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Lie vs. TRUTH
Darkness vs. LIGHT
Illusion vs. REALITY
       Let's do a little more Swadhyaaya (self-study) and see the verse taken from Upanishad Brhadaranyaka-I.III.28:
ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय.
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय.
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय.
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः.

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya
Tamaso Maa-Jotir Gamaya
 Mrtior-Maa-amrutam Gamaya
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantihi

1: Om, Lead us from the Lie (illusion) to the Truth (Reality),
2: from darkness (ignorance) to Light (Spiritual Knowledge)
3: from (the fear of) Death to (the knowledge of) IMMORTALITY.
4: Om Peace, Peace, Peace.
Sometimes (or many times), It seems that we are in a world that is "normally" backwards. What is normal today is that almost everything is abnormal, but we call it 'normal'. Usually people call 'normal' what most think is real or true.

           However, if we look a little deeper, we discover that our mind is full of many misconceptions.
How is this possible?
Can you give some examples?
Why is this?
Well, these might be some answers:
1) We are unconscious, asleep, dreaming, distracted, contaminated or sick.
2) We think we are:
a) a man, a woman, son, daughter, father, mother, a name, a title, a diploma, etc..
b) a body, a set of emotions, a group of perceptions, ideas, messages, subtle experiences, feelings, mind, thoughts, etc..
c) light, consciousness, emptiness, fullness, etc..
d) part of something bigger than us
e) full, whole, complete (nothing is separated from us).
Yes, yes, yes, it seems that we are full of pre-conceived ideas and many of these ideas are contradictory or strange.
Examples: People thinking that ...
a) we can poison plants (fruits, leaves, stems, roots, seeds, etc.) with pesticides and believe that this food can be healthy.
b) we are bigger, happier and richer if we are able to step over, going above and hurt others.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and/or contributions to the Homa Newsletter are welcome; you may write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com . Please include your address. Thank you!


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       c) we can damage, pollute and poison everything around us (air, water, soil, plants, animals and other humans) and we will be fine.
d) we are superior because we can point out the mistakes of others.
By the way, how would we respond to the following questions?
If you are stuck with a broken car on the road and someone stops to lend you a hand, would you ask the person to first display its title, or license, or certificate of professional mechanic?
Can we really be happy around unhappy people?
Yes, yes, yes, sometimes, looks can be deceiving, for example, a glass with crystal water could have hidden millions of micro-organisms or toxic molecules.

     The practice of FP (Fivefold Path: Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaaya) can help us:
a) to clean the clouded mental glasses
b) to soothe and purify the dark emotional currents
c) to sharpen our intellect and improve our subtle filters to allow entry of positive ideas and emotions and to block the negative ones.
d) to read between the lines, etc.

            Therefore, we can install the application 'FP' on your PC (the unit: Mind-Body) and run to optimize our performance and our “Internet Communication”. Then, we can share the program (PF) with others to improve our “Externet Communication” with the Social Networks. Let the “Power of Love” manifest in all our actions! Only Love.       OM Agnihotra OM


Ananda Majukar
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

"I'm working with the company 'Expert Engineering' for 16 years. I married in 1998 and had a son in 2000. Later, my wife could not conceive a second time and went to all the doctors and she did different treatments for 10 years. I spend on average approx. Rs. 2500/per month for different treatments and visits with doctors.

When I heard about Agnihotra in my work through a lecture by Dr. Pramod Basarkar on March 12, 2011, I had stopped all medication. Mr. Naik Tejasvi and Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai also shared their personal experiences at the time. I was inspired by the conference and I was motivated by my boss, Mr. Vinayak Lokur, to perform Agnihotra. So I started practicing Agnihotra every day in the morning at my work from April 2011. Also I started using Agnihotra ash with water once a day. At first I used to get up at 8 in the morning. Now because Agnihotra, I get up at 4 am, in order to get ready and go to the factory to perform Agnihotra.
I am pleased to inform you that after 12 years, I have been blessed with a girl who was born on August 29, 2012. She is named Vaishnavi.
Photo: Mr. Anand Majukar, his wife and Vaishnavi their "miracle baby". (See cont. page 3)



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Continued testimony of Mr. Anand Majukar:
For five months, we also practice Agnihotra in our house; my son is doing it. I noticed changes around my house, especially in the healthy growth of plants and the quality of the flowers we have. I apply the solution of water with Agnihotra ash to the garden once a month.
Now, I'm in better shape physically and therefore more active throughout the day. I am very happy with the experience of Agnihotra.
My message to all: Do the Agnihotra daily with the knowledge that it will help, not just when it's convenient. With my best wishes."

Martha Beatriz Ramírez
Alfredo Jaramillo Bernal

Cali, Bellavista
South America

"We want to share some of the experiences that we are having with the practice of the Homa fires. Firstly, the experience of a student while she was doing Agnihotra. She told us:

'A dark-gray energy in each of the participants was collected from head and feet to the solar plexus where it went out towards the pyramid fire that looked like a huge fire. It got burned and then returned to each participant through the region of the heart as a blue-violet light. AGNIHOTRA SUBLIMATES YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR FEELINGS AND EACH OF YOUR ACTIONS.
This happened while the fire was burning. '

These are five cases of Homa healing:
1) I gave some Agnihotra ash to Antonio, a carpenter in Calarca (Quindio) who has suffered with Vitiligo, a disease of skin depigmentation which according to official medicine has no cure. The disease spread from the nose to the neck, chest, arms and hands. I returned after a month and noticed some healing. We apply more Agnihotra cream on the face and the appearance of the skin is quite normal now. The arms are OK and the hands have considerable normal pigmentation spots. Antonio is very happy.
2) On a neighboring farm, Mrs. Miriam had gastritis for eight years, which was quite annoying. She took the Agnihotra ash and got marked improvement.
3) Cielito Martinez, a friend of the Campestre College, could not close her hands. She has taken Agnihotra ash for a few weeks. Today, I visited her and she could move and close her hands completely normal.
4) I gave Agnihotra ash to a young man about 25 years who came with pain and gastritis. It has helped him a lot.
5) My wife and I do Agnihotra and take its ash three times a day. I was cured of gastritis and noticed an overall beneficial effect. "
(Photo above shows Mr. Alfredo Jaramillo and his wife are getting prepare for the Agnihotra fire.)



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EXPERIENCES with AGNIHOTRA and its ASH in roof-top gardening

Mr. Bruce Johnson sent these photos with following information:
"Two Agnihotris living in the city show the effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash rooftop gardens.
Mr. Arun Anand is an engineer who lives in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh and Mr. Chalasani Dutt, a former entrepreneur become an organic gardener who now operates the mango plantation "Prakash Bio Organic Farm" in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh."
(Photos below: Mr. Arun Anand practicing Agnihotra on the roof of his house, which nourishes your plants and provides a healthy meal, nutritious, energized and full of life.)



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Excerpts from the article "Progressive Farmer uses Homa"
G. Rao Venkataramana / Photo: V. Raju

He has always been at the forefront of trying new methods and systems.
"Every farmer worries about the degeneration of soil and the need to rejuvenate it.
Many of them even worry about the growing pollution and its impact on plants, animals, and even human beings.
Some of them even tried to make changes to stop degeneration of soil and neutralise the effects of pollution. Industrialist-turned-progressive farmer Chalasani Dutt has always been at the forefront of trying new methods and systems.
He was one of the first in Krishna district, a district which has seen several enterprising farmers, to propagate Organic farming."

Organic farming
Biodynamic agriculture is defined as a method of organic farming that emphasises the holistic development and interrelationships of the soil, plants, and animals as a self-sustaining system. It is considered one of the first modern ecological farming systems that emphasizes a sustainable approach to agriculture.
Mr. Dutt is also known for successfully raising several crops on the roof of his city house in Kasturibaipet using the world renowned Square Foot Garden technique.
After making extensive trials in his farms at Nuzvid and Vattigudipadu, Mr. Dutt is now propagating Homa Therapy.
“Agnihotra can neutralize the effects of pollution,” Mr. Dutt told The Hindu.
Quoting an article by National Horticulture Mission chief consultant R.K. Pathak, Mr. Dutt said Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere and has a tremendous impact on his Square Foot Garden ‘yielding very good results’. He said there were more commercial applications to Homa Therapy from which farmers could benefit."
To read full article, please see: http://mangobiodynamics.com/



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Declaration: A Call to Action against the planting of transgenic corn in the open field in Mexico.

See article: http://www.uccs.mx/doc/g/planting-gmo-corn_es
Imminent approval for planting of transgenic corn at large-scale:
Scientists warn about the threat to maize in its center of origin and diversification.
Human health is also at risk.

Union of Scientists Committed to Society (Unión de Científicos Comprometidos con la Sociedad =UCCS)
November 2012.
Extracts of the "Declaration":
The public consultation period after five requests for planting of transgenic maize on a commercial scale, promoted by some manufacturers industries of GMOs (Semillas y Agroproductos Monsanto S.A. de C.V. y Monsanto Comercial S.A. de C.V., PHI Mexico S.A. de C.V ) was completed, paving the way for approval by the Mexican government in relation to the mass planting of GM maize in its center of origin: Mexico.
This is serious because Mexico is not only the birthplace of corn, the second most important crop worldwide, but also is one of the centers of origin and diversification where the world takes hold for genetic diversity which is needed to maintain production against new pests, climate challenges (Ureta et al., 2011), consumer preferences, among others.



GMO corn linked to massive organ failure.
Research examines effects of GM foods on animal health, finding that corn produced by Monsanto affects liver, kidneys, heart and other organs

The strain of Monsanto's GM maize, MON863, affects the liver, kidneys, heart and other organs, according to a study published by the International Journal of Biological Sciences.
The French researchers study argues that Monsanto's GM maize affect mammalian health

 when included in the daily diet.  In this particular case, Monsanto foods are related to organ damage in rats. Germany banned two years ago using these seeds and USA just approve them for marketing.
To read complete info please see the source:



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There is always a lot of joy when you start a project as wonderful as the Homa farm in Carondelet. There are many things to share, teach, learn, etc. Admiral Fernando Zurita, his wife, Vicky and Ms. Maira are responsible of this project. They know that Homa Farming is the future of the planet and its inhabitants.

Prof. Abel and Aleta share daily  Homa agricultural techniques and applications with the administrative staff and all the workers of this farm.

     We met every morning for Agnihotra (picture above) to take advantage of this healing Light that reaches each cell in our body and it help us to be the best we can be each day. Admiral Fernando  (center photo in front of Agnihotra) is very strict with the following of

the disciplines of the Homa fires on the farm.

Photo on the left.: Practicing the basic Homa Mantras and getting better every day.


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We also close each day with the Agnihotra fire and enjoy the dancing flames, leading to a state of serenity, joy and deep rest (photos this page).

Sitting in Front of the Agnihotra, one can leave the packages we carry unnecessarily on our shoulders, helping us to fly, to enjoy and to give thanks.



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       Photo right: Because the farm will have a cocoa plantation, they should taste a Homa cocoa. We brought cacao tablets from the Homa farm of Dr. Jaime Montufar. It is the best cocoa, we've tested so far. No added sugar, the cocoa tastes so nice, soft and sweet; you can eat it just like that. Everyone is amazed at the quality, sweetness and rich flavor of this Homa product .This further increases the joy of knowing that they will have an extra-ordinary product in Carondelet.
     Photo below: after the workshop 'Homa medicine preparation', we shared Agnihotra. We learned how to use the medicinal Agnihotra ash in different and simple preparations. This is another blessing of Agnihotra and another reason to do it well.

   Mrs. Lucrecia Burbano Hurtado (photo left, beside Prof. Abel), the Vice Mayor of San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas,   organized a press conference and a program on TV with the help of Mr. Nixon and Mr. Miguel Arroyo to present Homa Therapy and its effects to nearby towns.



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          Prof. Abel, accompanied by Ms. Maira, took the opportunity to present Homa Therapy in the village “La Boca” where many people attended and enthusiastically watched the visual evidences and heard about the many benefits of the practice of the healing fires. This people, mostly farmers, suffer from a wide range of diseases. This meeting was held at the house of Mr. Julio Arroyo, farm coordinator.
There were lots of peace and serenity with the Agnihotra and at the end everyone wanted to receive healing ash from the fires.
 (See photos this page)



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    photos above –during Agnihotra      Now, all farm employees have their own Agnihotra kit. Yes, there are more fires, that means more healing in the field and in our hearts. We also grow with the seedlings. The Homa fires nurture us with love and joy.  (photos below – the field with crops; the young worker and mother, Maricela, with her children during Agnihotra)



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    This was another opportunity to share the blessings of Agnihotra in another nearby village, called Calderon, with the help of the teacher of the school. The people were very grateful for the teaching and this healing fire of Homa Therapy.

All received the Agnihotra ash and some also took it home to share (photo above).

 Meanwhile in the Homa farm, the new life of work and service goes on. However, there is also room and time to

relax, learn yoga exercises, enjoy dances and thank Mother Earth for its fruits and more (see photos)



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 Photo Above: Santiago is next to Prof. Abel.          Santiago Piedrahita, the young volunteer, who came from Armenia to stay a few months and help with the correct implementation of Homa Therapy in this project, he is delighted with his task and makes friends quickly. All love him.
Photo Right:
the work in the field is accompanied with Tryambakam Homa. The seeds are treated before planting.
Photo below: the weekend outsiders come to learn, to know more and participate in massive Agnihotra. Prof. Abel answered many questions and concerns.



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     When the Agnihotras are burning and silence takes hold within us, time is collected and the soul expands over all existing atoms. We experienced Union here and now. What a joy!

We also shared a Homa presentation and Agnihotra at Carondelet Village which is a few kilometers from the Homa farm

Photos above: Agnihotra in the village of Carondelet, where Ms. Maira brought the practice of Agnihotra for the first time.



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San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas
     San Lorenzo is the largest city in this sector and its Vice Mayor, Mrs. Lucrecia Burbano Hurtado, organized the audio-visual presentation of Homa Therapy in the school. Prof. Abel presented Homa Therapy and its many benefits to Human Health, Agriculture and Ecology.
We listened to the many health problems that people have in this area where there are not many specialized medical doctors. Travel expenses, consultation and medicines are beyond their means. Thus again, Homa Therapy provides a solution.  (Photos of this page: 1) during the presentation 2) Santiago doing Tryambakam for the meeting 3) sharing Agnihotra healing fire)



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     Since the people of San Lorenzo requested another Homa meeting,  Admiral Zurita, Vice Mayor, Lucrecia and Prof. Abel invited the people for Sunday. Many patients came. That day, we heard already some testimonies of improved health. Santiago committed to help  Plan Ecuador and Mrs. Lucrecia Burbano Hurtado, by coming 2 times a week to share Agnihotra. 

Above: sharing sunset Agnihotra. Photo 1st row: Prof. Abel finding out the health problems of the participants.

Photo below: Singing devotional songs with an open and grateful heart for the Homa healing. The singing was led by Mrs. Marlene.



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   Then the day came, where we had to say goodbye to this place and its beautiful people. We thank everyone for their loving welcome, willingness to learn new things like HT and apply it in everyday life. We know that the constant practice of Agnihotra brings many blessings that one cannot imagine, you have to live it. Our children are in need of it.
With Admiral Zurita, his wife Vicky, Ms. Maira and Santiago, the Carondelet families  are in good hands.



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             Through Mr. Nixon, we had the fortune to meet Eng. Victor Villacis, his beautiful wife, their children and friends to share Agnihotra.

  Eng. Villacís learned this simple healing technique so it could be implemented in agriculture later. We experienced a lot of love in this  circle of beautiful people, each day.  
(See photos this page)



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     In Miami, we arrived at the home of Mrs. Nelly Cabezas to share the healing fires with her, with her mom Zoyla, our dear sister Marlene Moncada, and other friends. (Photo above right) Through Mr. Eulogio Heredia, Mr. José Carrillo and Mr. Reynaldo Portuario who work in America TV, Prof. Abel was invited to participate in the popular talk show "Arrebatados" to talk about the healing Homa fires. (Photo above left: Preparation to look good on TV and photo below theTV-Show)

      Mrs. Miriam Molano, from Lake Worth, invited her friends to listen to Prof. Abel explaining the need to work together in spreading this ancient knowledge Homa in service to others. It was a beautiful and loving encounter with women who have practiced Homa for years with wonderful experiences. (Picture below-  Agnihotra)



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         (Photo above)  We shared Agnihotra and an audiovisual Homa presentation, in West Palm Beach, with our dear friends, Dr. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri (pictured left. - in front of the Agnihotra). It was a weekend encounter with many smiles, and amazing healing testimonies. We met wonderful people.
          (Photo below)
The end was a feast with many fires Agnihotras, outdoors, in the courtyard of "MAYU Nutrition Center" where they have taught and practiced the Homa fires for many years. Several people purchased their Agnihotra kits. The joy and smiles on their faces revealed that they have found what they were looking for ... by Divine Grace.



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      In the Miami Homa Center, "Om Many Hills" of Mr. Esteban, his wife Bettsy and Maria de los Angeles (Psychologist), we shared great moments and met old and new friends. Prof. Abel gave an audiovisual presentation about the benefits of Homa Therapy in the treatment of physical, emotional and mental problems.  (Photos left and below)

The farewell in Miami was also celebrated with fires in a circle of Homa friends. Everyone showed respect, consideration, kindness and love. (photo below from right to left. Bettsy, Esteban, Maria de los Angeles, Irma, Rudolph Abel and Marlene)



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     The last interview was a recording on "ARREBATADOS", in America TV.  Prof. Abel gave a demonstration of Agnihotra. The interviewer, Maria Laria, had many questions about the practice of Agnihotra. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! - this is possible with the practice of Agnihotra !


Every day, the healings continue in the Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela“ under the guidance of Mother Dora, Dr. Lema and Dra. Cruz. (photos below- Agnihotra)



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          Mr. Zadir Vergara Correa wrote from Caracas, Venezuela
"Dear Friends, I am sending you this photograph (above) of the 2nd of November, when Dr. Marveys Hernandez ( before the fire Homa), always so kind, followed our request and did the opening of the Eternal Fair in the Millennium Mall with a VYHARUTI HOMA.
Dr. Marveys also received an invitation from the TV station for an interview with the purpose of making known the scope of this ancient wisdom (Homa Therapy) in our country.
I send you a big hug and thousands of blessings!"


Mrs.  Ceneth Sanabria sent this photo from the city of Mexico with many Homa greetings.



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany

        More recently, these problem appear more frequently: More and more people feel unbalanced and nervous, irritated, angry, restless, without patience. Increasingly, we also experience that people behave most unexpectedly: e.g. a driver turns his car around in the middle of the road without using any signals; someone goes shopping, and if the desired goods are not immediately at hand, he/she "explodes" angrily, a completely inappropriate behavior; etc.

 So there are many different situations, and that irritated feeling is unpleasant for everyone. For the exploder itself, but equally for the surrounding people.
         Where does this accumulation of irritation come from? Of course, the mind reacts to our environment; not only to the situation itself, but also to loads of mobile phone radiation, electro-smog, etc. In addition, the Earth's magnetic field is changing at this time, which has an impact on our electrical brain waves. And we also have an altered activity of the sun, which also has its effects on the psyche. The solar winds which reach the earth cause dramatic changes in the magnetic field of the earth. The geomagnetic field in turn has a large impact on the psyche. E.g. the pineal gland – itself a composition of tiny magnetic crystals - responds very sensitive to changes in magnetic fields. As a consequence of the altered electromagnetism, extreme emotions and moods such as aggression, depression, suicidal thoughts or even euphoria are triggered.
The nervous system is closely associated with the cardiovascular system, and so it is not surprising that on active solar days, more people than usual are admitted to hospitals with heart problems, nervous disorders, severe migraines, etc.
Meanwhile, there is no more doubt that the central nervous system is most sensitive to changes in the sun.
What to do with this situation? Just getting angry is an unhappy solution.
      We may not be able to directly change the outer circumstances, but we can put ourselves in a stronger balance and thus emit more balance and for this we have a lot of help available.
- The practice of the Agnihotra fire at sunrise and sunset provides the biggest help, because it supplies various aspects of the body with strength and balance. Sit as many minutes as possible in front of this healing fire! The healing power of Agnihotra fire is also sealed in the Agnihotra ash and therefore available during the day. You can finely pulverize the Agnihotra ash and take approx. one teaspoon 4 times a day - up to one teaspoon every hour in water, yogurt, honey, tea or similar.
- In addition, it has proven to be very useful to practice one hour of Tryambakam Homa every day, preferably before sunrise or in the early morning hours. If for some reason, it is not possible to do the Tryambakam fire, then one can use the early morning to at least do a longer meditation. It is the early hours of the morning which have very special qualities to assist us. And we can take advantage of this fact every day.
- Getting enough sleep also helps our body a lot to regenerate well. That's very important every day again!
-  It is equally important to do sufficient exercise outdoors, so that we can receive plenty of oxygen. That sounds very simple and well-known, but the real benefits comes when  you do it every day!
- Next, we can use the following things for our benefits:
The color green can be very helpful to balance the psyche, it is possible to use it as light in a lamp, green bed sheets, dresses etc.
Herbs such as lemon balm, kava kava, hops, passion flower, and others we can use as tea.
  Gold (as gold colloid or homeopathically as Aurum metallicum D6 e.g.) supports basically our mental balance.
And how wonderful it is, if we really try to experience a balanced and happy day for our own good and for happiness for our entire environment!

Para más información, por favor visite: http://www.homatherapy.de



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                 It is good practice to spend some time daily over self-introspection. We come to know that we are full to the brim with selfish desires that await gratification and evil thoughts that prey on others. When we become aware of these things, we become less prone to find fault with others. The egotistical attitude wanes. The gates to the Kingdom of Heaven within us are unbolted. Holy affirmations on our part during the period of introspection help us consolidate the habit of right thinking. Then we think along right lines not only during the introspection but all the time. Evil thoughts are then unable to make their way towards us. This is purification of the mind.

              Do not be affiliated with any group outside which follows doctrines about which you are not familiar. Be independent of political and religious affiliation. Of course follow your own religion of choice, but let Agnihotra and Homa Therapy go completely free from impurities. They stand on their own and need no support.

                 You will rise above these weaknesses and bad habits. It just takes a little more effort on your part. Be consistent in your efforts. If you want, you can set your clock for each meditation time. Set it to ring five minutes before. Then go immediately, do a small fire and sit for fifteen minutes.

                Do not allow one day or one incident to deter you. Keep making effort and things will become clear to you.

                Now it is up to you. Now it is up to all of you whether to follow what is told or to fall by the wayside. We can no longer carry those who are not willing to do the work. It was told "many will come, many will go". It is that time now. Actually the weeding out process is nearing completion.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Earth Changes
Yes, yes. You will find the world changing so rapidly now. As the changes increase and intensify, there will be a greater exodus of souls departing the planet—even young and old. Still, there is no cause for you to fear for yourself or for the lives of your loved ones. All will be boosted in immunity and strengthened in all seasons

On Timing and Faith
Sí, Yes, yes. ‘Timing is everything,’ as the saying goes, normally referring to human action. Timing in the universe is our consideration.
As all are quite aware of predictions for the future, timing is crucial. There are factors beyond your comprehension which affect the timing of changes on planet Earth. There are catastrophic events due to take place which have been delayed and in some cases, redirected. Many factors, both what you would call ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ come into play.
Predictions made by human beings are always subject to change, and often quite inaccurate. It is similar to destiny which can be altered simply by human’s free will.
Time is relatively subjective, if you will. There are few constants. And if weather cannot be predicted even day-to-day, how can the Earth changes be predicted with

any surety? It is the very essence of change which causes confusion in the minds of human beings. Humans want definitive answers, clear forecasts for future. They want to plan confidently not only week-by-week, but years into the future. The very lack of certainty creates an air of insecurity and impatience in the hearts of human beings everywhere.
Faith is comfortable, as long as it is predictable.
It is when the future is uncertain and no surety can be promised that even faith hangs in the balance. Yet in these very uncertain, ambiguous times, it is FAITH that can provide you a constant. FAITH, with no expectations, can carry you through any storm, dear ones. And without it, the tide shifts and fear will not hold you safe. Faith will lift you above the fray. Fear will let you sink.

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