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  Most people have already heard about Meditation.
Many, many have tried to meditate at some point.
Many practice Meditation regularly.
And some have reached high levels of Perception and Deep Peace in Meditation.
And gradually more people are achieving the state of
“Unity or Oneness ”
 through Meditation.

Why Meditate?
There are more than a thousand and one reasons or benefits to be gained by regular practice of meditation, but
 the main benefit is

     Yes, one, that is,
 The realization of
Unity with the Almighty
Father-Mother  and Perceiving His-Her Presence Everywhere.
To be ONE with Everyone.
 To be ONE with God.

        How to Prepare to Meditate?
   According to the Yogic Sciences, there are several Logical Steps to follow in order to tame the body, the senses and the mind before reaching the state of Meditation.

What are these steps?
    The Patanjali Sutras define 8 steps. These are:
1) and 2)
Yama y Niyama
For Calming and Purifying the Mind.
They are attitudes that we can apply in life, such as:
Satya (express the truth),
Ahimsa (non-violence), etc.
3) Asanas,Mudras,Bandhas
    Psycho-physical exercises to keep the body in optimal conditions, flexible and strong.


Meditation is very powerful in group and more profound during Agnihotra.

4) Pranayama
To purify the vital energy channels (Nadis) and activate the Chakras
5) Pratyahara
To control our attention and turn inward
6) Dharana
To deepen our attention towards a single point or Object
7) Dhyana
To become one with our object of concentration
8) Samadhi
To reach the state of “Oneness with Everyone and Everything”.
That is “Oneness with God”.

     Meditation is a pathway to Self-realization, and there are many ways or techniques to meditate. Just as we cannot enter the University without prior preparation, we cannot meditate without purification of mind, body and heart.

      It is not recommended to skip the basic steps. There is enough theoretical-practical information about the first 4 steps available in books, magazines, Internet, videos, yoga schools, spiritual centers and instructors.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



     The following are simple guides that will help us to go forwards after step 4 (Pranayama)
Let's do more Swadhyaaya.
    Have you noticed that you are nowhere while you are moving?       You can be somewhere only if you can really stand there. Even when you do not go from place to place, your mind is changing from one thought to another.
=  Being HERE and NOW

Why is it so important to STOP?
1) You Rest
2) You Recharge yourself
Yes, yes, yes, it is important to exercise the body and mind. But it is also important to STOP body and mind. When you fall asleep, your body may be still *, but you are still busy in the land of dreams. Only for a short time, you can be in a deep sleep. However, in ordinary sleep and deep sleep, there is no consciousness. Usually, we are experiencing through the senses many things except the Real "Self".
      So, we know a lot about external things and a little about
 The "personality or small self".
How do I experience the “Self”?
 Spiritual Scientists tell us that we must Meditate and Concentrate.

How to do this?
      No one really can teach you how to Meditate, just as no one can teach you to sleep. You can learn to prepare to meditate, just as we learn to prepare to go to bed and sleep naturally. Most Spiritual Masters only show us the way but the Disciple must walk it.
  The following are some Simple Guidelines for Preparing for Meditation.
1) Release the physical stress:
A - Sit in a comfortable position
B - Align the spine and other body parts

*Many people move during sleep

C - Place your hands on your thighs or knees (you can do Gyana or Yoga Mudra)
2) Breathe slowly, gently and deeply
3) Relax the face, shoulders,
Arms, legs, etc.
4) Keep the body still and the spine erect but not tense.
5) Feel the air coming in
And going out through the nose.
6) Visualize a triangle between the nostrils and the space between the eyebrows while breathing.
7) Synchronize your personal Mantra (if any) with the breathing process.
If you do not have a personal Mantra,
You can use the "OM SHREE"
OM - inhaling, SHREE - exhaling
8) Visualize the Energy/Light ascending from the base (Muladhara) to the top of the head while inhaling, and the energy descending from the top of the head to the Muladhara chakra while exhaling.
9) Bring into your mind the image of your Guru, Deva, Saint, sun, light, etc.
10) Listen to the Sounds
A) external
B) internal: breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, Shabd, etc.
11) Visualize yourself sitting inside a room inside your head.
Look at the screen in front of your forehead as if you were watching a movie,
As a Witness.
 And do not identify with the scenes.

These paragraphs are simple guides adapted to your temperament that will help you to continue from Step 5 (Pratyahara) forward.

   The practice of the Fivefold Path prepares us for Self-realization and
Speeds up the processes to achieve it
In a single life,
For the price of a caramel.
This is Grace!!!


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María Valentina Briseño
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

       "I am 47 years old. I learned Agnihotra 20 years ago. I had the opportunity to meet Master Shree Vasant. I resumed the practice of Agnihotra few years ago in Miami, but I left it again. However, one can take Agnihotra back at any moment.
        Now, I have been practicing it for 8 months constantly. I do it in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon, because it coincides with my work.
                                                                (Photo: Valentina Briseño)

     I have had spectacular and beautiful experiences. In the porch, where I do Homa Therapy, I see how some animals, especially ducks and wild geese, stop at the time of Agnihotra and wait for me to sing the Mantra. Then, they leave. In my yard, where there is a lake, I have seen exotic birds that I never saw before, like white herons, black herons, woodpeckers, nightingales (blue birds in various shades), etc. The squirrels arrive and the fish begin to jump. I feel like Nature is grateful at this time. That did not happen when I did not do Agnihotra.
   I have also seen a change in my husband, who suffered from depression. Now, he sleeps more calmly. He is more aligned, more relaxed and more serene.
    I have also seen positive changes in my son. He is in his teenage years, when they feel they are the greatest. I have seen him more focused. He takes more responsibility in what he does. He is more sure about himself.
I have also seen how my neighbors feel better. One notes and perceives the joy when they greet you. People who have never ever greeted you, greet you with joy. Something is happening. The Homa Therapy is spectacular!
   A friend had a very deep sense of sadness. Then we decided to do Agnihotra. The moment I started the Fire, the fire alarms were activated. However, I finished with the practice of Agnihotra and after that, the whole apartment had an extraordinary sheen. As a result of this, my friend began to feel better. Now, she also practices Homa Therapy.
     We can help a lot of people. This is a beautiful work of love. I recommend it. There have been many changes in my life. Twenty years ago, I was just married and had absolutely nothing. Our progress was extraordinary with Agnihotra. My husband found another job and things began to flow in perfect Divine order, because it is an energy that brings you everything: health, inner peace and material things."

Vidya Didvania
Bombay, India

      "I'm visiting in Maheshwar, but I've been practicing Agnihotra for the past 4 years. I've seen a lot of benefits. My mother-in-law had severe depression. Before, she was very difficult to handle; her moods went up and down. She used to become a bit violent. With the Agnihotra at home, I notice that she is calmer. Her mood changes are still there, but I can handle them effectively.
    My husband had "bad temper". Since he started sitting with me, while I do Agnihotra, his temper has improved. He has become more peaceful. I feel more peace at home.

(Photo: Vidya Didvania)
  I also do organic agriculture. I use the Agnihotra ash and get good results. I also share Agnihotra with other friends."

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 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

Today’s tendency is to grow ones' own food and some of the challenges we meet are:
- it has to be in tight spaces
- reusing and recycling available materials
- much creativity
So, we offer some guidance in these Homa Newsletters.

The composting is a transformation of biodegradable organic materials through the process of biological decomposition. The final product is a clean substrate with nutritional properties which is considered a natural fertilizer and soil improver, and is called Compost.


The spaces of the house and the place to be used for composting should have:

• Nearby source of drinking water 
• Shading system and possible fencing
• Ventilated place
• Working tools in optimal conditions
• The ideal is to have all the ingredients chopped into small pieces (<2 cm) for this ensures a faster and safer decomposition.

The organic waste can be::  

Greens (Humid)

Dry material
Green leaves and tea bags Sawdust, wood shavings
Dung of herbivorous animals Dried leaves
Corn kernels Pruning remnants
Fruits and vegetables Paper and cardboard
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Composting is done by making sandwich layers with each type of organic waste available. These layers are:

1. First, the animal dung, then
2. Kitchen waste and the remains of pruning, grass cuts
3. Followed by cardboard, napkins and coffee paper, chopped. (Paper printed with ink should not be used)
4. Then add Agnihotra ash
5. Repeat all steps until it is 1 meter in height or until all the available material is used
6. Finally, apply water, cover it up and let it rest for one month
7. The compost should be watered periodically and later flipped at least once a week
8. Depending on the site, the irrigation management and the turn overs, the compost can be obtained within 60 days.
This compost is used as substrate and fertilizer for plants. It should be the base of nutrients for any city garden and for indoor plants in pots, among other applications.

Elaboration of
HOMA compost

This process of creating your own vegetable garden with a biological organic Homa approach will be shown in the next several Newsletters. In the next Homa Newsleter we will explain the Soil Preparation.
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Flexible, organic and biodegradable: Stanford researchers develop new wave of electronics

          As electronics become increasingly pervasive in our lives – from smart-phones to wearable sensors – so too does the ever rising amount of electronic waste they create. A United Nations Environment Program report found that almost 50 million tons of electronic waste were thrown out in 2017—more than 20 percent higher than waste in 2015.

Troubled by this mounting waste, Stanford engineer Zhenan Bao and her team are rethinking electronics. “In my group, we have been trying to mimic the function of human skin to think about how to develop future electronic devices,” Bao said. She described how skin is stretchable, self-healable and also biodegradable – an attractive list of characteristics for electronics. “We have achieved the first two [flexible and self-healing], so the biodegradability was something we wanted to tackle.”          To read full article, please see:

United Nations Calls for Worldwide Treaty to Phase Out Pesticides and Transition to Sustainable Farming

March 21, 2017:
• Research has linked long-term pesticide exposure to infertility, birth defects, endocrine disruption and obesity, reduced IQ, neurological diseases, cancer and many other health and environmental problems

• Two United Nations experts are now calling for a comprehensive global treaty to regulate and phase out toxic pesticides in farming, and to move food production across the world toward more sustainable agricultural practices
• Another recently released report, “Human Health Implications of Organic Food and Organic Agriculture,” by the European Parliament, details the many benefits of organics.
To read full article, please enter:


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         In Indore, there was an "ERGECI 2017 International Conference" where responses to Global Climate Change and its impacts were sought.                Homa Therapy was present with the speakers: Dr. Ulrich Berk from Germany photo right) , Prof. Abel Hernández from USA, Mrs. Karin Heschl from Austria, Mr. Arun Anand from India, Mr. Jarek Bizberg from Poland and Aleta Macan from Canada/Austria (photos below). All offered solutions and showed achievements with the practice of Homa Therapy, through presentations and research done in Ecology, Agriculture, Livestock and Health.  The Organizers were: Dr. Shailendra Sharma and Dr. Anand Kar,  who had invited speakers from India and other countries, including Nepal and Australia. This event lasted 3 days and the scientists' concerns could be felt.

Photos of the conference at the Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya University of Indore.

We shared the Agnihotra at sunset with the public in the conference room of the University and also in the Hotel at sunrise with some of the speakers.

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        Arriving at Tapovan, we were very happy to participate again in the Agnihotra circles in the morning and afternoon with the workers and their families who live in this very special place, where Tryambakam Homa is "ON" 24 hours daily.
                      Master Shree Vasant’s Mahasamadhi is also on this place.
 We met with Rosario from Peru and with Katerina, Camila and Josefa from Chile.

(Photos: Children also do Agnihotra)

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 Some of the 'Tapovan Boys' practicing Agnihotra, participating and helping for 16 years to keep "ON" the Tryambakam Homa continuously 24 hours a day.

  Tapovan’s Homas and many other activities have been managed by the Australian couple, Anne Godfrey and Bruce Johnson (photo below left), who are unconditionally supported by the Paranjpe family, Mr. Sanjay Patil, his wife Manisha and their children Smita and Vineet (photo below right).

               Anne and Bruce have lived for 20 years in India. Master Shree Vasant gave them this task of converting a hard and stony soil, in an extremely dry area, into an Oasis of Life with the Homa Fires.  
also works with rural women, teaching them how to sew and thereby achieve self-sustainability for themselves and their children.

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        In the "Tapovan School", we were able to witness the "Artistic Function of the Year". Great event, organized by its Director Shreekant Paranjpe, his brother Sarvajit, the teachers, parents and the many people who helped. The school has about 150 children and absolutely everyone participated. Although coming from poor families, beautiful costumes were used and the children presented the songs, dances and performances with much joy, naturalness and determination.

This Cultural Act began with a Vyahruti Homa at 4 pm and lasted until 8:30 pm with a short pause for Agnihotra practice.

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After Agnihotra, this Cultural Act with beautiful Costumes, Choreo-graphies, Lights, Smoke, Large Screen, various backgrounds illuminating the stage, and contagious  joy, continued.

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Observations about the artistic school act:

Katerina Marcela Gonzales Aimaretti
Santiago de Chile (visiting Tapovan)

      "I was amazed by the ability and the performance of these children. I am a teacher.
I have worked 20 years in Argentina as a teacher in schools of different economic levels.
I know what is involved in preparing an artistic cultural act. I know what work it is for the children to act. Very often, we find that the children can know very well their lines, but

they can be shy and do not know what to do. This did not happen with the Tapovan School Children. They acted naturally with confidence. That is not common in South America, and especially not in poor schools. It was wonderful to see the concern with details in the choreography and infrastructure, the stage, the colored lights, the smoke, the audio, the giant screen, etc. They know about dancing and they know how to act too. Their movements were perfect. They had dances where the coordination was exact even when they moved all the parts of the body. It was fantastic! Some of the dialogues were long and there was no moment of silence. it was a ping-pong of questions and answers and they produced laughter in the public.
       I attribute this ability of expressing, presenting and speaking in public to the Homa environment (Homa atmosphere), where these children are developing. Usually in India, children are shy. They bow their heads and they don't look straight into your eyes. They are embarrassed. However, we do not see that here.
       The HOMA environment where they are studying gives them support for these Great Achievements."

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Observations about the artistic school act:

Anne Godfrey
Tapovan Homa Center & Farm, Maharashtra, India

       "I had missed the past presentations of the Tapovan School since I’ve been in Australia, but I’ve seen this one. The difference in the children from the beginning when they first started school, especially the girls, was absolutely astonishing to me. For instance, in the past, the family has not wanted to send their girl children to school, because obviously in this culture, the girl becomes part of someone else’s household

once she is married. So for the parents to put in the money for the education of the girl, they often don't do it, because they don’t have enough money, so they give it to the boychild. So in the early years there were not many girls, but one thing I was really happy to see so many more girls in the school. The proportion has definitely risen. And those girls who were there were full of confidence and absolutely articulate in what they had to say. And not only that, they had a long memory, they said long speeches without any reference to a paper. I consider that these girls have come a very long way in a very short time. Of course the boys have too, but the changes were more noticeable in the girls. It was very gratifying.
       I would say being in a Homa atmosphere had a very great influence on those girls, as well as the teaching. Of course they have good teachers. But the Homa atmosphere, and I think specifically being in the atmosphere of the 24-hour Fire, contributed a lot to their confidence and their eloquence. For me, and also for my husband Bruce, it was a big surprise
      We have no idea how powerful the Homas are and what a change they bring into any atmosphere. This place has come out of the rock and children are like a garden. We also should give them the right food and I think that the Homas done here are giving them the right nourishment on a subtle level.
      We know it helps to rise the IQ of the child, it helps the emotional body as well and the self-confidence as a human being is fostered.
The 24-hour Tryambakam Homa is a big contribution to that. In the beginning of the school, which only has a few years, the children walked pass Bruce and me with their heads down, even if we said ‘Good Morning’ to them. We would often go for our morning walk, when the buses arrived with the children. They would not relate to us. We were different, first of all we spoke a different language; they were almost like afraid of us a little.
But over time this has changed completely. We have noticed a great difference in the way they relate to us now. They actually say ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Hello’ back and they actually smile and wave their hands. That confidence is there now for them."

Camila Molina
Santiago de Chile (visiting Tapovan)
“I want to tell you my experience that I had watching the presentation of the children of the School of Tapovan yesterday. It really was a very beautiful performance, very beautiful activity.
    I studied acting for many years
and I could really see how the children have a lot of fun. They were very spontaneous and connected with the present.       They transmitted a lot of happiness and they enjoyed what they were doing. It was not like many times with children who get very shy, or follow instructions like robots. They really were there with all senses connected with everyone.

     One can truly feel and observe the effect of this Homa atmosphere in Tapovan School, where Agnihotra and Homas are present daily with much discipline and 24 hours of Tryambakam Homa have being done daily for 16 years. That was reflected in the Peace and Harmony that they transmitted in their artistic acts to everyone who came.
   This place is very special because the children really are free and happy here! That was what we all perceived. We did not have that many expectations, but it really was a big surprise. Usually, there are only few children who have more freedom with expression abilities. However here, they were like many men and women who were totally surrendered, giving all their potential and doing it with much love.
Although they were very small (4 to 12 years old), they were very large, very gigantic.”

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  The children who enter Tapovan School
are very privileged, although they come from poor families.

The reason is, that here, the teachers promote a healthy and happy life. The activity of intellectual and physical learning is combined with the direct practice of the virtues.
This is how the brain, body and heart are fed and nurtured at the same time.
Pictures of this page: 1) Tapovan School: Pre-primary and primary (with English classes) 2) Farming field (vermiculture, bees, etc.)      3) Cattle stable
4) School buses        5) Beautiful environments and gardens
6) Director Shreekant Paranjpe, grandson of Master Vasant, dedicated to Homa Therapy and integral education with a big heart. Master Vasant was the one who planted the seed for this school to be established in Tapovan.
7) Dedicated teachers who also learn with children.
HOMA ATMOSPHERE (Agnihotra & 24 hours Tryambakam Fire daily)

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      At each visit, Prof. Abel seizes the opportunity with great joy and teaches and promotes the Yoga disciplines, simple exercises of Pranayama, meditation, etc.
      He also held Teachers Training Workshops about the Fivefold Path,
told stories and gave examples to learn certain topics with spiritual messages, promoted physical, mental and emotional health, talked about possibilities and new ideas to implement and support initiatives to

make Tapovan School grow in every way.
(See photos of this page with the various activities where teachers and school students recharge positive energy, rejoice, learn, share ...)
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With children, we learn from their innocence.
With children, we laugh with simplicity.
With children, we are like children.
With children, we are happier.

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 Eng. Dilip Patil invited to present Homa Therapy and its effects in health to his BSNL Telecommunication colleagues.
He and his wife Prerna (photo above right), practice Agnihotra and Homa Therapy for many years.
(Photos - Homa workshop in the BSNL headquarters)

With the practice of Agnihotra in the Workplace, you can create more Harmony, more Comprehension, and more Cooperation among workers.
How many hours do we work? Is it better to do it in an environment full of positive pranic energy and in good spirits?

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   We were invited to accompany Mr. Abhay Paranjpe, son of Master Shree Vasant, and his wife Anjali on a trip to Goa, to participate again in another Somayag. On the way, we visited a range of temples and families, practicing Homa Therapy.
 (Morning Agnihotra with the Paranjpe family and friends.)

    We began this 2-week trip and many beautiful encounters and surprises with Mr. Abhay, Mrs. Anjali, their son Shreekant, Rohini Karan Bhola
(a friend from Karagpur)
 and Thakur Bhai
(the driver).
 We did Agnihotra several times in the car, next to the road.                                    (Photo: Agnihotra at sunset)
One of the first stops was in Chiplun, where we met the lovely family of Mr. Ashok Tambe and heard and taped many of his experiences with Agnihotra and with

 Master Shree Gajanan Maharaj (Maha Shree), who had revived the Vedas and brought Homa Therapy back to mankind for their well-being.
     (Photo to the left: Ashok and Aditi Tambe with their son Devavrat and his wife Diya and several of their grandchildren.)
 Then, we visited an Agnihotra Temple on the outskirts of Chiplun in a forest, where a Somayag in 1982 was done under the guidance of Maha Shree. There, we had the honor of meeting and sharing a Vyahruti with Mr. Kale, the guardian of the temple. (photos below)

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     The next stop was the home/farm of  Mr. Prasad Sarkhot and his wonderful wife Vidhya.
(Photo left: The couple in the middle between Mr. Abhay and Mrs. Anjali in front of a Homa Vyahruti.)
We were told many of their miraculous experiences, which can be read in one of the upcoming Homa Newsletters.
     They also showed us their fruit trees, flowers, medicinal plants, species and aromatic herbs, etc.

  Later, we arrived in Ratnagiri to meet  Mrs. Vidya and her daughter Padma.
Again a family dedicated to the Homa Fires and Service.

Photos above: At the entrance, there is a well full of Lotus flowers, a source of silence ... Ms. Vidya Patwardhan maintains a Fire Temple where she practices Agnihotra daily.

          Another wonderful visit was to the Naturopathy Clinic, where they also apply Homa Therapy in Talwade, Ratnagiri. It belongs to the Ravindra family Ramchandra Wadekar.                 (Photos above and continued on next page)

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Continuation Naturopathy Homa Clinic
        Mr. Ravindra Ramchandra Wadekar with his wife Rohini Ravindra Wadekar, along with their sons Dr. Paresh and Dr. Parag and their daughter
, have created a wonderful option to treat any health problem with natural medicines in spacious environments and new facilities.
The patients are mainly people with chronic problems or illnesses and people who wish to enjoy a range of relaxing, invigorating and refreshing treatments, prescribed Ayurvedic meals in a tranquil rural environment,  and above all, in an atmosphere charged with the energies of Homa healing fires.
The family has been practicing Homa Therapy for more than 30 years and Master Shree Vasant has set up a Resonance Point (photo above right: Agnihotra Hut) at this "HOMA Natural Treatment Center". Mr. Wadekar owes this place since 22 years.
There are also cows, fruit trees and vegetable farming.

Beautiful pyramidal complex for yoga, exercise and outdoor activities.

Photos: An ideal place to heal, recover and simply relax and enjoy!

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Nestor Guillermo Herrera Correa (Psychologist Researcher of Homa BoticaSol) wrote the following note from BoticaSol in Armenia. He also sent these photos::
     "During the first bimester, the Homa fires accompany all our participants, individually and collectively.
      From the beginning of our daily activities, our group enhances the work, strengthens their light, harmony, and love through the six-hour daily practice of Tryambakam Homa, and the Vyahruti Homa.
     Morning Agnihotra opens the day's activities, keeping the light of the Fire until Agnihotra in the afternoon. We gather around the pyramid to close the cycle of daily fires. These lights of consciousness accompany the different activities that are carried out within Boticasol, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, trainings, yoga, etc, during each day. There is joy in the reunions for being able to serve with gratitude and acceptance. The Homa Fires strengthen the companionship, solidarity, sense of belonging and group cohesion in the ecovillage Mahavan. This is an environment surrounded by living and sustainable nature. To strengthen the ties of unity with other conscious institutions in February, we initiated spiritual conversations, active meditations with music, dance, and art classes. In addition, there is a recalling of Agnihotris to close up with a golden touch (sunset Agnihotra) these meetings on the second Saturday of each month."

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        Mrs. Diana Marcela Molano Vega wrote and sent the photos of this page:
"Agnihotra in Villavicencio: The photos (above 1 & below 1 and 2) are from Homa meetings with Mr. Audo on Fridays. The photo (last row left) is from the morning Agnihotra before the yoga class that we give free to the people who do physical activity every morning in the Olympic Village. The other photo is in Narciso Matus Park.
    One of these children said when we finished: "Beautiful and spiritual! We close the portal and we are going to play."
It was surprising to see them arrive and ask what we were doing. They got very quiet when we told them that we were cleaning and taking care of the atmosphere and the trees in the park. They took off their shoes and enjoyed Agnihotra. The other photos are from the Homa Therapy in the Olympic Quarter where we are living. Many hugs. Om Shree."

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      We received the photos on this page from Mrs. Rocio Pazmiño Obando from Guayaquil.
They show several Homa encounters where the Homa group shares Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa in Cerro Blanco, on the outskirts of Guayaquil city.

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From Uruguay, we received these lines:

"We are Álvaro and Virginia from Jaureguiberry, Department of Canelones in Uruguay.
We send you light and blessings!
In this photo, Alvaro is doing Agnihotra at sunset with Carmen and Mary."

(photo left)


  The photos on the right and below are
 "Homa meetings" on Fridays at the restaurant
Mr.  Eduardo Rodríguez
teaches and shares this technique of
 Ancestral Healing.

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Growth of plants in Agnihotra Atmosphere and with Agnihotra Ash

     In the last Homa Health Newsletter, we saw that Agnihotra Ash helps seeds to germinate better. The same result we get when seeds are kept for germination in a room where Agnihotra is performed regularly.
These are very simple experiments which everybody can easily perform at home also.
We again suggest that you try yourself – and then please also send us photos of your results.

     Definitely the germination stage is very important for the life of plants. But unless we are just interested in sprouts it is important to see how plants grow further until they are harvested.          Will plants also grow faster in the later stages, will there be a stronger resistance against diseases and pests, etc.? What about the quantity, the quality of the produce, the nutritional value, the shelf life?
        There were a lot of observations and reports from people performing Agnihotra in their gardens as well as from farmers who performed Agnihotra in their fields and used Agnihotra Ash for irrigation and for preparing different sprays.

    One relatively simple "experiment was done in Fergusson College, Pune, India".
Two plants were maintained providing same amount of water, light and other environmental conditions. One was kept in a room where Agnihotra was performed and another was kept in another room where Agnihotra was not performed. See the difference in growth of these two plants:

Although the experiment
 was not done under ideal conditions, still the difference in growth of these two plants is obvious.
Ideally for such an experiment there should be a difference of three kilometers – but in this case the two plants were grown in two different rooms of the same building, so also the first plant got definitely SOME of the Agnihotra effect.



      This is just one example. More systematic research has been done by Dr. Selvaraj at the Institute of Commercial Horticulture, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Ooty, India. Yield, quality of the produce, and disease resistance were examined, comparing:
(i) Organic farming system
(ii) Organic farming system + Agnihotra
(iii) Conventional farming
(iv) Absolute control
Following some of the results.

131 / 26



        Organic plus Agnihotra gave best results in all the parameters which were checked.
         Flowers are normally grown in greenhouses, and because of high humidity fungal diseases are quite common. A study showed that Agnihotra can control one common fungal disease, powdery mildew (characteristic are white powdery spots on the leaves and stems).

      Another experiment was done on potatoes. Yield and the occurrence of late blight were examined. (The disease late blight affects mainly potatoes and tomatoes – and which led to the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, two million people died or emigrated from Ireland then!).

Other salient findings were:
• Organic farming with Agnihotra in Carnation recorded higher performance for plant height (95.43 cm), stalk length (93.24 cm), flower diameter (7.76 cm), number of flowers/plant/year (9.78), shelf life (14.43 days) compared to other treatments.
• In Carnation, Organic farming with Agnihotra showed higher disease resistance.
• In Gerbera, Organic farming with Agnihotra recorded higher performance for number of flowers 20, shelf life 16 days.
• In Gerbera, Organic farming with Agnihotra showed higher disease resistance for leaf spot, fusarium wilt.
• Among the four treatments Organic farming with Agnihotra in Potato recorded higher performance for yield (9.6 t/ha) and showed increased disease resistance.

These were quite impressive results of the first systematic study on yield, health, disease resistance, and shelf life of plants.
In the next article we will look into
a) the underlying mechanisms – how does Agnihotra achieve these positive effects, and
b) how to make use of these effects on farm level.

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         As the world becomes more difficult and pressures become great due to pollution, everyone suffers. Suffering becomes less when one turns the mind in the direction of love. Through Yajnya (Homa), Agnihotra (the basic Homa tuned to the biorhythms of sunrise/sunset) and principles of 'Love thy neighbor' one can overcome and rise above these same pressures. Do all this with utmost sincerity and now is the time you will rise much higher, much quicker than ever before.

       Now everywhere you go, do Agnihotra. Do it openly and those who are ready to receive this ancient healing technique will come to you. No need to go out and knock on doors. People are drawn to the fire. Let it be in that manner. We are not recruiting people. This is not a group seeking members. Agnihotra is a process through which spiritual growth is heightened but Agnihotra is not just for this. Whole planet can benefit from its miraculous effects.

      Now this work must be done quickly. Agnihotra has to go everywhere. Everywhere. More silence, more meditation. No time to waste. Do this work. No time to waste. Your ego will go of its own accord. Your fears will go.

     All the time the mind wants to escape the nectar and go into the world of these sense desires. All the time. Many suffer in the world with no idea why they suffer. At least, if you choose the life of misery, you know you choose it. To have that awareness alone is precious. To make the right choices is even better. So one must learn to take joy in the spiritual life.

Conduct yourself like you would an orchestra, all instruments tuned properly, in perfect harmony. Strive for perfect harmony.

If you are feeling fear, tell Us those fears. Then let them go. Fear will not help you. Take action. Do Mantra.

Answers you seek always in meditation you will find.

Through YAJNYA and meditation develop an attitude of forgiveness.

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( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Resistance, Renewal and Faith
     Yes, yes. Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We address you with honour and respect.


Be aware. Some tragic events on your planet are strategically planned, orchestrated to shock and dismay. When mass fear is produced, the tendency is to freeze in trepidation. Indeed stop, but never in fear.


Then, shore up your inner reserve of strength and determination.
Those of you involved in programs for uplifting humanity, stay focused on your mission. Those of you whose work is environmental activism, ‘renew your vows’ to serve Mother Earth, and honour each other as you move forward in unchartered waters.

Do not give in to fear.
Do not allow for despondency.
Keep hope alive in all aspects of Light Work—on all levels.

Renew yourselves spiritually with regular meditation, prayer, inner exploration and conscious awareness of the plight of all humanity, as well as the Earth upon which you live.

We are not suggesting to follow and highlight conspiracy theories, analyzing and fretting over all the unjust tactics used to dull the senses of Earth residents.

RESIST. Resist that which would attempt to control you.
RESIST as well, the tendency of the mind to grasp onto confusion, to inhale and take it into your system.

It is just as dangerous to become engrossed in conspiracies that can be proved and disproved in a heartbeat.

Circumvent the ‘powers that be.’
Keep mind, heart and soul focused only on the Light.

Be aware of the greater picture.
Know the ‘enemy.’

Realize the forces poised to destroy this planet feed only on projected fear of the populace!

Fear should never be allowed even to raise its voice in your minds.
Silence fear with absolute, resolute FAITH.

Walk in Light—sure-footed, steady—and walk tall, dear ones.

These are indeed the times which try humans’ souls.

Every muscle, every sinew, every heartbeat of human spirit can rise up and overcome any force which opposes you.


May you all walk in Light.

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