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       How many people like to watch a game of football or football Latino (soccer) or baseball or basketball or cricket or other game? Why do they like it? Some people pay a lot of money or make arrangements to attend and/or watch their favorite game. Usually everyone focuses on the ball moving everywhere. Certainly, there are some objectives, strategies and rules to be followed in the game. Observers also know many details about the players who are in continuous training and appearing in the news. Oh, yes, the players and the details are very important to the fans. It seems we want to know all about what we love. However, sometimes our life is filled with many more people and activities of which we know little. Why? Perhaps the latter ones are not as important to us or cannot capture our attention. Sometimes, people walking by are like shadows or objects that do not capture our attention. Do you remember the color of the pants of the taxi driver, the seller's name, the face of the doorman or the garbage collector, etc.? Well, maybe that information is not in our priority list and that's fine.


    However, usually we take for granted some people and objects that play an important role in our life and just tend to value and recognize them when they are not there anymore. Yes, yes, yes, sometimes we can be experts in a sport or activity, but ignorant in others. And yes, our priorities change as:
a) we age
b) our needs change
c) our mind becomes sharper or dull
d) our hearts get full or empty of love
e) our consciousness expands or contracts
f) the realization of the Divine in us and others comes out or gets hidden.
As you can see, the joy we get by observing or participating in the game of life is directly proportional to our level of awareness.
This can start at:
1) Gross physical level: clothes, hair, objects (watches, books, camera, etc.)
2) External level: appearances

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EDITOR´s NOTE - continued

3) Subtle Level - Internal Perception: physiology (breathing, heartbeat, sounds, etc.), psychology (thoughts, emotions, etc.), others.
4) Higher Subtle level sensations: feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.
5) Very subtle Level: metaphysics, parapsychology, alchemy, etc.
6) Essential Level: beyond words, beyond the mind.
      As the layers of ignorance are removed, we experience:
a)   The sense of community grows and one can feel connected or more connected to everything around us (people, animals, plants, soil, water, air, fire, etc.)
b)  A growing of our feelings of gratitude towards all (God, the Sat guru, teachers, students, parents, children, friends and apparent enemies (?), pets, etc.)
c)    We are grateful to all participants in this game of life (players, watchers, organizers, partners, etc.). Therefore, the small person and the big one, the atom and the Sun, the ignorant and the wise, etc., are all important and essential in this game. There is no one without the other!

d)    The tendency to judge, blame and impose our selfish wants decrease. We recognize our mistakes and attribute our successes and Blessings to the Divine Grace.
e) Life is seen as a beautiful opportunity to serve
f)     We recognize our immortality.

   The FP - "Fivefold Path” is composed of: Yagnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaaya. These are tools (concrete and subtle) to remove these layers of ignorance or impurities to make the self (the real Self) shines.      Let us make the FP  known and  realize our essential unity. And yes, yes, yes, in this game of life, we can all be winners when we realize we're all on the same team and that our only enemy is the veil of ignorance. Let's practice the FP to detoxify and purify our body-mind unity and become better instruments of service.          By showing compassion and helping ourselves and others, we can open our eyes and our hearts and see that we are ONE and the SAME.

Om Fivefold Path Om


Editha D'Lis Alvarado Luna
(Cristina's mother)
Tumbes, Peru

"Every night we had to prepare inhalations of eucalyptus to help my daughter Cristina to sleep, even though she was already taking some medicine. But after attending the International Homa Forum 2013 in Piura with many healing fires, she no longer needs medicine, and no inhalations of eucalyptus. Now we continue doing Agnihotra and taking it's ash."

(Photo: Cristina is happy)

Carolina Aleman Garcia
Zorritos, Peru

                   "I learned Homa because of stress. And now I can sleep peacefully and the stress has decreased significantly.”



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David Angel Miguel Incacari
Zorritos, Peru

         "Being in Zorritos, I got a fever. I was diagnosed with malaria and I got some medicines. But then I wondered 'why do I suffer if I have my Agnihotra kit for healing?' For three days, I took Agnihotra ash, an average of 7-8 times daily, and I recovered from malaria. I completely stopped taking the other pills. Usually, the treatment of malaria lasts 15 days, but with the Agnihotra fire and the Grace of God I was able to get well quickly.

        I also saw how a friend of mine, Richard Maguiña, who suffered from severe chronic migraine headaches for years, got well in two months with the practice of Homa Therapy."
(Photo: Ms. Melena Jovita Ortiz and David Angel Miguel Incacari during Agnihotra at the Homa Therapy presentation in Tumbes)

Melena Jovita Ortiz
Zorritos, Peru

         "I had problems with irritable bowel and the sciatic nerve. Then I became paralyzed. I could not walk. I could not do anything. I had to go to Lima (1400 km away) every 6 months to get an injection for the pain.
      Then, when I started practicing Agnihotra and taking its ash 6 times/day I got cured. I do not know how it happened, but I cried with joy."

Segundo Flores
Tumbes, Peru

        "Thanks to an invitation from Eng. Luis Tafur, I went to a Homa Festival in the city of Guayaquil and learned about the healing fires.        For many years I had bronco-respiratory problems like asthma.   Here, in this audience, several people know that I suffered with this illness. I could not eat any ice cream, or watermelon, or pineapple, etc. When someone was cleaning the house, I had to get out.

    When the neighbors were burning trash in the street, I had to go somewhere else, because the bronchi automatically closed. And so, with an invitation from Eng. Luis Tafur, I went to Guayaquil and one massive Homa Therapy with many Agnihotra fires healed 80% of this malady. Then I participated in another Homa gathering and recovered fully. I have been many years healthy, thanks to the Homa fires.

         I also want to share, that I found Mr. Valente (from the television) very ill with problems in the throat (tonsils), headache and bronco-respiratory problems.       I sent him to Piura so he could go to any of the two hospitals (Reategui and Cayetano Heredia), where they practice Homa Therapy for free. Last night, Mr. Valente gave his testimony on TV. In one single Homa Therapy, he got 80 % well. These are testimonies that we have experienced firsthand."



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From an interview with Mr. Sanjay Patil in December, 2013
Tapovan Homa farm

  "In a Homa farm, cows are very healthy. But the main thing is that the fat content in the milk is higher. We have desi cows; we started our Goshala (stable) with 7 cows only, but now we have 32 cows and bulls in all ages.
   Regarding the water, the water wells of the people around us, which they have been using for the last 10 years, are dried up. Some rich people drilled deeper and still they have not gotten water. So this shows that in Homa atmosphere there is a better water retention. Many officers, who pass by our Homa farm, driving from Amalner to Parola, notice that it is raining in the area of Tapovan, but 2 to 3 km further away there is no more rain. They asked me why and I told them that this is because of the Homas we do here. This year the Jalgaon district, which has 119 villages, suffers from drought. But here in Tapovan, everything is still green and we have a good quantity of water."

     Here in Tapovan Homa farm, in March 2013, we completed 12 years of doing Om Tryambakam Homa for 24 hours daily. Every day in the morning there are several Agnihotras being done and in the evenings we have approx. 20 Agnihotra fires with the participation of the workers. Because of this we have lots of benefits.

Tapovan update Oct. 2013:
     "After 6 years of drought and failed monsoons, we have had the best monsoon ever here in Tapovan. All our wells are full and also our rainwater harvesting ponds. This is not normal in October. Tapovan looks very lush and green. We harvest lots of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables from the gardens. One of our papaya trees collapsed in a recent storm under the weight of 70kg of fruit."



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National Director of the Organic Consumers Association, Ronnie Cummins,
on Turning the Tide Against Monsanto

October 13, 2013 by Dr. Mercola

          Why Are Chemical Companies in Charge of Our Food Supply?

For a long time, Monsanto appeared to be perched on top of the world, making enormous profits and wielding near unparalleled political clout.

One of the most recent examples of their political power was the insertion of the “Monsanto Protection Act” rider into the appropriation bill, back in January, which basically eliminated the power of the federal judiciary to control genetically engineered crops. As explained by Cummins:
“Under this Monsanto rider to the appropriation bill, even if a federal court rules that a genetically engineered crop has been improperly approved—that it could harm the environment or public health, they can’t stop it. Monsanto’s chief cheerleader in the Senate, Roy Blunt from Missouri, was very proud of this rider, and it went through.
But in a sign of change, millions of people complained, emailed and called Congress, and caused the backers of the bill to back off and say that, ‘Well, it’ll expire on September 30 and then it won’t be part of the Farm Bill or continuing appropriations.’”
Thankfully, the rider, which was renewed by the House of Representatives, was finally voted down by the Senate, thanks to your overwhelming support and affirmative action. As of September 30, the “Monsanto Protection Act” expired. It just goes to show how critical it is that we unite and address these issues together. It’s the only way we will make positive change.

Between October 18 and November 5, Washington State voters will mail in their ballots for the people's initiative 522, "The People's Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act." Your support is urgently needed.
See full article and video as well - at: http://



    A film about people transforming trash into music, about love, courage and creativity. These are the kids from Cateura, Paraguay and their "Recycled Orchestra". Please see (subtitled in english): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJxxdQox7n0


European Greens and Dr.Vandana Shiva launch a Joint Petition on Seed Legislation

Brussels, October 2 , 2013.

      The proposal by the European Commission on the production and commercialization of seeds was launched in May, and is now going through the legislative process in the European Parliament. Via the website: www.seedfreedom.eu, the European Greens and Navdanya, want to mobilize the citizens of Europe to ask

for a reversal of this proposed legislation. The central message of the website is that, this new European legislation on the ‘Marketing of seeds’ is a threat to Food Security and Food Democracy.
A crucial problem in the system, is that a handful of global seed companies are monopolising the market. Three quarters of the seeds marketed and used by farmers are controlled by only a few multinational companies. European legislation has increasingly restricted access to seeds in past decades, since industrial agriculture has become the dominant model of farming. Only the seed varieties which fit this model, may be marketed in the EU. The seeds must pass intensive and expensive tests, along with tedious registration procedures and, their cultivation depends on chemicals. This legislation has dramatically reduced the diversity of seeds on the market and therefore, has become an impending threat to our food security. Please see:



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 Through an invitation of Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter, the healing fires came to Cajabamba, Dept. of Cajamarca. In the home of Mrs. Veronica Escobedo, we did the first Agnihotra with a group of teachers.
(Photo left.)

Another presentation of this Ancestral Healing technique came to the Headquarter of UGEL (Unida de Gestion Educacional Local = Local Education Management Unit) thanks to its Director, Andres S. Pinedo. (Photos: above and left)



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       Prof. Abel presented Homa Therapy to the medical staff at the Hospital “Our Lady of the Rosary" by invitation of the Director, John Victor Gonzalez Alfaron, MD. The theory was presented in the morning (Photo left) and Agnihotra was done in the evening. (below)

 The Doctors, Heriberto Bustos Aparicio and Manuel Solis Gomez, neighbors and others interested in the healing Homas came every day for the morning Agnihotra. (Photo right)



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Homa Presentation and sunset Agnihotra with a Praying group. (photo left) They told us that they were asking the Lord to show them a way to serve, and now

they have found it! (photo above)
          The home of Mrs. Veronica became the Cajabamba Homa Center with many activities and teachings.

(Photos below and left: audio visual presentation and sharing Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset)



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  Equinox Sept. 21st
In Piura and many other parts of the world, this day was also celebrated with many healing Homa fires (photos: left: Rudra; below: Agnihotra in the Hospital)

In this day of balance between day and night, there was also time to share stories, anecdotes and  devotional songs, thanking and celebrating life as a Divine gift. (Photo left)



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      Every day, sunset is celebrated with Agnihotra in the major hospitals of Piura in the area of Complementary Medicine under the guidance of Prof. Cesar Gonzales and Mr. Gaby Zapata Gonzales.  (Photos this page)



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       In Cooperation with the National University of Piura, the Municipality of Castilla y Agrohoma NGO, the International Homa Forum 2013 took place. Dr. Washington Calderon (Photo above right), Head of the International Technical Cooperation Department, said “it is an honor to host this Homa forum because a University is about learning, experimenting and expanding the horizon“.  Prof. Abel opened the forum with a Vyahruti Homa. (Photo above left)

          Dr. Jaime Montufar, MD from the Homa Medical Center “The Good Shepherd" in Guayaquil did a presentation with patients, who have been able to recover from serious illnesses thanks to Homa Therapy treatment. (Photo above)
His former patient, Jorge Lopez, shared his testimony. (photo left)



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We all enjoyed and applauded the songs from Jose Francisco Peralta and Guillermo Valdivieso as well as the performance of the young violinist Alvaro Obando.

        However, the most majestic orchestra, consisting of more than 70 burning Agnihotra fires, found its own rhythm to touch the hearts of each participant, to elevate our thoughts and to caress us with sublime notes of Love, Peace and Welfare ...



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The chanting of the Agnihotra Mantra and  'OM SHREE' could be heard far. It was as if the force of nature and the human voice were resonating and joining in this sacred act of Healing.

Photo: To finish this wonderful day, children from Mr. Carlos Chunga's dance studio delighted us with graceful dances in Peruvian rhythm.

       We want to thank and congratulate all the participants, especially those who came from other far away cities such as:  Dr. Montufar and his Homa team, who rented a bus from Guayaquil (photo left. morning Agnihotra on the road), Dr. John Matlander and his wife Nelly from Cuenca, Christian Alvarez and his Homa team from Lima,  David Ángel Miguel and Company from Zorritos, Segundo Flores and Javier Mendoza with their families and friends from Tumbes, Ing. Luis Tafur form Jaen, and many others.
After all, we can only take with us our experiences when we leave our body. And this Homa forum has been a wonderful one!



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       As a consequence of the International Forum, Homa Therapy was taken to Tumbes (northern Peru) by Mr. Javier Mendoza and Mr. Segundo Flores.

With the help of Mr. Polo and Miss Sara, we could invite the community to these Homa meetings through 'Telecable' television".

        The first event was held in the 'Cooperativa Magisterial Tumbes' (teachers association) with participants of all ages and all types of problems. Mr. David Miguel Angel Incacari and a group of Agnihotris came from Zorritos to actively participate in this Homa presentation. (photos this page)



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               After Agnihotra, we heard the first testimony of instant relief and comfort. Ms. Juliana Polo said: "When I came, I had pain in my hands. They hurt a lot. Now, after Agnihotra, the pain disappeared. I feel great."
   Another testimony was given by Mr. John Gonzales: "I am 73 years old. I've been stressed out all day. With this wonderful therapy, I feel relieved and cured."

          On the second day, an audio - visual presentation of the benefits of the practice of Homa Therapy took place in the Public Pedagogical Institute 'Jose Antonio Encinas'. There were several live testimony. Mr. José Benavides said: "I am 75 years old. I am allergic to the smoke from a wood stove or charcoal, cigarette smoke, etc. I came with body aches. After these fires, I feel well". (See photos this page - sharing and practicing the knowledge of this ancient healing technique)



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Two presentations of Homa Therapy took place in the city Chiclayo thanks to the invitation of Eng. Luis Tafur and Mrs. Leonor Rocha, Founder of CICAP (Center for Research, Training, and Consulting).
(see photos this page)

         Mr. Oscar Reluz Salazar (Regional Govt. Health Manager), Mr. José Reyes  (President of the Federation of Rural Communities in Lambayeque),   Journalist Enrique Paz, the Ayala family and others came to learn about the benefits of Homa Therapy.



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Reiner Sczypior sent following information and photos about his Homa trip:
"Healing at ancient sacred mountain site in Turkey:
Sarikiz at Kaz Dag in Turkey has a history which goes back to 8000 B.C. It is a place of worship for the Divine Mother by Turkmen tribes. A small group of loving people came together to perform prayers, offer light, perform Agnihotra and meditation on this sacred site. Divine Mother was asked to forgive us human beings for what we have done and keep on doing to our planet, to bless us, to change our behavior, and to care of her.
            This Event was accompanied by like-minded sisters and brothers from around the world. People joined in from Japan, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia etc. We offer our humble gratitude and love to all.
The Event was initiated by Günesin Aydemir, Ahmet and Bahar Yazman.

Photos: 1st row-  Agnihotra at the Hizir camp.
2nd row left - Introduction in the National Park 'Kaz'
2nd row right- sunset Agnihotra at Kartalcimentepe.
Photo to the left: Sunrise in Sarikiz.


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Above photos correspond to a CIENTIFIC SPRIRITUAL HOMA ENCOUNTER of Dr. Irma Garcia in Villavicencio, Colombia. A Homa Center was established in the house of Mr. Endir, his wife Diana and their children Santiago and Gabriel. 


Mrs. Marcya Abad from Cuenca sent below photos of a Homa get-together in Cuenca with Dr. John Matlander and other friends. She also shares the wonderful design of her new Homa kit which reads in spanish: Homa - Sanando la vida (healing life).

We received photo to the right from Guayaquil from a meeting of Agnihotris, organized by Therapist Marianita Pazmiño.  A Vyahruti Homa,  Tryambakam Homa and sunset Agnihotra was shared...a true healing encounter!



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Birgitt and Horst Heigl wrote about their trip to the Northernmost settlement of Europe and at the Arctic circle:

"We did a tour to Northern Europe, which lasted several weeks. Since years, we keep visiting the north of Sweden and Norway to spread the necessary Homa vibrations also there. Practicing Agnihotra isn’t partly possible there because the sun doesn’t set in the summer months, and on the other hand, in winter it doesn’t rise for months. This area was also particularly affected by the radioactive radiation of the Chernobyl reactor accident.

This year, for the first time, we went to the northernmost settlement in Europe. This is not the touristic North Cape, but Gamvik, a small fishing village in Norway. In a small rocky bay, protected from the strong wind, we did a Homa fire and left the ash there. Then we drove on to the easternmost town in northern Norway, Vardø, which is already in the Arctic climate zone. No trees, no bushes grow here, but the mosses, grasses and the occasional resistant flowers provide some colorful variety in between the stones. In good weather (above 22° C, a rarity there), we scattered Agnihotra ash. We did the same at the Arctic Circle in Sweden – a symbolic gift of high vibrations of the Agnihotra in the sparsely populated North.  Warm greetings with love."



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Mother Saroji from the Homa Center in Delhi sends her greetings from India  together with a photo from a meeting  where people heal the Earth through the practice of Agnihotra and meditation.


Datu Alan Young wrote from  Malaysia
 and shared these photos taken on equinox (23 de Sept.), where they shared

Agnihotra in different cities in Malaysia:
Photo above left:
in the home of Mrs. Foo Chet Yeng in Paka, Kuala Terenganu.
Photo above right:
in the home of  Mr. L.H. Ang in Kuantan
Photo left: in the Metropolitan Park of Kuala Lumpur.


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What counts is not what you know but what you are practicing in your daily routine.

Krishnamurti says: Better not to know if you do not practice, because you are caring that burden all the time with you…
Yet, how can we erase the groves of the mind created by habits coming even from past incarnations?
A five years old boy sees a piano and he begins to play. Another five years old boy sees his father drinking whiskey with friends. When the father goes to the door to greet them goodbye, the boy drinks all the whiskey left over in the glasses…
The most efficient way I know, to quickly erase the groves of the mind is the daily practice of the

Fivefold Path of Vedas, specially the daily performance of Agnihotra at the exact time. All five are necessary. Agnihotra, however, cleanses our ´chitta´ (The groves of the mind from where the attitudes which govern our thinking, willing and feeling spring up). When the mind is purified, Love enters. Mental tension disappears and peace comes in. This has been the experience of thousands of Agnihotra practitioners all over the world. Agnihotra effects occur at the sub-atomic level. It is resonance that purifies and heals, beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. From the normal state of matter, Agnihotra brings it to the ideal state of matter, which is Love.
The peace of mind obtained by the daily practice of Agnihotra can be measured.
Agnihotra is a super technology based on a scientific process.
If you think it is a ritual, then it is also a ritual to wash your teeth or to go to toilet…
Shree Vasant used to repeat:
“The way to peace of mind is through devotion, humility, service and selfless effort. Humility is the landmark of someone in the spiritual path. You can learn humility from a humble person, you can learn humility from an arrogant person, you can learn humility from a stone, but humility you must learn… Attitude is everything”.
Thoughts are the cause. Everything else is effect, consequence.
Agnihotra is an accelerated process to purify the mind.
It is not the only way. It is a simple, practical and quick way.

A pure mind is full of love. That is, truth, generosity, empathy, compassion, humility. The result is selfless service.
Pure thoughts will result in a world where LOVE AND TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.
Patanjali said that reality in its fundamental nature is LOVE AND TRUTH and expresses itself through these two aspects.
Swami Vivekananda said that love, truth and unselfishness form our highest ideal, because in them lies such a manifestation of power.
Yet…God Almighty always respects our free will…

Dr. Irma Garcia, born in Venezuela, was the private secretary of Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe and accompanied Him in many of His travels around the world, serving as translater and assistant since 1986 till He left His body.



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               A child who is given a strong foundation will do well growing up, even in the world today. Just because we face disaster coming in various natural phenomena, this does not mean we cannot turn our thoughts and our attention to our children. Give them all love and total acceptance. This does not mean you let them do anything they want. Discipline should be firm but never harsh. Try to stay away from any physical punishment as regular form of discipline. Try to use reason in any approach towards your child. Write stories with your child, draw, play music, dance, sing. Do not think of the world coming to an end. It is not like that. Be positive and nurture your child's creativity and natural curiosity. Be full of love with your children.

              Observance of truthfulness in day to day dealings is the alpha of any spiritual discipline. When we decide to don the armour of truthfulness in thought, word and deed, whatever be the consequences, we experience an inner strength. We notice that people who come near us are less inclined to tell lies. Love pervades the atmosphere and harmony sets in.

              Refrain from drugs and alcohol. In the end, these are not required. For clear vision go within.

             Always attune yourself to that higher force and you will be, constantly taken care of as if a hand is above you directing you to your goal.

             The seeds of truth have been planted. You reap what you sow. If you are part of sowing seeds of love, that is what you will reap.

             Do not try to control. IT IS IN TRYING TO CONTROL THAT WE BREED ATTACHMENT AND CREATE Karma. You are to be free. Only way you can be free is to let go. No worry. No fear. We will catch you. We have you by the neck now. All you will do is rise. Then it is all peace and bliss, love and joy, knowledge and wisdom. All this will merely come by doing service and chanting your mantra. When you chant the Mantra, Divine Power manifests.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Fukushima and Agnihotra Ash.
Yes, yes. The radiation leaking from Fukushima nuclear reactor is worse than reported, though some substantial data has leaked. Effects will be seen first in cattle, then human beings. The first line of defense for those of you who have learned and are practicing Agnihotra is the pure, resilient substance, Agnihotra Ash. Prepare it ready to distribute. It will be like gold, as you have been told. *(Editor’s note: Agnihotra Ash is always distributed free of charge throughout the world. There is never a cost for this healing substance).

Focus more on Agnihotra Ash and the many uses of this miraculous element in medicine, farming and healing. Do not worry. As it becomes more known, the miracles will speak for themselves. Of course, combined with healing herbs grown in Homa atmosphere, the effects will be magnified. The ash is phenomenal.

Take Agnihotra Ash internally, regularly 3 times daily now. It is the one substance which can neutralize radioactivity in atmosphere, effects on body and plant growth, and animals. Take this as seriously as you can now. These are not drills for future events; this is the ‘real deal.’

The Price of Politics
Though the tendency of the masses is to align themselves with a charismatic leader, we would reiterate that politics can never lead the world out of conflict and chaos. Conflict and chaos is what politicians feed upon. They will not seek to resolve them entirely, only sufficient to establishing their own agendas. Unfortunately, even the most idealistic and fair-minded politicians have a price tag. No one is able to deflect the offers presented to them, either subtly or openly. Safety and protection are essential for a long political career. The price for safety and protection is high and not in monetary currency! Even the greatest amongst you would fold under the intense scrutiny and veiled threats, which come as part of public office. Only those whose voices are not so known can speak the truth aloud. Therefore, we must remind you. There is power in numbers. No one being stands alone, threatened by compromise. When all speak en masse, the tide turns. It has to turn. And it will.

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www.agnihotra.org     www.homatherapie.de      www.homatherapy.de
tapovan.co.in    www.homatherapyindia.com     www.homatherapy.org   www.homatherapypoland.org    www.homapsychotherapy.com www.agnihotra.com.au    www.terapiahoma.org

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