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       Dharma is a term often used in relation to a lifestyle, or prescribed set of duties, that leads to a goal, condition or joy that results from a job well done. It is worth noting though that there is some relativity in respect to the Dharma; there are intended duties for every member of a family, a community, a nation, etc. Sometimes it seems that these obligations are contradictory or oppose one another. What should we do? How do we know which one to fulfill? Are there any guidelines or a manual to help us figure this out? Let’s make some observations:
1) There are duties established for each individual depending on his/her:
family, culture, society, religion, etc.
2) Generally, there is an order or hierarchy of the elements in the systems that surround us.
3) The desire to achieve or do something specific could or could not be a duty as well.
4) The completion of a task can cause satisfaction to: a) our ego (small ego) or b) can guide us to benefit "the Self” and “the Whole”.
There is a frame of reference that goes beyond time and space, that can be applied anywhere and at any time. These guidelines are in the Vedas and can be summarized as follows:
Yajnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya Nirato bhawet, Esha Evahi Srutyuktaha Satya Dharma Sanatanaha.

The Fivefold Path:

There are times when you do not know what to do, when your teacher tells you "listen to your heart" (listen to your inner guidance, the Divine that is within you, etc.).
But what do you do when:
a) the small self or ego prevents you from following the guidelines given to you by the Divine within or a Saint?
b) you speak English but you feel as if our inner Master speaks in a foreign language like Chinese or Sanskrit?
It is said that a Spiritual Master or Saint can be a translator between your mind and your heart, can clear your doubts, lead you to the truth, bring light to your minds, etc. The Spiritual Master can help us understand the Language of Love.
Question- what do you do if you lack an external guide?
Answer- Follow the “Fivefold Path” = FP
These ancient guidelines are simple.
Question- what is FP?
Answer - FP is equal to: Agnihotra, Daana, Tapa, Karma y Swadhyaaya (five steps)
Question – how do I follow FP?
Answer –
1)Do Yagnya /Agnihotra- (Yagnya Dharmam charaami)
2) Give/Share with responsibility- (Daana dharmam charaami)
3) Follow Self-disciplines- (Tapo dharmam charaami)
4) Do good deeds without seeking reward- (Karma dharmam Charaami)
5) Do Self-study – (Swadhyaaya Dharmam charaami)

Your comments, questions, suggestions and/or articles with photos for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com   Thank you!


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EDITOR´s NOTE continued

Question - What else can I do?
Answer –Punarapi FP: do again these five steps.
Question - Is there anything else I can do?
Answer – Puna Punarapi FP: do again and again these five steps.
   Eventually, the constant practice of Yagnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya gives us the appropriate answers and materializes

whatever we need in order to achieve our material and spiritual goals.
You may start with Agnihotra. Yes, yes, yes, remember that Agnihotra is the basic Yagnya and it automatically includes some Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya.
Live Agnihotra.


Rosa Sotomayor
42 years
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"The doctor diagnosed my friend Piedad with cysts. She had two, one on each breast. One was large, the size of a lime. The other one was smaller. The doctor diagnosed these cysts using an ultrasound and said that she had to have an operation. So I talked to her about Homa Therapy because I had tried it at home with my daughters. Homa Therapy specially helped my daughter, who has shortness of breath. She suffers from asthma. I recommended that she apply the Agnihotra ash as well as take it [orally]. So she was taking and applying the ash every day for two weeks until she had another appointment with the doctor. She was to have a checkup and schedule an appointment for the operation. When they did another ultrasound, they could not find anything in either breast. The cysts had already disappeared.

The doctor asked her if she had been taking some medication and she told him "no". He said "that in any case, they did not need to operate because there was nothing there, the cysts had disappeared".
At first, she could not believe it. So she called another doctor from next door to confirm if the ultrasound report was good or not. So the other doctor did examine her as well and he also couldn’t find any cyst. They thought that the previous results were wrong and asked if they had been delivered the same day or the next day, because maybe there had been a mistake. So she told them that the ultrasound was taken on Sunday  and that there were no other patients, she was the only one, and they handed her the results the same day. So, there was no error.
I have almost two years practicing Agnihotra and I gave the Agnihotra ash to my friend. She took it [orally] and applied the Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee."
 (Photo: Rosa Sotomayor participating in Agnihotra at the Homa Center in Guayaquil.)



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Rocio de Jesus Veliz Lucas
Hostería Saiananda, Caraquez Bay,
Ecuador, South America

      "I am 48 years old. I had gone on vacation to the place where my mother lives. Many times people come to ask for her help. One day, a girl arrived at 3 in the morning from the country, saying that at 6 pm, as she was closing her front door, she saw the ghost of a man; his skull was full of blood. She closed the door, went to her room and fainted. It seemed that the ghost or spirit of the dead man had followed her. Her husband, seeing her like this, was frightened. Later, when she opened her eyes, the spirit continued bothering her. So they decided to leave the house and they walked towards the main road. By then, it was about one o'clock in the morning.

At this time, there was a lady who was to be taken to Caraquez Bay because she was having labor pain. They took advantage of the ride and arrived at my mother’s house. This was at three-thirty in the morning. When I saw her in front of the door, I told her that I was sorry but at this hour my mother could not attend anyone. The young man, her husband, said: 'Don’t be unkind, tell her it is my wife. I'm so-and-so, she knows me. I don’t know what to do because my wife is being followed by a spirit and it was difficult to get here. That is why we arrive at this hour. That spirit doesn’t leave us, a lot of bad things happened along the way . She is the only one who can help us.'
  I was talking to him through the window and I was scared because I thought he might want to steal something and that he was making up a story. It was alarming at that hour. But when my son and I got outside, we felt something. My son said, ‘it’s true.’ I went back into the house and explained the situation to my mom. My mom said, 'go get the medicine’. I left running and got the medicine - the Agnihotra ash that we always have prepared in bottles. Then I poured some in a glass with water, handed it through the window and said, 'Drink this medicine and wait to see my mom at 8 in the morning.' The man gave it to his wife and returned the glass, thanking me. When I came back to close the window, the wife asked, 'What did I take? Because something magical happened - the spirit left.'  She was getting better and asked what she had been given, because it seemed for her that it was something magical, the water with Agnihotra ash. She thanked me and they left. The next day, she returned and said she has been fine since then." (Photo above Mrs. Rocio de Jesus Veliz Lucas)

Gabriela Zambrano
Hostería Saiananda,
Caraquez Bay,
Ecuador, South America

"I am 15 years old. I am living in Italy and two years ago I also came to Ecuador on vacation. I had failed to pass a school year. I was here for almost two and a half months doing Homa Therapy and taking Agnihotra ash. Thanks to this, I became a better student. When I returned to Italy, the teachers congratulated my parents because I had changed my behavior and academic performance. I had a better character and better behavior. Before, I was whimsical and rebellious. The Agnihotra ash helped me remember things more easily."



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Experience with Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash
in the Homa Center "Finca La Zenaida" Vinces, Ecuador

Medical Technologist, Luis Mendoza Carriel, reports:
"We are sharing the information about Homa Therapy with students specializing in Foreign Trade from the University of Guayaquil, (photo below to the right), who are interested in tomato cultivation. They came to the Homa Center "La Zenaida" to learn how to grow organic tomatoes with Homa Farming Super Technology. I want to let you know that we are now at the stage of harvest. We have tomatoes of excellent quality, flavor and size. It is amazing and there is no comparison to tomatoes grown with conventional agriculture (with agro-toxins).

We share this to make known the wonderful experiences of growing tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and onions at the Homa Center “Finca La Zenaida” where we have a Homa Garden. This benefits us by supplying us with food and at the same time we are objectively, practically and effectively trying to find a way to spread this knowledge to people who visit us and communal farmers, householders and students who are close to us (in a radius of 10 miles) to demonstrate the benefits of Homa Therapy. Our experience is that you can grow your own food without agro-chemicals and also heal the atmosphere. This healthy atmosphere heals us - this is the basic principle of Agnihotra.  
We are all involved in this process: my wife Sara Bustamante (photo above to the left doing Tryambakam Homa in the garden - orbs of light appear in many photos) and my children: Viviana, Jose Luis and Katherine Bustamante Carriel and friends, who have been cured from health problems. They collaborate on maintaining and managing the Homa Center which has been open for 5 years. We are a team of Homa fire promoters who lovingly share this knowledge everyday with the community. Homa Therapy gives life and thanks to it, we live in harmony with nature and each other.



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Continued: Experience with Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash
in the Homa Center "Finca La Zenaida" Vinces, Ecuador

               "On September 21, 2012, the managers of the Homa Center “Finca La Zenaida”, gave a reception to the students of the School "Marina Riera de Troya", the principal Mrs. Hilda Ronquillo and the parents and representatives.

 They attended a seminar on  "the Impact of Agnihotra in Health and Environment” and ”Improving Learning capabilities in School Children through Homa Therapy". This seminar lasted for 5 hours. Please accept our thanks. OM SHREE OM“"  (see photo above)


"The green revolution has led to an exploitation of farmers, forcing them to opt for hybrid varieties, chemical fertilizers, and pesticide spraying. The multinational companies (MNC) are able to exploit farmers because they are still hesitant to opt for alternative methods of farming. But it is time that farmers opt for natural farming, since it has been shown that the green revolution is detrimental to them. Rejecting chemical fertilizers, hybrid varieties of seeds and pesticides, and using cow dung, "ganjala" (cattle urine), and neem oil spray, not only help farmers increase soil fertility, but also helps them yield good results. Farmers can fight multinational companies only by rejecting their products.  It is important to develop farming land using natural methods, not through artificial means. For more information please see:



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U.S. Rice Contains "Worrying" Levels of Arsenic, says report.

By Nadia Kounang
(CNN) - Eating rice once a day can increase the levels of arsenic in the body by up to 44%, according to a new report from Consumer Reports.

The study looked at more than 60 brands of products, including rice, cereals for children, pastries, and drinks, and found "alarming" levels of inorganic arsenic in most of them.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, inorganic arsenic is associated with liver, bladder and lung cancer.
Urvashi Rangan, head of research for Consumer Reports, said the aim of the study, far from trying to create fear in people, is to inform consumers.
"We want to help consumers to take precautions and exercise restraint," said Rangan.
To read the full article and see the CNN report please click here::


The legal drug that’s most addictive and dangerous

             What you have in mind for the future of humanity driven by 'science' and corporations is very different from the dreamy, utopian landscape that has been portrayed by the media ... Listening to the media managed by these corporations, science is always 'good' for humanity ... The food industry is increasingly invaded by rubbish science, and efforts increase to hide all the chemical ingredients in food products and rename the hazardous-sounding chemicals into good-sounding chemicals ...
It’s not the television. No. Nor is it the refined sugar or alcohol, or smoking (not even the tobacco).

 A      nd much less is it the coffee or mate. No. It is sodium glutamate! or MSG, a chemical that has been added to processed foods indiscriminately without proper regulation or study attesting to its safety" (Alexander Backman). MSG is an excitotoxin and a neurotoxin (excites and kills neurons), and has all the characteristics of a strong drug (it is highly addictive, degenerative, stultifying, and can be fatal).
For more information please see:



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Agronomist, Eng. Belen Cajas, with the help of Engineer Ricardo, organized a presentation of the Homa Super technology for farmers in the village, Las Maravillas de Daule, located in Daule, Guayas. Eng. Ricardo explained clearly and simply with hard data about the hazards of GM crops. Professor Abel showed the surprising results of a Homa Organic farm, along with video testimonials explaining the simple Homa techniques.

            The event concluded with the practice of the basic fire on Homa Therapy, which is AGNIHOTRA.     
Photo above - a group of volunteers during Agnihotra. Afterwards, the participants received a little bit of the healing ash to consume and to experiment with some plants.



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   Father Manuel Maite (catholic priest) and a group of Homa practioners came from Guayaquil to share the practice of the Agnihotra healing fires with the villager of Estero Piedra, district  Molleturo. They also were able to listen to testimonies of people who had previously participated in the HOMA fires and had found relief and healing.

 The village church was the venue for this meeting and just the right place to merge with the harmony and light that arises within all of us during the practice of the healing Agnihotra fire.
(See photos on this page)


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        The Agnihotris from the HOMA Medical Center "The Good Shepherd" requested a Mantra workshop to learn the 5 am Mantras. Professor Abel, pleased to see this interest, taught an intensive workshop of these optional set of Mantras. The workshop lasted nearly three hours. (Photo below)

    At the time of Agnihotra, more people joined to celebrate the sunset and together receive the healing energies. We all gave thanks for the many blessings we receive each day. In the silence of the Agnihotra fire, the mind quietens and the heart opens and the necessity for gratitude arises spontaneously as a happiness deep inside which cannot be expressed with words.



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      Mrs. Yolanda Zambrano, along with her daughters, organized a HOMA meeting in the south of Guayaquil with the elderly and disabled. Many older people feel abandoned and this is the cause of a pain stronger than the physical one. Professor Abel inquired about their health problems, while Dr. Montufar (photo left) explained Agnihotra and taught the technique. Afterwards, he asked them questions about what he just had explained. Each person that answered the question correctly received a fruit as a gift.

Mrs. Marianita Pazmiño taught the Agnihotra Mantras. At Agnihotra time (photo above), all followed the instructions to breathe deeply and relax. Mrs. Yolanda Zambrano felt encouraged to offer to do Agnihotra with them at least three times a week. This service to the community was welcomed and very much applauded.

Mr. Ricardo Llorente brought another surprise: a “Workshop of Laughter” which all the participants enjoyed. His techniques, stories and practices truly caused us to laugh out loud. Thanks Mr. Ricardo for this beautiful experience (photo above)



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             Reiki Master Wilfrido Morales, his wife, and others Reiki practitioners offered their service for free to the villagers while someone was performing the Tryambakam Homa (photo to the right). Then, we gathered in the church to do Agnihotra.

After an audiovisual presentation about HT, the performance of Agnihotra brought a deep peace and tranquility to all participants. We all enjoyed His Divine Grace.

(Photo in the middle: Many Agnihotris participated, traveling from Guayaquil to Puente Piedra to share the healing fire. Photo above shows from right to left: Dr. Jaime Montufar, Prof. Abel, Father Manuel Maite and Dr. John Matlander)



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Sharing beautiful moments of Agnihotra in the Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd” of Dr. Montufar and his wife, Mrs. Olga Benitez.
The Homa family from "The Good Shepherd” is very united and welcomes all those who come and join. They are always looking out where they can help, serve and share.     

Photos below: With joy, we took the opportunity to share Agnihotra with Dr. James Peterson and his beautiful family. He was the first person in Guayaquil to open his heart and the doors of his home to Homa Therapy. Thanks James!



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     It was such a joy, after eight months, to be able to return to Carondelet where Ms. Mayra Querejeta pioneered the teachings of Agnihotra in a town with so much need for healing. We had been able to share many fires and beautiful experiences there. Now, a Homa farm is being established with the people in the village. (photo below)

      On our arrival, Professor Abel gave a talk about the necessity for Homa farms. Not only the farmers but also peoples from the town came to assist.
            Photo below: morning Agnihotra on the next day.



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Admiral Fernando Zurita is in charge of Plan Ecuador.  Among its objectives, it has to improve the economic situation of farmers around the Northern border of Ecuador. At the meeting, he explained that Homa is of utmost importance to achieve this goal, and only people who are dedicated to learn, practice and implement these techniques will find their destiny here (photo above on left). Professor Abel emphasized these words in his talk and explained how with the help of Homa Therapy we all together can create a wonderful, healthy and peaceful place to live in and bring up our children. People listened with an open heart and were ready to jump (photo above to the right).

       Together we shared many beautiful experiences, had wonderful healing sessions with Agnihotra, and learned also that there is always room for improvement. We were also happy to receive Santiago Piedrahita, a  Homa Volunteer from Armenia to help and assist in the development of this project.
(Photo left: Santiago teaching  Tryambakam Homa to the farm staff.)



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Mrs. Beatriz Arjona
Director of 'Change the World Colombia' wrote:

"I am sending some photographs of the celebration of Homa Therapy in the Healing camp in Aluna, Villa de Leyva, Boyacá. It happened on the 15th and 16th of September. It was so beautiful!!!
(Photo below right shows Mrs. Beatriz teaching the mantras and in the photo left
(Photo below right shows Mrs. Beatriz teaching the mantras and in the photo left she is doing Agnihotra)


The Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’ sent these pictures of their activities with Homa Therapy in Armenia. Photo to the right: Mother Dora opening the women’s healing circle with a Vyahruti Homa. Photo below to the left: Agnihotra is shared daily with all attendees. Photo below to the right: Dr. Cruz and Dr. Lema are doing Agnihotra outdoors with more Agnihotra friends.



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Tapovan School Opens
Tapovan has recently opened an English Medium School. Opening ceremony took place on June 15th. The school will cater to three levels in this first year. Upper kindergarten, lower kindergarten and nursery. Several children of our Tapovan staff are attending the school, including Sanjay's son Vinit and Bharat's sons, Nikhil and Yash. More than 80 children have enrolled. This school has been established at the inspiration of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj and also Gurudev

Shree Vasant Paranjpe.
It will follow the normal school curriculum plus with an emphasis on spiritual endeavours. Children will learn in an atmosphere charged with Veda Mantras and Yajnyas and in close contact with Nature. Sarvajit Paranjpe and Sanjay Patil have worked hard to get all the official authorisations and approvals for starting the school. Sarvajit's bother, Shreekant, monitors the day to day activities.

(Photos show some of the activities.)


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We received the following report and photos from Nashik:
"In September Anne Godfrey and Bruce Johnson conducted an Agnihotra workshop in Nashik for the Reiki group of Shri Ajit Telang. About 50 people participated in evening Agnihotra. The workshop was held in the home of Monali Rakshe who is the Agnihotra coordinator for their group in Nashik. A workshop was arranged with the blessings of Ajit Sir and was facilitated by Mumbai Agnihotris Rakesh and Kalpita Kumar, who recently visited Tapovan. Also present at the workshop was Mr. and Mrs. Arvind Patange who have a Fire Temple in Nashik and have been practising Agnihotra for more than 25 years."


Mr. Bruce Johnson sent the photo on the right and wrote:

"Mr. Simon Peter Fuller of England shared Agnihotra in  Isipathana, Colombo, Sri Lanka at the home of his friend Anja Meixner."



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Dr. John Matlander sent this report about his Homa trip to Zimbabwe:
"In June, we were invited to Zimbabwe by Peta Searle, who organized and scheduled 14 days (June 8 through 25, 2012) for spreading Agnihotra in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe is a small, landlocked country in southern Africa, with 11 millions inhabitants and bordered by South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana. The entire visit was located in the vicinity of the Harare, except Kufunda Learning Center, which is 45 kilometers south of Harare.
We were hosted by Mrs. Peta and her husband Simon, who kindly took us around to the different places for the Homa fires and the presentations.

We met all kinds of people, from farmers to yoga instructors and students. We were warmly received everywhere.

Due to economic conditions people had developed their own vegetable gardens, which was a very good surprise for us; and they were very interested in Homa Farming.

Photo above: Sunset Agnihotra at the home of Simón and Peta Searle with some people, who recently started with the practice of Agnihotra.
Photo left: Sunset Agnihotra at ‘M'Bira´s Centre of traditional African Music’ in the ‘Herbert Chimidza’ Plaza, with “Art of Living” devotees.

Photo right: Agnihotra at sunrise with devotees of the Foundation “Art of Livina” doing their first Agnihotra fire. 

(Dr. John Matlander in the center, practicing Agnihotra.)



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We spent a couple of days with the lovely people of Kufunda Learning Center. Kufunda is a farm as well as a learning village with students coming from different parts of Zimbabwe for workshops on organic farming and other disciplines. People showed a lot of interest in the Homa Farming

"Kafunda Learning Village" opens the workshop with singing and dancing. (photo above).
In Kufunda we performed Agnihotra in the shadow of a group of granite boulders positioned in equilibrium, which is a very common sight in Zimbabwe. A lot of energy could be felt in this area. In ancient times this has been a ceremonial center.

About 10 Agnihotra kits were acquired and more Agnihotra Kits are being sent for interested persons.
As we were short of time, we could not accept invitations to go and teach in other parts of the country. That activity will be scheduled for the next visit."
Photo below: Last Sunset Fire in Zimbabwe at Dot Nakling’s home in Monovale with people from outside of Harare.



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany

        Are you facing a major change in your life? Are you moving? Do you suddenly find yourself alone? Have you lost your job? Did you just retire? Did you finish your education and the real work starts now? Did your partner leave you? Has a person close to you passed away or moved to another area? Have your children grown up and left the house? Or ... or ... or ...

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where the things around us have suddenly and radically changed. Our everyday life has changed and we are left staring at the new situation: How I can overcome this? There is a hole, when people whom we have come to love, break their bond with us.
How can I get over this? This is an important question, because during times of great change we can become physically ill. What could help me?

- As the first direct aid, we can do Agnihotra and other healing Homa fires which bring relaxation. Agnihotra not only relaxes, but also empowers you and creates a wonderful sense of equilibrium and stability, which helps the mind and the body to be healthy and have a strong vitality. Just try it and experience the results. Moreover, it is very useful to: take a half a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash powder with water, yogurt, honey or tea four times a day. In the morning, afternoon, evening and again before bed. This helps significantly to maintain sufficient strength for a new and wonderful day - which is most important!
- - It is also very important to breathe deeply! Simply exhale and inhale deliberately - exhale and inhale - exhale and inhale - and concentrate on the breath. The cells receive more oxygen and can therefore increasingly equilibrate the vital force. This will more likely provide a deeper rest, and can help with the

process of reflection on how to best address the changes in life. How can I change the problem into an opportunity for myself?
 - Think calmly, quietly and curiously: the emptyness I feel, because a loved one is gone, may be an opportunity to invite something new and different into my life, something that I like, something that will help and benefit me.
What could it be? You can start with small steps and later think about important, big changes. Maybe you have the opportunity right now to change your diet to improve your overall health? Maybe you can go out in nature more often or play sports a little to increase your strength? Maybe you can read more, maybe something easy going, enjoyable or something that aims to rebuild your self-esteem, well-being and self-development?
  - Additional support comes from Mother Nature: Galangal to strengthen the heart; fennel brings sunshine into the spirit; kava kava and hip support the balance; the entire complex of B vitamins (vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12) strengthens the nerves and when experiencing intense situations, the body needs more of these as it does with magnesium.
 - And another thing that can really, really help is to keep a journal every day and find something that makes you happy and write it down! It can be a small thing like someone kindly greets you, or perhaps you have found a beautiful flower, or maybe you had the chance to sit for a moment by the lake or the river and watch the water, or perhaps you heard a beautiful melody or significant song? Think about it and record it.
And every time, when you feel sad or your despair grows, practice a Homa fire, read your journal and be thankful for everything and everyone, and with this, you are inviting more happiness into your life!

For more information, please visit: http://www.homatherapy.de



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                 Focus all energies on service. See what you can do for each of your friends. You will see how every small detail in your life becomes somehow manageable and situations become clearer. Do not look outside yourself for answers. The personality will be less and less, more subtle. No more sorrow, No more suffering. No more judgment. This is truly His message. This is joy.

        Who determines the goal in one’s life? Ultimately each person must choose. An adolescent should choose good company. Each company we keep carries its own energy. So even if we are very good, if we choose to keep company with criminals that energy is taken onto us. Therefore, choose carefully the company you keep.

                At each farm classes can be given on AGNIHOTRA Healing fire, Homa gardening in a few square meters and the like.
Have available for purchases all necessary supplies for Agnihotra. Even a small family farm can have a dung drying operation and supply dried cowdung for the area.
Even on a small farm classes in vegetarian cooking can be given. Homa farm sets up a whole atmosphere of healing. What the people eat there, drink there is all healing. The whole experience should be positive healing in an atmosphere charged with Higher Energy and Vibrations of Love. These farms become like nucleus of healing energy.
Homa farm is for the service of others. It is the attitude required that it is not mine but THINE. Then it is like such a place is entrusted to the owner. The person is like a caretaker for a healing energy center. That attitude breeds non-attachment and true service can take place there. Until that attitude is there, always there will be difficulty. Once that attitude ‘Not my will - Thy will be done' begins to take hold, all Grace abounds and people are just drawn to the place. Once the attitude of service is there people become attracted and there is no shortage of people wanting to help. To expect that help only creates disappointment and resentment. SERVICE INSPIRES THE SAME IN OTHERS.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Surviving without Fear
Yes, yes. As violence increases in America, the incidents become less shocking. No matter how intense it becomes, it is always in the end, life—or as they say, ‘business as usual.’
Beings become accustomed to fear. They begin to mistrust and shut down communication with others outside their immediate circles of friends and associates. Global awareness becomes secondary to individual. Survival in the world becomes the main focus.
Survival without extending to the whole is impossible. All are interconnected. Global interconnectivity is not only necessary for survival as a civilization—it is also essential to evolving as a species!

On Inspiring Children
One need begin with children. Educate your children to be the awakened, compassionate beings they are born to become.
Awareness of global concerns is one way to help them to expand and grow as vibrant, connected human beings. It is impossible to be egocentric when one is fully aware of the whole.
Educate and inspire your children to become deeply compassionate human beings and give them opportunities for SERVICE.

We Are What We Eat
Yes, yes. You must understand that what you eat affects your thoughts. Impressions in the food you consume are taken into the body and either assimilated in a nutritive manner, rejected by the system, or partially utilized, storing indigestible byproducts in the body, later causing problems. Digestive problems, arthritis, rheumatism, and all diseases can be traced at least in part to the foods you eat. However, the mind is also strongly affected by the diet, not to mention the effects on the emotional body, nervous system, etc.

If an animal experienced fear or trepidation before or during slaughter, those intense energies of fear are included in your meal! Animal products resulting from death to the animal are ones which can be traced to aggression in human beings—but not only. They can also contribute to depression and increased nervousness.

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