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       Yes, let’s do more Swadhyaya (Self-study). In previous pages, we talked about the constitution of the human being and the process of life and death. Let us continue using the Vedas as the main reference. It is the ancient most source of knowledge and as you do some research, you will find out that the greatest cultures and civilizations have borrowed or derived some data and information from the Vedas. Here, we are simply expressing simple observations which you can subject to a deeper study. Recapitulating, man is a soul with 3 main bodies: physical, astral, and causal.
The soul is a pilgrim traveling through different universes where it is accumulating experiences until it does not need them any more. From the Absolute (God, Allah, Jehovah, Great Architect, Whole, etc.) a portion (man) differentiates or individualizes itself. This (the soul) is encased (encaged) in a casual body. Then this goes into an astral body and this goes into a physical body. 
Each body moves in the corresponding universe (dimension). They are the physical, astral and causal universes. These bodies and universes interrelate. The soul (SELF) is glued to these bodies by the binding force of the “desires”. They will vary according to the nature or fixations of the mind. We are locked into the physical world when we crave for gross sensations (visual, auditory, smell, taste, touch, etc.).

We could be trapped in the astral body when we look for special subtle experiences. We are contained in a causal body as long as we are caught in the mental processes or attracted to the world of ideas. 
We are free when we are “totally desireless”, when you realize you are “full” and you “need nothing”. You realize you are “one with the source” and you always have been. Only your ignorance, blindness and darkness kept you separated.
However, this Divine Self-Realization is not an intellectual one. It is an Experiential One, Being Love. It is beyond words and thoughts. The Fivefold Path can bring us closer to it.

Sat Chit Ananda
Truth Consciousness Bliss

Note: in the next editorial, we will look more into the world of gross sensations. The chains created by the cravings for sensations can be broken through more awareness, knowledge, positive willpower and Divine Grace.

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Miriam Molano
West Palm Beach, Florida

        "2 years ago, my sister called me worried, because her dog did not want to get up. It did not want to walk. The doctor said it had a tumor and had to have surgery. It's an old tiny dog and my sister did not want surgery for her dog, but help during the transit. So she asked me for 'my medicine' and I made it (ghee, Agnihotra ash and other herbs) and gave it with much love to my sister. With this remedy the dog recovered. it began again to get up and walk. It recovered its strength. That was two years ago and the dog is still alive and well.

Now, my sister asks me for this remedy for any problem she has, not only with the dog, but she uses it with any family member.“

Olga Robles
West Palm Beach, Florida

            "I came to the house of Miriam with intense pain in my neck. I came to join for Agnihotra. Afterwards, Miriam prepared Agnihotra ash cream (ghee mixed with pulverized Agnihotra ash) for her mother's knee and I applied it on my neck too. Immediately I felt better. And the next day I woke up without pain. I was well. I had taken Tylenol pills before, but those have not helped me."

Yuri de Chávez
Nutrition Center “Ma-Yu”
West Palm Beach, Florida

            "The Hurricanes have left us alone.  When we were told that 7 out the possible 30 hurricanes were going to be very strong, we started doing the Homa fires. We do increase our Homa Therapy practice during the hurricane season. And many agree that the practice of Homa Therapy has really helped us to not get hit by the hurricanes."



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Douglas Rangel
Guayaquil, Ecuador

"I have been doing Homa Therapy for 8-10 years. We have not stopped. We do it with our kids at least 5 times a week. Our home has a Homa atmosphere.
We have had many countless health experiences. Among these, there is one related to our neighbor, who was pregnant. She had a very problematic and difficult pregnancy. She was 33 years old. She was medically treated for 10 years to have a child. She had 3 miscarriages. Though I invited her for Agnihotra in the  morning and evening every day. She came and began taking Agnihotra ash.

Little by little, she saw that her pregnancy got better. She could move without many aches and pains. And little by little, without medical treatment, she began to stabilize and eventually ended her pregnancy nicely. She completed the normal nine months and gave birth to a boy named 'Aaron Homa'. He is a child of fire and is now 2 years old. And everybody calls him "Homa".
But I also want to share what happened on Sunday, June 23rd, the day of Saint John. I showered with special water and herbs and  then I did sunrise Agnihotra. We do the Homa fires in the center of our house. When the flame extinguished, I remained sitting there peacefully. Then I began to perceive a very pleasant smell. This Perfume was very strong and wonderful. It was a very indescribable fragrance, which began to emerge from the pyramid. The burned cow dung pieces moved by themselves in a way that it looked like a flower opening up. I was amazed about this gift I was receiving. I stood still and the fragrance came like a spring, a waterfall, an ocean. The smell was truly impressive. Then my wife came down the stairs and started talking about the smell. She also began to breathe it deeply. Then our boys woke up. All smelt the fragrance. The whole house was flooded with this perfume smell. Then, the neighbors also came and asked "what flowers have you brought?" I opened the doors and windows to let out the fragrance. With such irresistible beauty, I began to cry. It was something I had never experienced before and it is difficult to narrate without losing objectivity. I reached into the pyramid, but there was no more fire. The perfume emanated for over an hour. The word perfume seems very short and limited to describe the royal scent of this fragrance.
What I want to say is that I did not go out to seek this experience. It came and I really feel it was a gift. It moved me, my whole being, my physical body, my mind - only through smell. I just wanted to smell, to catch that fragrance. It came in through the sight, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the skin, through the organs. It was so pervasive, so strong. I felt bathed in mercy. In that moment I understood what the scriptures call “the perfume of sanctity”. It was alive and new with every breath. I wished I could bottle some of that fragrance. We were just breathing. We were like 20 people there, everyone silent, smelling, breathing until it was gone. We all were left very happy.
My family, my home, we have been able to survive only thanks to the Homa fires. We had many problems, but we have been able to solve them. My whole family has a deep respect for the Homas. Sometimes we have up to 5 pyramids lit. Those who have come and learned it, they have taken their pyramids to keep practicing it wherever they are. It's like a legacy.
To us, here on earth, we are given infinite pleasures, but we do not realize it for our focus is on money. We think that money is happiness. We need money to live, but there are things infinitely beautiful, infinitely unique, and they do not need money. We must cultivate an interior presence that allows us to see an unforgettable moment or in this case, smell something infinitely beautiful. It was almost impossible to bear the burden of beauty. We are so used to the material world, to what lasts so little and is disposable. When we see something so beautiful, we are not prepared. We say that this is not possible, everything should be disposable - friends, homes, life itself. But the real things do not have an expiration date, they are not disposable, they are there for you and me. No need to be a superman, just work on oneself. This experience will be with me for the rest of my life."




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Mr. Julio Arroyo reported from the Homa Farm “Carondelet” in Esmeraldas, Ecuador:

         "I have 11 months working here on the farm. We are experimenting with Homa farming and we have seen results ahead of schedule. For example, coriander does not grow usually here, it is harvested in the mountains. But we sowed it here, it grew magnificently and in abundance. We also planted carrots, radishes, cucumber, watermelons, and honey melons in this tropical climate zone as an experiment and

everything grew abundantly. As Homa farmers, we measure the products and record the results. We harvested 30 cm long cucumbers in one month and 10 days. Normally it takes two months and a half, nearly 3 months.
We also have a great experience with a plantain plant. When the machines for the construction of the housing arrived, they wanted to kill the plant because it was in there way. But we stopped them and transplanted it right next to the Tryambakam hut. This is something unforgettable. This plant not only gave us a large bunch of plantains from which everyone ate, but it also left us nearly 30 offsprings. A plant usually leaves 7 or 8 offsprings or maximum 10, but not more. Well, we created a new little plantain farm with them.
We also planted tomatoes. Tomato is a crop that is attacked by many diseases and pests. We do not use agro-chemicals and we managed to control these diseases with Homa Therapy, even during a full drought. The taste of the tomatoes and all other products growing in the Homa farm are extraordinarily delicious and rich."   (see photos this page)


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              In this presentation, Dane Wigington discusses the harmful effects of Geo-engineering, declaring that there is no more critical topic today. The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs.
The Most Important Topic Of Our Time
This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as

well as human illness.
Our skies today are simply not normal. Upon examination this cannot be denied. They are filled with nano particulates of heavy metals.
Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to geo-engineering scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally tearing the planet apart and destroying life on earth. Please see documentary: http://geoengineeringwatch.org 


9th grade student “Cress + WiFi” experiment

Researchers from England, Holland and Sweden have shown great interest in the five girls’ biology experiments.
Take 400 Cress seeds and place them into 12 trays. Then place six trays in two rooms at the same temperature. Give them the same amount of water

and sun over 12 days, and remember to expose half of them to mobile [Wi-Fi] radiation.
Behind the experiment are five girls from 9b in Hjallerup School in North Jutland, and it all started because they found it difficult to concentrate during the school day:
      “We all think we have experienced difficulty concentrating in school, if we had slept with the phone next to our head, and sometimes also experienced having difficulty sleeping”.

The “sick” cress exposed to the 2 [Wi-Fi] routers.

The “healthy” cress without the influence of the 2 routers.



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Back in Guayaquil, we celebrated a Festival of healing Fires in the Homa Medical Center 'El Buen Pastor' of Dr. Montufar. Ms. Michelle Flores with her camera man, Miguel, came to film for the well-known program "La TV"(see photos above and below)

(Following 6 photos:) Thousands of people visited the “Feria Aura” in Guayaquil, where many medical and health organizations presented all types of complementary or alternatives medicines. Homa Therapy was presented by Therapist Sonia Hunter from the Homa Center of Guayaquil.

(photo left:)

 Mrs. Carmen Gloria and Abel were doing Tryambakam Homa, while Sonia Hunter (Reiki Master) and Dr. Jaques Delphi (Psychologist), were giving their treatments and orientations in this fair.



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(photo left)
At the Health Fair, Mr. Wilfrido Morales with his team of Reiki healers and Masseurs did the Tryambakam Homa during their sessions.

Before sunset, Prof. Abel gave an introductory talk to Homa Therapy and found out the health problems of the participants. Aleta taught the sunset Mantras and explained how Agnihotra works.


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Agnihotra practitioners participated to create the healing Homa atmosphere. The attendees easily achieved calm and peace with the Agnihotra fires. Dr. Jaques Delphi continued with a guided meditation in this harmonized environment. It was an event full of joy and happiness!

(photo below:) Agnihotra fires are lit in the Homa Center of Guayaquil every day. It is opened for all who want to learn, experience, feel and benefit from this Ancient Vedic Science.



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Mrs. Sonia Hunter and a group of Agnihotris, dedicated to Service, have visited the "Father Damien" Foundation every Wednesday for more than two months. It was a great joy to share with them the medicinal Homa fires.

The residents are suffering from the Hansen disease (Leprosy). However, many experience great relief and improvement in their physical and emotional wellbeing participating in Agnihotra. There are testimonies of wounds that did not heal in 30 years. Now, participating in the Agnihotra fires and applying the Agnihotra ash cream, these wounds are closing. Also their pains decrease or have stopped. The patients participate with much respect and gratitude. We are doing Agnihotra in the Chapel of the Foundation “Father Damien”. Divine Grace is manifesting!

Photos left and below Homa Center of Guayaquil: In a Homa Center, the healing capacity is increased with each Agnihotra. As soon as you arrive, you feel relief and wellbeing.



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Sharing Agnihotra with our host, Dr. Cesar Merino, his lovely mother and friends.
(photo left)

(photos above and to the left:)

This was the day of sharing a Rudra Yajnya with the Agnihotris in the Homa Medical Center “el Buen Pastor” (the Good Shepherd).



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   Celebrating Agnihotra in the Homa Medical Center “El Buen Pastor”.

   Each flame contributes to enhance the Fire of Love within our heart.



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Visiting the people in the village 'El Triunfo', Prof. Abel did an audio-visual presentation about "Organic Homa farming and its benefits". The farm of Dr. Jaime Montufar and his wife Olga, is an example of healthy agriculture. There is much interest of farmers to switch to organic, since there are many diseases in their fields and in their families. Many illnesses are attributed to the use of agro-toxics. (Photos below: sharing Agnihotra in the farm of the Montufar family.)



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Again, sharing Agnihotra fire brings joy to the faces with the sick of Hansen.
They receive happily  the Agnihotra ash, to take it orally and to apply on their wounds daily.
(Photos above and left)

Photos below: More footage of testimonies and the practice of Agnihotra for the program 'La TV' in the Homa Medical Center “El Buen Pastor”.



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Ms. Mónica Reynoso recently opened an Educational Holistic Center "Casa Sol Cultural". She invited friends to experience the bounties of Homa Therapy. We shared an introductory talk,  Agnihotra and a peaceful meditation.
(see photos left and below)

Another Holistic Center in Guayaquil, where Homa Therapy is practiced, belongs to Mr. Patricio Palacios and his team. Among them is Therapist Marianita Pazmiño, who does Agnihotra daily. She learned Agnihotra with Dr. Jaime Montufar many years ago. After a peaceful Agnihotra, Abel answered many questions and talked about the benefits of its regular practice.  (see photos above and right)



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(Photo left)
SCIENTIFIC - SPIRITUAL HOMA ENCOUNTER with Dr. Irma Garcia in Sabanetas, Gran Sabana, Venezuela

(Photo below)
University of the third age in Caracas, where Dr. Irma taught the Fivefold Path of the Vedas as a practical method, easy and efficient to upgrade the level of consciousness and prepare for the next phase of human evolution.


We received the photo to the left from Facundo and Paola, where they are sharing Agnihotra in Quilmes, Buenos Aires.



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Maria Teresa Nunez wrote from her Homa farm in Tenjo:
" I'm sending you some photos of the Rudra Yajnya, which was headed by Julian Acosta at the summer solstice and the full moon of July 8th on the Tenjo Homa farm. It is very beautiful to see how people respond and come to the Homa fires from Bogota on a weekday. People understand that the power of the Homa fires is

enormous and they know that no effort is too big in order to receive its wonderful blessings.
You can also see the little organic Homa store, managed by Olguita and the organic vegetarian restaurant, managed by Liz Karen and Daniel. These services are becoming stronger, since they offer the possibility of feeding and nourishing our body well and above

all, filling it with joy and harmony in a sacred place such as the Homa farm in Tenjo is."

(see photos this page)



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Eduardo Rodríguez sent these photos of meetings in the Homa Center of Bogota.


Reiki Master, Wilfrido Morales, and his team do Reiki sessions accompanied by the Tryambakam Homa as a service to the community of Molleturo. On certain occasions, they also bring some goodies for the children.
(Photo right) Mr. Wilfrido giving Reiki to Father Maite, while Medical Technologist, Raúl Obando, does the Tryambakam Homa. (Photo left) The people are happy when the healing caravan arrives.



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Mr. Subodh Acharya is celebrating birth anniversary of Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj in Kharagpur along with other Agnihotris. Women are performing Agnihotra together at the Yagnya Shala in Kharagpur.

Harijan wahser woman does Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa every day. Mr. Ramana is guiding her.

Prof. Mulay performed one hour Om Tryambakam Homa everyday during his stay with Harijan women suffering from a variety of health problems in Katthiwada, M.P.

Children and elders in Harshavada village (Andra Pradesh) perform Agnihotra daily.
Mr. Ramana Rao is teaching and guiding them.



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So which are these patterns of behavior?    
(continued from Homa Health Newsletter #86)


1. Perform YAJNYA for purification of the atmosphere. Homa or Yajnya, a technical term of the Vedic science of bio-energy, is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. The basic principle is that you heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. The Scientific nexus is: atmosphere, Prana and mind. Prana is the vital energy which pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos. Prana and mind are like two sides of the same coin. The healed atmosphere heals Prana and Prana heals

the mind.  Agnihotra is the greatest material aid to make the body healthier and the mind more intelligent and happier. It renders purity of body, speech and mind. Thus the obstructions are removed and higher knowledge dawns.
2.  Practice DAAN, sharing in a spirit of humility, without attachment, to purify wealth. This reduces tension on the nerves and helps the mind to succeed in solving any difficulty in life.
3.   Practice TAPA, self-discipline for turning the ability of the body, speech and mind towards better performance. TAPA purifies body, mind, emotions and intentions making us a better vehicle to spread Love. Mind is bondage. TAPA trains the mind and transforms it into an instrument of liberation.
4.  Perform KARMA: Every action for self-purification. KARMA is recognizing the Law of “reap as you sow” and training our behavior accordingly. By performing good action in the present moment, action full of Love towards all, we wipe out the seeds of past bad actions. Life´s journey becomes an endeavor of joy.
5.  Practice SWADHYAYA, self-study and always learning, for achieving purity of soul and liberation.. Who am I? “I” is one with creation, which is total Love. Then the trinity of knower, knowledge and known is blasted and we not only see a thing, we become it. This is perfection in human form.
(Extracts from Total Surrender, by Vasant V. Paranjpe and His Conferences.)
The Fivefold Path of Vedas is an easy recipe to be happy here and now; the code of conduct for our present times and the most efficient way to prepare ourselves for the next stage of human evolution:
Let´s explain this with Shree Vasant´s words:
“Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning patterns of behavior which help the individual and society towards evolutionary process culminating in IDAM NA MAMA. (Lord, not my will but thy will be done”). Dharma thus means religion in the sense of realization”. (Total Surrender – page 1.)
   The word 'Religion' comes from the Latin root “Re-ligare” which means to bind to connect with the source. That means union with the whole, with God.

So, it goes like this: if you practice the Fivefold Path in your daily life, you reach a level of consciousness known as “love thy neighbor as thyself”. You practice that and then you reach a higher level of consciousness known as “Thy will be done and not mine”. (IDAM NA MAMA). You practice that and you reach the goal:
(From Total Surrender by Vasant V. Paranjpe and His talks.).

Dr. Irma Garcia, born in Venezuela, was the private secretary of Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe and accompanied Him in many of His travels around the world, serving as translater and assistant since 1986 till He left His body.



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            Transformation of mind comes even with very little effort. Have faith. Do not judge. Have patience. Do not find fault. Have humility. Be grateful. All the time grateful.

           Only thing you can do is to improve yourself. You cannot work out another person's Karma. Even if you see exactly what must be done for that person to improve - whether quitting pot, improving eating habits, etc. - still you cannot do it for him. All you can do is work on yourself.

              Wedding is a very sacred rite. Marriage is sacred. Marriage vows are not to be taken lightly. Always honor and respect each other. Never use harsh tone or voice. Never criticize or blame too quickly. Always look to the positive side of all situations.
Marriage is sacred. Enter into it with feet clean. Wash the feet. Do not bring past impressions into this marriage.
Look past any imperfections in form or personality. Just love each other. When you judge on the physical level you are not really seeing the inner beauty. This is more self-destructive than it is destructive of the one you love.
Let the love between you be healing and thus it frees you both. This love is very powerful healer. It heals both. More than that it creates healing in others.

                YAJNYA effects are now amplified. Fifteen minutes of Yajnya is completely rejuvenating and the healing effects of Yajnya and Agnihotra are now amplified to the highest degree. You will notice change in the atmosphere instantly after fire is done.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Divine Truth & Surrender
Yes, yes. That’s it! Indeed, the whole matter of self-importance in which human beings immerse themselves and nearly drown, is basically non-essential for support of life and pursuit of happiness! The more you realize your role is a gift from Almighty to utilize to fulfill your destiny, your blessed talents and abilities reveal themselves as tools in the Hands of Divine. Thus, your involvement is simply your willingness to allow Divine to use you as an instrument for healing, for loving, for understanding, for compassion, for evolution of the planet upon which you dwell. It has nothing whatsoever to do with your ‘self-esteem’ or your feeling ‘good’ about yourself! It has everything to do with your letting go of the outside to reveal your inner truth. And your inner truth is Divine Truth, the only truth—it is not ‘yours.’

It is a profound ‘aha’ moment which comes over one when one finally realizes one’s relative unimportance! It is freeing and revolutionary for one’s evolutionary progress. When one embraces one’s role in life, and simultaneously really, truly realizes one is not important, the gates to freedom swing open and, as the saying goes, ‘the sky is the limit!’

Now, that said, young people who attempt to surrender their lives to Divine when they have no idea of who they are and the gifts they have to offer, may actually sidestep important milestones in self-development, self-awareness. Young people have to undergo the process of becoming before they can surrender to the power far greater than their individual selves.

Note here that when beings surrender to Almighty, they do not have to give up anything. It is all a process of becoming One, not a process of becoming none. One learns that one’s talents, gifts, abilities, yearnings can all be transformed into avenues of service. One’s life becomes greater in abundance and in peace. Never think you must become a holy monk living in solitude and silence. Some may go that route, but for most it is learning to navigate in the outer world while remaining steadfast and true to one’s inner world. And those are the lessons for today, dear sisters and brothers of the great planet Earth. It is no easy feat, but it is certainly worth the effort! Blessings. Always. OM.

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