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Living the Fivefold Path
leads us to Happiness.

The sages tell us that the development of humanity experiences cycles or epochs of light and epochs of darkness.
There have been times of Light like the one that was lived
with the Avatar Rama,
Prince of Ayodhya. At that time, the laws of Satya Dharma were practiced, and these natural catastrophes were not seen.

 To understand some of the behavior
of humanity, we can study
Vedic Astrology - Jyotish Vidya.
 According to some Vedic astrologers, we are coming out of a dark age,
Kali Yuga, and entering a time of Light, Satya Yuga.
Remember that astrology is to astronomy what physiology is to anatomy, metaphysics to physics, alchemy to chemistry, etc.
Some Western astrologers tell us that:
For +/- 2000 years, we have been living the Age of Piscis,
 characterized by:
-The search for God in a hermitage or cave, through Faith
-the attitude of martyr
-fanatism, etc.

 Since 1947, we have entered
Age of Aquarius,
 characterized by:
- The search for God through Knowledge
- Brotherhood
- Communication
- Revolutionary attitude, etc.

These changes of constellation influences have an effect
on the collective mind.

Let's do a little more Swadhyaaya (Self-study). Recently many of us witnessed 3 hurricanes (Irma, José and María) hit consecutively one region of the world. Before that, another hurricane (Harvey) had struck a relatively close area. Then we saw earthquakes in a neighboring region.
Some consider that these natural phenomena are caused by God.
 However, Saints and Spiritual Masters tell us that these catastrophes are simply consequences of man's negative actions and thoughts that violate
natural laws.

If we see a car running with excessive speed, crossing the red lights and stop signs, passing other cars surpassing double yellow lines in the curves, etc.,
we can say that this car is going to have an accident because it is breaking
the laws of transit.
If we see a person jumping from the top of a ten-story building, we can logically say that he will be injured
 or killed.
The law of gravity always operates, independent of our whims.
The Sages talk about
 the existence of Universal Laws:
Law of cause and effect = Karma
Law of vibration
Polarity Law
Mental law, etc.

Following the laws helps us avoid accidents
or make mistakes.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



        The 10 Commandments (Bible) and the prescriptive duties in the different religions are basically the same in all religions. They are Rules to be Happy and the Fivefold Path are the means to practice them.
          Yes, yes, yes, the Fivefold Path (Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaya) has been revealed to  help us to adjust our perception and mind to the new changes and practice
Satya Dharma.

 Agnihotra is also mentioned between
 the lines in the Bible - Daniel 8:26 

“The vision of the fires of morning and evening is true, but keep it a secret until the last days.”
   So, let us experience
Peace in the Soul, Light in the Mind
and Harmony in Nature.
After the darkness comes the Light. After the storm comes Peace.


Dolores Vélez
Playas, Ecuador, South America

     What I am going to tell you is something I did not want to remember anymore. But sometimes, you have to speak up so that people have faith. My son had a disease that  was considered practically incurable.
 However, my faith in God and the help of good friends, like Sonia Hunter, brought Homa Therapy to us
When a mother has a sick child, she does anything. At that time, I was accompanying my son to a Clinic in the South of Guayaquil. Since Sonias’ Homa Center is in the North, I left the clinic running to go to  Homa Therapy every day. I got my Agnihotra

(Photo: Sonia Hunter with the son of her friend Dolores.)

ash and gave it to my son with so much faith.  
        In order not to extend the story, my son was cured. He got healed!
The Medical Doctor could not believe it because his case had no cure.
And what's more, the Doctor called me to ask me what I had done and how I had done it, so he could apply this to others who were in the same situation.

  Today, my son is a young man. What I am telling you happened 9 years ago.
I had so much faith in Homa Therapy and Agnihotra ash which I gave it to him until he was cured. The diagnosis was "Osteomyelitis in both legs".

Víctor Lemus
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

       I want to share a little experience that happened just three weeks ago. We were doing Agnihotra with a group of friends and we prayed intensely for the health of a lady who was in bed in the last 15 days and could not get up.
She was in a pretty bad condition due to a "Brain Stroke" and needed the assistance of a nurse.

15 minutes after the practice of Agnihotra, the person who was asking to pray for her, received a call and was informed that she had gotten out of bed
and said that she did not need any longer a nurse.
She was fine!

(Photo: Víctor Lemus with his wife during Agnihotra.)

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Lizet Deborah Hidalgo
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
Homa Medical Center  “Buen Pastor”

   I am 24 years old and I am a renal patient. First of all, I want to thank God and secondly, to Doctor Montufar and his treatment.
    I used to leave the dialysis tired and with pains
Now, with Homa Therapy (HT),
I feel a big difference.
I get out of dialysis as I did not have had one.
And during dialysis, I am talking to everyone like a parrot.
I have been doing dialysis for 4 years,
3 times a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I feel better and I do not even feel the dialysis anymore. I have been coming to Homa Therapy for one month. I take the Agnihotra ash.

Photo: Lizet Hidalgo

Lizet's parents (Photo left) add:
      Our daughter has changed.Before she was with low energy.
Now she is more cheerful and happier.
She is in a new mood and eats everything.

Dr. Jaime Montufar gives more details:
     Something wonderful happened with this young lady. 

She came for the consultation at 5 pm, participated in Agnihotra
and at 12 midnight she began to urinate. She did not urinate for several years.
When that happened, the family was very happy. Dialysis patients usually do not urinate. This was a blessing for them, because she is a very young patient.
Before, she was a sad and depressed person. Now, she is very happy!
     When I told her that she had to stop eating meat, she said that that was the only thing which brought some joy into her life. It was like a treat for her after dialysis.
That had been her happiness and I took it away radically. I told her she could not eat
 any animal. However, when she started urinating and feeling good, she said
 she did not care about eating these things anymore.
What mattered was to improve her health.
She takes Agnihotra ashes and she is vegetarian now. She is very well!
 We are already giving her leave. There is a possibility that
she will soon be suspended from dialysis.
 Creatinine and urea have dropped
and they are almost normal.

      Some people are thinking that is the dialysis,
but I think it is God who is acting through Homa Therapy.

Consuelo Elizabeth Paladines Campoverde
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

         I'm 56 years old. I suffered from headaches, pain in my eyes and from sinusitis.
These pains were constant.
I was unable to go outdoors because my head hurt. After participating in Agnihotra and taking the ash, I noticed that I began to produce many secretions that made me spit constantly.
After two months, I was not suffering any more from sinusitis, headaches, or pain in my eyes.
Also, before I started the practice of Homa Therapy, I could not sleep well. I hardly slept for 6 to 8 months.

I was exhausted. Now, by taking the Agnihotra ash, I can sleep well. At the beginning of the HT, I slept day and night, recovering the lost hours of sleep and my health.
(Photo: Ms. Consuelo Paladines)

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 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

    The Chilean Fivefold Path Foundation organized again a Homa Ecological Farming Workshop on the farm “Satsang” on September 22nd, 2017. Satsang is located in the town of Curacaví.

    12 people participated in this full-day activity. As it has already been noticed, each workshop has different nuances, according to the interest of the participants.
   In this opportunity, the sowing and transplanting processes were deepened under the principles of organic farming and Homa technology, reviewing contents on the use of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy ash in the treatment of seeds, soil preparation, composting, the elaboration of Homa bio-fertilizer “Biosol Gloria”, among other aspects.

(Photos of this page: Homa Farming workshop.)

We reviewed topics such as:
1. Homa Therapy: Aspects of the origin of this Vedic knowledge were deepened. The happenings in the atmosphere during sunrise in combination with the Mantras and the burning Agnihotra Fire was explained. How to perform the basic Fire – Agnihotra was showed. And the areas where Homa Therapy can be applied were covered.
2. Use of Homa Ash in farming and preparation of Homa bio-fertilizers: Agnihotra Ash Solution and Gloria Biosol Homa.
3. Basic principles about sowing and transplanting.
Concepts to carry out sowing and transplanting of crops of interest, such as:

• Preparation of soil and high beds
• Preparation of seedbeds and of the seeds to be used. Defining the crops of interest to work with.
• Development of the garden design.
• Irrigation and frequency
4. Agronomic considerations for the maintenance of an orchard, such as weeding, pruning, applications of organic matter to the soil.

  The participants showed great interest in continuing to learn and develop Homa Technology. An atmosphere of dialogue about the diverse experiences, aspirations and

common goods was created.
 The practical stage of the workshop was basically planting and preparing seedlings, as well as transplanting seedlings in 2 high beds, applying concepts of diversity with polycultures (that is, different species from vegetables, medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants), promoting biodiversity in the agro-ecosystem, one of the fundamental principles of Homa organic farming. The workshop concluded with Agnihotra fire at sunset.

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 responsible for
1 in 6 global deaths

  (CNN) The fatal effects of pollution are seen
 across our planet.

In 2015, nearly one in six deaths, an estimated nine million worldwide, was related to pollution in some form - air, water, soil,

chemical or occupational pollution, according to a new report published Thursday in The Lancet. Air pollution is by far the largest contributor to early death. Water pollution, responsible for 1.8 million deaths, and workplace-related pollution, which led to 0.8 million deaths, pose the next largest risks, the report noted.
 For more information, please see:
 and the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioIscB4o6bw


 Cuba’s Urban Farming Revolution:
How to Create Self-Sufficient Cities

      Havanas’s unique agricultural infrastructure emerged from punishing trade sanctions following the fall of the USSR. But today, it provides an exemplary precedent
 that could be applied worldwide.
Without the feed, fertilisers and fuel that had once sustained the nation, Cuba’s Green Revolution system of

agriculture effectively unravelled. Presented with a near collapse of its food provisioning system, the Cuban government responded with an overhaul of agriculture on the island, prioritising organic farming methods, the production of useful edible crops and the use of peasant labour. For more info please see:



Dr. Peter Glidden
The 3rd leading cause of death in the USA is
 MD directed treatment as published in
 the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA.
This means you go to a medical doctor, MD, he gives you a treatment and you die from it. According to the United States Dept. of Health and Human Services, 15 000 Medicare patients are killed every month by M.D. treatment.

For more information, please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd3BCYQ6MOY

North Korean children
playing the guitar.


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Arriving from Colombia in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the meetings, teachings, learnings and sharing of the many benefits and joys of Homa Therapy began immediately.
The Homa family of Guayaquil consists in a growing group of dedicated Agnihotris.

 The first meetings of purification and healing through the Mass Practice of Agnihotra
took place in Amaranto (Amar=Love), gourmet vegetarian restaurant of Mrs. Mary Agustina Mejías and her husband Patricio Feijoo.
(Photos to the left)

Dr. Jaime Montufar, Surgeon, invited us to his weekly radio program
 "The Doctor at Home" in the
 Catholic University of Santiago de

Guayaquil, where Dr. Montufar and patients report
 their experiences with  Homa Therapy.

 Photos: Prof. Abel, Aleta, Dr. Jaime with program director Carlos Rivera, & patient Deisy.

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Healing Encounter with the Ayurvedic Fires at the Homa Medical Center,
the "Good Shepherd" of Dr. Jaime Montufar.

Doctor Montufar treats all of his patients with Homa Therapy and other natural additional treatments.  Patients with a group of Agnihotris from Guayaquil who shared Agnihotra. The technique was taught to the newcomers,
and everyone chanted the Agnihotra Mantras at sunset.

Then we remained silent with the healing air, recovering health and well-being. We experienced another night of Peace, another night of Love, limitless expanding  Light in our hearts ...

(Photos of this page in the Homa Medical Center "El Buen Pastor" - "The Good Shepherd")
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Saturdays and Sundays
 are ideal days to:
- come together and
 thank with many Agnihotra Fires for the blessings received on each day
- send Light and Peace
-pray for the less fortunate and
- Give Thanks ...

Photos: Re-Union in the Restaurant Amaranto.
Thanks to the infinite GRACE.

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Meeting in Amaranto where Abel and Aleta told some stories about their recent trip to India.
 They also
showed  videos and photos of the Sewadham Homa Ashram”.

Now, there is a group of volunteers who wish to do Service in this Homa Ashram
and meet Sudhir bhai and his great Homa family in Ujjain, M.P.
  (Photo below: the meeting closed with many Agnihotra Fires and with happy hearts full of love towards all beings on our wonderful planet Earth.)

Of course,
 we also met during
the week to practice Agnihotra, Tryambakam Homa and learn more
 about the many achievements of
Homa Therapy
in different areas.

Enjoying Peace in front of Agnihotra and deepening in Meditation.

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Doctor Cesar Merino, Urologist and Sexologist,
well known in Ecuador for his television health programs, always invites us to accompany him and his mother with Agnihotra.

Photo: Dr. Cesar Merino - first to the left practicing Agnihotra with friends.
A dream of Dr. Cesar has come true: Now, a nurse
 who is Agnihotri, is working with him!     It's Mrs. Gloria Álvarez.

 (Photos left and below)) Agnihotra meeting at the first Homa Center in Guayaquil.

Here, Homa Therapy is taught and practiced. Agnihotra is shared from Monday through Friday at 5.30pm.
We listened to the many new Homa experiences and stories, and took the opportunity for
 Group Meditation.

This Homa Center was established by Dr. James Peterson and Sonia Hunter
approx. 15 years ago.

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  After the practice of Agnihotra, deep meditation comes almost automatically. It is a state of inner peace and tranquility, where thoughts remain quiet and Silence extends ...
  Prof. Abel encourages to explore more and more the depth of silence through Swadhyaya (self-knowledge) and tells stories where truth and goodness
always triumph.
At the end this is the only way.

Photos of this page: encounters with Homa Therapy at the Homa Center Urdesa, under the guidance of Sonia Hunter.

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Teaching of the
 Shree Suktam
with Agnihotra practitioners.

After repeating the Mantras of the Shree Suktam again and again for correct pronunciation, we move on to the practice of this powerful Homa. 
Many Agnihotris already practice it regularly.
Photo left:  Shree Suktam

 At sunset we shared Agnihotra with everyone.
And we meditated,
forgetting time.
 In the here and now, it seems that time does not exist.

to the right and below: practice of Agnihotra in the Homa Center Guayaquil

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  More wonderful teachings, learnings, meetings and gatherings with the Agnihotra Fire in Amaranto.
We breathe consciously in this purified atmosphere, opening all the closed doors of our mind, letting in
the Divine


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     Homa Therapy was invited by the
 Foundation for blind  "January 4th",
 through Diego Rodriguez,
 who despite his blindness, practices Agnihotra regularly with the help of his family and friends.
Photos of this page:

-Prof. Abel was speaking to a group of blind people and their relatives about

 Homa Therapy and its benefits for physical and mental well-being.
-Physio-therapeutic yoga exercises.
-Practice of Agnihotra with the support and participation of a group of Homa volunteers.
- Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi.
-Diego Rodriguez and Ivette Carranza.

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   Through music teacher, Mrs. Cecilia Saltos
(center with blue blouse)
Homa Therapy came to Playas.
This is a small, picturesque coastal town three hours from Guayaquil.

     Several Homa fellows arrived from Guayaquil for support and
to enjoy a beautiful day on the beach.
Prof. Abel and Aleta -explained with video testimonies the effectiveness of Homa Therapy 
-taught the sunset Mantras
-and answered questions.
We heard the testimony of Mrs. Dolores Vélez
and the amazing recovery from osteomyelitis with Homa Therapy - see page 2.
At sunset, we joint for evening Agnihotra and followed the instructions of Prof. Abel.
 We remained meditating with peace inside, below a big tree and surrounded by nature.
  Every  Agnihotri told a short versión of their Homa Healing Story.
 We were amazed at the Magnitude, Diversity
and Grace received by every one through AGNIHOTRA.

This healing technique is so simple, efficient and practically free of cost.

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Mrs. Diana Molano wrote from Villavicencio:

With great emotion,
 I share the recent images of our Homa meetings of Love and Healing.

Two years ago, in the Santa Isabel, neighborhood of Villavicencio, Mr. Audo Quesada Rujana

started to promote the Homa fires among the Gnostic Community on Saturdays. More Gnostics are encouraged to heal the planet through this powerful Agnihotra technique by experiencing the positive results around the church, where there is now less destitution and more security.

Photos above
and to
the left:

Agnihotra practice
in the Gnostic Church
of  Villa-vicencio.

On October 1st, we held our second pyramid gathering in “Cerro de Cristo Rey”, with two new Agnihotra practitioners. We enjoyed the beauty of Nature which seemingly was celebrating with us the Agnihotra Fire. Om Shree
 (Photos of Christo Rey below and on the first row of the next page.)

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    Mrs. Diana Molano and her husband, Endir Rozo, wrote from Villavicencio:

      The CASA HOMA TCHIGUATCHIE is a refuge of the Fire in Villavicencio.
 With the practice of Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa,
 we share the healing energy of this place
. (Photos below)
(Photo right:) Little Martín, with his father Hernán Melo,  continues to strengthen his heart with the help of Homa Therapy.

Photos left:

Weekly meetings with the Homa Healing Fires at the
"Samadhi Yoga School"
 of Mr. Audo Quezada in
 the center of Villavicencio City.

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Mrs. Denia Cordero wrote and sent the photos of this page from Costa Rica:

 We performed Tryambakam Homa at the 'Casa Namasté', a place where we were invited by
 Mr. Arturo
, organizer of holistic events.
 It is a place located in the province Heredia;
it is beautiful and one feels a lot of love.
We enjoyed the wonderful energy that emanated from the Homa pyramidal fires, uniting us
 in Peace and Joy.

Many thanks to everyone sharing these wonderful and healing Vedic Fires of Homa Therapy. Om Shree
Photo on the left: Mrs. Delia sharing Homa Therapy.
Photos below: Homa meeting in Heredia province.

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We received the following photos and comments about Homa sessions in Armenia, Quindío and Cali, Valle del Cauca:

       Homa Therapy and the healing fires returned to the city Cali, through a reunion with the group "Senda y Sentido", which had experienced Agnihotra during a trip to Europe.

        Through the practice of Agnihotra, and other Homa fires such as Vyahruti and Tryambakam an atmosphere is created with healing effects and we connect with our internal fire.

The members of this workshop participated in the Homas and chanting of Mantras.
With sunset AGNIHOTRA, everyone enjoyed every second

 of that harmony and peace created.
The workshop was accompanied by yoga and meditation, exercises for mind and body.
Once again, we confirm the importance and the need to cure and heal our environment, knowing that the Homa Fires help us to cleanse our atmosphere.
That is why the community of Quindio meets every day in BoticaSol and participates in Agnihotra at sunset.

 Photos above during the workshop in Cali. Photo right:
Teaching of Agnihotra and sharing its healing ash every day in the BoticaSol.
The Homa sessions are guided by Mothers Dora, Anandaji, Mercedes, and others.

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Part I: The need to purify the air we breathe

By Jessica Auza

      Certainly city life can be comfortable, quite convenient in different ways and fun. Usually people have their family, friends, jobs, schools there. Of course, also there can be many challenges. Whether aware or not, one has to deal with rising levels of pollution, life occurring at an accelerated pace, health issues, increasing family and job responsibilities, violence and security concerns, emotional upheaval and much stress, to name a few. All these I have seen often happening as I was born in a big city and lived in big cities most of my life, in Peru and in the United States.

  If you are going through some type of struggle in any of these areas; or you enjoy living in the city but are willing to further improve the quality of your life; or you would like to do something very simple, yet significant, for you, your loved ones and at the same time for the environment, AGNIHOTRA can help you much.

Few people realize the tremendous impact pollution - in the air, water, soil, etc. - has in every one of us, not to mention plants and animals. Pollution not only affects our physical body but also puts much tension on our mind. Air pollution alters the functioning of life energy (known as Prana, Chi, Ki or else) pulsating through us and this disturbance is immediately transferred to our mind. Why? Because the atmosphere controls the flow of Prana, and Prana and mind work as two sides of the same coin. That means, our mind responds to whatever change occurs in the atmosphere. Thus, whenever there is pollution in the air, there will be pressure on our mind which in turn could create unhappiness, confusion, disharmony, difficulty to concentrate and be efficient, inability to communicate effectively, mental illness, emotional turbulence, disease, among others. That is, pollution affects our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, the way we feel, the way we react to every situation in life, the decisions we make and of course how our body consequently responds and functions.

Nowadays we can see violence rising everywhere, among family members in their own homes, at schools, at workplaces, all the way to wars of all types being fought worldwide.

Also we are witnessing the increase of disease, from mild colds and allergies to mental illness, cancer and degenerative diseases. Certainly many factors and habits can influence our overall health state, but something we are ALL doing is breathing 24 hours a day and if the

air we breathe is polluted, this definitely will affect us
 in many levels.

Hence the urgent need to do something to purify
 the air we breathe
. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and it is so simple,
anyone can learn to do:

Next time we will take a closer look at what Agnihotra can do for you. (to be continued)

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agriculture: Food Quality II

      Now let us see whether Homa Farming has a positive effect on the nutritional value also. Again we find a lot of information in the four M.Sc. theses done at Dharwad Agricultural University (Karnataka, South India). Homa Farming methods were compared with organic methods (without Homa) and with conventional farming methods. The crops planted were soy beans, cabbage, tomatoes, and okra. (Okra is also known as ladies’ fingers, a vegetable quite popular in Asian and African countries.)

Results were as follows:

Soy beans

5% increase in protein content.
9,5% increase in oil content.

β-Amilase was increased by 35% compared to control in unsprouted seeds. After germination this increase went up to 66%.
Invertase was increased by 45% compared to control in unsprouted seeds. After germination this increase went up to 100%.

TSS (Brix) value in cabbage increased by 39% compared to control.
„TSS“ means „Total soluble solids“. Brix is the unit (one degree Brix means 1% in the solution).
Brix is an indicator for food quality: Higher Brix means higher nutrient density, better taste, resistance to disease – better quality.
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) was increased by 11%.
Total free phenols (important for their antioxidant effects) were increased by 18%.
Protein content increased by 16%.
Nitrogen content increased by 19%, sulphur by 71% and potassium by 19%.
Also micronutrients like Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe were increased between 4% and 13%.

Increase in quality parameters like ascorbic acid (49%), lycopene (40%), phenols (7%) and TSS (10%) was found due to soil and foliar application of Homa Biosol as compared to organic control.

Increase in quality parameters of okra like ascorbic acid (0.5-34%), phenols (2-8%), nitrogen (3-28%), phosphorus (4-58%), potassium (45-98%), micronutrients like Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe (51-52%, 31-48%, 3-17% and 2-23%, respectively) was registered due to different homa treatments as compared to conventional control not exposed to homa atmosphere at crop harvest stage.

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        Another very interesting result was from Abhay Mutalik Desai who has his Homa Organic Farm near Belgaum (Karnataka, India).
He grew vanilla (photo right), and before selling he gave samples of the vanilla to a lab for testing the vanillin content.
The best commercial result is 25% to 28% vanillin by weight. But his result was 36% by weight.
The lab people first thought they had made some mistake in the analysis as such a high value was not seen before, so they ran the test again – with the same result. (photo below).
     This shows that in Homa Farming important nutritional parameters are increased, in some cases quite drastically.

Homa Organic Farming products thus support our health as they supply us with all sorts of micronutrients which our bodies need (and often do not get). You could even say that Homa Farming food becomes a medicine.

  138 / 22



       Because of the extreme cleansing of atmosphere and charging of all energies present people will begin to feel their inner cellular structure changing. They will call it by other sensations or senses but it is that. Cellular structure is changing. This is as ORION has instructed the beginning, of the shift into the ‘Light bodies’. People in these special places will start reporting visions. Also in photographs Light will appear, strange shapes of Light will appear, also discs of Light and what appears to be another body behind the body that is physically present.

     The wicked destroy themselves with their own karma. You have been sheltered and protected from the world all this time. You were told not to worry, not to fear; everything will be taken care of. Can you imagine being in the world, desperate and Vasant says ‘no need to worry’. For some these words are all they need to hear. How many times they were spoken to you? You have got such a big ego. You ask how one becomes humble. You cannot “think humble thoughts” or “do humble deeds”. It is just something that develops in the heart and it comes from love and faith. Don’t ask for anything but forgiveness.

      Cows that live in Yajnya atmosphere, especially those which are born in Yajnya atmosphere, give very pure milk. It is like you are given medicine when you drink the fresh white milk, when you burn the dung, use the breath and the urine. Also, the cow is a good worker. They can be of much use on a farm.

      To be used as an instrument with so much work that is required, one must develop greater humility, honesty and DEVOTION TO SERVICE TO ALL PEOPLE.

      Pace yourself. If you are tired then work steadily rather than too fast, too hard. Keep pace regular. Do Mantra.

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received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland

On Healing and Higher Realms
Yes, yes. At the present time, there is a great influx of healing energies being directed to planet Earth. These higher energies cannot be measured with any accuracy, as many go way beyond the levels shown on measurement machines. Nor is it even within the scope of human intelligence. It is like another dimension of your reality, which coincides with your reality on this planet, but goes beyond human understanding.

It is in this dimension or higher realm, as you might call it, that true healing takes place. It is the source or resource upon which you call to attend to your prayers. And your purest of thoughts rest there.

On days when the energy for ‘doing’ appears to be more frenetic or less pinpointed and focused—go within. It is far easier to access those subtle realms when you are able to be still and listen, allowing yourself to be refilled, your energy to be released and spirit rejuvenated.

Then, with that belly full of Light, efficiency will be fine-tuned. Dear all. Rejoice in your place of power. Allow for Divine to fill you with Joy. Then, with Joy in hand and in heart, move forward. And by all means, ENJOY IT!

Blessings. Laughter and Light. OM.

On Manifestation and Divine Will
Yes, yes. While there are many who subscribe to the theory that promotes the basic tenets of material madness, there are those who realize there are other ways to manifest what is most vital for humanity. Whether this is on a grand scale or a small, individual scale, manifesting what is meant to be can be quite an energetic process. It is not to say that one should ask for what one wants. It is also not to suggest that through human’s insistent efforts and pleas that goals can be reached. Not at all.

Manifesting what one knows to be Divine Will is working with higher resources to achieve that which is already underway, in a sense. Once an idea is born, if it is Divinely inspired or connects with that which is of a spiritual nature, it is already in the seeding, germinating process. Then, what human beings can do, at this point, is either nurture, guide and protect that which is in this germination process or simply ignore it!

We see it as a positive move to nurture and protect the seeds of Divinely inspired projects. Then, you are part of the creative process and not just a pleased onlooker. One begins to take one’s role more seriously or more sincerely. It is not a matter of wishing nor is it a matter of demanding. One checks in first to ascertain whether his or her idea is one which is for the highest good of all involved, whether it is truly Divine Will that it be created.

Manifestation comes through constantly turning that brilliant idea, concept, dream or vision over to Higher sources for activation. Always utter the words, “Not my will, but Thy Will be done.” Then, you are neither interfering with Divine Will nor asking for a thing—only participating joyfully in the process.

Dreams are a necessary part of envisioning a better world. When one’s dreams are in tune with one’s environment and with the Higher Source, one can be certain that to follow them will yield results and that those results are in Higher Hands. Helping to mold and create one’s dreams in tune with Divine is exhilarating. There are no delays or derails in Divine Plan. One thing appears one way and can shift positively in a heartbeat, when one is in tune with Divine Will. Blessings. OM.

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