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      The economy is a subject that most people are concerned with, because many aspects of their lives are affected by its changes. What changes?
A) USA and European countries (“developed countries”) are in an economic crisis.
B) Emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Mexico and Peru) are growing.
Why do these changes affect us?
                 Because we are interconnected and there is an economic
                 Some experts say that the dollar still has some value in several countries which are economically rising. However, other experts foresee a collapse on the world economy.
                What can we do to meet the upcoming events?
      Some people see these options:
A) If you have money, buy agricultural land with water sources. Select a place where you can grow all year round and that is far from coastal areas, volcanoes and seismic fault lines. We recommend it has: road access, electricity, or better yet, its own source of energy.
B) Become part of a self-sustaining community where life can continue regardless of what happens around.


         The community should count with food and energy security.
      The community members practice teamwork, sharing, barter and exchange of services. Here, there is no money involved.
C)  No to worry because everything will be fine since the economic crisis will be repaired by giving more money to the bankers.
Others might think that:
D) That there is no economic crisis and that everything is OK for everyone.
E) There are enough resources for everyone but the distribution of wealth simply has to be modified.
F)   The global community is like a living organism. It cannot grow without limits.  Usually, there are some restrictions imposed by the species itself or by their surrounding nature.
G)   Other theories
Regardless of these options, most people will agree that there is no balanced economy and this is not fair to all. And some people think this lack of control in the macro and micro economies is a reflection of the lack of control and impurities present in our minds. Many societies unwittingly promote the practice of pride, envy, lust, greed, anger (violence), etc.

Cualquier pregunta, comentario y contribución al Boletín Homa es bien venida; por favor escribir a
Abel Hernández & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Añadir su dirección. ¡Gracias!


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EDITOR's NOTE continued

So let’s wake up. The Fivefold Path (Agnihotra Daana, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya) is a set of ways to find answers and solutions to our most significant problems and environmental challenges. If you are following any of these ways, congratulations. If you are not, remember:
1) To open your eyes and be vigilant!

2) To serve others unconditionally is equal to help yourself and this is equal to welfare for everyone in the long run.
3) To put our minds, hearts and hands together, so we can walk towards Peace, Joy and Prosperity for all.
OM Shrii OM
Om Prosperity Om


Javier Antonio Patiño, Andrea Ramírez Mahecha and their daughter Wendy
Bogota, Colombia,               South America

 "This complex where we live was a little rough, but it is not now. It has become much better. There was much danger, many robberies and much drug addiction. There were many fights among the drug addicts, but now not anymore. Now, they pick them up and take them to drug rehabilitation centers.

This was not done before. These are changes that are occurring with the continuous practice of Homa Therapy.
Also, one can see changes in the  communication between the neighbors. Before, there was much aggressiveness, there were many disagreements and many disputes. Now with Homa Therapy, they listen and say 'let's try to change' and they  live better now. We are fortunate to host the new Homa center of Bogota. we meet every Thursday in the community hall. Everyone is invited to experience and participate in Homa Therapy."

Natividad Gonzales Barrero
Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela”
Armenia, Colombia, South America

     "I am 85 years old. I was suffering from gastritis for 25 years. Many times I had to go to the emergency room because the pain was tremendous. I could not eat many times, because everything was causing pain.
     However, in the last three months, I've been coming to the Agnihotra and have been taking its ash. Now I'm eating well and I'm sleeping well. I could not sleep because of the pain. Now I can even eat stones! Thanks to God and Homa, I feel healthy."



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Rosa Aguirre
Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela”
Armenia, Colombia, S. America

     "I am 55 years old. I found out about Homa Therapy through my neighbor. He knew that I have been sick for 22 months, only in bed.    They had to carry me, because  I could not get up, nor do anything.        I could not dress or feed myself. I could not be left alone.
. Rosa Aguirre (first to the left) during Agnihotra in the Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela'.

Ms. Rosa with her neighbor.

           It was a very difficult situation. I was becoming increasingly invalid. I was tested everywhere and visited all kinds of Medical Doctors. CT scans and other painful tests were done. I was tested in the cities of Pereira and Manizales, but they did not give me any diagnosis. I just became increasingly weak and invalid. I lost 14 kilos.
 Then my neighbor asked my husband, 'why don’t you bring her here to the Homa Medical Center Botica de la Abuela?'
          So I was brought here and I could not believe it -  I started to sleep! This was happiness to me because I had not been able to sleep. But that changed during the first week with Homa Therapyp. So my husband saw the improvement and brought me every day.

     I come to the Agnihotra fire and take its ash and breathe the healing smoke.
   My granddaughter Nicole, who always accompanies me, used to urinate in the bed. Doctors had told her that her bladder was too small and that is why she could not hold the urine for long. But now she is fine. Also her feet hurt. No more bedwetting and no more pain in the feet.
         And I feel great, thanks God. Now, I am able to get up. I dress alone and can eat without help. I can cook food for my children.         I now use the walking stick only for better balance on the street, but at home I do not use it any more, neither the walker.          Before I could not raise my hands above the shoulders, now I can.          Before I had a very sore neck, not anymore.           Now I am able to comb my hair and apply make up and take a bath.         Now I have a lot of willpower and feel very inspired.       All this has happened in the last 3 months with Homa Therapy.     It is the Holy Spirit that brought me to the fires through my neighbor and I've also  brought other people to Homa Therapy."

 Photo right: Granddaughter Nicole is warming her hands over the Homa fire and then places them on her grandmothers knees.



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Dora Ines Betancur Sanchez, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, South America
“My organic Homa garden”

    "With the desire to complement a healthy diet, I decided to make my own Homa garden and Homa orchard.   Here, there is a gathering of positive feelings, subtle energies, fairies, and more through the ayurvedic Homa fires.      We  use the ashes of the Homa fires plus organic fertilizers.    We rotate different species of plants every month.
We grow: cilantro, parsley, rosemary, mint, basil, oregano, chard, spinach, arugula, aloe vera, elderberries, peppers, carrots, beets,
onions, cabbage, broccoli,

radishes, tomatoes, ginger, asparagus, etc.  On fruit trees, we have: pomegranate, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, mandarin, fig and avocado. Thy grow among roses, jasmine, birds of paradise, lilies, bromeliads, anthuriums and palms. And all this on only 200 m2.      Of course, this is  possible only with Homa ! The fruits and veggies are admired and desired by friends, neighbors and curious folks.        My garden also supplies the organic store in the Homa Medical Center “Botica de la Abuela” with its rich and healthy variety. These healthy products enrich our daily lives.     We consume succulent varieties of herbs, salads, vegetables and fruits, all with a wonderful taste.         
      These Homa products with their flavors, colors, smells and textures, etc. are highly superior to the conventional ones.

      Mother Dora harvests and enjoys the fruits of her garden throughout the year.      All is planted in a way that there is a continuous harvest.
Photos: 1) peppers (hot chilies)
2) Mrs. Dora enjoying a super-sized Homa fig.
3) Figs spring out of all branches of the small tree.
4) Varieties of lettuce are part of the daily food. Here the’ Roman’ variety
5) The nursery is very essential and important. And some  seeds already come from the crops of this Homa garden.



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Dora Ines Betancur Sanchez, Armenia, Quindío, Colombia
“My organic Homa garden”

 It should be noted that some fruit trees like the pomegranates (pictured right) and oranges among others, are grown in other areas, without Homa and even though, they were bought at the same nursery  and planted at the same time,  they have not given any fruits.   This observation was made by my friends, who have these trees.   To me, my Homa garden is a joy and a lifelong anti-stress project, cultivating edible dreams.     We are what we eat and we eat what we are."
   The pomegrant tree is a shrub with wonderful flowers and full of delicious fruits.

Photos below:   The garden replaced the lawn. Now, the neighbors admire Doña Dora successful garden and she generously shares these Divine edible gifts with everyone.   Granddaughter Maria José is happy with the  cabbage harvest.   Mrs. Dora with the first fruit of a 2 years old grapefruit tree. This single fruit was big enough to be shared among five people.   Grandson Matthias is preparing Homa ash for the plants and  Mr. Renzo is spraying regularly each plant with the Agnihotra ash solution.



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One Nation Under Drugs: How the FDA Is Sabotaging Your Health and the Environment

Monday, 30 April 2012 00:00 | Written by Shane Ellison, M.S.
         As a medicinal chemist, I tried to ignore my suspicion that an insidious and deliberate conspiracy to get each and every American hooked on drugs, while at the same time bankrupting them, existed between Big

Pharma and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
I enjoyed my work. Drug design paid well and kept me comfortably isolated in a high-tech lab, fully equipped to help me bend and twist matter at will. The last thing I wanted to think of was a plot designed to sabotage health and wealth—while causing untold ecological damage—using my chemistry skills. But over time, experience confirmed my suspicion as fact and revealed something even scarier.
Deadly Profiteering
My passion for drug design arose from the miracle of emergency medicine, one of humankind’s greatest scientific achievements. Sadly though, medicine is no longer exclusive to emergency use. Today it’s being used in a deadly game of profiteering. Herein lies a story of deceit and a chemist’s abandonment of modern medicine.
Source: http://ecohearth.com/eco-op-ed/1772-one-nation-under-drugs-fda-big-pharma-conspiracy.html



Rony, age 41, dad, graphic designer, school teacher and Israeli asks for our help. Is it possible that most wars are created by some selfish groups interested only in their profits?



Nanotechnology In Food: FDA Proposes Rules For Monitoring Food Safety

Nanotechnologies take advantage of the unique properties of tiny particles that are measured on the scale of nanometers (millionths of a millimeter).
They is a growing market and currently these particles are used in many technologies and consumer products.. (Click here for a list of such products)
The submicroscopic particles are increasingly

showing up in FDA-regulated products like sunscreens, skin lotions and glare-reducing eyeglass coatings. Some scientists believe the technology will one day be used in medicine, but the FDA's announcement did not address that use.
The draft guidance suggests the FDA may require food companies to provide data establishing the safety of any packaging using nanotechnology.
Under longstanding regulations, companies aren't required to seek regulatory approval before launching products containing established ingredients and materials, such as caffeine, spices and various preservatives. Read full article:



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Photo above:     Sharing the evening Agnihotra with people seeking healing and joy. They find this and much more in front of the Homa fire...
Photo left: Singer-songwriter Martha Helena Hoyos is teaching songs and rhythms of the soul after Agnihotra.
      The Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela" is invited to participate weekly on the TV program "Expresión de lo Nuestro" with the moderators Ms. Leidy Gutierrez and Mr. Yon Hernandez.               (Picture below during the TV program with Dr. Humberto Lema and Prof. Abel Hernandez)      This is a platform to reach many people and present Homa Therapy, to talk about complementary therapies related to healing herbs, plants, etc. and give healthy recipes, inform about healthy food, etc.



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The Homa Medical Center (HMC) the "Botica de la Abuela" attracts adults, youth, elderly and children from all socio-economic status'.  The diseases, drugs and sufferings know no barriers. And here everyone is welcome and the Homa  family grows.

On the weekends, Agnihotra is shared with  relatives of Mother Dora. They  come from different parts of Colombia to visit. Many of them are also practicing Agnihotra and have had wonderful experiences.
(Photo left) 



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Agnihotra at the HMC "La Botica de la Abuela"
By sharing and expanding the Homa healing energies, we also share well being, joy, healing, love and many more beautiful things.

FENIX, De-addiction Center with Homa Therapy
        It was a joy to see the young people of FENIX and to know that everyone is well and full of Homa energy. They are busy, elaborating several hand made products for sale and they have plans for a new veggie garden, etc..

The number of Fenix patients is increasing and Director  Erikson Rivera continues with all determination the daily practice of Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa.



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       Mrs. Elsa Leonor Marín Pedraza, with the help of her daughters, posted invitations all around the neighborhood, where she recently moved. Many people came to this healing meeting, many with multiple problems to experience the Agnihotra fire and listen to Prof. Abel talking about the benefits of Homa Therapy.                  Several video testimonies were shown from different parts of the world. Aleta explained how Agnihotra works and taught the Agnihotra Mantras. Mother Dora invited everyone to come to the Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela' to learn how to prepare the ghee, the Agnihotra ash medicines and to eat healthy.
         Photo above - Prof. Abel finding out the diseases, problems and sufferings of the assistantes. Photo bellow - during Agnihotra healing fire



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         Seeing so much need for healing in the neighborhood, Mrs. Elsa committed herself to share Agnihotra daily at sunrise and sunset in the communal hall.   What a wonderful way to join the new community - helping and serving.  
Even though,  it is a small neighborhood, there are many disabled children and many people suffering from a variety of diseases and pains since many years.
         The HOMA fires give much hope to people who previously have done and

 tried every-thing to get well. The practice of the healing Homa fires has helped many to  achieve  this quickly.



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In the Homa Medical  Center  "La Botica de la Abuela",
new people arrive daily to join the Homa family.

          Prof. Abel always has to answer many questions and every day enthusiastically shows videos, teaches the simple technique of Agnihotra, encourages participants to start their own Agnihotra healing process, share their Homa healing stories, etc.. 
        Mother Dora supports all participants unconditionally by creating this sacred space where healing can occur with tranquility and serenity.  Also, the breads, food and everything prepared in the kitchen of this Homa Medical Center, is charged with the energy of these healing Homa fires.



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In the HMC "La Botica de la Abuela" Thursdays are special days. More and more women come to partici-pate in  the

     "Healing Women's Circle" to enjoy dances, music, singing, sharing the Homa fires, etc. together.  (If a man comes, he is also welcome.) 
(Photo right - Oriana del Mar  teaching a folk song thanking and praising Mother Earth.)
         Mother Dora is happy as an earthworm (in Homa atmosphere) for being able to host this meeting where the woman encounters herself, is heard, celebrated and can become more aware of her power and strength in order to make the world a better place.                                
         More people arrive for sunset Agnihotra and we all gather for this most powerful healing experience.
     Photo below:    The HMC participates weekly in

the TV Program "Expresión de lo Nuestro" in Telecafé with Leidy Gutierrez and Yon Hernandez. This is a recognition  to the work done by this Center regarding education,  and assistance for better health in body and mind.



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        Mr. Libardo Antonio Orozco and his wife Maria Consuelo de Pereira organized a Homa presentation for their friends and interested folks. They are caretakers of seeds. They manage a seed bank, exchange seeds and share them freely. They also share  Agnihotra with affection and love.
Prof. Abel spoke to the group about the many benefits of the continuous practice of Agnihotra in all areas (human and animal health, agriculture, ecology, etc..).
(Photos show the meeting at the home of Mrs. Aloha, who kindly hosted it.)

   After sunset Agnihotra, the attendees also wanted to practice and learn the morning Agnihotra Mantra. (photo left) Mother Dora brought several Agnihotra kits which found their new owners.



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Dr. Jaime Montufar wrote:
        "Thanks to the Divinity and Master Shree Vasant, the Homa event on Saturday, 21st of July, went very well. Thousand invitation flyers had been distributed. There were over thirty Agnihotra fires and dozens of attendees.  We focused on patient testimonials and responded questions. Therapist Sonia Hunter, director of the Homa Center Guayaquil, directed the Agnihotra practice and taught the Mantras. The event was great, full of harmony and joy. Many people are now interested to know more about the healing Homa fires. Thanks for your prayers. We all send much love from Guayaquil. OM SHREE OM"

Photo above - Dr. Jaime Montufar from the Homa Medical Center "El Buen Pastor“ (The Good Shepherd) giving a talk to attendees.
1st photo left - Mr. Jorge Lopez
giving his testimony with Dr. Montufar.
2nd picture left -  Sonia Hunter
from the Homa Center in Guayaquil teaching Mantras.
Photo bellow - Agnihotris of all ages.


     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 76                       page 16

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 This event was organized by Dr. Jaime Montufar, Mrs. Sonia Hunter, Mr. Jorge Lopez and many other Homa volunteers. Photos were taken by Dr. Raul Obando.

Dr. Raul and his family did continuously Tryambakam  during the event.



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          Follow-up visit to the Homa Farm of Mr and Mrs Tejasvi Naik, in Modaga, District Belgaum. Abhay Paranjpe (photo below) performing sunset Agnihotra in Resonance hut on the Homa sericulture farm, while a small group gathers outside the hut for evening Agnihotra (photo below right) on the farm of Mr Tejasvi Naik (third from right).

     Their produce regularly fetches premium prices in the marketplace mainly due to the high percent silk content in the cocoons.

        Mrs Asha Naik (photo left) recently received the prestigious Aspee L.M. Patel ‘Farmer of the Year’ award, women’s category. (see Homa Health Newsletter #71). She rears 6900 dfls (disease-free layings) and produces 5.5 tons of silk cocoons yearly.

     Bruce Johnson addresses students and faculty members in the conference hall of Kittur Rani Chennamma Horticulture College in Arbhavi, District Belgaum. Dr. Chaya Patil (photo below left) arranged the talk and also helped with the translation.  (photo below right) Some of the students and staff members present for the talk.



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          Mr. Madan Waded (photo below left) gave the testimony about his experiences since having a Homa Resonance Point established on his Farm in Shindikurbetta in 2010:  The harvesting time for his turmeric crop has shortened from 8 months to 6½ months.
                     Photo below left (from l to r) shows: Prof Balaji, Abhay Paranjpe, Dean of the College, Dr. S.I. Hanamashetti, Bruce Johnson, Dr Chaya Patil (second from right).
      We encouraged Dr Hanamashetti to initiate Homa Organic Farming trials in the college.


           Dr. P.W. Basarkar performs pyramid activation on the 4 acre plot of Mr Ramkrishna Palekar in Agadi, District Karwar (photo below right). He is the Managing Director of Shri Shantadurga Agro & Food Products and also President of Karwar District Rice mill association. Mr Ramkrishna Palekar performs sunset Agnihotra in the partially constructed Agnihotra hut.(photo below left)



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            Bruce Johnson performs the activation of the 10 Resonance pyramids on the 16 acre areca nut plantation of Mr Ashok Palekar in Indoor, District Karwar (photo below right). He has 10,000 areca nut trees on the farm. Group photo in Palekar brothers’ mango garden. (photo l to r: Ashok Palekar, Abhay Paranjpe, MV Patil, Bruce Johnson, Ramkrishna Palekar, Dr. P.W. Basarkar, Sanjay Patil.

           Mr. Ashok Palekar performs sunset Agnihotra in his partially constructed Agnihota hut (photo below left). Mr Ashok Palekar’s son, Ganesh, performs Om Tryambakam Homa in the proposed site of the new Om Tryambakam Healing hut (photo below right).


             Follow-up meeting with Mr MV Patil who has a Homa Farm in village Guddadahulikatti, Dharwad district.

    Bruce Johnson activated the Resonance pyramids on farm of Mr MV Patil, Guddadahulikatti in Dharwad district in 2011. Mr MV Patil’s son performs sunset Agnihotra in the partially constructed Agnihotra hut. (photo left)



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     Mr. M.V. Patil (photo below) from village Guddadahulikatti in Dharwad district had been an organic farmer for seven years before turning to Homa organic farming in 2011.    He produces sugarcane and prepares jaggery out of it. His papaya fruits are very famous due to their colour, taste and size. The one shown here  (photo below) is Red Lady variety, weighs 4.3 kg with a circumference of 72 cm. None of his papaya fruits are less than 3 kg.    He does not harvest all the fruits but leaves some for the birds to consume.


(photo right shows Agnihotra and photo above the litte frog coming closer)

         Mr. Tee-Liang Wong writes from  Malaysia:
           "Mrs. Sew Moy from Singapore is currently in Taiwan sharing Agnihotra with the Art of Living group of Taiwan.     A small frog came to enjoy the healing fire without fear of human beings." 



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                       The Homa Hof in Heiligenberg informs about their 2nd annual summer meeting:
"On 14th July, we had the 2nd annual summer meeting for Agnihotris. . Compared to last year, we had almost double amount of visitors. There were more than 180 people coming from different parts of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and also from other European countries.
The main purpose of the meeting was to exchange experiences and to share a peaceful Homa atmosphere (photo above -during sunset Agnihotra).       We also explained practical points such as: the production of ghee, the making of cow dung crackers, the use of Homa ash in agriculture and Homa in  beekeeping.         About 80 guests learned the Vyahruti Homa and the OM Tryambakam Homa technique this day.

    Groups sat down to learn and practice the mantras on a nice  sunny day. (photo right).                     The uplifting Homa energy could be sensed within the crowd and it was experienced as a feeling of happiness.
   We offered a short introduction for  beginners.                      Longer informative meetings are held regularly during the summer season.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 76                       page 22

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        The Agnihotra fire at sunset was the summit and the closure of a wonderful day. More than 70 Agnihotra fires were burning. This very special harmonious atmosphere rounded the day up and accompanied the visitors on their way home.
     We learned that such meetings are of great value.           Some “Old” Agnihotris have performed Homas for more than 30 years. And they could share their

experiences and enthusiasm with the beginners.     Many of them got motivated  in this high  energy field to start their own Homa practice. Everyone noticeably felt the peace and harmony."
(1st photo - the farm was converted into a camp to accomodate all the visitors. 2nd - Tryambakam practice. 3rd - during sunset Agnihotra)
For more information please see: www.homa-hof-heiligenberg.de



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany


                 Nowadays, for the many infections there so many different antibiotics. But, where is the problem?
         In the beginning, antibiotics were developed and approved only for life-threatening situations.    It was assumed that a person  gets  once in a life time in such a life-threatening

situation for an antibiotic to be used (anti = against and bios = life, the name already shows the risky situation of such a substance).
     Today however, antibiotics are used in so many situations. This was not foreseen: often antibiotics are used for simple cold or even for a simple cough; often even given to children, and often just for prevention, e. g. at the dentist or in surgery.

       In addition, there are many applications in agriculture and animal husbandry.    This contributes to the existence of a lot of resistant bacterial strains throughout the food chain and they are becoming a serious threat to humans.
          Therefore, more rapidly resistant bacteria are developed that are immune to known antibiotics. Then, new antibiotics are developed, and bacteria built faster and faster resistance to the new antibiotics. There are even special terms for these problems, such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and hospitals often have to explain this problem to the patients, which they do with already prepared flyers. This can cause life-threatening situations where people not only die from a "simple sepsis", but also due to such pathogens.

     How do I protect myself in this situation? Prevention is always most important to avoid a critical infection with bacteria, viruses or fungi. Good hygiene helps a lot.                           In addition. we can strengthen the immune system, our body's natural defenses very well with regular performance of Agnihotra fire as a basis for optimal energy supply of the body. Regular oral intake of the Agnihotra ash helps to detoxify the body and thus reduces any eventual burdens. Additionally, we can take spirulina as a supplier of vital nutrients. The more stable our health, the less chance for pathogens to colonize.

If, however an infection has developed, then it is best to intervene as quickly as possible to avoid the creation of a worse situation. Here the recommendation is to apply silver colloid with Agnihotra ash powder (one teaspoon Agnihotra ash powder in 500 ml of silver colloid, if necessary enforce with more Agnihotra ash powder). Take 4 times a day 2 tablespoons of this mixture, optimum thickness of the silver colloid: 30 ppm (parts per million). In other words, in the morning, at lunch, at dinner and before going to bed take 2 tablespoons of this mixture. Especially before bedtime it is important to take this mixture again, since the body can do the largest repair work overnight = healing, because then it can work to heal undisturbed and does not have other tasks to perform.
For external infections, if required, a mix of silver colloid and Agnihotra ash powder can be placed as a compress on the affected area. Or, for example if a finger festers, it can also be immersed in this mixture and bathe in it for a while.

       It always helps, to assist the body right away so a disease cannot flourish. For in the beginning an infection or similar can mostly heal faster. And of course there is also happiness in getting healthy as fast as possible.

           (If silver colloid is not available, one other silver-ion-application is accessible, which is originally made for water disinfection, such as Micropur. Then we can adjust the appropriate dosage of such a solution.    Essential is the fact that in the presence of silver ions, pathogens cannot live; also resistant pathogenic bacteria cannot continue to exist. But the health supporting bacteria, e.g. in the intestines, are not being damaged because they have a different metabolism. Thus only pathogens are being affected.)

Para mas información puede visitar: http://www.homatherapy.de



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             Keep very tight rein on the mind so that the pulls become less. Otherwise the mind goes and the body follows and all is lost. Keep the mind filled with only holy thoughts, Mantra, prayer, devotional singing. Do not be disturbed. This is a great time for healing and becoming strong in this healing love.

            You must get into the habit of smiling all the time. All the time smiling. It has a good effect on your mind, not to mention the joy you bring to others.

             Do not hang on to fear or misery. Let it go and fill the mind with Mantra. Do fires, one hour Tryambakam Homa best in morning hours, earlier the better.

Worry is like putting brakes on life. Let it go. Just make effort. This effort you make will always manifest.

                 Through devotion you can rise higher. Say simply, "I want to be happy". We do not wish for special powers, levitation and those things. We only wish to be happy and help others to be happy.

                You are just being used as an instrument to help others. So if there is a "conductor" of the orchestra, why do you concern yourself with what is played next? Even in great orchestras changes are made. The orchestra members must be aware and listen and watch for the commands. Then they only have to take care of their instruments and keep them exactly attuned and ready. Then, no matter what composition is called for, they are ready, instrument in hand, to create harmony all together.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 76                       page 25

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

 On the Phenomenal Healer—Agnihotra
Now, to the element of FIRE. These healing fires of which you are both a practitioner and a proponent are the very gist of assailing the enemy with Light! In fact, these fires are far more effective than even you can imagine. You see, when we spoke of a break in the chain of nutrients, of nutritious life force and elements of Nature being disturbed, we spoke of the world as we know it. However, there is a band of those who perform these Fires of which we speak and that band is responsible for continuing the effort to cleanse and purify the atmosphere on this planet as well as injecting nutrients into soil, water and air. A pretty big demand. There are many more of you. There will be more yet.
What Agnihotra fire does is it brings into harmony those elements which have been broken, disturbed. It actually promotes a healing of the very elements which have been nearly destroyed. Due to the extremely nutritious nature of this potent healing fire and the incredible power it emanates in Nature, the chain of nutritive elements in a Homa atmosphere actually becomes healed. If one could film the progress, it would astound you. One can actually see a break in the chain, a split in the flow of energies throughout the ground, in the air, in water. When these elements are healed, it appears like a leaf reforming itself. If it could be filmed, in slow motion, it would be like a melding of pieces otherwise scattered in the earth. Amazing potential this fire has. Continue blessing this Earth with this phenomenal healer — Agnihotra.

On Planetary ‘Grace Period’
Yes, yes, yes. Again and again and again. Our dearly beloved family of planet Earth—prepare your hearts to receive all that is coming to you from on high. There are no reasons for fear of any kind.
Dates given are arbitrary. With every prayer, every sacred sound uttered, every holy fire ablaze, every act of kindness toward another, this planet moves closer to the Light.
It is through all of your continued efforts to save planet Earth on every level—environmentally, spiritually—that these arbitrary dates are pushed back and the planet’s ‘Grace period’ is extended. If the balance tips toward the Light, this planet can go from being in ‘critical care’ to ‘recovery’ and true global healing can take place.
Do not look at dates predicted for catastrophes and disasters. This is why we do not give such specific parameters when calling for your attention.
Every individual on this planet has the power to make a change in the planet.
By changing yourself you are changing the whole.
You have the right to bear arms—in arms. Unite and continue all your healing processes for the good of the whole.
Blessings truly abound. OM.


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