finished my work early. I am selling sweets in the market. I was born in Chimbote in a Christian home. I am Pentecostal. I came to our farm in Cajabamba and the weather hit me. I got Bronco -pneumonia. I was aphonic; I could not talk with anyone. I was coughing constantly. I was choking. I thought I would die. It was an emergency and the doctors could not help me.

I had gone to the hospital and I was given injections and medicines, but nothing helped. I was having a crisis in the Convention Center. However, I was given the Agnihotra ash and as I was taking it, I felt I could breathe and speak better.
After 8 days of practicing the Homa fires and taking its ash, I feel great and I can sing my praises to the Lord; I love to sing. Thanks to my brother, I have the Agnihotra kit and practice it in the morning and afternoon in this Homa Centre. I get up at 5 am and walk to get in time to the morning Agnihotra here. Now I am healthy. I have no pain and I am fine. Before, my fingers ached and remained closed, but now I can open and close my hands without any problems and I have no pain.
Now, I do not need any medicine, except I do Agnihotra and take its ash."
(Photo: Ms. Virginia doing Agnihotra at the Homa Center Cajabamba.)



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Lourdes de Barrueto
Cajabamba, Peru, South America

                  "I am 55 years old. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I was prescribed medicines. I learned about the side effects of these medicines on the internet. Therefore, I have reduced the dose. I do Agnihotra and take its ash and I feel better. I have a monitor and often measure my blood pressure (BP) and the BP is okay. Thus, I eliminated one pill and reduced another in half and I feel good.
Also now I have more patience and tolerance. I am a Catholic and that helps me too, but I think Homa helps me further more. I am a better person with moral values. I am discarding all anti-values, although it is not easy. I feel Homa Therapy has improved my mood, my heart and my mind."

Marcelina Chacon Rojas
Cajabamba, Peru, South America

        "I am 75 years old. I had pain in my knee that prevented me from walking. Since I started attending Homa Therapy, I am better. Now I can walk without pain and without taking medicine or anything. Before I needed injections, pills and still had the same pain. In my home, I ached and I felt anger with everything. I had a pain in the abdomen and I could not breathe. But when I place my hands near the fire and then on the abdomen, I feel better. Already it does not hurt anymore. I have changed my character and I am calmer. Before I came alone to the Homa Center, now my son accompanies me.

Also my daughter had a mole on her arm and the doctors did a biopsy and told her it was cancerous. It was removed through a surgery. Later, the doctor took out the stitches, but the wound did not close properly. It was oozing. We applied the Agnihotra ash with ghee and the next day already it was healed. It closed completely and no longer drains."  (Photo: Mrs. Marcelina)

Luz Gonzales
Cajabamba, Peru, South America

         "I am 65 years old. I fell and I suffered from a trauma in my right leg, and in my hip I felt a burning sensation. I went to the doctor and they gave me pills and injections, but the problem continued. Before coming to the Homa Center I could not walk and my legs were burning, now thanks God and thanks to the Homa fires I am fine. I walk very well."



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Homa farm Higosbamba, Peru, South America:

Mr. Cecilio Gil Quezada
"I am 61 years old. Firstly, I was healed from a back pain. I had fallen off a bike and had pain for 6 months. Now I have no back pain and I get up early.
Earlier, all lucuma fruits were falling from the trees.
I had not harvested anything. Now, with Homa Therapy, we got 80% of large fruits. (Photo left- lucuma tree full of fruits)

      We noticed that the avocado tree from the neighbor is loaded and we think it is because of the Homa vibrations for there is a Homa resonance column near his trees. (see photo below)
We have also noticed that the fruit flies are dying. They are very skinny and cannot fly.
    Also my granddaughter Milagritos was sick. Her eyes were very swollen and red. She is now healthy."
(Photo right - Mr. Gil, his wife Victoria and their granddaughter in the Agnihotra hut.)



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Homa fram Higosbamba, Peru:

Mrs. Victoria de Gil
"I am 61 years old. I could not walk or carry weight due to the pain in my waist. Now I can walk all the long way up to the road. Nothing hurts and I am fine.
My 15-year-old granddaughter Sarah did not want to study. She had to repeat the school year. Last year, she still had problems. However, this year her grades have been good. She is the one making cow dung cookies for the Homa fire." 
(Photo left. - Mrs. Victoria in front of the Homa cookies)

      Photo right - Prof. Abel teaching and practicing Tryambakam Homa with the Gil family, their relatives and friends.
      Photos below - A variety of crops such as corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, figs, beans, alfalfa, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, beets, broccoli, flowers, etc. grow on this farm and all receive the benefit of the Agricultural Homa Technology. This means that the health and wellbeing is within the reach of the FARMER.



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        Interspecies Communication

What if you could talk to animals and have them talk back to you? Anna Breytenbach has dedicated her life to what she calls interspecies communication. She sends detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts. She then receives messages of remarkable clarity back from the animals. In this section, Anna transforms a deadly snarling leopard into a relaxed content cat. The amazing story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit...

                  To watch this astonishing and loving conversation please see:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwHHMEDdT0&noredirect=1


BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Sand at the Beach

Sand grains magnified 110-250 times reveal each grain is unique. Fore more photos and a video please see:


       "Campanella" played by an extra-ordinary pianist

     The pianist who plays this piece has Down Syndrome and he is also blind. Nicollo Paganini and Franz Liszt wrote the work, and only a few pianists can interpret this work.




By Rev. Michelle Hopkins
Microscopic analysis of the artificial snow. See what is in this Pseudo Snow falling on us!




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The Homa service continues in the State Hospitals, Jorge Reategui and Cayetano Heredia from Monday through Saturday. Many people experience relieve and healing with their physical, mental and emotional problems through participation and active practice of the Homa fires. The Volunteers, Prof. Cesar Gonzales and his wife Gaby Zapata guide these Homa meetings with much love and dedication.  (photos this page)



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In the city of Cajamarca we met Mrs. Karla, who organized an audiovisual Homa presentation and practice of Agnihotra in Santa Barbara. (photo left)

    It was a great joy to come back to the Homa Center Cajabamba and be able to share with Mrs. Veronica Escobedo and the group of Agnihotris.  (photos left and above)



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Through Ing. Lucho Tafur, Homa promoter, Homa Therapy (HT) came to this corner of the world and was welcome. HT also has the support of the doctors Manuel Solis and Heriberto Busto, who are revolutionizing the Urban and Rural Education in this area.

       Every day, at sunrise and sunset, many people come to receive the healing energies of the Homa fires and more knowledge about these ancient techniques. Everyone receives the Agnihotra ash (photo below left - Prof. Jesus Alfaro distributing it). In addition, the people with eye or ear problems are helped with the Agnihotra eye drops (photo bottom right - nurse José Esquivel applying them).



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   There was also much interest from Agnihotris and their families to learn additional Homas, as the Tryambakam. (see photos above and left). The first to learn the Mantras received a special gift. Then, at sunset, we enjoyed the silence of Agnihotra (see photo below).



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 The Agnihotri group and Homa supporters, together with Prof. Abel organized the "Homa Cultural Event" at the Convention Center Cajabamba. The villagers learned about this free healing event by local TV, Radio and vehicles announcing the invitation through loudspeakers.

The public heard and saw impressive testimonies of healing and came to know interesting information about this Science of Ayurveda.



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     The Agnihotris were happy to share their healing fires with all the people who came looking for answers to their problems or concerns. We also enjoyed the dance of "Las Pastoras" (Shepherds), led by Mrs. Lourdes, where more than 20 women and girls, dressed in colorful costumes danced to joyful native rhythms. (see photo this page)



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 Prof. Abel in the company of several Agnihotris, presented "Homa Therapy and its effects on chronic illness and other diseases" in the State Hospital "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" (Our Lady of the Rosary) from the Ministry of Health. (photos this page)



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 To start a new day and see it as a Divine gift, we practice Agnihotra!
A group of people comes every day to the Homa Center Cajabamba to celebrate a new beginning and receive Light and Strength. Mrs. Veronica guides these sessions lovingly.

It is also wonderful to give Thanks with sunset Agnihotra and see everything that happened throughout the day with the eyes of love and gratitude


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Every day more people come for help. By listening to people who have already received blessings, hope and the light illuminating the world grows...

Devotional songs bring joy to the heart and when there is an opportunity, we sing. We sing with all our heart and soul.
Sometimes we sang in the morning, before Agnihotra welcoming a new and glorious day.


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     Every day more healing Homa fires are burning. The heat from the atmosphere and the warmth of the heart come together. The Mantra "OM SHREE” carries everyone's love and gratitude to the Creator.

     Old ladies and gentlemen walk over an hour and a half to get to this Homa Center. They come at sunrise and again at sunset. These roads are unpaved; dirt roads mixed with rain. They come, because the name of the healing is LOVE.



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 Introduction to Homa Therapy in the State Hospital by invitation of the Director Dr. Cerna Rommel Gonzales. This was a wonderful meeting of hearts, filled with the Light of Agnihotra.

We are one family - the human race family and we all seek happiness. If you are still looking for it and you need some help, you can choose to practice Agnihotra and to step on the Fivefold Path of the Vedas, the Path of GRACE.



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Homa meeting in the UBAP,  (Unidad Básica de Atención Primaria de EsSalud)  organized by Christian Álvaro Vásquez.    Mrs. Jessica Auza sent the photo left and wrote:
"We met in the UBAP-Carabayllo  in Lima,
and shared experiences and knowledge about Homa Therapy. In the evening those who attended were able to bring Agnihotra Ash home to take as medicine."

Photo below: "On the Solstice of December 21st, 2013, the Gratiferia - a fair where everything is for free - took place at Parque Neptuno (Lima, Peru). Jessica Auza and Egberto Pacheco explained the benefits Homa Therapy brings to the environment and human health, as well as the medicinal properties of Agnihotra Ash, knowledge which is always given for free. At sunset Agnihotra pyramids were lit to share Homa Therapy

healing  energies with a group of children and adults, inviting them to meditate and send Light to the planet."


Mr. Wiflrido Morales sent above photos showing their visit to the village Palenque, where they offered Reiki and Quiro-massage. The healing encounter ended with the practice of sunset Agnihotra.



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Ms. Camila Paz sent these pictures (above) and wrote about Agnihotra Santiago Meeting :
"What a Nice meeting! First circle of the year with 8 Agnihotra pyramids and 28 re-united beings. Thanks for giving us this space and from here we share with the entire planet ... Thanks to Almasur for providing a special place. Thanks for all that is generated. Thanks to the Devas and their infinite blessings. Gratitude Om Shree Om."

Camila also sent the photos above and to the left from Bhargava Dham, Cochiguaz, where she was visiting:

Photo above left - at the river Cochiguaz.
Photo above right - Dr. Fernando Aguilar with Cecilia and Francisco Fernandez during a Rudra.
Photo left - shows the joy that Camila and her friend Denise feel to be in this wonderful atmosphere of Bhargava Dham.



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Prof. Mulay and Mrs. Alo Patel are doing Tryambakam Homa along with other ladies in Leprasy Colony, Khargpur, West Bengal.

Mr. Ramana Rao (standing) suggested that 1000 Rudras were done in 148 days at the Yagnya Shala in Kharagpur by nine Agnihotris.

Shri Gurudev Ashram Shala, Taharbad, Nasik. Homa Therapy students and teachers do Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa daily with wonderful effects.



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          When the heart is pure the instrument can be fully used for healing as such. Only the personality needs to be polished. Many have polished personalities and this attracts others but the interior is lacking. Look past each other’s faults and flaws.

        You need not focus on the attachments you have towards him. This is not the way to break attachments. FOCUS ON THE LOVE, the incredible, bountiful love which is within you, so powerful, so strong and so gentle.

        Observe your mind like a traffic policeman, watching and watching.

Shree Vasant  Paranjpe in the Homa farm "Shreedham" in Algodonales, Spain.

         To not know how these things work, to not know what is being done through you as an instrument, this is the best way. Once you come to know, then the intellect comes into play.

        Everywhere you go you will find injustice. No place on the planet is exempt. There is nothing you can do about it. To react to this injustice only disturbs you ultimately. So it is your big lesson to learn not to react. First is to get control over the mind. Otherwise, unless everything goes smoothly, you are going to get upset. Then the other thing is that when you are as highly developed as you are now and still you "react" with anger, the Divine will hasten your development by seeing to it that you have plenty of opportunities to react to so that you LEARN THE LESSON ONCE AND FOR ALL.

            Difficulties beset us when we do not follow directions. If we follow them, if the person giving directions was reliable at least, we will reach our destination. Normally directions given will be the easiest, simplest and quickest route to where you are going. Otherwise we have to find our own way relying on trial and error. It is beautiful that the way has been shown to us again and again.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Living Without Masks
Yes, yes. Dear vehicle, many live behind masks, incapable of being true, either to themselves or to others. When beings meet, they speak to each other from behind their masks. Then, you judge yourselves by comparing yourselves to what other beings show you! Seek to live life without masks. Seek to find others of like mind and heart who also eschew masks.

Those who speak from the heart need no masks to act on their behalf. When you meet another who is living their life in truth, you immediately feel drawn to that person. You ‘resonate’ with that person. You bond.

Forming whole communities or associations with others who wish to live lives of truth is not only a benefit, but a necessity in the coming times.

SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Then all else will be added unto you.

Prayer is one form of communication with the One. Music is another. Art is another.
There are many ways to intensify one’s Sadhana.

May you walk in luminous Light and laughter—may it rise from deep within.

 On Meditation and Truth
Meditation is like a deep cleansing of the spirit, like a thorough house cleaning each time you go into that deep alpha state. This, do more often. Set the stage for deeper meditation to take place, by securing a quiet space, with little distractions from outside. Begin with deep cleansing breaths and focus on Mantra or sound. Allow your being to slow down and go into the state of meditation. Don’t be impatient with yourself. You will get there, if you prepare for it and continually refocus on the Mantra or sound you resonate with. Gradually, you will settle into a relaxed state of contemplation, which leads into the deeper state which is called ‘Meditation.’

In this deeper state, one can access truth. One can access inner wisdom. One need not look for it, nor will it come in torrents of realization necessarily! It is likely to unfold over a period of time, coming from the in-depth field of meditation where the soul dwells in peace. This deep inner peace is the place where one’s wisdom lies waiting to be found. No search is required. No questions need be asked. Answers, solutions and truths arise from the deep state where one’s spirit is nurtured and nourished by Divine.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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