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13th Sept.


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  Let's continue with more Swadhyaya or Self-study. It seems that every situation is designed to promote our personal development if we look beyond:
a) The approval or rejection
b) The pleasure and the pain
c) etc.
By the way, do you know that some fruit trees need a little climatic stress to grow and to increase production?
Some experts believe that we also need:
a) A fair bit of stress for self-development.
b) Focus on the here and now to take full advantage of our actions.
But someone would say: Can we do something different than being in the here and now? Yes and No.
Yes, the mind can lead us to:
a) Imagining other situations in the future.
b) Remembering past situations.
No, our reality is simply that we are here now.
What are some of the benefits of the practice of focusing on the here and now?
1) There is no room for concern about the future and the many "maybes".
2) No time to relive past negative experiences.
3) You focus on the current task and increase the chance of doing it well.

For some people, Self-study is:

4) As you increase your positive focus in (X), also you increase:
* Your understanding of (X) * Your love for (X) * Self-understanding and self-love * the feeling of happiness within you and within  (X).
This (X) may be a situation or a character (person, animal, plant, object, etc..)
5) If you focus more on the positive, your concentration is greater, and you plant more seeds of positive thoughts in your mind and positive emotions in your heart.
This leads to more positive actions that result in good fruits.
But, what about the past? Can we change it?
Yes and No.
No, because it already happened.
Yes, because you can process the ideas and images differently in your mind. You can see that there is a law of cause and effect (Law of Karma) and that we are responsible for our experiences:
a) directly or indirectly
b) at one level or another
c) partially or entirely
d) to one degree or another
What are the lessons behind these pleasant and unpleasant experiences?

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan
and add your address to your email. Thanks!



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 2 - -

EDITOR's NOTE continued

          Can we be happy regardless of the ups and downs of our positive and negative experiences?
Is it possible that all experiences can be seen as positive ones, if we change our perception and processes in the body-mind unit?
Of course, living in the here and now is to be more aware and this is manifested in more positive actions. But, to generate an action, will is required.
And what is the difference between your will and the Divine Will?
Can the two become one and the same?
Could it be:
a) to love your neighbor (near or distant, friendly or hostile, black or white, educated or ignorant, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, etc.?)

b) to love yourself for your beautiful virtues and despite your vices?
The answers to these questions lie inside you.
Saints and Sages tell us that to know yourself is to know God and to know God is to be filled with Unconditional Love.
The Truth is immutable and the Fivefold Path (Yajnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya) can help us connect with the Divine within us (Self-realization) and the Divine that surrounds us (Realization of Wholeness and Oneness).

What do you think?

Note: yes, yes, we have made some mistakes in this article on purpose. If it is so, can you still call them mistakes?


Edgar Augusto Loor Trigiño
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

     "I am 61 years old. In 2003, I was in a very difficult economic situation. My children were still depending on me and I had many financial responsibilities to fulfill and had no job. Then someone told me that I could help myself with Reiki. He gave me an initiation and  during that Reiki workshop, someone explained Agnihotra. I bought my Agnihotra kit and I got into the discipline of doing this fire. I started it in September of 2003 and more or less in the month of December, other things and opportunities showed up.

I also got more connected to the Homa Center of Guayaquil since I was doing the Homas every day. My financial situation began to change in an extraordinary way. I actually recovered much more than what I had lost. And the results were very tangible and concrete. I did Agnihotra in the morning in a room specially reserved for Homa and I would get unsalted butter and prepare my own ghee. I did the Homas with all my heart and they really worked for me. I recovered so much more and I even could do things that I would not have imagined before. I could even buy my own farm."



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 3 - -


Dr. Humberto Lema Gomez
Director of the Medical Homa Center "La Botica de la Abuela"
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, South America

            "I am a doctor from the University of Quindio and I have been practicing alternative medicine and complementary therapies for about 20 years. I heard about Homa Therapy (HT) in 2005, but I only took it seriously lately due to the stress and the many difficulties in my life.

      The most important outcome that I have noticed with HT is that I found God and my wife. Now, I have a home and a daughter. And I can control this monster which is the neurosis. I admit, I came from a neurotic family. Now, I feel a great improvement. I feel recovered. I think more with a cool head, I am calmer and I perform better. Everything is coordinated and comes out the right way. Before, everything was going upside down. The stress has decreased. Everything has been reorganized. I feel calm and very happy.
I have noticed that my wife is more interested in the home and the girl. Now we are closer to each other. I feel she is very happy and our daughter too. You could say that our home is in harmony.
Our suggestion to couples is "get an Agnihotra kit and start to practice it". It helps to improve our relationships and our coexistence. It brings peace, it tunes oneself and most important, it quiets the mind and changes our negative thoughts. If you are in Quindio, you can come to the Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela” (Grandma´s pharmacy), otherwise you may go to any Homa Center or Homa Medical Center nearby.
My motivations to continue as director of the Homa Medical Center are: the testimony of my life, my wife, my home, and the testimonies of many people who came with degenerative diseases, chronic, and even cancer. Often people start to see changes from day one, such as: good sleep, less pain and better mood. It is a good challenge to be better every day and multiply this message to bring Homa to many more people wherever you are, for humanity and the whole world is hungry for this. We know that conventional medicine and regular therapies do not have the solution to the many imbalances and psychosomatic diseases. In Homa Therapy, anyone who comes and perseveres, always finds a result, a positive resonance in life.

I would like that the people who are reading this, attend Agnihotra. Homa Therapy has nothing to do with religion or esotericism or witchcraft, none of these.     It is a science that brings healing, and it is good for everyone. And all that is good, we must share."

Photos                                                  Above: Dr. Lema during Agnihotra

 Right: Dr. Lema with Mother Dora teaching and practicing daily Agnihotra in the "Botica de la Abuela")



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 4 - -


Marta Pineda Isabel Avila
Dr. Humberto Lema’s wife

Photo: Isabel with her husband and their daugther.

     "Before doing the Homa fires, my husband had a very strong character. We did not understand each other. Actually, we were arguing a lot.                      There was always some intolerance and misunderstanding, mostly from my part, because I was too emotional during the pregnancy.  And my husband was also very neurotic and he used to get upset with every little thing. It was very stressful.

         With Homa, I am a woman who has learned to be patient, specially with my child. Now I'm more understanding. There is more communication. Now we have more tolerance for each other and he comes to his senses.
He understands when I talk to him and he is no longer upset and stressed. Before he did not leave the stress in the office, but he took it home. We could not have communication, we could not enjoy the girl, nothing.               Now, he has learned how to close that office and leave the stress there. Our daughter Isabelita is a gift of Homa."


Yolanda Zambrano
Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd"
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"My daughter suffered from gastritis and she was taken to the hospital because she had anemia. Then she acquired tuberculosis. Then some tests showed pulmonary fibrosis.
    After she attended the Homa fires for some time, the tests showed no fibrosis, no anemia, no gastritis.
I thank God for that and much more. We keep doing and sharing the Homa fires."



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 5 - -


By Anand Karnataki

              "I'm so excited about this. Please see the pictures of the Tulasi plant which we had at home. For the last few years, the Tulasi had always been dying a week after we had planted it. And every time I was feeling so sad about that. Even this one was dying, but the only difference was made when I learnt Agnihotra. I also learned that we could speak to the plants and that they listen to us and  that they understand love. I wanted to try this knowledge.
I took a photo of the Tulasi plant before the treatment (1st photo below): I gave her holy water every morning along with Agnihotra ash and spoke to it and asked her to  become green and beautiful for me again. I told the plant how much I love it and how important it is for me. It happened after one week, when a few green leaves started appearing and the plant prospered (see 2nd photo below). And not only that, but also a new plant appeared, because the Tulasi seeds had fallen into the next empty pot (see 3rd photo below). I wanted to share this story with you. I'm feeling so happy."


Hermencia Guzman
Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, South America

"I am a 70 years old Yoga instructor. I have practiced Homa Therapy for 15 years, but I've been a little inconsistent.          In my house, there is a lot of peace to the point that people say 'It feels so peaceful in your house'. They do not know that I do Agnihotra.  And the plants change completely. They get beautiful. Everybody talks about my plants. For me, the best things are Homa Therapy and Yoga."



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 6 - -



Ex-advertiser Frederic Beigbeder:

"I'm an Advertiser, that is, I pollute the universe. The guy who sells you shit; who makes you dream about those things you will never have. In my profession, no one wants your happiness, because happy people do not consume. Your suffering stimulates trade. To create needs is indispensable in order to foster envy, pain, insatiability: these are our weapons .... and you are my target."



Medical professionals and scientists have warned that water fluoridation brings dangerous long-term consequences to our health.
Fluoride is present in canned beverages, infant formula, toothpaste (not all), Teflon pans, canned and processed foods and general products that have been cooked with fluoridated water.

10% of tap water is fluoridated in Spain, but they do not bother to inform consumers of what is poured into the water.
"I am convinced that water fluoridation in the near future will be consigned to the history of medicine" - Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Prize for Medicine (2000)
For more information please see:



          It is a film that talks about various topics such as: deforestation, Wall Street / IMF, poor countries, the collapse of ancient civilizations because the system only benefited the oligarchy; of things that have become mandatory since decades, but immersed in vital hyper- speed technological we keep putting it off as it does not go with us. Daily we blink extremely quickly, dodging the consequences which hit us daily with images of wars, deforestation, scarcity and violence; that overproduction is inflicting on us and on this planet.
        Don't we want to see?  We are doomed to disappear if we continue using limited resources in unlimited ways.

To see the trailer please visit:



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 7 - -


            Dr. Montufar together with the Homa family of Guayaquil organized a ‘fiery’ welcome meeting in the Homa Medical Center 'The Good Shepherd'. It was a joyful re-encounter with this group of Agnihotris dedicated to service. We shared some of the Homa Therapy success stories we could witness in Colombia.  Everyone got excited about starting a massive Homa healing journey in Guayaquil and its surroundings. Photo above opening the re-encounter with a Vyahruti Homa.
Photo below: In the solemn silence during Agnihotra, one’s soul breathes deeply while approaching the infinite Light of the Creator.

Dr. Montufar (pictured right with his wife, Eng. Olga and their youngest daughter Gabriela together with Prof. Abel)  rehearsing Mantras before Agnihotra.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 8 - -


Photo below:     During the week, whenever possible, Agnihotris come straight after work to the Homa Medical Center 'The Good Shepherd' to join the Circle of Healing with Homa fires and receive all the wonderful blessings.

We also shared the Agnihotra healing fire a couple of times in the Center 'Iluminaris' in the middle of the city Guayaquil (photos left and below) where Agnihotra is practiced regularly. The director of this Healing Center   is Jimmy Paredes.
(1st to the left in the photo below)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 9 - -


HOMA Therapy in the office of 'Energetic Therapies' of  Ms. Marianita Pazmino.
She found the perfect place for her treatments, which include Homa Therapy, in the building of Mr. Patricio, who is also an Agnihotri.

Photos: Sharing Agnihotra with friends and patients. Mr. Patricio (pictured above with yellow shirt) is happy to know that Agnihotra is being done regularly in his building, which supports all the various activities occurring there. Marianita (picture above first to the right) had prepared a snack, which Father Manuel (picture second row, first to the left, beside Dr. Montufar and Prof. Abel) blessed with prayers.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 10 - -


                  A Saturday was chosen by the Agnihotris to do a Rudra Yajnya in the Homa Medical Center 'The Good Shepherd'. (photo above)
Many swaha’s were chanted and the healing energy spread into every heart, opening the windows to Light, Love and Forgiveness.         At Agnihotra time, more people came to join this celebration. (photo left and below)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 11 - -


        After the invitation of Father Manuel, we came to the village Estero Piedras. Before, he had practiced Agnihotra with us for several days in Guayaquil.               We met him through Dr. Cesar Merino.   The Catholic Father decided to bring Homa Therapy to Estero Piedra for the benefit of all his villagers. On Sunday, a day when even farmers relax, a group of Agnihotra volunteers arrived at the church after a 3 hour ride from Guayaquil .  
(Photos below:   right- Father Manuel talking to his people about Homa Therapy; left- Father Manuel and Prof. Abel during Agnihotra)

       Prof. Abel gave an introduction of Homa Therapy through an audiovisual presentation.      First of all, he found out the major health problems people have in this cocoa farming sector.    (Photo left: Dr. Montufar  with his wife during Agnihotra in the church)  He shared some of his many experiences with the Homa fires in his Medical Center.     Aleta taught the  Agnihotra Mantras.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 12 - -


         There were many Agnihotra fires lit, which filled this place of prayer with energies of love, healing, faith and hope.
        In this village, many people suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, etc. and there is no medical doctor available. Their livelihood is producing cacao and for not knowing a better alternative, they use agro- chemicals.



            Gathering in the Homa Center of Guayaquil with Mrs. Sonia Hunter to share the Agnihotra experience and to get immersed in a state of gratitude and happiness.         (photo below)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 13 - -


            Young Agronomist Belen Cajas invited us to see the Director of the "Balandra Cruz del Sur" School, where she is the coordinator of the department of Eco-Efficiency.   Belen was brought up in Homa atmosphere. her parents learned Agnihotra many years ago and lately she also took to its regular practice. We talked to Mrs. Margarita Basombrío de Fioravanti about the Ayurvedic science of Homa Therapy and its success in creating an optimum school environment. This school has over 750 students. We also explained some aspects of Homa farming since gardening is part of the schools' curriculum. After that, an "Anti-stress workshop with HOMA"  was organized for the over 150 teachers (who received the gift of one free day  for  participating in  the 3 hours Homa workshop).
         Prof. Abel involved all participants physically and mentally with exercises, questions, answers,  etc. Everybody was awake and fully participating.      Just before Agnihotra time, a group of Homa volunteers arrived to fill the atmosphere with more harmonizing and purifying Ayurvedic fires .

       Supported by Mrs. Margarita B.F, the Director, Belen does daily  Agnihotra in the school. So, teachers, students and workers  can take advantage of this ancient healing technique by preparing a harmonious and loving atmosphere.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 14 - -


     Through Mrs. Monica Reynoso and Mr. Marcelo Guerrero,   Prof. Abel gave  a talk about Homa Therapy & its effects on Health and Meditation  at the  Asociacion Escuela de Autorealizacion (Association School of Self-Realization)      This Center was founded by  Father Davila. Here, catholic principles, yoga and meditation are taught  for spiritual growth and self-development.

The Agnihotra atmosphere automatically induces a state of deep meditation.  Long time practitioners of  meditation confirm, that with the regular practice of Homa Therapy they achieve a deep meditative state almost instantly.

(photos above: Talk and peaceful sunset Agnihotra in front of the river Guayas)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 15 - -


Photo right:                       Through our friend Jorge Roblero, Naturopath, and Agnihotri, we met Biologist Alfredo Harmsen (third from left during morning Agnihotra with friends) in his Eco-Hotel Saiananda  in Bahia de Caraquez, Manabi, in the northern part of Ecuador.

             It was a tremendous surprise to see a completely vegetarian Eco-Hotel, so beautiful and modern, surrounded by trees, lush plants and flowers, with a wonderful meditation room and directly in front of the Bay of the Pacific Ocean.                Now, it is also a healing Eco-Hotel because Mr. Alfredo Harmsen added Agnihotra to the daily program.
                  With the income generated in this Eco-Hotel, Mr. Harmsen, a devotee of  Satya Sai Baba, has maintained a school with nearly 200 poor children and 17 employees for many years. The principal, Estrellita Macay was immediately interested in the practice of the Homa fires.
      Mr. Alfredo organized a Homa Therapy presentation for teachers and friends during the

 afternoons of our stay.
          Prof. Abel showed its effects in farming, human health, cattle raising, ecology, etc. through various short demonstrative videos.(photo left)

          Sharing Agnihotra was an experience full of inner peace and the deep silence calmed our minds and enabled us to enjoy profoundly the here and now. (photo below)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 16 - -


The next day, several people participated in sunrise Agnihotra.
In the afternoon, Aleta taught the Tryambakam Homa to several school teachers, the principal and other interested folks. (foto left)
     At sunset, a group of people arrived to hear Prof. Abel talking on the many marvelous benefits that the constant practice of Agnihotra brings. (photo 2nd row). Amazing video testimonies were shown.  Also Agnihotris shared their astonishing testimonies.

At the time of sunset, when the birds and all of nature sing, we joined our voices in the Agnihotra Mantra. Then, in the following silence, we placed the fruits of this day into the loving hands of the Divine. And all that is left is joy beyond words.
(photo below)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 17 - -


Monday morning, we visited the school "Sathya Sai", which is near the Eco-Hotel Saiananda. Whenever an opportunity arises to be with children and youth, Prof. Abel grabs it with both hands to share the healing Homa fires, to tell stories, ask questions, gives riddles to solve, exercises and laughs with them. This was done with three different age groups.
(photos this page)

         After having heard evidence of improvement in behavior and school performance with the practice of HT, the principal, several teachers and Mr. Alfredo  are organizing  the daily practice of Agnihotra in this school for poor children. The children are beautiful and very loving. The main emphasis in their education in this 'Sathya Sai' school are "Human Values".



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 18 - -


(photo right)            We took the opportunity together with architect Alejandro Cajas, to visit Father Manuel and his people during a weekday. After talking to them and showing some short video

testimonials of healings of people who were suffering with the same diseases they are, we rehearsed the sunset Mantra and shared the sacred Agnihotra fire in the village church.  (photo below)

Father Manuel informed us that several  people are better and that his  year long back pain has disappeared, thanks to the practice of Agnihotra and taking its ashes.
(photo left)  With joy, Father Manuel is sharing the healing Agnihotra ash.
Now, he can help his people even more and the word runs that he is "a priest who cures".



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 19 - -


             Eng. Hernan Posas invited the Homa family to celebrate and support Mother Earth in his banana plantation "Fuente de Alegria" (Source of Joy) with the energies of Rudra Yajnyas.                 Mr. Jorge Lopez and Dr. Montufar organized a bus which took about 30 happy Agnihotris from Guayaquil to the farm. More Agnihotris also came from the village Vinces. These were the Medical Tech. Luis Carriel with his family, Mr. Adardio Piedrahita (who was cured of emphysema and skin cancer with Homa)  and

several Agnihotra friends
(see photos)


        After refreshing ourselves with a rich fruit salad, prepared by the lovely staff, the dining room in the center of the farm was chosen to do the Rudra. Everyone was focused and chanted concentrated in spite of the heat. (photos below).

There were 40 pyramids contributing to an atmosphere saturated with subtle healing and prosperity energies for Mother Earth.

  Then Eng. Hernan Posas (photo left first to the right) and his team  offered a

 rich and tasty vegetarian meal. We all ate with pleasure and gratitude.
We receive so much from Mother Nature every day!



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 20 - -


Supervisors Masías Christopher (left) and Geovanny Ullon (right) participated in the Rudra,

so did the Supervisor Michael Litardo (left) and Gregory Mosquera, chief packer (right).

         Tito Lopez (photo right) and Andres Arango, Homa Technican (photo left), responsible for the organization and practice of Homa Therapy in this banana plantation.                  Others participating in the Rudra were: the manager, Felipe Gonzales, plant Health Tech. Geovanny Franco; Geovanny Barco, responsible for receiving the fruit, Javier Murillo, responsible in grading the fruit and Ms. Mercedes Camejo, farm secretary.

Some of them have their own Agnihotra kit and practice the healing Homa fires. It was a great joy to share this special fire with these so special people!!
     The farm workers who are involved in the 24 hrs. Tryambakam Homa at each full and new moon are: Raul Mendoza, Leonel Herrera, Orlin Cabezas, Avelino Olvera, Julio Leon, Wilmer Cabezas, Adolfo Lopez and Wilmer Mendoza. Greetings of Light to all!
What a joy to work on a farm Homa!

Andres Arango said something very important:
    "This property has been damaged heavily in previous winters (rainy seasons), but with the onset of Homa Therapy from 2007 onwards, although the river Vinces has brought more water than in the past, the farm has not been damaged. It has not suffered excess moisture while other farms in this area did suffer."



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 21 - -


        On Sunday, we were ready again to visit Father Manuel and the villagers.                                       Dr. Jaime Montufar, his daughter Italy  (medical student), and his wife Olga offered free medical consultations (photo right).   Also Mr. Wilfrido Morales arrived with his group of Reiki therapists and

while several people took turns doing Tryambakam, they gave free Reiki sessions (photo below), giving preference to the old people and children.

        Prof. Abel helped with specific physical exercises to align the vertebrae so the energy flows better and the attention span is increased. (photo left)
             Agnihotris shared their personal experiences with Homa Therapy and  gave hope to many.                                 Each Agnihotri was eager to help  to improve the situation of these people.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 22 - -


                     We celebrated Agnihotra in the church, in front of the Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus.       (photos right and below)
People sincerely followed all the instructions of Prof. Abel to relax and breathe  deeply this healing smoke.
  During Agnihotra, peace expanded and a serene silence covered us.     What a perfect place to celebrate something as sacred as this healing fire!

Dr. John Matlander came with his wife Nelly from Cuenca and shared some of his Homa experiences from his trips to Africa.
Architect Alejandro Cajas distributed the Agnihotra ash,  and gave some recommen-dations on how to take it.
(photo below)

                 This way ended another wonderful blessed day.                 Practicing and sharing Agnihotra makes every day a Divine gift, every moment an opportunity to serve selflessly, every instant the heart is filled with joy and with every breath we receive God's Grace.              
     Where is the time to be sad, depressed, sick ...?

Agnihotris do not have this time.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 23 - -


         Dr. Irma Garcia, long time private secretary of Master Shree Vasant, went to visit Bogota and Bucaramanga, where Mother Maria Teresa Nunez with the help of Mrs. Judith Sanabria, Mrs. Tita Pulido and other volunteers organized Homa meetings.  (see photos this page)

        Dr. Irma gave talks about the practice of the Fivefold Path (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya), the need for food self-sufficiency and self-sustainable Homa Farms worldwide.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 24 - -


      Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter in Peru, visited Armenia with the purpose of learning some of the construction techniques related to bamboo (guadua) and to learn more about coffee plantations for which this area is famous all over the world.
He visited the Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela' and shared his personal experiences in health and agriculture.    
(Photo above).         Mother Dora  organized the meeting and opened it with Vyahruti Homa.        (Photo left)

Bogota, Colombia
In the office of 'Monarch Shows", a famous pyrotechnic company (chispitas Mariposas), the secretaries, Miss Carminia (photo below left) and Miss Claudia (right) practice the Homa fires daily to help their own health and at the same

time to support the business and all the people involved in it.

    What an ideal way to create a stress-free and loving environment where we are practically all day long!



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 25 - -


Dear Friends,
We are pleased to welcome you to attend the next Maha Somayag to be held on the banks of the holy Narmada River in Maheshwar, India.
This very special Somayag which is called Vajapeya has to be performed in a specific period of the year which corresponds roughly to autumn. Unlike other Somayags, which normally last for 6 days, this powerful Maha Yajnya will continue for 17 days.
It will be the fifth in the series of seven major Somayags which were initiated by Shree Vasant before He left the body.
This series of seven Somayags provide a major source of healing energies to assist the planet through the Earth changes which have been widely predicted and which we are now experiencing. The healing effects of such Maha Yajnyas, performed exactly according to Vedic science, have a major beneficial impact on the whole planet.
This Somayag will again be held at Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, situated on the banks of the Holy Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, India.
If you have not yet witnessed a great Yajnya, this may be the time for you to experience a major planetary healing event. Let this be an unforgettable celebration.
If you are only able to come once - then best to attend this Vajapeya Somayag. It will be a lifetime memory!

For more information on the Somayag, registración, support and donation, etc. please see:

To make reservations for your room, hostal or hotel please see:

If you have any questions or doubts, please, write to the Somayag comittee:



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 77                       page 26 - -


Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany

 Do you know that word? No. Then you probably have never had this problem.
If you say yes,  then you certainly know the discomfort, the circulatory problems, the nausea or even the  loss of consciousness linked to it.
There are many types of vertigo, for example, a spinning sensation, positional vertigo, etc. and many causes.   A common cause

 (especially in warm weather) is drinking too little. But there are other reasons, for example, the balance organ in the inner ear may be disturbed or the nerves that transmit information can be irritated and even migraine (with and without the headaches, especially in children) may cause dizziness, some drugs cause dizziness or the psyche can cause such irritation, etc..
Of course, the medical professional can determine the exact cause. But you can do much for your health and wellbeing:
- If possible, lie down, relax, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
- Drink plenty every day! Water, herbal teas and diluted fruit juices are adequate to provide sufficient fluid to maintain a stable circulation. If you want to do something especially good for yourself, you can boil water with a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder for 10 minutes. Then  take it slowly and calmly, preferably 1 to 2 liters a day.
- Hawthorn tea with a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder per cup, drink 3-4 cups a day.
- Some drops of camphor and hawthorn with Agnihotra ash powder, take 3-4 times a day 15 drops.
- Be careful to provide enough vitamin B - for example with nutritional yeast, spirulina, tea hop, etc. to balance the neurotransmission of stimuli.
- Ghee mixed with Agnihotra ash powder: rub the cream several times a day on the forehead. (You can also use just a little bit of Agnihotra ash powder if you cannot walk around with a black face.)
- From the homeopathic field, the Ferrum Phosphoricum D6 and Potasium Phosphoricum D6 and Veratrum Album D6, can be very useful (4x a day).
- Usually, it is important to get enough sleep and to exercise in nature. During sleep, the body can regenerate easily because it can concentrate on the "repair" of the different areas of the body and does not need to make other efforts. The physical activity in nature also supports health in many ways: the possible stress can be compensated by the magnetic field of the Earth which can provide more strength to the cells; the fresh air provides more oxygen; the muscles can decompose excess adrenaline (stress hormone), etc.
We can basically support our body with the continuous practice of Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset, since Agnihotra nourishes and supports the body on many different levels.

 We are seeing again and again how this Agnihotra supports health and helps people not only to find the balance to be free of pain and discomfort, but also to feel good and happy!
And this is ultimately the goal of all therapies.  And Homa Therapy is so simple and wonderful to practice at home with your loved ones!

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           Best is to cast no blame and seek for the answers why within. To blame another for a fate which has befallen you is to refuse to look within.      Then how can you learn your lessons? You look from a higher perspective and you will realize there is no need to blame anyone. If it is too much to bear, lay it at Our Feet and it will be lifted from you.

             Look at what your limits are but do not dwell on them. Look at your strengths and build on them. Spend time in silence, YAJNYA, meditation, etc.                    Free yourself from the bondage of attachment.

                Let the situations in the world come and go. You do not allow yourself to fall victim to disturbance. In this world you will always have to face conflict, stress, uncertainty, and resultant confusion. If you do not utilize the tools given, you will become entangled in a web of confusion. But if you intensify your meditations, practice repeating Mantra, or Holy Name, you will rise above all these problems with ease. With ease.

               All these bills. Look at them responsibly but objectively. Do not become emotional about money matters. It is senseless.

                First look at yourself. Be honest with yourself. Then comes TAPA that will release you from the hold of sense desires. But first SWADHYAYA (self-study).

                In life, there are the normal highs and lows, peaks and valleys. The purpose of service is to help others but it is for your own sake. It helps you ultimately. It is not for the sensation of the action that service is done.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Music
Yes, yes. MUSIC is the life force. Make more music. Make music more a priority, not an afterthought. Music breathes life into all the cells of the body. Creating music and experimenting with sound and healing vibrations in a purified atmosphere such as you have here at Bhrugu Aranya is not only healing, but magnificently transformational. Music allows one to be in the natural flow of life. More music for all!
Music. Music. Music. OM.

On Acts of Violence
Yes, yes. It is unfortunate as it is alarming, but there is likely to be an increase in mass killing sprees such as what recently occurred in U.S. As the world veers ever rapidly into a period of intense energy shifts, those with weak minds will experience extremes in temper leading to irrational acts of violence.
As the Earth changes increase, unless beings turn to a more calming lifestyle, alter their diets to accommodate intensities in energies and seek stress release, more eruptions are likely to occur, more in the public domain.
Find your farms.
Create your oases.
Prepare the Earth beneath your feet and nurture the souls within.

This is ‘rough riding.’

         Herbs grown in Homa atmosphere combined with the miraculous substance of the era, Agnihotra Ash, will be clearly the healers for future times. Store great quantities of this pure Agnihotra Ash. It is like gold which you do not realize now and in future, it will be gold which many will come to realize is the key to survival.

On Healing the Atmosphere
And to respond briefly to the beings Chapman and Jacob’s inquiries regarding weather, there is an increase in weather engineering, but not only. There are substances being injected into the atmosphere which are indeed harmful not only to animals, plants, the soil and air, but specifically to the mental functioning of human beings.
The miraculous substance Agnihotra Ash is like precious gold now. Use it wisely and take it regularly to completely neutralize all effects of these dangerous substances being thrown your way!
In part, the irrationality of weather patterns is due to the planet’s fragile ecosystem, but also due to deliberate attacks upon the atmosphere via the spraying of chemicals to create patterns necessary to control. Do not despair. This will come to an end. Take Agnihotra Ash religiously! It is as effective as prayer to the human body. Also give to plants and animals regularly. OM
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