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   Water is to life, what
 love is to existence.
Water:Life :: Love:Existence

If we are in a desert, it is clear that the first thing we are looking for is water.
Our instinct tells us that.
When we get the water, we bring it inside through our mouth with our hands or another object.
First, we fill our interior and then we use the water to wash and clean our surroundings and other objects (dishes, pots, cutlery, clothes, floors, etc.), as rules of hygiene to maintain health.
Water is transformed as it is internalized passing from the digestive system into the circulatory system, the cellular level
and deeper.

Something similar we could say about the air.
The air is to life, what love and peace is to being.
Air: Life :: Love/Peace: Being

Something similar can be said about Love.


Agnihotra reconnects us with the Source (Love).

This energy, "LOVE", modifies our being, vitalizes our being, as it penetrates us. And then,
it expands in our surroundings
to help Social Health.

Also remember that
 the purer the water and air,
the more useful they are.

         Today, pure water and pure air are scarce as is Unconditional Love and Harmonizing Peace.
   Sometimes, we have experienced some very beautiful amazement when arriving at a "pristine" or "paradise-like" place.
  Sometimes, we also experience a deep peace in certain places or
with certain people (Saints).

This is the result of the "RESONANCE" we feel with these Sacred Places (temples, churches, mosques, etc.) or some Holy Saints (which are also rare).
       However, from the point of view of Physics, let us remember that to experience that Resonance, we must be Resonant with those Frequencies.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



Let's remember:
“The Master appears when the Disciple is ready.”
That explains why the Saints sometimes go unnoticed
 inside the crowds.

On the other hand, someone would say that the Masters are everywhere just as God is inside us.

Spiritual Scientists, Teachers, Saints, Gurus, and Avatars remind us that

Unconditional Love
 is the Solution
This is how
Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Vasant Paranjpe
remind us that the practice of Agnihotra, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya
 are the keys to open all the locks and
to be free and happy here and now.

Yes, yes, yes, through the Fivefold Path,
 we enter into Resonance with Divine Love and return to Home (to God).

Om Fivefold Path Om
Om Shree Om


Elizabeth Quijique
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

     On January 4th, 10 days ago, I had a stroke, which affected the left side of my body. I was restricted fully. I spent some days in without being able to move. I had paralysis and a lot of pain, which did not want to stop. My family had to take complete care of me.
     I have three children, Valentina, Gregory and Ronald. I am mother and father for them. So I said to myself “I have to get up; I have to do it for them“. Thanks to the phone call and invitation of Don Patricio Feijoo to join a Homa Therapy meeting, I got encouraged and got up. I tried to dress myself and then the pain started, but I said, "I have to walk, I have to go there."         (Photos: Elizabeth with her children)

     My mother, who had come to help me, asked me what I was doing. Then I told her that I wanted to go to Homa Therapy. I insisted in going there, because even Arcoxia did not take away my pain.
     Then they helped me and I arrived in Urdesa to talk with you and you gave me a little bit of the Agnihotra ash. I was sitting on the sofa and the pain started to disappear.
I said "Wow! The pain is disappearing and I only took a little Agnihotra ash with water".   After that I could walk by myself.
Then I reasoned, “this is better than diclofenac”, which I had to inject when I could not take the pain anymore. However, that would take off the pain for an hour or two and then it came back. But the Agnihotra ash removed it. And if it returned, I took more ash and I was fine. I went there with a lot, but a lot of pain and I returned home without pain.

     You see, I'm here warming my hands on top of the extinguished Agnihotra fire. I felt pain and put my warm hands right there and the pain disappeared. However, I still find it a little difficult to pick up things.
People see me and think I have nothing. Today, the Doctor told me, "But you do not have a stroke." Then, when she checked me and saw the exams, she said, “Yes, you have paralysis. It's a cerebral stroke.” The exams done at the Pan-American Clinic also showed these results.
   So my family now says to me, “Go, go. We do not know what you're doing at the Homa Therapy, but it takes your pain away.”

At first, the doctor told me that I was irresponsible, that I should be hospitalized and intubated. But then she also said, "We do not understand what you're doing, but go on with that."
After this massive Agnihotra today, I feel better and now I have no pain.

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(Photo: Viviana Esteves)

Viviana Estéves
HomaHolistic  Center ‘OM VIDA’
Samborondon, Ecuador, South America
  We recently had an experience with a patient named Javier V. of 33 years of age. He came with an emergency attitude or better said, he was very desperate. He had seen for many years, many different doctors, in different places, and still he had not found an answer to his evil. His problem was very strange; he was suppurating and had puss on one toe of each foot and on one finger of each hand, and his anus was itching.

  He had to literally cut himself all the time so that the puss could come out of his fingers and toes. This was constantly. He suffered from this since he was 13 years old. There was nothing that could cure him, no medicine. Nothing had helped so far.
   He came to us, we did some therapies with him and also presented him Homa Therapy. I gave him and instructed him to take Agnihotra ash in large quantities. The same day he came for the first time, he got his Agnihotra kit and started practicing Agnihotra at home.
    He was a person without faith. He did not understand or have love for God. He lacked inner peace. All this was something from another planet. He was a very elusive person, very apathetic. His marriage was staggering with two small children.
    But when he started doing the Agnihotra Fire, something wonderful happened. His wife, without knowing me, called me and told me that it is amazing to see her husband changing. And although he had said that he would not be able to do Agnihotra at sunrise, he got up disciplined every day.
    She also said that she received a bouquet of wonderful roses from him; that he is behaving differently. He is affectionate, kind; even his face has changed, his attitude has changed.
     When he returned to my office, I saw a transformed man. The itchiness and the puss had disappeared!
He brought his wife and his mother and they took two more Agnihotra kits with them.
     It is wonderful and extraordinary to see how the changes were so immediately.
  Their children also had health problems. They are taking Agnihotra ash and have incredible results.

Ashok Tambe
Chiplun, India

     I am 69 years old and I manufacture a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines. We have been doing Agnihotra for many, many years and we have wonderful experiences.
  Our first three children were daughters and we also wanted to have a son. Through a dream, my wife received the message that our desire will be granted and so it was.

                                                                                       (Photo: Mr. Ashok Tambe and Mrs. Aditi)
Once, one of my daughters had very high fever, which did not cease. The doctor told us to go for treatment to Bombay, which is several hours of distance by car. The car was ready to leave, but miraculously, after asking for help from the Masters of the Homa Fire, the fever went down rapidly and the doctors found our daughter was healthy.
   Some of our Ayurvedic medicines contain Agnihotra Ash, done at sunrise and sunset. We practice and share Tryambakam Homa on full and new moons. Many Ayurvedic doctors find our medicines superior to that of other manufacturing companies.
   We also practice the Vyahruti Homa on every occasion.
Our children and grandchildren are healthy and they have good grades in school. They are also exposed to Homa Therapy, since all my daughters practice it in their homes.

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 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

 The basis for any soil preparation in any urban or rural garden is to have several ingredients, depending on the resources and availability of substances.
In the following example, horse manure, leaf soil, local soil, compost and Agnihotra ash were used. The preparation was as follows: Each available substance was applied as a layer until the bed reached at least 20 cm high.

      In this raised bed, Agnihotra Ash was applied while chanting the Tryambakam Mantra. It was watered with Gloria Biosol to reinforce the biological nutrition and thus safeguard the available fertility for the plants. Plastic bottles were filled with more plastic and used to create a border to contain the soil in this raised bed. This was done for a sustainable approach to construction, using recyclable materials.
     It is essential that at least every 45 days the raised bed is fertilized with compost or humus (vermiculture) so that it will always remain fertile. It also should be watered with Gloria Biosol at least once a week to maintain fertility and activity of micro-organisms in the soil.

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Alejandro Cajas
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

    I put water in a 10-gallon tank along with Agnihotra Ash. Then I wait for one week. At first I thought the water would be dirty and smelly, but it was not so. The water is crystalline and it makes you want to drink it. The water itself becomes like a crystal.
With this solution, I water the diseased plants and they heal.

The size of the fruits that my plants bear is amazing.    Here in the city, some of my plants have

befallen tremendous plagues. I thought that they would die. But, no. They have tremendous strength, they reject the parasites and they continue to bear good fruits. The lemon tree, for example, was practically dead and I was going to cut it. But my wife asked me not to cut the tree. (Photo above with his wife Estefania.) So, instead, I started throwing Agnihotra ash in large quantities at it, singing the Tryambakam Mantra.
    The tree is now rejecting all the plagues and bugs. It already has new leaves, has just bloomed and has some fruit, although it is still small. It has practically been resurrected.

  Here in my garden there is magic. The cherry tree is now very beautiful, full of green, full of fruits.
  The cherimoyas are sweet and large.
It seems as if they have added sugar.
   In the morning, most times, when I do the fire out here in the garden, the birds fill up the tree and they sing the 

   Mantra along with me. With Homa Therapy is interesting to see how some birds come to the palms close to the window of our bedroom and sing. They are birds that have a stunning sound which wakes me up. At half past five, they are waking me up so I go and do the Agnihotra Fire. I need no alarm or any of that. It's wonderful to have my own nature clock.    (See photos on this page.)

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 If you open the link with "Google Crome" browser, you can right-click anywhere on the article and click on "Translate to english".

The Secret Communications of Plants

     According to studies by  Dr. Suzanne Simard, a scientist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada) forests become complex systems where species exchange nutrients, send warning signals and relate to the environment with greater or lesser success.
Those responsible for this collaboration are the mycorrhiza networks, that is, the

symbiosis between the fungi and the roots of the plants. To read article, please enter:

How does a remote island have the highest density of human waste on the planet?

      The 18 tons of garbage that covers the uninhabited island of Henderson make that remote British territory in the South Pacific the highest density of waste produced by humans on the planet.
    Jennifer Lavers, from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania, found the presence of

671 remains of rubbish per square meter on the island, the world's highest index, according to “Proceedings” scientific journal of the National Academy of Science.
The remains of Japan, China and the United States, but also from Chile, Ecuador and Peru or from more distant countries such as Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, end up on that island discovered by the Portuguese Pedro Fernandes de Queirós in 1606 and which forms Part of the British archipelago of Pitcairn. To read article, please enter:


A human would need to pollinate 10,000 flowers a day to reach a bee's pollinating rhythm, according to Greenpeace

       To do this, Greenpeace presented a practical guide to learn to pollinate, with a brochure and a video tutorial, since about 75 percent of the major crops that are consumed depend on pollinating insects.
To read complete article, please enter:


Video message of Prince Ea

Can we Auto-correct Humanity?
(Subtitled in spanish)



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EVENTS on the way to GOA, INDIA

         Continuing with the trip to Goa, accompanied by Mr. Abhay Paranjpe and his wife, Anjali, we visited several temples, dedicated to various Deities, each personifying Divine aspects.
    The temples are usually well maintained. Most often one finds wonderful flowers and trees, shade to meditate, sometimes even gardens to walk quietly. This beautiful sight and the intense smell of incense leads us to see the world from a new angle.
      The interiors of the temples have mostly an astonishing, unique, spectacular and magnificent beauty.

       The columns were carved by hand with detailed figures of Deities, elephants, birds, other, sometimes unknown, creatures, flowers and fauna. The awesomeness leaves one breathless!... It is a beauty that takes one beyond the material world.
We also enjoyed participating and observing devotional ceremonies at some of the temples. (Photos on this page)

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      Arriving in Goa, we passed through the city and saw posters inviting the community to experience the Somayag.     This Somayag was organized by the priest Achal Apte and his wife Bhakti and their family. They are from this city. The intention behind this generous act was to help the city, cleansing it at subtle levels.
      The Somayag took place next to the largest temple in Goa and many of the same rutvijas (priests; also performed Somayag in Maheshwar) participated

 under the direction of Atvariu Mangesh Bhavikar.
In this Somayag week, we shared Agnihotra in front of the temple and also within the Somayag shala.
(See photos on this page.)
     We met with an Agnihotri friend from Austria, Walter Aichbauer (photo below) who published, along with his brother Eddie, wonderful books of  Mahashree Gajanan Maharaj, and
 Master Shrii Vasant

Each Somayag, done the way Shree Gajanan Maharaj has instructed, is a Great Blessing for the planet. It requires strength, goodwill, resources and much love and dedication from the priests.

132 / 08



Everyday was full of Blessings after Blessings.
The medicinal Vedic Fires and the Mantras are intrinsically connected and adjust everything to its perfect natural state.

Photos: Somayag & Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset; accompanied by our hosts, Sharad Shankar and Modini Chodankar and their children, Shreeya and Uddhav; Abhay, Anjali and Shreekant Paranjpe, Bhola, Girish Patil and other Agnihotris from different parts of India.   Frank Lüsmann and Urlich Berk from Germany and Bruce Johnson from Tapovan arrived in the last days.
    Ambika (pictured above right), a 9-year-old girl, practices Agnihotra (also at her home) in the company of her mother, Shubhangi Satardekar and her little brother, Kabir.

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    Majestic flames are created in the Vedic way for the purification of our atmosphere. We all can help to keep it clean by practicing Agnihotra; emitting positive thoughts of Light and Love; having pure feelings; performing altruistic acts; knowing the "I", or ego, for what it is; training ourselves to "love your neighbor as yourself" and by abiding by the wisdom of

"Seek first the Kingdom of God and all the rest will come in addition."
The holy flames receive certain medicinal woods, sweets of different colors and flavors. Everything given to the Fire has been harvested and made following the Ahimsa (Non-Violence) principle and is offered with specific chants of Mantras from the four Vedas.
  Photos last row: Practicing Agnihotra (basic fire), simple and accessible to anyone regardless of race, sex, religion, economic status, education, etc.

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    We had the great joy of staying with the Agnihotra family of Mr. Sharad Shankar Chodankar, his wife Modini, their children Shreeya and Uddhav; with their lovely grandmother and Mrs. Pratima Amit Juvekar and her baby boy.

Everywhere the Paranjpes' were welcomed with an open heart, much appreciation and respect.
(See photos on the left
and below.)

 Something that touches deeply, is to observe the children of the priests. They pray with closed eyes, with so much fervor, concentration, simplicity and with the pure certainty that God is listening to them...     That is hope, a new morning with a brilliant sun shining on the new generation.

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Thank you
 Achal  & Bhakti & Family!
Many thanks to the Rutvijas, their families and to all the participants and supporters of this Vedic Yajnya Event for Planetary Healing.

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    We left Goa with great joy and much gratitude in our hearts.
After several hours of driving we arrived in the city of Dharwad and visited Dr. Pramod Basarkar and his wife Sandhya. On their house is a large Agnihotra pyramid painted. (Photo on the left.)
     Dr. Basarkar, with the support of the "Dharwad Universidad", did scientific Homa Technology research in the field of agriculture.
    (Several reports were pubished in earlier HomaHealth Newsletters.)
      Later, the same day, we advanced to Belgaum, capital of Karnataka State, where Master Vasant lived with his family for many years.

   Mr. Abhay Mutalikdesai and his wife Madhumati, have a Homa farm on the outskirts of the city. We will report on his Homa farming experiences in another issue.
His family was our hospitable host in Belgaum.     (Photos below: Agnihotra with the Mutalikdesai Family; and on the right, the grandmother practicing daily Agnihotra.)

  Dr. Ulrich Berk and  Mr. Bruce Johnson also arrived in Belgaum, invited by Dr.  MV Jali (photo right)
to present an introductory lecture on Homa Therapy, based on scientific research,

for doctors, teachers and students of KLES University. Dr. Jali is Medical Director and CEO, Head of the Department of Diabetes and Professor of KLES  (Karnataka Lingayat Education Society). KLES is a Medical Research Center and is the largest hospital in India.

132 / 13



     The auditorium of KLES was filled with people interested in Homa Therapy Healing Fires. In India, Yajnyas are well known mostly for spiritual purposes.
  The talk and audio-visual presentation of  Dr. Ulrich Berk (pictured right and above during the presentation) were excellent, and at the end he received a standing ovation.

     Dr. Jali then took us to the Diabetes Department. (Diabetes is a very common disease in India). Prof. Abel told him about Dr. Jaime Montufar's successful Homa treatments in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Dr. Jali showed us the meditation room for patients, where he plans to start with the Agnihotra performance two to three times a week.
(Photo above Bruce, Ulrich, Dr. Jali, Abel and Abhay in the meditation room.)

   There are more and more children and young people suffering from diabetes and Dr. Jali and his team have many youth programs.
      This painting of the 4 Vedas (right picture),  exposed in the entrance hall of the Diabetes Dept, clearly shows the importance of the Homas (Yajnyas).

132 / 14



  We came to know the  Ayurvedic Hospital with its Department of medical research through an informative short tour.

(Photo: relief of the Lord of Ayurvedic Medicine, Dhanvantari.)

      We were invited by Dr. Banappa S. Unger of the Regional Medical Research Center, Indian Council of Medical Research, Dept. of Health Research and his team to learn  about the "School of Traditional Medicine" with its many research labs and an orchard with traditional medicinal trees.                           (Photos below)

Sunset Agnihotra was presented in the KLES Temple, where
Mr. Abhay Mutalikdesai
explained in detail the Agnihotra process. Everyone wanted to receive Agnihotra Ash after being amazed at hearing of its healing power.                         (photo below)

132 / 15



    The days in Belgaum passed very quickly. Divine Grace manifested at every moment.
On the way to Sangli, we visited a good friend of the Paranjpe family and Agnihotri for many years, Mrs. Anuradha Pradeep Deshpande, Agnihotri desde hace muchos años.  (Photo left: Abel, Mrs. Anuradha, Anjali and Abhay Paranjpe.) With her help, we were able to visit an ancient temple and enjoy its millennia accumulated energy through a meditation.

    Arriving in Sangli, other Agnihotra friends of the Paranjpes, Dr. Ram Lade, his wife Utkarsha and daughter Anushka, welcomed us. Dr. Ram works in an Ayurvedic hospital, and is founder and teacher of the Laxmi-Prabha Institute for nurses. He is about to culminate the construction of a 4-floor modern hospital (allopathic and Ayurvedic) in a town on the outskirts of the city. The students come from the villages. Prof. Abel was invited to speak and show the benefits of Agnihotra through a video presentation.
    Mr. Abhay did a Vyahruti Homa and served as translator.

 (Photos below from the Institute, with doctors, teachers and nursing students, who expressed their wish to start Agnihotra practice.)

132 / 16



First row photo:
Inauguration of the new hospital with Agnihotra Healing Fires of Homa Therapy. We also heard a wonderful healing testimony.
Photos second row:
Dr. Ram Lade, his wife Utkarsha and daughter, Anushka; Abhay and Anjali Paranjpe explained to the audience more about the Homa Fires, their origin and correct practice.
Right picture:
We shared Agnihotra in the mornings at the home of Dr. Ram, where we stayed, receiving much kindness. This was our last stay before we returned to Dhule.

132 / 17



     Back in Dhule, we celebrated Abel's birthday with a Rudra Yajnya and other special Homa Fires, with the Homa family. (photo right)
   Before traveling to Nagpur, Prof. Abel returned to Tapovan with Shreekant Paranjpe in order to continue the training of students and teachers of the Mantra and practice of Tryambakam Homa.
(photos below)

132 / 18



   In addition, Yoga classes with rhythmic breathing exercises and much fun were also on the list. These help to achieve and maintain balance between body and mind. Exercises of imitating animals were relaxing and stress-releasing for all. Hugging oneself and saying, 'I Love Me', also caused a lot of laughter.
 (Photos: Yoga and Yajnya with school children and teachers at the Tapovan School.)

Thanks to the Homas:
-Neurons Are Activated
-Analytical capacity is stimulated
- Creativity is encouraged
-Much Joy is experienced and
- the bond of Brotherhood is strengthened in this process, among many other positive achievements.

Of course, the children learned quickly the Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa Mantras.

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     In Dhule, Prof. Cheema and his wife Sarbjit (photo left), both Agnihotra practitioners, invited us to visit their 'Holy Child' school again and give some Yajnya Yoga classes to their students.
Photos on this page: Each class began with a Vyahruti Homa. Students also learned and practiced Tryambakam Homa.
These Bio-Energy programs can be implemented in any School.
Photos last row: Sharing Agnihotra with the Cheema Family and the Darpan Abbishek Family in Dhule. 

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     Diana and Joaquín Endir, a Homa Fire couple (photo below with their two sons), sent the photos of this page. They are sharing Agnihotra and its contagious joy with everyone who crosses their path.         Their friends, Audo, Eduardo and Hernán, among others, support them in this beautiful task.

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      We received these photos from Peru, where we observe Agnihotra sessions in different Hospitals of EsSalud, in the sectors Carabayllo and Comas.
      These meetings are under the loving supervision of Dr. Jorge Torres, psychologist, and Dr. Tomás Silva, pathologist; along with the supportive Homa volunteer group, trained by Med. Tech. Christian Álvaro Vásquez Soto.

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The photos on this page came from Piura, Northern Peru, where a group of dedicated Agnihotris continues to gather to help others and help themselves through the Homa Fires. We see Dr. Marisol, Dr. Marixa, Mr. Cesar with his wife, Nancy, Mrs. Carmen,
Mr. Wuilliam and others
sharing Homa Therapy.

132 / 23



The photos of this page arrived from Guayaquil. They are from Homa Healing meetings in the vegetarian gourmet restaurant, "Amaranto", with Patricio and Mary Feijoo, Doctor Montufar, Pazmiño Obando Family, Roberto and other dedicated Agnihotris.

Photo above: Elizabeth with her family practicing Agnihotra.
See her testimony on page 02.

Photo arriba: above:
Mrs. Pazmiño, over 80 years of age, practicing Agnihotra (with her daughters, Marianita and Rocío).

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Bruce Johnson wrote from Tapovan:
     "On March 25th, 2017 we passed another milestone here in Tapovan. We reached the 16 year mark with our unbroken 24 hour round-the-clock Om Tryambakam Yajnya.
     It is a great achievement. As far as we know it is the only one of its kind on the planet today. It is made possible by the extreme dedication and devotion of a small number of people. We celebrated this year again outside the Yajnya Shala where the Fire has been kept alive all these years, where we conducted the traditional Aarati worship of Parama Sadguru  Shree Gajanan Maharaj and  Shree Gurudev Vasantrao Paranjpe.

 May this blessed and sacred fire continue for however long it is needed!"
(Photos of this page from the 16th Anniversary Celebration in Tapovan.)

132 / 25



By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Effect of Agnihotra Atmosphere and Agnihotra Ash on plant growth and soil health

     In the last issue we have discussed the effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on the growth and disease resistance of plants – both under lab conditions and in a greenhouse.
But what are the effects in field conditions? The first systematic study on Homa Organic Farming was done in the Agricultural University in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh (a Northern State in India, at the edge of the Himalaya mountains).
Interesting how this research project started.
      In 2006, Karin Heschl and Bruce Johnson, both experts on Homa Organic Farming who live in India, gave presentations at a conference on organic farming. After Karin’s presentation in which she mentioned considerable increase in the yield of mangoes in Homa Therapy atmosphere, one participant of the conference, Dr. DS Rathore, at that time Vice-Chancellor of the Palampur Agricultural University, expressed his protest afterwards– saying that it is just impossible that burning cow dung and ghee and uttering some simple mantras could bring about such effects.
      Another senior agricultural scientist, Dr. RK Pathak, saw this and talked to Dr. Rathore – saying that it is unscientific to just claim the Homa method cannot work. A scientific approach would be to set up an experiment and show that the method does not work.
     Dr. Rathore agreed, so they were setting up a small Homa Organic Farm on the land of the university. In 2007, Reiner Sczypior, a Homa volunteer from Austria who then stayed in India, set up the resonance system. On that farm during several years a lot of research was conducted. Soon it became clear that the original aim – showing that Homa methods do not work – could not be achieved. On the contrary, they got many good results.

They studied the effect of organic nutrients including Agnihotra Ash on crop productivity and soil health.
Medicinal plants like lemongrass, wild marigold, and aloe vera were chosen.
With lemongrass, there was a significant increase in the yield attributes viz plant height, number of leaves and plant spread and ultimately the yield of lemongrass increased with the addition of organics over the control.
      Highest biological yield (7833 kg per hectare) was obtained in the treatment with organic manure + Agnihotra Ash + sowing according to the moon calendar, while lowest yield (2833 kg per hectare) was obtained in control + not following the moon calendar. Second best treatments was that using organic manure + Agnihotra Ash, but not following the moon calendar.
        Also the oil content was best in treatments with Agnihotra Ash – up to seven times higher than control!
Similar results were with wild marigold and with aloe vera. The authors sum up their findings as follows:
"To sum up, it has been clearly demonstrated in this experiment that in lemon grass, wild marigold and aloe vera Agnihotra Ash was significantly superior to other organic treatments."

Continuación próxima página

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     The second part of their research was about soil health, a very important factor also for future production (and declining soil health is a big problem worldwide because of conventional farming).
Following the results they got regarding soil health:
• Homa environment inhibited growth of harmful bacteria like
Fusarium solani, F.oxysporum, Rhizoctonia solani, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Sclerotium rolfsii, Phoma medicaginis and Alternaria brassicae;
• Maximum inhibition ranged ( 29-42%) recorded in Agnihotra hut followed by Tryambakam hut ( 8-32 .
• Homa environment had adverse impact on appearance and population build up of pests like tomato fruit and shoot borer and semi loper;
• Homa ash possessed deterrent capabilities for management of these insects as compared to untreated tomato plants.
• Applications of Agnihotra Ash in soil at time of transplanting & then adding Agnihotra Ash to irrigation water at regular 15 days interval was effective in management of these insects.
• Effects of Agnihotra Ash on the growth of soil borne pathogens and bio agents indicated that all organisms were inhibited by Agnihotra Ash;
• Aerial micro flora count showed interesting observations:
• Bacterial counts in room where Agnihotra was performed got reduced significantly.
For comparison in one room normal fire (without the disciplines of Agnihotra) was performed. No significant changes in microbial (bacterial, fungal, and actinomycetes) counts were found!
That means that for control of harmful bacteria Agnihotra performed properly is necessary – just preparing a fire does not have these effects.

• In total of 70 beneficial bacterial isolates; out of these 18 isolates are bacteria which make phosphorus in soil water soluble.
• 18 showed IAA production in range of 0.4-15.6 μg/ mL
• (IAA - Indole Acetic Acid - production is a major property of rhizosphere bacteria that stimulate and facilitate plant growth.)
• 7 isolates showed siderophore production in range of 3-14 activity diameters. (Siderophores make iron available to plants.)
• 12 bacterial isolates showed Ammonia production .
• Isolates isolated during and after the Agnihotra were found to show a variety of PGPR traits. (PGPR: Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria.)
• These appear attractive towards development of microbial inoculants and enrichment of various organic manures.
These results made it to the front page of the Journal "Indian Express“. "Bhasma" means "Ash".

  132 / 27



      You say you have so many things to do. Don't try to do too many things at once. That way you will never be free of constant worrying. The mind likes to create worries and things to do.

       If things are difficult in any situation take three deep breaths and just do Mantra silently to yourself. Anything else can wait.

        Have no expectation of the other person even if he/she is your husband or wife. Forget about roles.

Forget about the normal man. You have no way of knowing what this so called ‘normal man’ is experiencing. Have no expectation of this other person. If she cooks for you be grateful.. If she cleans be grateful. At the same time refuse to harbour resentment of any kind towards this person. If they do something you don’t like simply walk away. Refuse to react to anger. This is a tall order but one which you are truly capable of filling.

       If the body is busy the mind has less time to wander.

      You have to be more strict with diet. Then if you are in the habit of taking any drug or stimulant best leave it as soon as possible. Make the effort at least. Time is near when all these will spoil you. Tapa is very important for you now.

      There is so much that has to be done. Don't allow yourself to be pulled in other directions. Put all focus on your work. Normal desires are there. You should not feel badly that you have these desires. We know you are alone and that this is difficult. Let the desires come and go as thoughts during a meditation. DO NOT HOLD ON TO EACH LONGING. You focus on being unfulfilled. Never mind fulfilled or unfulfilled. Fulfill others. This Love will come. Do not worry.

      Nothing is so severe it cannot be remedied at this time. Make great efforts on a daily basis. Do not worry about succeeding or failing. Just do the effort.

     You bring these healing energies to others with very little knowledge of it. This is the beauty of it, how GRACE operates. NO intellectualization. Healing goes on whether you know it or not.

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( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Consciousness
Yes. Yes. Yes. Consciousness is rising, even despite the many trends to the contrary. The lines are drawn. The fate is cast. The first ones now may later be last. Indeed, the times of change have come.

Dear ones who appear to be listening but who have turned a deaf ear to avoid hearing that which you do not comprehend—listen now.

What seems to be abundance will leave you hungry, without nourishment for your souls.

In the great American ‘Land of milk and honey,’ a shadow has fallen across the land.

There is a great lull presiding, every infraction to that which excludes dignity and integrity appears as a ripple in the vast ocean, only a drop in the sea. The dishonoring of sacred peoples, the destruction of sacred lands, the erasing of culture and its resultant prophecy—all this but a ripple in the ocean? Any one of these infractions curbing liberty and righteousness would once have been deemed criminal—but now is seen only as a small shadow. Then, all return to their work at hand, their smallest lives—in favor of compliancy, in favor of diplomacy, in favor of a steady boat—never to rock it or steer it to new horizons.

Awaken and take back your Truth.
Awaken and resume your place in the World.
Awaken and Unite.
Awaken to the Light.

Realize you are all children of a Higher God.
You are the ones for whom the Call has come.

Unplug from the Matrix of Mediocrity.
Take your places in line with a Higher Democracy.
Walk in Light within each of you now.


On Faith and Teaching Children
Yes, yes. These are uncharted waters, a new chapter in life. The unfamiliarity can feel disconcerting, but remember—the waters of the heart are well-charted.

Put your full faith in Almighty. In every instance, He will provide comfort, wisdom, protection and pure love.

It is in these times when darkness seems to reign in the world, that all of you must go within and UNITE with ones of like mind and heart.

Resist the evils of the world.
Strengthen inner peace and rise above chaos and turmoil.

Teach your children through peace and tolerance, through love and forgiveness.
They look to you for direction.

If only you had known to go within during times of strife in your lives.

You can save your children unnecessary steps by showing them the way to go within and find their inner strength, how to trust and move ahead in Light.
Let this be your legacy.

Blessings to all.
We are, ORION.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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