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Practical is to live the Fivefold Path.

Love God above all things.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Love yourself by
knowing yourself.
Know yourself through Reflection and Meditation.

Love through selfless service.
Serve the neighbor.

Pray, sing and dance more often.
See that a person, who hurts others, it is unaware of his/her actions or is ill. If he/she was conscious and healthy,
he/she would not do that.

Use language carefully and remember that a friendship of many years
can be ruined by:
- harsh language
- lack of communication
- misunderstanding
- lack of prudence
- a moment of anger, etc.
Although all this can be avoided with a little common sense, this sense is not very common nowadays.

And yes, yes, yes, you can be very practical by helping yourself
and  others through
the practice of the Fivefold Path.
Yagnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya)

For some people to be practical today, means to carry out activities that generate a lot of money or give us much pleasure, fame or power.
Others define the word practical to whatever:
- is feasible
- is executable
- makes sense.
For others the word “practical“
 is always:

To tell the truth.
To not hurt anyone;
not even by thinking.
To not steal.
Not wanting the goods
of others.
Respect for the parents.
To honor all members of
 the family.
To love and to serve
 the neighbor.
To love everyone, even
the enemy.
To act according to
 God's law:
The 10 Commandments of the Bible, the Precepts of the Sacred Books, the Counsels of the Saints,
 the Dharma, etc.

Live each day as if it were the last. Focus our attention on the present, on what we do
 in each moment.
Say “I love you”
and laugh more often.
Rejoice over the achievements of your neighbor.
Ask God for more wisdom before you act.
Read and learn the Vedas,
 the Bible, the Koran or
other Holy Scriptures.
Learn to say the Truth with Love and Compassion, without hurting anyone.
Love unconditionally.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



Hernan Melo Garcia
Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

   I am 44 years old. I heard about Homa Therapy 4 years ago through the Yoga professors, Endir and Diana. At that time I was in a constant spiritual quest. I had gone through various religious organizations, but the practice of Homa Therapy filled me completely, because I felt Peace; that peace which I did not find elsewhere.
15 years ago, working in the Army, I was shot. There were four bullets and one of them broke the spinal cord. Since then, I have not been able to walk. The condition of being paraplegic also brings collateral damage to the urinary system, digestive system, oseo-muscular atrophy, etc. All this deteriorates the health and affects the quality of life. I have a tube 24 hours a day, so I get a lot of bacteria into my bladder and this

Photo: Hernan Melo
with his son Martin

caused me health problems, infections, fever, etc.
    With Homa Therapy, I felt strengthened. Although I only practice Agnihotra twice or thrice times a week, I take the Agnihotra ash daily. And now, I do not suffer any more from these problems.
    I tell this my colleagues who are with the same disability and have similar problems because of the permanent catheter. Usually, one needs to take antibiotics regularly. Now, I have 3 years without using any antibiotics.
  Homa Therapy is an integral therapy. It helps the mental and physical parts.
There is also the case of my son Martin who is 3 years old. He is my stepson, but I love him as if he were my own. He had a close experience with the Homa Fire when he still was in the mothers’ womb and Mother Irma Garcia came to visit. The 4-months pregnant mother participated in the mandala workshops and in sunset Agnihotra. The unborn received the healing radiation of the Homa Fires. At the age of two months, it turned out that the baby had a heart condition; he was born with a single ventricle. He then was operated and hospitalized for a year. They did two open-heart surgeries in the city Medellin. Most children who are operated with this condition do not survive, but he did. He takes the Agnihotra ash and accompanies me, whenever possible during Agnihotra. He likes it very much. He plays, runs, jumps, but he may need another surgery later on.

Beatriz Rangel
Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia, South America

      I suffered from allergic rhinitis and continuous headache. My eyes were affected and my nose was constantly clogged. I always was taking pills, syrups, all kinds of anti-allergens.
When I went to the doctor and he said: "You will have to be operated." I had the septum deviated, but that was not such a serious thing to provoke all these symptoms.
Then I learned about Homa Therapy. Two years ago when Prof. Abel gave a presentation in the city. Mr. Audo took me there. When I arrived there, I told Audo that I had to leave because I cannot resist the air conditioning, the fans, or

any of these. But he replied: “Do not leave, get closer to the pyramid and see how the smoke will ease your problems.”
(Photo: Mrs. Beatriz Rangel giving her testimony at ‘Los Fundadores’ Park.)
The Homa presentation lasted about 2 hours and when I left, I could breathe freely through my nose.
Due to that experience, I bought my Agnihotra kit. I started doing Agnihotra every day at sunrise and at sunset. I had suffered with this rhinitis all my life. I have had problems with the bronchi since I was little. I could not withstand the cold winter.
When I started doing the Agnihotra every day and took its healing ash, I started to feel better. I put this ash also in water and took the clear top part with a dropper and put them inside my nostrils. Besides, another benefit was that I started cleaning and fixing the house, because I was so happy and I was reliefed from these problems.     (Continued on next page)

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Continued testimony of Mrs. Beatriz Rangel:
Then I went to the Doctor again and told him what I was doing and how I felt.
 The doctor examined me and then said: “It is incredible, what was black inside, now has a rosy color as it should be.” And further on he also said: “If you want the surgery, we will do it, but if you don’t want it, that is alright to.” I did not go back again to see the doctor.

Audo Quesada
Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia, South America

      I started practicing Homa Therapy about 2 years ago. I had suffered a heart attack (coronary ischemia and acute myocardial infarction) without medical explanation. I am an athlete, I practice yoga since 18 years and I handled stress well.
However, a separation or emotional problem can create such damage. I did not know how to handle a separation and I went into a depression. After 3 months I had the heart attack.
The doctors could not do anything. 60% of the heart died - 50% of the left side and 10% of the right side.
I recovered slowly. I started the practice of yoga in this park (Los Fundadores). Now we have a fixed group of 45 people and a transitional group of 35 people doing yoga here.
 The practice of Homa Therapy has also increased the members of the yoga group - why?

(Photo: Audo Quesada in the park Las Fundadores.)

Because we share the Homa fires with others as we received them. There is an axiom that says that ‘he who does not live to serve, does not de-serve to live’. This is one of the prerogatives we must keep in mind.
The Homa Fires help us to serve ourselves and serve our neighbors, to heal ourselves and help heal others. This is called a Blessing.
When we do this process, we get the healing Agnihotra ash and we distribute it freely to everyone. No one is paying. This is not a business. You will realize this when you have your own Agnihotra pyramid and are helping yourself and helping your family, your neighbors and the world.
This is a very small investment. I had to invest more than 9 000 000 for my heart problem. And here, you have to invest is almost nothing, 180 000 pesos for an Agnihotra kit with all things included.
This way, I get my medicine daily. That heart problem caused me insomnia, I did not sleep. In other words, I slept an hour or so, then I was awake.
My surprise was when Diana Molano invited me to the departmental assembly, because Prof. Abel and Aleta had arrived to give a Homa Therapy presentation. I said let's see, because I like this kind of natural things. We participated and everything was very beautiful. The next morning, I woke up with the song of the little birds. Oh my God, I wondered what time it was? Because I had fallen asleep and slept through the whole night, like a little angel. It was 10 minutes to 6 am and I run to the park to participate in Agnihotra. And the next night the same, and the following night the same.
Then I told Diana, please get a Agnihotra kit for me and I invited everyone to our Yoga Center on Thursday. Thus 45 people arrived at the inauguration of Homa Therapy. Now we are practicing Homa Therapy for two years at the Samadhi Yoga School. This year, in January, when I went through tough heart medical tests, holter and stress tests, and so on, the doctors said they had been wrong with my previous exams, because now 48% of the heart is working.!!!
Maybe? But these miracles happen with Homa Therapy. This is not to believe, it is a technique which has to be done with discipline. You can see the results for yourself without believing, without belonging to any specific religion. I received the benefit through the Homa Fires, this Vedic ancestral medicine.

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By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

    The Agricultural Development Institute (INDAP), of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, organized on 6 and 7 September 2017, the 1st Symposium on Agro-ecology for Family Agriculture. Recognition was given for the creativity and effort to those small farmers and/or their organizations, which develop agro-ecological production systems in the country's agricultural food sector.

   Mrs. Irma Castillo, who practices Homa Therapy, received an agro-ecological recognition.
(Photo below)

    Let’s recall that Mrs. Irma Castillo, is a farmer belonging to the Valley of Calama, Region of Antofagasta-Chile. She has participated in organic farming programs since 2013.
    A year ago, she learned about Homa agricultural technology and she started with the discipline of Agnihotra on her farm. She has an exclusive place to carry out the Homa fires, which is located next to her vegetable garden and greenhouse. Everything she produces is for family consumption.
     For INDAP, in the Region of Antofagasta it is crucial to support these initiatives since they fulfill the objective of supporting peasant family farming and sustainable food production, as well as boosting and strengthening rural talents that can be models for others to imitate and follow. As a result, another agricultural technical assistance unit in the region asked for advice on Homa Ecological Farming.
      (Photos below: the Homa garden; Mrs. Irma Castillo practicing Agnihotra.)

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Maria Teresa Nuñez
Tenjo, Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America

  It is very easy to imagine what this farm was like 40 years ago, if you look at the photo of the land next to it. (photo right)
    This farm was the same; arid, dry soil without a single flower, without a single tree. There was absolutely nothing growing.

The soil here is very clayey and this place was full of brickworks. That's what this clay is good for, to make bricks.
So first of all, to have what we have and to enjoy this paradise, we have to keep in mind that here are tons of black earth that we have been mixing with this clayey soil for many years.

    But the great change, after 40 years, occurred when Homa Therapy was implemented on this farm. We always had struggled a lot to have any tiny plant, and it was very little what we got and we got it very slowly. It was quite complicated. To tell you an anecdote: I dreamed for 20 years or more to have a 'papayuelo'.  (Photo left - This is a fruit from the papaya family, but it is eaten cooked, not raw and it grows in cold climate only.)
I would call the neighboring farmers and friends and they would give me papayuelito seedling and their advice on how to grow the little tree: "You do not look at it" and I did not look at it.

Another said, "You have to look at them" and I would look at them and talk to them. The other would say, "Take care of it a lot" and I took good care of it. Another one said "Do not pay any attention to the plant". I followed those wise women's advice for years, but nothing worked. Papayuelos did not grow on this soil. Neither did pears. These were two fruits, which I dreamed of having on my land. They also reminded me of the farm of my grandparents in Ubate. In spite of all the effort, they never grew.

  When Homa Therapy arrived, I moved from Bogota to the farm to support the daily practice of the Homa Fires.
   It took approximately three years to see all the splendid results of Homa Therapy in its wide range, because first of all, the Fires had to cleanse a lot of negative energies from this place, on a subtle level.

However, I did the Homa Fires without expecting anything in return.
Suddenly, papayuelos began to appear everywhere. Now, they grow almost like weed, everywhere. They are laden with fruits all year round! And most amazing is that since they are small, not even six inches high, they are already blooming. It is an extremely rare thing! And then the first pears also grew!

 (Photos: Mrs. María Teresa and her Homa Farm.)

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     Now, this place is a paradise. With the following story you can see how surprising this place is: My dad gave me a banana bonsai. But since I do not like bonsai, they seem to me like a caged animal, I told my gardener to plant it in the open land.
Listen well - that bonsai gave me a banana bunch! And here in this climate!

And so I can tell you many stories of every plant that lives here. They are so happy!

What once was pure clay, now is fertile soil, which one can check by reading the soil analysis I made about two years ago.
Everything flowers, everything! It is almost like you throw a stone anywhere and it flowers! For example the Balu, which is not from here; it belongs to a tropical humid climate of around 1,800 meters height. Here, we are at 2,600 meters above sea level and the balu has already bloomed. I plant everything, because my faith, based on experiences with Homa Therapy, is enormous.
(Photos of the Homa Farm and the interior of the Agnihotra hut.)

Most impressive is what happens with some of the fruit trees. For example, the feijoa gives one crop per year, and then it rests. Now, the feijoas give one crop after another. We cannot keep up making candy, jams, marmalades, etc. Another example is the chili, which are now loaded all the time.
Or the tomato tree (tomate de árbol). I have to place wooden forks underneath the branches to help support the weight of the fruits. They are so loaded that not one other tomato would fit.

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     With Homa Therapy one sees some amazing things. My experiences have been absolutely wonderful. (Photos: Tenjo Homa Farm; photo below right: tomato fruit tree.)
I have 25 different kinds of aromatic herbs, 25 kinds of fruit trees, I plant all the vegetables possible and that is my food. I have not been to a supermarket for years. I eat whatever is in the garden!
Here we collect the rain water and everything is perfect. Also many birds come here and in the morning it is always a concert. Everything is beautiful. All the residents practice Homa Therapy. On full moon and new moon, we do 12 hours of Tryambakam Homa and sometimes 24 hours with people from outside, who also appreciate this wonderful Homa atmosphere.

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Chile Chile Rejects $2.5 Billion Iron Mine
 to Protect Penguins

    The Chilean government has just turned down a $2.5 billion mining project in favor of endangered wildlife conservation.
The original project proposal was for an iron mining initiative launched by the Andes Iron firm in the Coquimbo region. The region is dangerously close to the National Humboldt Penguin Reserve: a collection of islands that house and protect the Humboldt penguin, along with several other endangered species.

“The compensation measures were insufficient and could not guarantee the protection of species of concern,” Environmental Minister Marcelo Mena told the Associated Press.  For more information please see:


Your Table Salt Is Likely Sprinkled With Microplastics, Research Reveals

By Trevor Nace, Sept. 14, 2017
The study sampled store bought salt from the United States, UK, France, and Spain and found that in most instances the ordinary table salt contained small fragments of plastic.
Specifically, they found microfibers from primarily

water bottles, one of the most commonly used and discarded plastics in the world. Scientists are beginning to notice trends in the ubiquitous presence of plastics from the smallest creatures in the sea to large land mammals.  For more information please see: https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2017/09/14/table-salt-contains-carcinogenic-plastic-study/#5716e41175a1


How Climate Related Natural Disasters
Affect Mental Health

    Research indicates that extreme weather events such as large storms, flooding, droughts and heat waves are likely to become more frequent or more intense with climate change. Experiencing disasters related to climate and weather can cause significant stress and distress for many and contribute to more serious mental health issues.
A report from the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change identifies specific mental health impacts, noting that

climate change and associated natural disasters cause “anxiety-related responses, and later chronic and severe mental health disorders.” For example, both flooding and prolonged droughts have been associated with elevated levels of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorders.
For more information please see: https://www.psychiatry.org/patients-families/climate-change-and-mental-health-connections/affects-on-mental-health 



These Japanese artists use
Light in their performance. Enjoy!


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      We arrived in Villavicencio, the capital of the Department Meta, in the company of Maria Teresa. There, the "Homa Fire couple" Diana Molano y Endir Joaquín Rozo, had organized in advance all the Homa meetings, presentations and teachings for each day during our stay. How wonderful! A newspaper article had already come out with the invitations.
Another one printed right away an interview with Prof. Abel. The TV (Photo below) came to record on Homa Therapy and its effects on human health, agriculture and animals.
        Photos from newspapers: click to enlarge and read articles. Photo right: Poster of the ‘Homa House Tchiguachie’, where the

professionals Diana and Endir (Photo below right) offer, in addition to Homa Therapy (which is always free), other activities for physical and emotional well-being.
We also want to thank their son, Santiago, for the professional photos (some of which are published here).

Photos below : First Homa workshop in 'Samadhi Yoga School' of Mr. Audo Quezada and his wife Carola Pulido. Mr. Audo is a holistic therapist and art teacher.
It was a wonderful Homa encounter, filled with teachings, Yoga and Pranayama exercises, laughters, video and live testimonies, clarifying questions and refining the Agnihotra technique. Villavicencio has a dedicated group of Agnihotris,
who meet regularly at various sites.

137 / 09



Photos first row: Teachings of Homa Therapy; self-hug of un-conditional Love towards oneself...
Photos above and right: Agnihotra, silence and meditation at Audos' School.

The second activity was held at the 'Universidad Autónoma de Nariño' in Villavicencio, where “the positive effects of Homa Therapy on health and especially for lowering stress levels” were presented. Stress is as an imbalance
 that affects first our weakest link, which can be anywhere in our body.
(Photo below to the left: Maria Teresa and others Agnihotris maintained the Tryambakam Homa during the event. Photo right: Prof. Abel interacting with the assistants.)

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      The same stress can cause different symptoms and illnesses in different people.
The regular practice of the Homa Medicinal Fires has a calming effect on the nervous system and produces a balance in the physical, mental and emotional body. (Photos below: Prof. Abel is inquiring about health problems.; enjoying a break with music, songs and dance for Mother Earth, guided by Emilcen and Felipe.

Photos above, to the right and below: Preparation and mass practice of sunset Agnihotra Healing Fire at the University of Nariño.
Agnihotra, the Blessing that calms the mind and produces silence...

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(Photo below:)  The weekend Homa Event had been programmed in a public park called 'Parque Fundadores' and was made possible thanks to a joint effort!
Prof. Abel explained: what Homa Therapy is and what for these Fires serve.
There were live testimonials from several Agnihotris of Villavicencio.
See some of these on page 2 and 3 of this HomaHealth Newsletter.
Photo below to the right: Mr. Audo talking about his experience with Homa Therapy.

In addition, there was music and universal dances for Peace
and Well-being of all humanity, led by Emilcen and Felipe.

taught the sunset Agnihotra Mantras. (photos below)

Photos below: Maria Teresa and Diana Molano talking to the public about their wonderful experiences. Endir, together with his son Santiago, were present to help in any need. We also had the presence of Hernán Melo, his son and family. Hernán helped with professional advertising to invite the community to this healing event.

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    A Festival with many Fires of Agnihotra, illuminating the way to the inner Silence, experiencing happiness, well-being, joy, ... not based on something material, but pure joy and gratitude to life and  for our creator ...  
(See photos of this page - Agnihotra in the Parque los Fundadores.)

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Workshop to teach Agnihotris the preparation of homemade Homa medicines, like eye drops, Agnihotra ash cream, ointment with washed ghee, etc.

 There was time to practice the Shree Suktam Homa, a special Blessing for those present at Aurora, a vegetarian restaurant where group Agnihotra is practiced weekly. 
photo left.)

Everyone agrees that life is calmer, more joyful and

that one is more cheerful, happier and more positive with the daily practice of Agnihotra!
Thanks to the growing Homa family of Villavicencio for such a wonderful time!

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Back in Bogota, the brothers Julio and Pedro Garibello and Mr. Jorge Romero had organized an audiovisual presentation to demonstrate the benefits of Homa Therapy, in the Mayor's Office of the Rafael Uribe Uribe district in the South of Bogota. We listened to healing testimonies, did simple therapeutic exercises and learned to increase our physical strength & will power.

Tryambakam Homa was maintained throughout this event by various Agnihotris.
Photos above: Mr. Julio Garibello, healer by profession, and Mr. Jorge Romero from the Social Control Committee, welcoming the visitors. Photo below right: Prof. Abel explaining and showing the benefits of this ancient healing practice.

Dr. José Magmud practicing Tryambakam Homa during the event.

Photos  right & below:
Showing the preparation of Agnihotra and rehearsing the sunset Mantras.
During Agnihotra, the wind played joyfully with the flames and carried its fragrance all around.
We were silent, breathing deeply this healing atmosphere.

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          It has been a great joy to return to Armenia, after two years of absence, and visit the BoticaSol. There, Mother Dora Betancur works in the diffusion of Homa Therapy, with constant and dedicated effort through weekly workshops and daily public invitation to participate in sunset Agnihotra.

 Dr. Humberto Lema picked us up at the airport and took us straight to the first interview, where we met with Anandaji, who is in charge of the artistic and musical part of BoticaSol. (Photo above during the interview.)
 (Photo below left: A big Homa poster, placed at the entrance of BoticaSol - where people come to the vegetarian gourmet restaurant, to the organic produce store, for Yoga classes, self-improvement and spiritual growth workshops, etc.)

  Photo above
and to the left:
Enjoying the daily Homa Therapy meetings in the multipurpose hall of the BoticaSol with teachings, learning simple therapeutic Yoga exercises, deep rhythmic breathing, meditation, relaxation, laughter and smiles, Mantras, music and songs.
And all this joyful activities stimulate the inner Peace which is intensified through Agnihotra. It purifies the atmosphere and calms the restless thinking.

What a blessing to have this Divine tool! So easy, so handy, so effective!

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 The problems and worries are allowed to go on vacation in Homa atmosphere!
We are free to decide to start a new beginning, reprogramming our mind, strengthening and looking at the positive side of each experience ...

with the help of Agnihotra this is a lot easier.
    Photos above: Sharing and learning. We thank the musicians Lukas, Anandaji, Isleny and young Juanita for their dedication to music with sublime texts. They make us aware of the wonders of life and the gift of Mother Earth.
   Photo below: In front of the silence of Agnihotra, sighs emerge from deep inside, releasing us gently and subtly from eons of attachments...

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Photos on this page: Every day there is more to learn, to understand, to teach, to share, etc.
There are also more possibilities to improve our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health ....
Agnihotra is a gift to Humanity from the ancient Vedic Sciences.


Photos: Prof. Abel keeps inviting the community through various radio programs to the planned Events with Homa Therapy.

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Prof. Abel presented various aspects of Homa Therapy at the University of Quindío, Armenia. There exist the Faculties of Human Sciences and Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Engineering, Economic and Administrative Sciences, Agro-industrial Sciences, Basic Sciences and Technologies and Education.

The experience of Agnihotra Basic Fire culminated this presentation. All received the healing Agnihotra ash.
The presentation

  had some breaks to enjoy the musicians and singers Lukas, Anandaji, Isleny (left photo), Juanita and Jorge Amado and Black Lion (photo right).

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Photos this page:
editation, silence, therapeutic exercises with Lukas’ live guitar play, preparation and practice of evening Agnihotra in BoticaSol.
 Mother Dora invites daily to experience this powerful technique – Agnihotra.

137 / 20



    We have had the great honor of personally meeting
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti (1st Photo)
, spiritual leader of the Hare Krishna group of the Vaisnavas and
Swami Sudhadvaiti Maharaj (photo below)
at the
Mahavan Eco Yoga Village.
This wonderful Center is run by Mother Prema (2nd Photo) and her husband Alberto.

At this meeting Prof. Abel received an acknowledgment from the 'Universidad de Sabiduría Ancestral' (University of Ancestral Wisdom) and he had the opportunity to address the broad public to talk about Homa Therapy and its effects on ecology and on meditation.
(See photos of this page of the Mahavan Eco Yoga Village in Calarcá, Quindío.)

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       Again, the University of Quindio kindly provided the space for the "Homa Cultural Festival".
Mother Dora Betancur, the musicians, the work-team of the BoticaSol under the guidance of Mrs. Gloria Mercedes Cortes Santamaria, the photographer Fausto Astaiza, the lecturers and the people giving their personal experiences, etc., everyone contributed to make the blessings of the Homa Medicinal Fires more known and to make this Festival a success.
Photo right: Mother Dora Betancur opening the event with the Vyahruti Homa. Tryambakam Homa was

maintained throughout the event. Photo below: Talk and audio-visual presentation about some of the many positive effects that the practice of the Homa Fires entails.

Photos left and below:
The musicians presented a variety of songs, which were enjoyed by the audience, who even danced joyfully to the rhythm.

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     The proper preparation of Agnihotra and the sunset Mantras were taught, while the practitioners of this ancient healing technique prepared their pyramids. Then Agnihotra was done at the second exactly for the location of this University.
Silence and calm entered into the minds and hearts of the audience. This purified atmosphere has the power to heal.
We chanted the Mantra "OM SHREE" and went deep inside...

The ancient scientific tradition says about Agnihotra:
'An enormous amount of energy is concentrated around the copper pyramid just at the time of Agnihotra. This creates a kind of magnetic field in which negative energy types are neutralized and positive

 energy types are reinforced; such a pattern is created by the person doing Agnihotra, just by doing it.’
137 / 23



Photo right: Explanation, teaching and practice of Tryambakam Homa with Agnihotris.
Photos below:
Continued then by the practice of Agnihotra, the most important Fire of Homa Therapy.
Prof. Abel guided a meditation with conscious breathing, deepening our experience.

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   Mother Dora took us to her residence in 'Océano, Casa Espiritual', located in Filandia. There, Mr. Carlos Alberto Delgado, his wife Claudia and their daughter Sofia have created this abundantly green center, with its forest and hidden pathways, plants of all colors, birds of many species, etc.
However, since Mother Dora has arrived and has been doing regularly sunrise Agnihotra, everything has become even more wonderful! And now, there is more water available.

Photos on this page: 'Ocean Spiritual House' and the Delgado family.

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Activation of a banana farm with the Agricultural Homa Super-technology. This estate is run by Mr. Lucas Maya, his wife Martha Lucia and his

brother Alonso. It is located in the Vereda 'El Caimo' in the outskirts of Armenia city. This is the second time that Mr. Lucas Maya activates a farm with Homa Agricultural Technology. Photo above: 16 ha of bananas under Homa Technology. Photos below left: Prof. Abel explaining guidelines to be followed for Homa Agriculture. Photo below right: Mr. Alonso already had prepared Homa cowdung cookies.

Photos below: Activation of a Homa Resonance Point, an energetic Homa power place.

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The days passed by quickly, and the farewell moment arrived. Once more we could enjoy Agnihotra with the Homa family of Armenia.

Photos on this page: The Homa family of Armenia, lovingly guided by Mother Dora Betancur (right). She has the unconditional support of Anandaji (left with Lukas).
And yes, yes, yes, special greeting and thanks to Brother Lukas!

137 / 27



Back in Bogota, we meet once more in the Restaurant 'Prasadam' of the Krishna devotees to share further teachings of Homa Therapy and sunset Agnihotra. Lakshmana, his wife Mukti and Mr. Eduardo organize here weekly

Agnihotra sessions. The owners are aware that it is a priceless Blessing to have these sacred Homa Fires in their restaurant. Photo above: Agnihotra fires purifying and illuminating the space outside and inside of us.
Photos below:
Dr. José Magmud
organized a Homa Teaching at the 'Bouquet Real' Event Center in the District Santa Isabel of Bogota.
   We wish to thank the great Homa Family of Colombia for their perseverance, dedication, generosity, collaboration and their intrinsic desire to share with others the gifts they have received through the practice of Homa Therapy! 
Blessings are in each and every Homa Fire!

Photos right and below: Preparing and practicing Agnihotra; below: Dr. Magmud

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Mrs. Rocío de Obando wrote from Guayaquil:

       I send you some photos with Agnihotra of my mother at home. She usually lights her pyramid twice a week to perform sunset Agnihotra. She has been practicing Agnihotra for some years and she likes to do it because she has realized that it makes her feel healthy and full of peace and well-being. My mothers name is Marujita Garrido de Pazmiño. She is 84 years old and is in very good health.
She always remembers you with affection.
I practice daily in my house sunrise and sunset Agnihotra and the other Homa fires. Thank you for everything we have learned about Homa Therapy.
May the Divine continue to illuminate our ways. Om Shree. 


    We received the following news and photos from Dhule from Franklin Nelson & Sarvajit Paranjpe:

At the "Sandipani Academy" of Dhule, private coaching classes are given by teacher Ravindra Chaudhari. He teaches Mathematics and Science to 12-15 year olds and helps over 300 students. He occasionally invites us to share Agnihotra and other environmental initiatives and knowledge with his students.

Photos: An article in the newspaper showing Sarvajit Paranjpe during one of his talks at the Sandipani Academy.
Photo below: Sarvajit and his father Abhay teaching students the benefits of Homa Therapy. Photo below left: Franklin Nelson (from Madison,

VA, USA, visiting India), doing a Vyahruti Homa to open the talk.

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Ms. Merry Tippe sent these photos from several sites in North Lima, where Agnihotra is shared in State Hospitals and privately.


Homa Therapy is practiced worldwide.
It is a technique that helps us to live better, healthier and happier. Anyone can do it, regardless of religion, sex, social or
economic status, age, etc.

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agriculture: Food Quality

      For good health proper diet with nutritious vegetables, fruits, and grains is of great importance. But it seems that with the food produced nowadays our bodies often do not get all the micronutrients they need to maintain good health. Several recent studies show that there is a decline in nutritional value of vegetables, fruits, and grains.

A Scientific American article summarizes several such studies which compare the nutrient levels of food nowadays with tables of nutrient content 50 to 70 years ago.
One study showed that average calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables dropped 27 percent; iron levels 37 percent; vitamin A levels 21 percent, and vitamin C levels 30 percent. Another study comparing nutrient levels of 20 vegetables found that the average calcium content had declined 19 percent; iron 22 percent; and potassium 14 percent. Yet another study concluded that one would have to eat eight oranges today to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from one. (See:
 www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss )

Other studies cited by Worldwatch Institute report that today’s food produces 10 to 25 percent less iron, zinc, protein, calcium, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Researchers from Washington State University who analyzed 63 spring wheat cultivars grown between 1842 and 2003 found an 11 percent decline in iron content, a 16 percent decline in copper, a 25 percent decline in zinc, and a 50 percent decline in selenium.

The decline of nutritional value of our foods not only refers to minerals and vitamins. There is also a loss in phytonutrients, most of them less known to most of us – but they play an important role for preventing disease and maintaining good health.
These plant extracts show antioxidant, bactericidal, and antimicrobial effects.
A lack of nutrition in our foods leads to a number of diseases and ailments.
Human health conditions such as chronic coronary thrombosis, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, old age, and lifestyle-related diseases are associated with the diet. Declining food quality can thus be one reason why such lifestyle diseases are increasing in the last decades.

Several theories have been suggested to explain the decline in food quality. The main reasons for that seem to be:
- Soil depletion (remember – we have talked about that subject earlier)
- Changes in cultivated varieties:
nowadays are mostly growing high-yielding varieties which are less nutritious than the plants being used earlier.
-Agrochemicals used in conventional farming: a 2001 review study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, shows that nutrient levels, including vitamin C, are lower in crops grown with chemical fertilisers. Organic spinach, lettuce, cabbage and potatoes showed relatively high levels. Commenting on this study one scientist explained: „Unlike minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are not supplied by the soil, so you cannot add them using fertilisers. They are produced by the plants themselves and are natural pest-defense compounds, part of a range of chemicals we are just beginning to understand. Studies have shown that levels are up to 40 per cent higher in organic produce. If you're using artificial pesticides, plants don't have to produce these protective chemicals. Levels in non-organic foods are likely to be lower.“ ( From The Guardian,
https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2005/may/15/foodanddrink.shopping3 )

In the next HHNL we will see whether Homa Farming has a positive effect on the nutritional value also.

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      No arguments. No quarrels. All the time go out of the way to complement each other. Make positive comments about the other person. Care for each other’s needs. Concentrate on pleasing the other one. Spend time together. Concentrate on showing each other love and appreciation. Never harsh words. Heal each other physically, emotionally, spiritually. All levels. Do not hold back the love, affection, the caring. All the time practice this. Go to the extreme to compliment and honor each other. Do this.

     Release hold you have on all possessions. Allow yourself to be innocent. This can be done when you have faith that you will not be harmed. It is fear which blocks us every step of the way.

     We are now entering a new phase during which those who are working in the healing arts, and connected in particular with Agnihotra fires, are going to receive more Light, more clarity. As fear eclipses truth shall rise. Truly this is the point of change, turning point which has been predicted since times of Bible, Koran and Talmud. Just as with the world situation those in affluence and comfort become more lazy, more complacent until something great happens to shock them into the reality, that includes the whole world and not just their small family and circle of friends.
Similarly on spiritual path one can feel comfortable, everything fine. One does one’s practices and goes on living the normal life when suddenly an illness strikes or financial loss or any other trauma comes. Then suddenly one embraces ones faith. But inner strength is not born of necessity, product of fear or desperation. True faith is to be cultivated and strengthened.

     If one sees God in every person, nothing more is necessary in terms of effort. It is ALL GRACE. Grace lifts you up.

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( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Environment, Inner and Outer
Yes, yes. Whilst defending the environment from the onslaught of industrialists and anti-environmentalists, remember to clear your own inner environment.

Reduce your anger, quell your fears. Go within to seek direction in all matters—be they ecological action, interpersonal communication, physical rejuvenation, or spiritual transformation.

Go within.

Therein lies all the strength you will need in these tumultuous times. This will give you the power and courage fueled by faith and clarity to continue in the world as a Light bringer, a carrier of the Light, a force for change.

In order to be fully effective as a pioneer in this world, an advocate for humans, plants and animals' rights, and a beacon of Light for the younger generation who are in dire need of enlightened leadership—remember to always return to that inner spring of Wisdom Within.

Meditate daily and regularly.
Pray as you will.
Listen in silence.
Then, armed with Truth as your shield and your sword, walk in Light.

In this world, this is the only way to maintain your power. By aligning yourselves with the Highest, you will remain above the fray, and your voices will be clear and will be heard.

Despite all the darkness of today's world, hold on to the Light.
Keep Faith as you breathe and breathe deeply.

You are not alone. All that radiates love and healing energies throughout time, throughout this universe, pulsates with you who continue to believe and remain resolute.

Then, defend Nature.

Protect your environment and do so 100,000 times strong.

If you listen, you can hear the many voices calling in unison with you.
There is more than meets the eye, beloved ones.

We are all One
and we are mighty. OM.

On Unstoppable Force of Light
Yes, yes. The force of Light is unstoppable. It appears the darkness is winning. It is not so. It is not what it seems. We know there is much destruction already perpetuated upon the Earth. That the negative forces are stirring up trouble—yes, it is certain.
However, the power to change it is in the hands of those who are working diligently for the Light.

Those of you who have risen in defense of Nature have been heard. However, the 'powers that be' prefer all be blanketed in darkness.

Do not fall prey to the fear-fueled media, which for the most part is controlled by the same powers.

Listen to the silence, the drumming of ancestors, the calling of the Holy Spirit as it rises within you like a lion from deep slumber.

Every avenue that 'appears' to be blocked is accessible to you who walk in Faith, not fear.

There is power beneath your feet.
There is power above, as below.
There are forces unknown to human beings which are aligned to protect and support those who are on the Earth.

Know this. Take comfort in it.
That which shall be, shall be.
Blessings abound.

We are ONE. OM.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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