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Today, we are stressed out by the myriad of demands upon us and many people feel the need to increase their brain power to keep up and move on. So what can we do? Well, suppose we see the brain as a computer. How can we improve it?
You can:
A) Modify the hardware (the infrastructure): adding more memory RAM, changing the CPU, etc
B) Modify or change the software through better programs
C) Do A & B
In the next Homa Newsletter, we will cover B and C. Now, let's focus on A, the change in the infrastructure of the brain. Some research shows that neurons are made throughout our lives. There are foods and substances that provide high-quality ingredients for the development and functional improvement of our neurons. Which are some foods for the brain?
The brain foods listed can help concentration, memory, sharpen sensory-motor abilities, speed up your reaction time, managing stress, and even slow down the aging in the brain cells! Of course,  they are better if  they are organic (free of agro toxics). 

Taking the Super Nutrient - Agnihotra ash

Some of them are:
1. Whole grains                 2. Acai berries
3. Almonds                        4. Avocados
5. Bananas                         6. Moras
7. Blueberries                    8. Yeast
9. Broccoli                         10. Brown rice
11. Brussels sprouts        12. Cantaloupe
13. Cashews                      14. Cauliflower
15. Cherries                      16. Cheese
17. Collard greens            18. Cranberries
19. Dark chocolate           20. Eggplant
21. Flaxseed oil               22. Green tea
23. Gingko Biloba            24. Fiber
25. Smell the Basil          26. Vegetables
27. Milk                           28. Oatmeal
29. Oranges                    30. Peas
31. Pecans                       32. Plums
33. Potatoes / potatoes
34. Pumpkin seeds
35. Raspberries             36. Red cabbage
37. Red Grapes              38. Romaine
39. St. John's Wort        40. Soy
41. Spinach                     42. Rice bran
43. Strawberries
44. Sunflower Seeds     45. Tomatoes
46. Vitamin supplements
47. Nuts                         48. Water
49. Wheat germ            50. Yogurt

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Similarly, there are substances that are harmful to our brain cells. Which are these?
1) Enemy No. 1: Alcohol
2) Avoid too much fat (especially animal fat), sugar and allergenic foods.
3) Avoid junk food: there is evidence that these foods can be bad for your brain: artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, corn syrup, sugar icing, high-sugar drinks, hydrogenated fats (margarine) sugars, white bread, white flour and all its by products.
4) Caffeine: Some Research show higher test scores for students who drank some coffee before major exams. Other studies have shown that too much caffeine leads to lower quality decisions. Caffeine affects individuals differently, and it has some bad long term side effects in many people!

On the other hand, the Agnihotra Ash has 92 elements + an X factor which occurs during the Agnihotra fire.

 Agnihotra ash helps to repair and activate nerve cells. People with CVA (cardio vascular accident /stroke) recover quickly with the ingestion of Agnihotra ash. Even people with Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer's and Down syndrome are benefited. Agnihotra can improve the psycho-physical abilities, psycho–motor coordination, the IQ, concentration, memory, learning skills, etc.
Some research shows that Agnihotra ash:
A) has 92 out of the 94 natural elements. The periodic table has 118.
B) has more elements than any pharmaceutical pill or multivitamin tablet
C) is not radioactive
D) is a high alkalizing agent
And yes, yes, yes, it is very cheap to make, and you can even get it for free sometimes.
Therefore, let's take this Super Nutrient (the Agnihotra ash) and optimize our PMC (Personal Mental Computer ).      Om Om Om


Rosana Pilco Bola
Chachapoyas, Amazonas, Peru, South America

"I am 30 years old. This is the third time I come to Agnihotra. I was very sick. My tonsils were very swollen and hurt a lot. Previously, I suffered for weeks with this pain in my tonsils and I was telling a friend that I will go to the Hospital, because every time this happens I have to be hospitalized.
The first day I attended Agnihotra, I took the Agnihotra ash. It took the pain away, although I was there for just a short time. At night, it began to hurt a little, but we did the Agnihotra  the following morning and the pain was completely gone. And not only that pain, but the pain in my whole body. I also suffered

 with kidney stones for 3 years and I had a back ache, which did not allow me to sit for a month. And I could not walk, because my feet were swollen. After these three Agnihotras I feel like going to the gym. Nothing hurts. I had all these problems until 3 days ago. Now I feel good. This seems incredible, but it is true."



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Prof. Lastenia Baca Campos
Lonya Grande, Peru, South America

"I had a lot of stress and anxiety and with the practice of Agnihotra my life has changed. I feel better. I also had some kind of menopausal problems. My body ached all over and my sister told me that a Cuban doctor could cure me, but it will cost me 500 soles per month. It was an inflammation of muscles, bones and cartilage. I had taken medication for this, but it didn’t help.
After 3 month of practicing Agnihotra, all the pain went away. I was taking just very little Agnihotra ash. Maybe that's the reason

why it took 3 months. I have seen people getting this result in a shorter time.
Now, I'm fine and without any pain in my body. If I take some cold drink and my throat hurts, I do Agnihotra and take its ash and I´m fine. It's better than taking any other medicines.
Based on this experience, I have begun to recommend Homa Therapy to my family. For example, my brother Helmer in Tarapoto was stressed out and tired. With Agnihotra he feels at ease. My sister had a tumor in the breast and after being operated by an oncologist in Lima, she got worse. After doing Homa Therapy for 15 days and taking an herb called 'arrosillo del campo’, the tumor almost disappeared.

Also, there was a woman who suffered with chronic polymyositis. She was a hopeless case. In the beginning, she was treated with steroids and she felt better. Later, she got worse and her sister told me that she was going to die because she would have to take too much steroids. Her skin was getting darker  (black) and swollen. She was getting bigger. The sick lady decided to stop taking the corticosteroids. She had given up. She was terminal. So I went to do Agnihotra at her home and surprisingly, after a few days, her skin had cleared up and swelling of her arms disappeared. Now she started to move and she can see and talk better.

Her name is Olga Cubas Delgado and she is 50 years old. We were amazed about the changes we could see from the beginning." (Picture above shows Prof. Lastenia with Mrs. Olga in front of the Agnihotra fire.)



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Margarita Santa Cruz
Lima, Peru, South America

      "I have very nice experiences, very pleasant ones with Homa Therapy. With only doing the Homa fire, the plants become beautifully. The Fire brings harmony. If there is any emotional imbalance at home, it re- establishes harmony. For many reasons in life, sometimes we stop doing certain good things, because we get tied up in meaningless commitments or desires. It is as if we are being tested. I remember many years ago that I had abandoned the Fires, when my daughter approached me and said 'Mom I'm concerned I might not get admitted to the University. Please do the Fire, because when you do this it, I feel good.'

Then we again started getting up early and practiced Agnihotra again. Then my daughter Lorraine began to calm down and she felt a very great happiness and the certainty that she would enter the University and she did. Since that time she has great faith in the Fire and feels great when we do it.
I have a dad who is 86 years old and he was having anxiety problems. He believed that every day was his last day alive. So I decided to put Agnihotra ash in the food, juices, and in everything I prepared for everyone in this household. Homa Therapy certainly improves relationships and am very grateful for that."


Elisa Gomez Segura
Lonya Grande, Peru, South America  

"I am 59 years old. I was suffering with asthma.I could not sleep or walk, I was exhausted. I had to use oxygen.     Last night, I participated in Agnihotra and slept very well. And up to now (after 24 hours), I have had no problems with asthma. I also participated in Agnihotra this morning and this afternoon. Usually I have to carry the inhaler, but I forgot it because I feel great and I do not need it."


Mercedes Guadalupe
Lonya Grande, Peru, South America  

"I am 75 years old. I could not do any housework or wash the clothes. I had to pay and spend lots of money to have things done for me. But after just a few days of coming to Homa Therapy, I can wash my clothes and during the last two days I did a lot of washing. Now I feel strong and I can do all the duties at home. Frankly, for me it is a joy."



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Agricultor Lucas Maya, Armenia, Colombia

"I am a farmer and practice HOMA Therapy since 1998 when I met Prof. Abel Hernandez. We had a wonderful experience on my farm where a Homa Resonance Point was installed. There was a completely dry tangerine tree that I used to shake in order to collect dry branches for firewood. But Prof. Abel said "Lukas, do Agnihotra under the tree, because it might return." I simply smiled, but I did Agnihotra under the tree. I did not think that this tree, which only served for fuel, could have a reaction. But the big surprise came after 15 days - the tree began to show signs that something was happening.

The branches began to flourish without carrying any leaves. Afterwards, the leaves appeared, then the flowers opened and fruits started forming and the tree came back to live. With Homa Therapy, the tree reversed that process of dying and continued giving perfect mandarins. They were not sour, nor bitter. They were excellent. That is one of the most beautiful experiences I've had with Homa Therapy in agriculture. If the Homa fires can do that, what else could be done? That is really icredible and amazing, but it is true."

Agronomist Jorge del Busto
Lima, Peru

"Usually it is inconceivable that certain plants may produce in places out of their zone. With Homa Super technology, we have seen how ‘quinoa’ produces high yields with great quality on the coastal area, and even better than in their native mountain area. The size and diameters of turnips or cabbage can be very large. The size of each fruit, leave, etc. is bigger. The taste and healing qualities of herbs on a Homa farm are very strong.

Drinking a cup of Homa chamomile tea sends the toughest to bed. This is achieved with the practice of Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and the Tryambakam Homa done 4 hours per day and 24 hours on a full moon and new moon, plus the application of biosol prepared with Agnihotra ash."


Mr. Manuel shows the size of the guanabana (soursop) receiving with Agnihotra ash. His son David Angel (pictured right) practicing Agnihotra.

Manuel Vasquez Acuña
Lima, Peru

"I am 54 years old. My son had a guanabana tree which did not give fruits for years . It gave a few, but they were not edible. They were small and dry. After spreading Agnihotra ash for one month, this tree started to bear large size fruits. The tree is full of fruits. The tree does not believe anything; it just reacts to this energy."



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The beauty of pollination

A beautiful video clip about Mother Nature´s extraordinary miracles:



Satellite Studies Reveal Groundwater Depletion around the World
By Andrew Burger, Global Warming is Real
Published December 29, 2011

Access to freshwater resources has always been a critical need for human and all forms of life on Earth. With a world population estimated at just shy of 7 billion and growing, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says agricultural production will need to increase 70% by 2050.

As agriculture takes up most of human water use, that’s going to put vastly greater demands and strains on our water resources at a time when climate change is changing temperature and precipitation levels and patterns in ways that cannot be predicted at local levels but are likely to make this even more difficult to achieve.
One thing that has been determined is that groundwater levels have dropped in many places around the world in the past nine years, including across key agricultural areas, such as southern Argentina, western Australia and the western US, according to a pair of studies of satellite gravity monitoring data conducted by researchers at the University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling in Irvine, Science News reports.
The GRACE Project
Groundwater depletion is especially pronounced beneath parts of California, India, the Middle East and China. Besides showing that water is being pumped out of underground groundwater aquifers faster than it’s being replenished, the results raise concerns that farming in particular is the primary cause, according to the Science News report.
The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), conducted jointly by NASA and the German Aerospace Center, has been taking monthly snapshots of global groundwater used in the two studies since 2002. GRACE data is especially useful in accumulating data across countries where governments do not maintain extensive networks of groundwater monitoring wells. While the US maintains an extensive nationwide network of such wells, countries, such as China, do not.
Article continues: http://globalwarmingisreal.com/2011/12/27/satellite-studies-reveal-groundwater-depletion-around-the-world/

Mystery Kidney Disease in Central America

By Kate Sheehy
December 12, 2011

A mysterious epidemic is sweeping Central America – it’s the second biggest cause of death among men in El Salvador,

and in Nicaragua it’s a bigger killer of men than HIV and diabetes combined. It’s unexplained but the latest theory is that the victims are literally working themselves to death.
In the western lowlands of Nicaragua, in a region of vast sugarcane fields, sits the tiny community of La Isla.
The small houses are a patchwork of concrete and wood. Pieces of cloth serve as doors.
Maudiel Martinez emerges from his house to greet me. He’s pale, and his cheekbones protrude from his face. He hunches over like an old man – but he is only 19-years-old.
“The way this sickness is – you see me now, but in a month I could be gone. It can take you down all of a sudden,” he says.
Maudiel’s kidneys are failing. They do not perform the essential function of filtering waste from his body. He’s being poisoned from the inside.
For more information please see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16007129



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Homa Therapy in Lima
Prof. Abel was invited to give an Anti-stress Homa workshop to managers and employees of DIGEMIN (Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services).

The General Director, Dr. Raymundo Mercado invited his employees to learn to live and work more efficiently and less stressful by learning the ancient psycho-physical techniques that were presented by Prof. Abel Hernandez in a two-day workshop. Each workshop lasted more or less 2 hours. After Agnihotra, everyone felt very relaxed and some participants could not stop laughing.
Photos: 1. Introduction with Vyahruti Homa. 2. Agnihotra at the end of the first day and 3. Finishing the workshop with Agnihotra with the participation of Mr. Kishore Gupta from India and Dr. Astrid Richter from Germany.



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Before returning to Northern Peru, we shared Agnihotra at the vegetarian restaurant "Sabor y Vida" of Prof. Humberto. Special thanks to Dr. Astrid and her children for being our great hosts in Lima.


There are daily Homa healing meetings at the EsSalud Hospitals of Piura. Many people experience help, relief and improvement in their physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal, economic, etc. situation through the practice of the harmonizing Agnihotra fire. In the two main hospitals in Piura (Cayetano Heredia and Jorge Reategui), Homa is performed every day. The Homa volunteers in charge are Prof. Cesar Gonzales and Mrs. Gaby Zapata.


Homa Therapy in the Health Center Tacala is led by the nurse Ana Ibañez. Every day patients come to the Homa fires and the Homa healing circle is growing.



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Thanks to the invitation of Eng. Luis Tafur and Regional Vice President of the Amazon Dept., Dr. Augusto Wong, two Homa presentations took place in the state Hospital of Bagua. Several people got encouraged to continue the practice of Agnihotra (photos above and left)


Eng. Luis Tafur, promoter of HOMA Therapy in Jaen, shares Agnihotra every morning in his workplace with people who are trying to improve their health.
There are already many healing testimonies, even people who supposedly had no more than a month to live got healed "miraculously".
(Photo above shows Eng. Luis Tafur - first right - in his press shop sharing sunrise Agnihotra.)



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Hotel Cancun, Jaen

 The owner of the Cancun Hotel, Mrs. Amanda, learned Agnihotra with Eng. Luis Tafur. Here we met every morning with a group of people to start our days with the healing and loving energies of this Homa fire.

Colegio San Silvestre, Jaen

Eng. Luis Tafur organized an audiovisual presentation of HOMA Therapy at San Silvestre School, whose owner (compadre) experienced relief from strong symptoms of stress and anxiety through the Agnihotra fire. We heard live testimonies, which do not cease to surprise us about the wonders that can be achieved with a technique that is so simple, affordable and accessible to all. Even illiterate people can learn and benefit from its practice.



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 Jaen, Cajamarca
The Jaen Homa family continues to grow thanks to the tireless efforts of Eng. Luis Tafur and his beautiful family.

The photo below shows the group of "Agro Bien" with its founder, Eng. Alex Cordoba during sunset Agnihotra. Prof. Abel gave an audio-visual HOMA Therapy presentation about its many applications, especially in organic agriculture. This area of ​​Peru has a climate suitable for all types of crops.

Agnihotra in the Hotel Cancun in Jaen (see photo below).



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Virgen Asunta School, Chachapoyas

Prof. Abel and Eng. Luis Tafur were interviewed on local TV. They invited and encouraged the people to come and experience the Agnihotra healing fire in this Catholic School.

After many years, Homa Therapy returned to this beautiful village. Many people participated and the Agnihotra kits were sold out quickly. Mother Celestina got her Agnihotra kit (pictured above right) and promised to continue practicing this technique for the benefit of all.



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The morning Agnihotra was done at the home of Prof. Castula and her family in Chachapoyas. The mayor of the village Lonya Grande with his wife Gloria also arrived there. After a few Agnihotra sessions, healing testimonies began to surface.

God’s GRACE can be experienced through this technology. It expresses unconditional Love.


 At the request of Prof. Lastenia Baca, Mr. Gonzalo Fernandez and the Mayor, Mr. Hidelfonso Guevara, we reached the village of Lonya Grande.
Prof. Lastenia and her husband Gonzalo have been practicing Agnihotra  for some time. They have had some wonderful experiences. We have simply come to share the Good News of Homa Therapy
(see photos).



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Many people came to the Homa healing sessions in this village. Every day, Prof. Abel explained and showed through the use of audio-visual presentations the effects of these simple techniques in health and agriculture . It was astonishing to see how some old people would walk 40 minutes in the darkness, under the rain, on a mud road and climb up 3 floors to be in the room at 5:30 am at the Jorge Basadre School and get ready for Agnihotra. We were so excited to see so many older people beginning their Agnihotra practice with so much dedication, faith and hope. Even illiterate people learned the correct practice of Agnihotra through practice, practice and more practice.         By DIVINE GRACE we heard healing testimonies in a short time.  Some people were suffering with many ailments for many years.

The classroom in Jorge Basadre School was full on mornings and evenings and more people were coming every day in search of relief and healing. (See pictures of this page showing different Homa meetings at sunrise and sunset.)



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You could feel in the air each Agnihotra session as a Healing Festival. Agnihotra brings harmony and peace to the hearts and minds of the audience.

The Mayor, Mr. Hidelfonso Guevara, thanked the people for their assistance to the healing fires and received much applause for bringing Homa. He distributed some Agnihotra ash medicines (ointments and eye drops, photo above right), which were prepared with love. The Homa Therapy meetings still continue in this village under the direction of Prof. Lastenia and Mr. Gonzalo. They feel that the only way to show gratitude for the blessings received is to share Agnihotra with everyone. It fills their hearts with joy and love.



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 "My name is Gloria Vicente Pinillos. I am the host of a television program on "TV Norte" (Channel 35) in Piura,Peru. It is called "MUNDO & SALUD" (World & Health). We are on the air Monday through Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm. We invite professionals in the health field and talk about the most common health problems. These are doctors or experts on conventional and alternative medicines.

I had the opportunity to learn about Homa Therapy, thanks to Prof. Abel Hernandez. He was invited for an interview and he performed the Agnihotra healing fire on stage at the correct time. It was a live event. I felt very good and decided to do Agnihotra on live TV every day. People, called to say thank you, for they usually cannot go the state hospitals where this is done. Other people have come to our set to ask for the Agnihotra ash. Some people have come with

their glass jar to witness Agnihotra and receive its healing ash. Some other people like to do Agnihotra in front of the TV for we are keeping the exact timing of sunset for Piura.
We find this is a good way to help our neighbors and our planet. We have done Agnihotra for two months and we will go on with full power. "
You may visit our website: www.tvnorte-peru.com .



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Dr. Marveys Hernandez from Caracas participated in various public events for the purpose of presenting Homa Therapy to a wider range of people.
: 1. (Top left). Doing and teaching Tryambakam at the Multiplaza Victoria. 2. (Top right) during Tryambakam in the Multiplaza Paraiso. 3. (Below left). Inauguration with a Vyahruti Homa at the Multiplaza Victoria. 4. (Below right) Homa fire at the opening the Expo Enigma..


Marco Brutschin writes:

"Here I am sending you a photo of the Homa workshop we did in Berlin on December 3rd with my Tian Gong fellows. They were very happy to have been demonstrated a beautiful tool to help the planet and its living beings. The very first time we did Agnihotra together. Many felt the healing energy emitted by the fire. Some immediately received relief from ailments such as headaches, stress, etc. With many greetings. Om Shree."



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Mr. Alan Yong writes from Malaysia:
"We are indeed very grateful to Mr. Frits and Mrs. Lee from Australia for guiding us with Homa Therapy. Recently, with their and Mr. Soh Wee Hock´s and TV Chin´s help, we could establish a Homa Resonance Point at our Fruit farm in Lanchang, Pahang, West Malaytsia. Agnihotra activities are mostly centred in three places 1. Phoenix Rise at Bukit Lanjang, Kuala Lumpur. 2. Mrs. Ang's house in Kuantan, Pahang and 3. Metropolitan Park, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur."



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Ms. Mariela (2nd from the left) sent these lovely photos from an evening Agnihotra with her friends Lucrecia, Patricia and Ruth at the beach of Barranco, Lima, Peru.


Mrs. Prerana Patil writes from Amalner:
"I'm sending you some pictures of a Homa program taken in Amalner. A group of approx. 50 ladies, the TRIVENI MAHILA MANDAL ladies group, attended this program. Dilip & me, Bruce, Anne, Dr. Urlik Berk, & Suwindi came from Tapovan to talk about Agnihotra. We all did evening Agnihotra and meditated afterwards. The ladies liked it very much. Love. OM SHREE"

 We thank for the many beautiful Christmas and New Year cards

We want to wish all readers of the Homa Newsletter a Happy Year 2012 full of Peace, Bliss, Love, Prosperity, Health and Light through the Homa Fires!



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Now, more and more people ask the question (even in the pharmacy where I work) ´How to go ahead and continue with my life? They comment that their life is so messed up, that they have to worry about so many things and that they slowly lose sight of all. They start something, then a problem comes up, then another one - and then the day is over, and the month is gone, without having completed the tasks.

Do you know this feeling? Time runs and things, which we should have accomplished, pile up. This is followed by nervousness, craziness, fatigue, etc. Often the overview of the work to be done is also lost. Then you ask: what about happiness?
I have a suggestion, if you want to try. For this you need one hour of time. What, you do not have time to spare? No problem, just get up an hour earlier in the morning for the test phase.
Of course, you do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset for the balance of nature and also for your own empowerment. But now you have an hour each morning additionally for yourself! And what do we do with this time?
I've tried the following: before my life gets too busy and I have to run to accomplish all my duties, the first thing in the morning I like to do, it is one hour of Tryambakam fire. I like to spend this time in peace with the fire and what did I observe? I realize that every time, the longer I continue this Homa (it can be more than an hour, just as time permits), my thoughts about my personal situation become clearer. I find more ideas and solutions. I can live better and be more creative and more intelligent throughout the day. It is easier. It is as if I gain a much better perspective the longer I continue the Tryambakam fire. This is fantastic. Even though I start the Homa fire without any idea about what could help me, the perspective becomes clearer and clearer and clearer. And the best part of it is that this Homa fire not only brings more clarity and innovative ideas, but it also provides me with the necessary power to walk the steps that I have identified.
Although each one of us has a peculiar life situation, a good overview, a clear perception and creative ideas, can make our day easier and more effective, especially when we are filled with strength to do this all really well.
My experience is that herbs such as e.g. St. John's wort, kava kava, valerian, passion flower, etc., especially when taken together with Agnihotra ash powder can help to bring more peace into my psyche.

But in order to see more clearly and to have more strength to cope with situations, the Tryambakam fire assists in different dimensions. It strengthens and supports, especially if you practice it for an hour or longer. And that contributes to a successful, productive and happy day.
Do you want to have this experience? Then take this time - preferably early in the morning before dealing with other obligations. You can do a 14-day trial and experience for yourself this great assistance. A thousand words cannot replace your personal experience. But you have to do it!

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de



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          Simply STRIVE TOWARDS THE ONE. Live your life as normally as possible. Do not "give up" your attachments in that way. Do not place your energy there, your focus. Then this only builds up the obsession further. Simply place all at the feet of the Master. Make every action, every thought and certainly every word you speak an offering to the Divine. Then truly it is "Thy will be done and not mine". Then you serve God in various ways, in every interaction, even in sleep you serve him.

              Do not worry how this plan will unfold. You are being lifted from what could have been extreme suffering. Surrender to His will. When that attitude is there, everything comes automatically and you are filled.

               If I am going to take on a task, I am going to be responsible for it. I may delegate part of my responsibility to others but ultimately I am the one responsible for it. Then beyond being responsible for a work, the other thing is becoming responsible for my own thoughts, words and actions, being able to admit when I am wrong. Also, perhaps letting someone other than myself to say when I am right. That is, it is better to stay silent rather than point finger in blame thereby stating that “I” am the correct one. All of this is subtle at one stage later on, but at that latter stage it becomes more deadly. It is as the child who does not take responsibility for his actions. He is a child. He is excused for it. No doubt he has to learn this lesson but when that same child becomes an adult, the responsibility becomes more serious and if he is arrogant he is less likely to be excused. So it is like that.

               Stop taking everything for granted. Stop expecting that everyone serve you. Why should anyone serve you? What have you done in your life at present to desire that all others serve you? This attitude must be dug out of you.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

Solutions to every problem exist. There is no problem which does not have a correlating solution.
One must be still in order to hear it. One must be still in order that the world does not swallow your good intentions.

Now, let us examine energy. If a being vibrates at a high level of frequency, say that of a highly evolved soul, in most cases, that being will resonate with a totally different state of energy than that which makes up chaos, disharmony, violence or hatred. Hearing of or experiencing a chaotic situation may cause this higher level being to recoil, even to resist. However, if the being is fully immersed in a calm and reflective state, he or she will simply experience the negative vibrations as a ripple on the sea of life. They will be aware enough to step away from the flame. They will retreat. They will not allow the purity of their consciousness to be pulled into the fray of negative thinking. This is, of course, the realized soul.

As many of you who are reading this now are not on that level, you will experience things a bit differently, in varying intensities. However, this is the goal. Many of you are on your way to this state which is referred to in the Holy texts as “I and my Father are One.’’

And, indeed, this state is reachable in this lifetime in many cases. Having this as a goal, one can remind oneself of that aim when faced with dilemmas in everyday life.

The cities of your globe will become hotbeds of crime. Now, it is reaching cities which never reported criminal activities to the extent they are now. Even here, in Poland, crime is on the rise. It is certainly not to the extent of other countries, but it is on the rise.

This is why it is even more important to begin to make the shift to rural communities, where food can be grown in healing atmosphere, and where energies can be created which have the potential to heal the world.


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