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   Let us continue our Self-study (Swadhyaaya) so
what I am can be unveiled.
Why are injuries important?
With a little self-observation, we realize that attention is usually directed to what is 'irregular'. For example, if we look at a large white wall with a small black spot, the sight and mind automatically focus on this point and we question ourselves: Why is that there? Likewise, most people hold their hands to their chests and think of the state of the heart only when they experience pain.
Yes, yes, yes, wounds are irregularities in the body that disturb us and sometimes cause us pain.
No one wants to experience pain and seeks to repair the wound to return to 'normal' or 'health'. There are wounds that get repaired quickly and others that take more time. There are wounds that cause pain, but they are difficult to locate.
The Science of Conventional Medicine assists us in repairing superficial physical wounds or irregularities fairly effectively. Internal physical wounds usually require more technology for diagnosis
 and treatment.
Some emotional or sentimental wounds can be very evident as in cases of depression, bipolar (manic-depressive), etc. There are people with mental illnesses



that reflect behavior so rare that they are called 'crazy'.
There are more complex mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses that are sometimes very hidden.
On the other hand, there are people considered to be 'normal' who are liars and really 'sick' with pride, shyness, vain, greed, offensive, abusive, violent, extremist, lustful, addicted, disrespectful, etc. For some observers, society has changed so much that in many places the abnormal (disease)
 has become normal.
And the normal is seen as abnormal.
It is as if the world is
 “upside down”.
A world that applauds the corrupt people and ignores the just ones.
However, there are more and more beings awakening, realizing and becoming aware that we are responsible for what happens and only by changing our thoughts and actions, we can change
our circumstances.

Each time, there are more courageous, kind, loving, helpful, compassionate, intelligent, and talented people who are taking a step forward in this battle where the Force of Love for the neighbor, for God and for the self is the main priority.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



The Light always overcomes darkness.
The truth always wins the lie.
 The Fivefold Path is a Super-technology to heal 'wounds' of the physical body and subtle bodies (mind, emotions, etc.)

The Fivefold Path also helps us to catalyze the process of
that we have been created
in the image and likeness of God.
We are love.


Javier Ortega
Puerto Santa María, Cadiz, Spain, Europe
  I want to tell you about an experience I had with Agnihotra 20-some years ago at Christa y Ricardos' home.
       I was totally ignorant about the knowledge of what energy is all about. What happened was that I noticed Inner Peace. As a 10-year-old, I noticed a physical sense of instant well-being.
 I have been a child with tremendous amounts of energy, which caused me a series of alterations in mood and behavior. However, that experience of Agnihotra changed my life. It changed me on an inner level. I have not talked about this experience until now. Honestly, it put me in touch with myself.
    It was as if I had lived in the dark and suddenly noticed  that one can feel the beyond organic senses. (Javier Ortega)

Afterwards, I have experienced this many times more in a state of physical and mental calmness. Coming from the darkness, it is like feeling that we are nodules in a universal network. It is as if suddenly a huge window opens. Wow!
    It was not just a pleasant experience, it was finding total calmness. Everything is in total harmony. This happened in a fraction of time, but I can never forget.
      Once you've felt it, you cannot let it go. it's something that belongs to you. And you humbly acknowledge that you belong to this universe. We all belong to it. It is a wonderful feeling to be connected with EVERYTHING. We are part of something bigger and that knowledge causes a physical, mental, spiritual calmness. It is to become aware of the universe in which we exist. Words really cannot describe this experience.
The few times I have been able to share Agnihotra with Christa, Ricardo and their daughter Lisi, it was like going on vacation for a very long time. That's the feeling I have had.
Participating in an Agnihotra Fire left me with a tranquility and a harmony for a long time.

Daniel Raimundo Pailla
Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain, Europe

   I worked hard and a lot. I always attended people, even outside of my work schedule. At the same time, I was trying to help my nephew to collect funds for a necessary operation. Many friends helped me and I thank them with all my heart. At that time, I went from 72 kgs down to 58 Kgs. I had lost muscle mass and I was completely exhausted.
    One day, I told my mother 'I can’t give anything more. What can I do?' I had overwhelming stress and I carried a load too big. My mother recommended  to see Christa and Ricardo Mena and learn about the Healing Fires. I went to visit them and they taught me Homa Therapy. With its practice, I began to regain my energy. I felt the connection with nature  and the stress began to disappear.
I began to recover and I am still grateful for this.
If one feels the Fire in the heart,  one just has to  surrender.

(Photo: Daniel Pailla)

When we question things, we get stuck. The Homa Fire is a jewel and it is in synchronicity with nature. It is shared at zero cost. There is nothing in the world like it. It is a priceless  energy.  Thousands of Euros in our pockets cannot buy it. I am very happy that this Fire came to me.

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María Goretti Alves Baltazar
Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain, Europe

   I am from Brazil, but live in Spain. I came to know about Homa Therapy with America Camacho. I am a Reiki teacher and work with many people. In this work, I am exposed to many energies and cannot take so much care of myself. However, Agnihotra reinforces my vitality, my spirit, my energy and everything. For these reasons, I always practice it. Sometimes I take away the evils of patients and I may take some of this on to myself.
So, in order to purify myself, I do Homa Therapy personally for me. I would like more people to

practice this technique.                                                                 (Photo: María Goretti)
I have the gift to see on the subtle level and I can help the people whom I treat with Reiki.  
Today, during Agnihotra, I have seen many beings of Light, many Masters, everyone dressed with a yellowish veil, but with much, much Light. I am crying now, because I connect with everything in the universe and I feel the power of Homa Therapy.

Sonia Mena
Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain, Europe

      Yesterday, I took part in the Homa Therapy workshop with an open mind. I participated in Agnihotra and took some ash. Later I felt very relaxed, but I did not give much importance to this.
But at night, I slept super-well and deep, as I had not slept in years.  I slept like a baby.
In fact, I woke up by the alarm clock. I usually wake up before the alarm rings. This sleep has been refreshing and I feel well rested. Besides, I woke up very happy.   (Photo: Sonia Mena)

Alejandro Gonzáles Rodrígues
Cáceres, Spain, Europe

   I am a Naturopathic Doctor and often do Homa Therapy in my practice. There was a case with a patient, an elderly lady, Joaquina, whom I had treated some ailments. One day, she came to my office and asked if I have something for a fungus on her leg that did not let her walk, which did hurt and she could not touch it. She said that she had tried everything, that she went also to a dermatologist and that she could not find any solution.
    It came to my mind that I could give her Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee to see what was going to happen. I did not know if it would work or not. So, I took the Agnihotra ash and mixed it with ghii and gave her this black cream.   


   After four days she called me and said: “Alejandro, saintly brother, my pain has gone, it has been taken away.”               (Photo: Dr. Alejandro Gonzales Rodrigues)
   Always when I give a course, I incorporate the teaching of Homa Therapy. Once there was a man who also had the Agnihotra pyramid and he told us his healing story. He said that he had been very much into drugs. He was an addict, and that Agnihotra has been the only thing that got him out.
    I was surprised because I did not expect it. Homa Therapy can serve for many things. Its spectrum of action is very broad."

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By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

      The 'Quíntuple Sendero Foundation', organized a Homa Ecological Agriculture workshop on July 29th, 2017 in the Satsang farm, located in the town Curacaví.
18 people participated in this all day long activity. Each one of them was had different dreams and objectives related to the well-being of the human being in connection with nature, convinced that a change of consciousness must be made, that we have to take care of the environment, grow our own food and that Homa Therapy is the option to nurture the atmosphere and purify the environment we are living in today.

We reviewed aspects such as:
1. Homa Therapy: Methodology and origin
2. Use of Homa ashes in agriculture and in bio-preparates: Agnihotra Ash Solution and Gloria Biosol Homa
3. Basic principles of organic farming
4. Relationship of elements to crop types and functional diversity: Leaf / Water-Root / Land-Flower / Air-Fruit / Fire.
5. Agronomic considerations for the maintenance of an orchard
     (Photos on this page from the farming workshop at Satsang.)

The participants showed a deep interest in developing Homa Technology, as well as in learning about gardening and crop care.

The workshop was concluded with the realization of the Agnihotra fire at Sunset.

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Value of Water Is on the Rise

By Rafiqul Islam
DHAKA, Jul 28 2017 (IPS)

     In the wake of recent water-related disasters in Bangladesh, including water-logging and floods that displaced thousands of families, a high-level consultation in the capital Dhaka on valuing water will look at ways to optimize water use and solutions to water-related problems facing South Asia.

For further information, please see: http://www.ipsnews.net/2017/07/value-water-rise/

100,000 Pages of Chemical Industry Secrets Gathered Dust in an Oregon Barn for Decades — Until Now

By Sharon Lerner, July 26 2017
  For decades, some of the dirtiest, darkest secrets of the chemical industry have been kept in Carol Van Strum’s barn. Creaky, damp, and prowled by the occasional black bear, the listing, 80-year-old structure in rural Oregon housed more than 100,000 pages of documents obtained through legal

discovery in lawsuits against Dow, Monsanto, the Environmental Protection Agency,  the U.S. Forest Service, the Air Force, and pulp and paper companies, among others. More info: https://theintercept.com/2017/07/26/chemical-industry-herbicide-poison-papers/


Philipp Wollen:
Animals should be off the menu

       Philipp Wollen shakes the ceiling beams of the hall at the St James Ethics Center during the Wheeler Debate in Australia on May 16, 2012 with his 10-minutes animal-friendly speech.

Please see his talk on video:


A Forest-bath and its multiple positive effects:

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  We arrived in Spain, invited by the Agnihotri couple
Christa & Ricardo Mena,
who have had the pleasure of accompanying  Master Shree Vasant on many of His travels in Spain and in other parts of the world.

       They are promoters of Homa Therapy and caretakers of the Homa Farm "Shreedham" in Algodonales, Cadiz, Andalusia.
Photo above and right: We arrived in Spain at the time where there were many flowers, colors and aromas. We were ready to learn, teach, and combine efforts with our brother Ricardo and sister Christa.
Photos below: TV Interview in Puerto Real, organized by Mrs. Marifé from the Shakti Center.
First Homa encounters in the home of the Menas’ in Valdelagrana, Cadiz.

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     There was great joy in meeting again with Daniel Raimundo Pailla (Photo to the right), therapist, masseur and Professor of Shiatsu and Zhineng Qui Gong. He is a original Mapuche from Argentina.
   Daniel organized several meetings, including an
Anti-stress Homa workshop
at the Hilton Resort Hotel  of Fuengirola, where he labours. Daniel has been practicing Homa Therapy for several years
and shares Agnihotra with his students.
 The workshop began with a Vyahruti Homa.  Ricardo and Christa briefly gave a synthesis of Homa Therapy.
 Prof. Abel then used some impressive videos to show the multiple effects of over-stress on human health.
 There was great interest and many questions for knowing
how to release stress.  (Photos below)

135 / 07



(Photos to the right and below) Prof. Abel taught therapeutic exercises to come to know our body and find the most tense points, the weak link and then to relax the muscles in these areas.
There was a lot of laughter which also helps to relax
 and feel good.

Prof. Abel and Aleta showed testimonies of people with illnesses due to stress, such as emotional disturbances, uncontrolled anguish, depression, etc., which were completely healed with the daily practice of Agnihotra. They no longer depend on medications.

Photo below: Preparing for Agnihotra, teaching the Mantras and explaining this simple and powerful process.   (Photos this page: during the workshop.)

135 / 08



  We enjoyed Agnihotra on the terrace by deeply inhaling the purified air and feeling how every cell rejuvenates in this healing process. It is wonderful to finish a workshop with the feeling of being completely DE-STRESSED, fully relaxed in the HERE and NOW. (See Photos above and below)

Daniel Pailla,
 our great host, lives in front of the sea
and in front of
a Buddhist temple.

In the mornings, we received the sun in all its glory on the balcony with Agnihotra and meditation.

How wonderful
 it is to start another
 blessed day this way!

(See photos to the left.)

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The next day, after a Vyahruti Homa,
 more teachings awaited us for an audiovisual presentation, showing Homa Therapy with its wonderful effects on health. We also practiced more Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayamas, Relaxation, etc.
(Photos on this page)

 Ricardo and Christa
 taught the correct Agnihotra technique and rehearsed the corresponding sunset Mantras.
They reminded everyone to always take off the shoes in front of Homa Fires.

135 / 10



At sunset, the Agnihotra Fires were lit and with the chanting of the Mantras, Nature rejoiced.
 The birds accompanied this heavenly party and the wind played freely with the flames.

Photos: We had the lovely company of America Camacho, homa promoter.
 Last row: Daniel  and Fina

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(Photos above and right:)
The next morning, we met again to share and practice Agnihotra and enjoy Mother Nature with
a short meditation.
Further questions were clarified.

Then, Daniel invited us
to a ChiKung session

to lovingly awaken every muscle, bone, tendon, fiber and cell in our body.
 (Photos below)

These were wonderful days, sharing Homa Therapy with the loving group of
Daniel Pailla in Malaga.

Thank you so much Daniel! Our thanks also go to Mrs. Fina, the team at the Hilton Hotel for their support and to all the participants for sharing!

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Photos above: Sharing Agnihotra and its benefits at the home of Christa and Ricardo with family and friends.

Photos above and left:
Homa Therapy Presentation and its benefits for human health and the environment.
A beautiful meeting at the Shakti Centre in Puerto Real, organized by Mrs. Marifé Campos
 and her husband,
 Efraín Rodriguez.
In this Center, group Agnihotra is often practiced, specially at New and Full moon.

   Photo to the left:
Agnihotra practice with
Christa Mena's Yoga students.

This meeting was outdoors
in a beach restaurant.

Agnihotra is a simple, effective and inexpensive process.
 It helps the practitioner, everyone who live in this environment and Mother Nature.

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 In Madrid,
Yoga teacher,
Fernando Pardo Campo
(Photo below right)
had invited us to participate in a Meditation.
We practiced sunset Agnihotra with his students.
does Agnihotra and
 uses  the ashes
to increase the effect
 of Meditation,
 by rubbing it
on the forehead
of all participants!

The next day,
Lisi Linder
, actress and daughter of Christa and Ricardo, had organized a Homa presentation for her colleagues and friends at a restaurant in the city.
 Many young people arrived, interested in learning about this
 Fire Therapy.

(Photo on the right:
Ricardo talking about the basic principles of this Ayurvedic Science.)

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Stress, illnesses and difficulties do not recognize any specific age.

The continued practice of
the Medicinal Fires of
 Homa Therapy
can help at any age.

Photos on this page: audio-visual Homa Therapy Presentation. Teaching and practice of Agnihotra healing Fire.

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On the way back to Cadiz, we passed through Cáceres, where we met Naturopathic Doctor, Alejandro Gonzáles Rodrigues
(1st photo left)
and his wonderful group of friends and patients.

In this natural environment, far away from the city, we felt a special joy and great harmony.
Dr. Alejandro receives patients from different parts of Spain. His passion is to serve. Christa initiated the afternoon with a Vyahruti Homa and we all shared some moments of silence with happy hearts.  (Photo below).

It was a joy for Prof. Abel to talk about the astonishing effects of Homa Therapy in the fields of health, agriculture and environment. Dr. Alejandro also practices Agnihotra.   

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Back in Valdelagrana, there were only few short days left for us in Spain. We shared the Agnihotra with a part of Christa and Ricardo's family that came to visit.  (Photo right)
In Puerto Real,
 in the Shakti Centre,
we meet once more in front of
the Homa Fire with
 Mr. Efraín, his wife Marifé 
 and  Xiomara Machado.
(Photos below.)

   They had prepared a special meal where we tasted the love and affection they give not only through food, but also through their self-development classes.
Thanks for every word and gesture!

We were fortunate to be able to visit once more the Homa Farm Shreedham,  and meet Mr. Carlos, who lives there and practices Homa Therapy.
We performed together a Rudra Yagnya, thanking Mother Earth for her many gifts she generously provides on this farm.
Shreedham is a magical place  with very special energies.

Enjoy the photos on the next page -  Shreedham in Algodonales, Andalusia.

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 wherever the eye rests. It is an ideal place for trans-formation through meditation, seva, tapas, etc. in
  Homa Atmosphere

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       We received following information and photos from Mrs. Kalpita Chopdekar about morning Agnihotra practice at ”Shri Matruchhaya Higher Secondary School”, Ahmedabad:

It was gratifying moment to see hundreds of students & teachers flocking in their school premises on a holiday (Yes it was a HOLI day, an eagerly awaited and widely celebrated festival across the whole of India) at early morning around 5:45 am to perform morning Agnihotra on 12th March’17, which is celebrated as "World Agnihotra day".

      Mr. Rakesh Pandya, the owner of this school organized this event to create awareness among their students & teachers about the benefits of Agnihotra.
Students performed morning Agnihotra in groups followed by a lecture explaining the science behind Agnihotra.
The focus of the lecture was to make the students & teachers understand the process of learning which is an internal phenomenon associated with mind, intellect & emotions (which we collectively term as 'Chitta').
They were convinced about the fact that Agnihotra works on a subtle body (Chitta) and purifies it, thus indirectly enabling a better concentration, understanding & retention capability.

  Photos above: Mr. Rakesh Pandya and Mrs. Kalpita Chopedekar. During Agnihotra in the Shri Matruchhaya Higher Secondary School.
Mr. Rakesh Pandya distributed Agnihotra pyramids to all the students & teacher’s within an intention to bring health, harmony & happiness in every home by means of Agnihotra.

Evening agnihotra at
 Addy’international school, Ahmedabad

     The positivity & the wave of awareness created by the morning Agnihotra scaled up the evening Agnihotra by 10 times.

More than 1000 people participated in the group Agnihotra, organized by the owner of "Addy's International School",
 Mrs. Rita Pandya
(Photo left - the lady)
      Students, teachers & parents all participated whole heartedly in the event.
sunset Agnihotras were performed in unisono.
(Continued on next page)

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Photos above and right:
 More than 1000 people participated in the massive Agnihotra practice at Addy's International School.
 Slides were presented explaining how Agnihotra plays a positive role in molding the minds of the young students and how it can create a conducive environment for learning to happen.
 Some students, who were already practicing Agnihotra, shared with

their colleagues experiences they have had. Some made poster’s emphasizing on the principle of Agnihotra & some attempted to demonstrate the science behind it through simple experiments. It was a moment of fulfillment to see young minds talking/designing experiments revolving around the principles of Agnihotra. A real demonstration of growth on the level of understanding and perception.  (See photos this page)
       With an intention to keep the families united with love and create a better world through these young students by mean of Agnihotra, Mrs. Rita Pandya distributed Agnihotra pyramids to all the participants of the program.

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  Mr. Vinayak Lokur
shares on
"World Agnihotra Day"
event in Belgaum:

  We had a wonderful celebration.
    The event started with “Cow Pooja”, where everyone present had the opportunity to touch the 'Holy cow' and also feed it. The cow was then taken around the premises.
We believe this helps  eliminating the negativity & promotes the spreading of positive vibrations in the atmosphere.

Prof. Dr. Ananthrao Yardi addressed the gathering on the topic "Significance of Yajnya – particularly Agnihotra".
An experience-sharing session was then held, where people who had started performing Agnihotra last year, shared their wonderful experiences.
A Question & Answer session was then held to clarify the doubts of
 the audience.

At Sunset, we then performed
Group Agnihotra.
The bliss of the silence of Agnihotra cannot be expressed in words.
 All those who were present experienced the same.

(Continued on next page)

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    Among the participants were the residents of Shantai Vridhashram (Home for olders), Students of Aarsha Vidyalaya,
Spiritual Teachers (Gurus),
Industrialists & housewives
In addition different stalls were arranged to showcase Organic Products, Books about Homa Therapy, Cow Products & Agnihotra material.

The audience was so inspired, that 15 people have started to perform Agnihotra since then.
Om Shree Om.

Photos this page:
"World Agnihotra Day"
in Belgaum, Karnataka, India.

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In the veg. restaurant  "Prasadam"
in Bogota "World Agnihotra Day" was also celebrated. The owner, Laskmana in cooperation with Mr. Eduardo Rodríguez, invited Agnihotris for this event.
They celebrated sunset Agnihotra accompanied by the sounds of crystal bowls.

Photo below: Invitation to participate in Agnihotra sessions on Fridays in 'Prasadam'.

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From BoticaSol in Armenia, Quindío, where Agnihotra is shared daily, arrived these photos.

The healing Homa sessions are under
the guidance of
Mother Dora

(photo left)


Mr. Jorge Aurelio Rivera Fariño wrote from Quito:

Sharing Agnihotra in the Permaculture school 'TINKU' with professionals from Ecuador and Colombia.
 Mr. Pedro Subiela 
 is the coordinator of
this natural farming centre.

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    Young Assistant Profesor,
 Dezling Chaitanya Danta,
continues sharing Agnihotra in the
Arya Samaj Temple
in Nagpur.

Every day he serves and helps unconditionally the community by practicing  the Fires of Homa Therapy openly for everyone to attend.
It is wonderful and amazing to see
 a young man with great humility
 and a strong desire to better the life
 and situation of the less fortunate.

(See photos left and below.)


Mrs. Betty L. Khoo-Kingsley wrote:
I am sending you here a photo of a gathering with
 10 Agnihotra Fires burning in Batu Pahat, Johor.
The convener is Brother
 Sim Choon Yong
from the group taught by you when you were in Malaysia.

PPEACE and LIGHT back to all of you…in South America.

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 Reiner & Manuela Szcypior shared from Austria:
The couples, Victoria & Jürgen and Andrea & Mark have been doing Agnihotra for a long time on their farms. Together they have about 130 cows and produce dried manure and clarified butter (ghee) for all Agnihotra practitioners and for other Vedic fire ceremonies.
Mrs. Alexandra started the two families in the ancient knowledge of Agnihotra of  Homa Therapy. They practice it with enthusiasm and joy every day. Agnihotra ash is applied as medicine for the cows and given to them in their drinking water or in their food. It is also distributed in the fields.

Many friends were invited and new Agnihotris lighted up their Fire to thank Mother Nature. For cow dung and ghee orders, please, contact:  Jürgen <juergen-flois@gmx.at>

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agriculture - Yield

       In the last article in this Newsletter we summarized four M.Sc. theses from Dharwad University, Karnataka, India, which give ample evidence that with Homa Organic Farming a healthy micro-flora and micro-fauna in soil is created, thus rejuvinating the soil. This is of utmost importance as nowadays conventional farming which uses a wide range of agrochemicals is destroying this micro-flora and micro-fauna, thus leaving behind a soil which is more and more exhausted, no longer a rich living soil. Production comes down and even the supply of food for humanity is at stake, as reports from FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations state.

A healthy soil is the capital for future generations to grow enough food, it is an investment in the future so to say.

But equally important is production of enough food of good quality to feed the present population. How does Homa Organic Farming help with that? The four M.Sc. theses mentioned above also examined this question. Plants grown were soybeans, tomatoes, cabbage, and okra.

Morphological characteristics and Yield parameters
The following table shows a significant increase in yield parameters.
We compare Homa Organic Farming (including seed treatment and application of Homa Biosol to plants and soil) with farming without Homa as control.

Continued on next page

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               The table shows clearly that both morphological characteristics and yield improved considerably. These results you get when all methods of Homa Organic Farming are followed, including the treatment of seeds, foliar and soil application of Homa Biosol, and also spraying Agnihotra Ash water.

               One of the results I want to mention especially: The development of root nodules in soybeans. Such nodules we find in leguminous plants like clovers, alfalfa, lupines, and peanuts besides soybeans. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria enter the roots of these legumes and multiply, thus forming root nodules.

               In these nodules nitrogen gas from the atmosphere (which is easily available there as 78% of our atmosphere is nitrogen) is fixed and made available to plants. When these plants die, the remaining nitrogen remains in the soil, thus improving soil quality and helping growth of plants in the next season. This is of great importance as nitrogen is often the limiting nutrient.

How Homa Organic Farming (including the use of Homa Biosol) helps with the formation of root nodules becomes evident by the following photos.

Control without Homa

Nodules with Homa

The four M.Sc. theses done at Dharwad University, Karnataka, India, also showed good effects of Homa Organic Farming on quality parameters of the foods grown and regarding reduction of pests and diseases. This will be discussed later.

  135 / 28



Practice this today
Where is the question of NOT feeling joy?
Do Mantra.
Let only HIS words come from your lips.
Wait before speaking as if you had a filter between your thoughts and your speech.
That filter screens your thoughts and only allows those of Purity and Light to come through.
You come to know that you are the thought, the word and the filter. This is how you learn control of speech.

         Start some ladies classes, not to teach but for devotional singing. This is now necessary. Few women will teach Fivefold Path in the way men will go. However women will carry major part of this Divine message. You are to give love to the people through simple means. When you reach a stage where all you do is serve others and be full of love all the time, people come to you. There is no need to speak. You only look into the eyes and it is done. Power is not put into the hands of those unworthy or incapable of it. Use this strength to deliver impacts to the people. You will see how through your humble love it will go.

        Place all jobs in order of priority. Then day by day list these jobs and plan your schedule accordingly. Otherwise it is impossible to achieve this efficiency you so desire. The enthusiasm is there. The motivation is there. What is required is taking a more disciplined approach to TIME MANAGEMENT. Rising in early morning is the key. If your day is organized you can reach maximum efficiency level easily. Then a smoother, more efficient operation will be underway. So what steps will you take TODAY?

     Cycles of birth and death are never ending. TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY IN THIS LIFE TO TRANSCEND IS LIBERATION. It is a time for total surrender, but do not surrender to a physical form, but to the Divine. Indeed, HE is above all—PURE and completely ONE.

135 / 29



( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

       When all around there is chaos, when political powers are extremists and the messages they propel are tinged with hate, you must be strong within yourselves.
We have been telling all along, there are no solutions in the political realm.
You must unite and strengthen your resolve to create and defend options for your children and for the future of humankind.
Seek to form groups which are designed to be safety zones, buffers against the bitterness in the world. Prayer groups, music groups, groups for the creative arts, groups of parents, and groups for children.
Do not allow divisive politics to divide you from your brothers and sisters in the Light—whatever be their race, religion or cultural background.
Refuse to react in the ways these divisive politicians expect and program you to react. If you realize that you are being programmed by these divisive powers to react in a negative way, then suddenly you come to know to refuse to be manipulated by the negative forces in existence now.


Sometimes to respond with love may be as simple as to walk away from conflict rather than become embroiled in it, thus endangering your most vital and valuable weapon of peace—your own peace of mind. Guard your peace of mind with your life. Your life depends upon it.
In this life, walk with love and absolute integrity. Be true to yourselves in all your affairs.
Each of you has the capacity to become a beacon of Light in your lives. The world needs more beacons of Light, all shining in the darkness of these most trying times.

Do not become disheartened.
Become One.
Become True.
Become that which you were born for.

Be aware of the darkness. Good. That will make it clearer and easier to identify the Light. Move toward Light in all you do.

Blessings of love and grace always with you all.

On the world situation, behind the scenes
       It would appear that the temperatures on planet Earth are being tampered with, though proof of such will easily be compromised. The seeding of the skies with chemicals, via the seemingly ubiquitous Chemtrails, has created side effects for an already precarious environment. We would say that the dangers of environmental disasters are increasing daily. As if the pollutants of human beings’ disrespect for the environment are not enough to wreak havoc on it, more toxins are knowingly being injected into the beleaguered atmosphere with no thought of repercussion, either physical or karmic! Indeed, human beings are quite surly folk, from our point of view.

The fact remains that the ‘general public’ neither condones nor condemns the actions of the ‘Illuminati,’ having often little or no direct knowledge of their plan. There appears to be a master plan in operation on this planet, the systematic destruction of the planet by forces of alienation. And we, here to assist in rejuvenation of your beloved planet, are considered to be the ‘aliens!’ The true ‘aliens’ are amongst you, wolves in sheep’s clothing, operating as heads of state in some countries and hidden from view in others. Mark our words— there is a sinister plan underway. Only, the forces of Light are quite prepared for it. We stand shoulder to shoulder, embarking upon our unified Light Work en masse. Light always shall persevere and be triumphant. It is such as always will be.
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