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       This is more Swadhyaya (Self-study).
First, let’s have a simple definition of addiction:
a tendency to engage in a conduct or acts which are linked to negative habits, which may impair our sense of wellbeing on the physical, emotional, mental, and so on level.
The most known Addictions are:
1) Smoking cigarettes, tobacco, etc. linked to nicotine (legal)
2) Alcohol (legal)
3) Marihuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, etc.. (illegal)
4) Some or perhaps many medicines (legal)
However, some experts include certain substances in common use every day such as: coffee, black tea, white sugar, soft drinks, refined foods, and junk food filled with: colorants, preservatives and other additives. Other authorities on the subject go beyond and include: the nymphomaniacs, kleptomaniacs, the internet, pornography and bigotry (religious, political, athletic, etc.), which promotes fighting.
Others add the 7 deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, etc.

F.P.= The key to our liberation with a smile

Certain natural habits such as eating, sleeping, sex, work, etc. can increase in frequency and intensity to a negative point that leads to pathologies. Addiction does not hurt just the addict, but it also affects family members, friends and others in their environment, not only because there is a psycho-emotional bioenergetic connection, but sometimes there are lies, angers, violence, thefts, accidents, prostitution, suicides, etc. The Addiction affects the patient, the family and society indirectly. It's a global problem.
But, why are there so many addictions and diseases today? Some say that this simply happens because we are living /dying in a corrupted, toxic, synthetic, plastic, messy, unbalanced, robotic, unconscious and so on, polluted world. Imagine that we are playing on a land of swamp areas and thorns. How to avoid getting hurt or dirty?
Someone would say:
a) "You have to remove the swamps and the thorns in the world with more asphalt and concrete."

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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But this would be very expensive and very difficult. Others would say: b) "You have to give proper shoes to all." And some would say you need to do a) and b).

However, there is another option, which is very rational, scientific and accessible to all: The practice of the FP (Fivefold Path: Agnihotra Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya). The FP protects our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) and helps to gradually neutralize the toxicity in our internal and external environment until we acknowledge our Reality.

 What Reality?
1) We are spirits, we are light, we are immortals.
2) We were created in the image and likeness of the Father.
3) We are Love that is manifested through Selfless Service, Goodness, Truth, Nonviolence, Understanding, Peace, and so on. Om Fivefold Path Om

NOTE: the FP also helps us to discern and select what enters into us through the senses and what comes out through thoughts and feelings, words and actions. OM FP OM


Ana Maria Alvarado
Medellin, Colombia, South America

(Excerpts from her conversation with a youth group, which is being rehabilitated with Homa Therapy.)

"I took drugs, liquor, tobacco, everything. The rehabilitation experience for me was very difficult; freeing myself from all these things. I recommend you to value Homa Therapy in this process, because it really helps, it really takes away the anxiety. It helps to keep focused on what is good for you. It helps to remove those things that we do not want and helps us to attract the things we need.

For me, Homa Therapy has been a wonderful, God given gift, because I used to get well, then fall back, get well again and fall back again several times. But now I have Homa Therapy on my side. It is an ally in my life, because now I really do not want to take more drugs. I prefer the feeling the Homa fires give me, which is better than smoking a joint, drinking or taking any drug. It is better to feel good, have a clear and stable mind... Homa Therapy is a tool. It's not by chance that you are learning about this magic. For me the Homa fires are real magic from God. I think we should give us more room and time for silence. Enjoy this beautiful landscape to walk, to connect with your higher power, your beliefs, with the nice things you have in your heart and empower them. Do not miss the target you came here for - to get rid of the monster that is the addiction. It is my pleasure to be here and tell you that I understand, that I've been there where you are and that you can free yourself and that you can make it. Om Shree."



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Luz Mery Mora
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Down Syndrome, Autism, Mental Retardation, etc.. 

Testimony after 2 days:
"I am a teacher for handicapped children. I've been coming to Agnihotra for the last 2 days and I feel very peaceful. Now I feel my work lighter. I work with 21 children, some of them with Down syndrome, autism, mental retardation, and so on. Today I feel like I have not been working, super relaxed. I also saw that the fires really helped my daughter (with Down syndrome), because she slept all night and was very quiet.

The truth is that I feel that bricks have been taken off my shoulders. Thanks to Homa Therapy I feel happy. I have never felt so happy, super-relaxed, and good. The work seems to be easier. I like everything and I don’t get upset. I simply participated in the Agnihotra sessions and took the Agnihotra ash.
My daughter has sometimes difficulties in following instructions, but last night, she wanted to brush her teeth and usually I have to fight with her to do that. Last night it was super easy. I'm happy. Thank you very much.
After 8 days:
"I work in the Foundation 'Paths of Life for Peace." I've been bringing some children to the Agnihotra healing sessions at the Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela” (Grandma's pharmacy) for the last days and I also started practicing Agnihotra myself. For 3 days, I brought Aurelis (23 years old), who suffers from severe autism. She occasionally has very strong crisis, especially when someone touches her. Today something very special happened and I called her mother right away. Aurelis does not consent to be touched for she immediately goes into crisis. That is one of the characteristics of some autistic children. And today, the same child, who usually brings her into crisis when he tries to play with her, was sitting on her lap, when I arrived. They were playing together and they were laughing. There was no crisis and no anguish.

When she gets into crisis, not even a strong man can handle her. She produces a lot of adrenaline. She is 23 years old and has this problem since birth. She was born in Poland. I have been working with her for the last 4 years.  I have seen these changes after she participated 2 times in the Agnihotra fires and took the ash. The first time I noticed that she was very happy and laughed without stopping. The second time she was more quiet and receptive and she could play with that child without getting into crisis. I think that is a great progress."

(photos show Mrs. Luz Mery doing Agnihotra and participating with some of the children in the Agnihotra session at the Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela')



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Elsa Leonor Marin Pedraza
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, South America
Aggression, attachment, irritability, etc..

"I add this healing Agnihotra  ash to everything, whether it is beans, rice, coffee, chocolate, etc. I have been doing this for the last 6 months. My daughter Laura Sophia, 13 years old, had lung problems. When she was too active, it was hard for her to breathe. Now she feels better, she can run and she is fine. My daughter Maria Alejandra was very aggressive. One could not tell her anything because she immediately answered with two stones in her hands. She is 11 years old. Now she is manageable. My daughter Marisol is a girl who was too attached to me. She could not be by herself anywhere. If I left her alone longer than usual, she would search for me. She is 9 years old. My daughter Maria Juliana is the oldest; she will be 18 years old soon. She was too temperamental. If I would say anything to her, she would get upset and talk back angrily. Now she doesn’t.       

Now I talk to her and if I am correct, she looks down and says 'Yes Mommy, you're right, I know I made a mistake and I should fix it' and she is calm."

(Photo above shows Mrs. Elsa doing Agnihotra in the Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela' and the photo left was taken during the Homa Festival at the SENA Institute in Armenia with her 4 lovely daughters.)



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Homa Farming Results in Bamboo
 By Mr. Vinayak Lokur, Belguam, Karnataka, India

"Dear friends,
you have been insisting in capturing results of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy with fotos or videos. Though we have had several experiences, we have not documented them. I am pleased to enclose the first captured results. 

The Bamboo trees in our factory were infested with insects last year. The first picture was taken on 12.3.2011 at World Agnihotra Day.

The second picture was taken today, after almost one year and we see absolutely smooth and healthy bamboo trees.

Similarly, this year we harvested excellent crop from the cashew trees in our farm. All these years the trees had no crop or hardly any crop.
Our people have had also wonderful experiences , especially with their health. This is for your information & records. With best regards."



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Almost everything we do has an impact on the environment. Any change in our day is an opportunity to care for the planet.



1. Avoid packaging. The containers of many food products widely consumed with their boxes within boxes, have a very deleterious effect on the environment. Some ways to counter it is to buy non-perishable items in family packs, buy the food to the

weight and keep it in our own reusable containers or look for products sold in refillable containers. If you usually buy bags of salad, for example, you have to know that these packages create a "modified atmosphere" to preserve food and use bleach to wash the lettuce, which destroys nutrients and antioxidant value as well as being a process resource-intensive. If you buy a whole lettuce, besides being much cooler, you have more than enough money to buy some more ingredients or a rich dressing. If you want to go a little further, you could try growing your own lettuce. Even a simple pot gives acceptable performance because the lettuces grow right away. If plantings every two or three weeks you will have lettuce for months.
2. Fresh air. If you are using the fan to ventilate the kitchen, you're wasting a lot of energy, and filling your house with noise. Ventilate naturally by opening the window.
3. Before going to bed and before leaving home, take a moment to check that everything is off. Leaving your computer on all night, e.g. can consume as much energy as printing 800 pages with a laser printer. In one year this would be 2600 kWh of energy and up to 1.9 tons of CO2 without doing anything useful. Furthermore, when the mobile charger is plugged in all the time, it loses up to 95% of the energy it consumes. If it is hot, it consumes electricity. When you don´t need it, unplug it. And do not let the phone charging all night, because it only takes a few hours to reach maximum load.
4. Put hot water in a thermos and use it to the next round instead of re-igniting the fire. Nor let the tap water run, waiting for cold water. Better keep a jar or bottle in the fridge.
5. Palm oil is present in many products, from face creams to some margarines, and although it makes a very soft texture, the truth is that it´s production is a severe blow to the ecosystems. Palm plantations are replacing large areas of forests in countries like Indonesia and expel its inhabitants. Better look for products containing less destructive vegetable oils such as olive or sunflower. Note that it is always worth reading the label and check the properties and the impact on health and the environment of the ingredients in the products we apply.
6. Every time you bike four miles, you avoid around seven kilos of air pollution.
7. The basic component of the typical paraffin wax candles is oil. When you light them, toxins are released into the air like acetone, benzene, lead and mercury. If you want to create a nice atmosphere in the light of candles, better get yourself some natural options like beeswax or soy candles. They are healthier and lasts 50% longer than synthetics
8. ... still better - go vegetarian.
9. Before starting the washer, wait until it is full. Each wash cycle consumes more than 100 liters of water. It is worth to maximize every drop. Remember also that dryers use more energy than any other appliance. If possible tend your clothes outdoor. If you must use it, reduce its use to a weekly charge, with that you will reduce home CO2 emissions of about a hundred kilos a year.



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The Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela" continues with the daily teachings and practice of Agnihotra fire. Many people are coming and receive the blessings of the healing fire through the improvement of their health and mental state of happiness. Prof. Abel speaks tirelessly about the beneficial effects at all levels and shows every day capturing video testimonials and we also hear amazing testimonies from the participants. (photo above)


"Fenix" , Rehabilitacion Center for Drug Addicts, Calarcá
Sharing Agnihotra with the group of young people from "Fenix". The Homa volunteer, Franklin Cerinza, (2nd from right) arrived from Bogota to offer his support. Franklin has been practicing Agnihotra regularly for several years and has many experiences.



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"Fenix" , Rehabilitacion Center for Drug Addicts

Here, the Agnihotra flames emanates a lot of light and surprise us with their strength.  Agnihotra calms the mind, soothes the aches and  the painful memories of these young people.

(photo: the young in-residents during sunset Agnihotra)



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Thursdays are very special days in the Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela"  for there is much healing generated through the Tryambakam Homa, songs, dances and the Agnihotra fire. Through all these activities, the heart warms up and fills with Light, Love and Gratitude towards our Creator and all its creatures.           Happiness is in the air and Martha Helena Hoyos beats a joyful rhythm. Mother Dora is in "her element", when she serves, which she does unconditionally.



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Calarca, Center for Drug Deaddiction "Fenix"
We moved to the new headquarters of the Fenix Foundation to implement step by step the Homa Detox and Rehab Program, thanks to the unconditional support of Mother Dora Betancur, Dr. Javier Aristizabal and his wife Lucena.

As the director of this center, Erikson Rivera, explains, only 3 to 5% of the people, participating in the conventional programs, stop using drugs. Those conventional programs usually last one year or more. That means, that 95 to 98 people out of 100 return to drugs.
Prof. Abel and Aleta are implementing the Homa Detox and Rehab program suggested by Shree Vasant Paranjpe.
Prof. Abel becomes the "Teacher" for these young people who are seeking help to quit drugs. Part of the Homa program are Hatha Yoga exercises. Each morning, after Agnihotra, they learn to become more aware of their body through those psycho-physical exercises (asanas) and Pranayama. Although they are young, some of them seemed wasted physically at the beginning. But they are making giant steps every week towards a better physical and mental health.
(photo below: meditation after a Vyahruti Homa)



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It is a joy when visitors come and share with the group, as Dora Luz and Henry did with their dances from native healers and dances that reveal a story (photos above and below).

All activities are supported energetically through the various Homa practices throughout the day. After each Homa, Prof. Abel explains details of the why’s and how’s and always has an interesting story for better understanding and encouraging words. Above all, the young people receive lots of positive reinforcement in a loving atmosphere. As the days pass by, there is more peace, harmony and we observe better collaboration among themselves.



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With each Agnihotra, one can feel a new beginning, a new opportunity, a new dawn, a transformation. The flames spread healing peace over the disturbed minds, again and again. Everyone sleeps better and the anxiety diminishes.

The foundations of this Homa program are the participation in all Homa fires and the intake of Agnihotra ash several times a day. Everybody meets at specific times during the day in the "Healing hall" to receive the harmonizing and medicinal effect of the Homa fires.

Another creative group activity is the Mandala drawing.

(photos on this page during Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and a mandala drawing class instructed by Aleta)



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Another wonderful visit was the one of brother Jaime Valbuena, who brought his sound equipment from Bogota and stayed with us for a few days. Jaime made everyone sing and even taught a singing class, which left everybody excited. The devotional songs are also part of this Homa program and the young people express many feelings through them. They open their hearts. The photo below shows the Agnihotra during the visit of  Mrs. Danahe and Mr. Jaime.



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Another nice gift left by Jaime Valbuena was the cow manure dryer for the making of Homa cookies. He did this with the help of two young men of the Centre.

Thanks to the assistance of Homa volunteer, Franklin Cerinza, the young people started with 15 minutes Tryambakam daily. Now everyone does 30 minutes and they are more attentive during the fire.

We also had the pleasant visit of Dr. Humberto Lema M.D from the Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela," his wife Isabel and their newborn daughter. Dr. Lema talked about some of the Homa experiences with his patients and friends. He encouraged the young people to follow this Homa  program accurately in order to get the desired results.

Ana Maria Alvarado from Medellin joined us during the Easter week. Some of her relatives also came from far away cities to learn more about Homa Therapy. They acquired their Agnihotra kits. More Agnihotras= More Healing. (foto arriba)



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Yoga with the in-residents and visitors. Prof. Abel conveys his joy with these exercises and suddenly everyone gets involved, even the ones with their leg in plaster or other disabilities. It is a time to come to know your body with joy and lots of laughter.
With the sunset Agnihotra, the minds and bodies calm down. The visitors leave, grateful for having received so much love in this Homa healing Center. (photos this page)



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Mrs. Maria Teresa Nuñez writes from Bogota:
"I would like to inform that the new address of the Homa Center in Bogota is: Carrera 7 No. 2-82, Santa Barbara community hall.
I also like to invite you to continue lighting these fires for the healing and purification of our planet. You can do it either individually or in groups, but let's have many more Homa fires around Bogota. We all have a mission and a responsibility to this city and this planet, where we reside. We must seize the opportunity, provided by HOMA, to answer the call of ascension with this powerful instrument. Join us at the new address."
(Photo above: last Agnihotra session in the 'old' Homa Center. It was running for many years and has helped many people who were seeking health, peace and welfare; Photo below: First Agnihotra meeting in the new Homa Center of Bogota.)



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Mrs. Beatriz Hillsberg writes from Sabanetas, Edo. Aragua, Venezuela:

"The Homa workshops at the Hacienda Sabanetas are organized for every second weekend of the month.  They last two to three days. This we have more time to share the benefits of Homa Therapy. We show how to prepare the ghee, the cow dung cakes and the Agnihotra folk medicines, etc. As we are in a rural area, country walks and river baths can be enjoyed. We teach yoga classes, vegetarian cooking, we give talks about health, food preservation and we are building an organic garden.

Dr. Irma Garcia will be with us guiding a Homa Retreat from May 11th to 13th. La Hacienda Sabanetas is 7 minutes from the city Victoria, Edo. Aruagua, Venezuela. With love. Om Shree. "  (For more information please write to terapiahoma@yahoo.com)


Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter shares the following experience:

"Mr. Amilcar Nayra Surita, agricultural technician of the Municipality of Carmen de la Frontera, capital Sapalache, purchased his Agnihotra kit in Piura. He has been practicing Agnihotra daily at sunrise and sunset since March 15th in the city of Huancabamba. Mr. Amilcar had serious sleeping problems, he was waking up continuously with nightmares. With the practice of Agnihotra and the intake of Agnihotra ash, these problems have disappeared. He also acquired more emotional stability and currently performs Agnihotra with his aunt and nephews. Greetings, OM SHREE OM"



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Mrs. Betty L. Khoo writes:
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to showcase Agnihotra fires taking off in Singapore. Singapore is an Island City-state of only 224+ square miles.

I, Betty L. Khoo, having "waited" about 10 years for Agnihotra, enthusiastically organized a 'Healing Self & the Planet with Homa Environmental Therapy' retreat for the Homa teachers Lee and Frits Ringma from Australia. They had been invited about one year ago by Alan Wong from Malaysia. Approx. 30 people gathered for this weekend retreat 2 hours away from Singapore. Participants were awed by their experience of watching the sun, a golden orb, rise out of the Sea (South China) as they performed sunrise Agnihotra on the resort's cliff terrace. Since then, Singapore Agnihotris have grown in number. Those who are committed to constant practice experience innumerable benefits. Singapore Agnihotris endeavour to come together at least once a month."



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Mr. Wong Tee Liang writes from Malaysia:

"Malaysian Agnihotris gathered on March 21 for the World Agnihotra day. We also enjoyed very much the gong and singing bowl experience. Best regards from Malaysia."



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Mr. Vinayak Lokur wrote: "World Agnihotra day was celebrated by conducting an awareness programme for the benefit of the citizens. Apart from the workers and staff of Expert Engineering, Mr. Satish Nilajkar, Mr. Tejasvi Naik, Mr. Vinay Jathar, Mr. Venkatesh Patil, Mr. Sudhir Darekar, Mrs. Alka Kulkarni, their family members, Children from Aadhar Foundation & other citizens were present & participated in the event.

Dr. Pramod Basarkar (photo left) enlightened the gathering with the explanation of the procedure & effects of Agnihotra.
Dr. Basarkar, in his speech, emphasized the importance of Agnihotra in daily life & appealed to the assistants to practice, experience & spread the word to many, as it is the need of the time, if we want to overcome the ill effects of environmental degradation.
Later a video clipping was shown as to how Agnihotra is practiced in India & all over the world. Also some results of Agnihotra medicine were shown in human health and the effects of Homa farming.

Mr. Mahesh Durdi of Rabkavi, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav of Aadhar Foundation & Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai of Belgaum shared their experiences of Agnihotra. Everyone said, the one thing in common is – Apart from re-establishing the environmental balance, Agnihotra has helped them also to clear their mental pollution and thus create a stable mindset and achieve clarity of thought.”



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany


        Have you ever had a cough? Was it a painful cough?
Cough can have many causes: dry air, where the mucous lining works only with difficulty; cold; smoking. The cough can also be the side effect of a medicine that one takes for other illnesses. Even the fine dust in the atmosphere, which covers nowadays large parts of the planet, can lead to chronic cough. Also stress and a weakened immune system can cause coughing.

One thing is certain: Although cough is a natural reaction of the body, one wants to get rid of it quickly. Of course, your doctor is always the expert in diseases, but you yourself can do many things to support your health.

Naturally, first any direct causes have to be eliminated:
- e.g. when suffering from a cold, much heat is needed. Make sure your feet are warm, you take hot drinks, which heat the body from inside. That can be hot water, herbal tea, hot elderberry juice, etc.
- When suffering from irritation through tobacco, dust and wind, these causes have to be removed.
- When the immune system is weakened, support your defenses with plenty of sleep, fresh air, spend a lot of time in nature
- follow an Anti-stress program to alliviate and relax the whole body

You can also assist your wellbeing specifically with:
- Prepare a cough syrup by mixing of lemon juice, hot water, honey and Agnihotra ash powder. Take a teapoon full every 1 - 2 hours.
- Take 2 - 3 times a day an inhalation of hot salt water with Agnihnotra-ash powder. Preparation: put plenty of water (about 1-3 liters) in a pot and add 1-3 tablespoons of salt and 1-3 tablespoons of powdered Agnihotra ash and bring it to boil. Once the water boils, remove it from the stove and bend your head over the vapor and inhale it. Place a towel over your head and extend it over the pot to collect the steam for your face. Inhale and exhale deeply. Be careful not to bend too close to the hot pot, so as not to get hurt.
- It is very helpful at night to sleep beside a mixture of boiling water, salt and Agnihotra ash powder so that the respiratory channels receive sufficient healing moisture.
- For the bronchi,you can mix ghee with Agnihotra ash powder and rub 4 times a day the whole chest on the back. Morning, afternoon, evening, and again just before going to bed (our bodies regenerate during the night and all support it very helpful).
- Warm clothing is very important in order to keep the body warm during the entire day. Especially warm feet and a warm chest are very important!
- Another very important point: relax your mind. Do you fee unhappy? Overwhelmed? Not taken into consideration? Give yourself some quiet minutes and think about how your day can be happier. Agnihotra healing fire at sunrise and sunset provides fantastic support and prepares the basis for a day, where you can feel better and better and gain more and more health.

Para más información, visite el sitio web: http://www.homatherapy.de



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                Forget these emotions. We know these desires. You must rise. Happiness can not be found in relationship between man and woman alone. Without yearning for that higher love the lower self remains unnourished as the higher self realizes its dilemma. Make happiness dependent on no one man or woman. All happiness is in the hands of the Almighty. Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

                 Do you know how full of love you are truly? It is just working on the character that needs to be done. Be more patient with yourself first and with others. If you are constantly impatient with yourself, how can you be patient with others?

               If there is one person who disturbs you more than anyone else and you are fed up with him or her, then may we suggest a change in attitude? Look at the person in a new light. Every time you find yourself ready to make a comment that comes from judgment, STOP - first step. Second step, do MANTRA until that impulse to judge completely disappears. For a while, as you are in a position where people come and ask your advice, do not offer any unsolicited opinions or suggestions to this person. No matter whether these opinions and suggestions are helpful or even positive, make no comments at all. Then, do not avoid this person. Welcome their presence as an opportunity to practice Tapa. Step three: As you become comfortable after practicing this “Judgment Tapa” you are ready for step three. Step three is that you find ways to SERVE that person. Whether it is to offer them a ride, to bring them some food, to help them in some way, do that. Then, still no commentary. That means the “service” cannot be a compliment, but an actual tangible good or service.
Begin with steps one and two. After practicing this TAPA for a few days, at least, then begin step three. The reason for that is that step three has to be taken with full heart. You will need to practice steps one and two in order to uncover the heart.
Begin at once and only with this person. Later, it can be applied to anyone. For many people, this is excellent practical advice.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On The Atmosphere
Yes, yes. There are potentially dangerous chemical compounds entering the atmosphere, as you are well aware. The source of those chemical compounds is not so apparent, but Chemtrails are only one method being employed to unleash them. There will be great progressive steps successful in prohibiting the spraying in very near future.
Due to outside atmospheric pressure, increase fires, increase intake of Agnihotra Ash, all of you. Mental processes will become clearer now. Yes, yes, yes. Go within.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Blessings are arriving soon. OM.
On Awakening Beings

Yes, yes. An extreme number of beings are in the very process of awakening to a new world, a new and better reality in which their dreams hold meaning, their hopes are not discouraged, and their wishes become their blessings. Those of you with arms open to receive them, be aware that they may come in hordes! There are so many. Particularly in the whole of Eastern Europe now, where our vehicle and family are located, there is a great preponderance of beings coming into Light and many whom you never would expect! Thus, good preparation for the warmer months is highly suggested this year. In every talk and every meeting, you will be like magnets to invite those just awakening to come seek further direction.

 Time for Change
Yes. Yes. All of you Light Workers who now know your way, push past your comfort zones.
There are those of you stuck in either jobs which you have outgrown or situations in life which are becoming burdensome, though still relatively easy to remain in. If you have any opportunity to make a shift necessary to clearing away karmic debris or becoming a better instrument on the path you have found, do that now.
Do not wait. Later, it will be more difficult to make changes. Now, there are not only more opportunities but more momentum to make changes, to free up your life.
It is a time of releasing old, worn-out conscious and unconscious programming. It is a time of letting go of attachments, of facing fears and embracing FAITH in your lives.
2012 is a power year, a year of the greatest manifestation.
You must catch the wind, so-to-speak. And this is the time to do it!


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