13th February


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           Most of our readers are already familiar with the general aspects of the Fivefold Path: Yajnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaaya.
    Now, we investigate a little more Daana as the action of giving part of our material resources. According to Master Shree Vasant's explanation in "Light towards the Divine Path", true Daana meets 5 criteria:
1)   You give Daana because it is your duty to do so and
you feel grateful to the person that gives you the opportunity to transform your mind.
2) Do not give Daana to achieve name or fame.
It is done anonymously, in secret.
3)   Make Daana with a spirit of humility. Both a rich man and a poor man have to give. Likewise, a rich and a poor can receive Daana.
4) Daana must be made with our own income.
5) Give with responsibility.
    The person you give must be the appropriate person.
A hungry man is the right person to receive food. If you give Daana to someone whom, according to your believe, probably uses it for wrong purposes, then it is not Daana. Not only will you not have done a good deed, but you will get involved in a bad deed.


Let's give to Mother Earth
and all her children.

   By contributing towards something wrong, you become involved in the crime.   If Daana is practiced with a wealthy person, he/she will probably spend that amount on Daana adding something of their own.
    If Daana is performed with a poor person, he/she will probably spend it on good works.
    If Daana is given to a Saint, you always can be sure that it will be used for the benefit of society. Use your good judgment on these matters.
   We have seen that those who do Daana seem to do something like the Miracle of the loaves, which seemed to multiply the bread by sharing them. (Marcus 6:30-34)

Undoubtedly, humble and generous people stand out as great human beings.

1) They neutralize the negative personality (negative ego)
2) Increase detachment
 For us, Daana is a Law just like the Law of Karma and the Law of Gravity. Some people do not see this clearly and think that they will have shortcomings if they do Daana. 
However, remember that Daana is a LAW. Most people are familiar with the law of Karma, yet few know the Law of Daana.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



    Therefore, let us have a little Faith (Absolute Certainty), help the needy and do not fear. So, let us give to Mother Earth and all her children through these actions, paths or laws:
       Yajnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaya. These support you and make you  “Grow in Love”.    And yes, yes, yes, to love everything and everyone, God, our neighbors and ourselves is the Answer.               Unconditional love for Nature and all inhabitants is the Answer.


Note: Is there someone or something watching everything?
Is there a Divine Matrix or program that help you shine when you embrace the whole world in your heart and practice actions of Compassion?


Monica Franco Bernardino
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
  "I am a dentist and I am 50 years old. I practice Agnihotra since 6 years and I often go for Agnihotra to the Homa Center of Guayaquil with Sonia Hunter. With the practice of Homa Therapy, I eliminated fibroid  and cysts in my ovaries. I practiced Agnihotra in the mornings (due to work, I cannot do it in the afternoons). I took Agnihotra ash for 2 months 3 times a day - morning, afternoon and at night. Then through a hemorrhage, I eliminated something. I have done transvaginal ultrasounds and I no longer have any 

problem. Everything is clean. I practice Homa Therapy, I share it with others and I give the Agnihotra ash away. The people, to whom I have given it, they have done very well and have had good results. To give you an example: one lady had a son who drank too much alcohol. I gave her the Agnihotra ash and she put it in his coffee. Now, he is already going for 3 years that he no longer drinks. The lady said to me: ‘Doctor, since you gave me that ash, my son does not drink anymore.”
   Another patient told me that she menstruates irregularly, only every 4 or 5 months. I also gave her the Agnihotra ash and the patient appeared a year later and asked me: “Doctor, do you remember me? You gave me an ash and I want to let you know that since then I menstruate every month.”
This is my taxi driver, Mr. Herman, to whom I also gave the Agnihotra ash. Let him tell you his experience."

Herman Cabezas
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
(Taxi driver of Dr. Monica Franco)

        "I am 55 years old. Since a young age, I suffered with asthma and I was choking often. I took a lot of medicines, still that problem persisted. Once I talked to Dr. Monica about this and she gave me Agnihotra ash. So I started to take it and I saw how the choking and the asthma went away in about 15 days. I continued taking this remedy for 2.5 months. Then I told the doctor that this medicine has helped me. I also had suffered from sinusitis and this is disappearing.                             (Photo: Mr. Herman Cabezas)

          When I was taking the ash, I felt something moved in my nose and a little blood came. Then I could breathe better. This occurred three times. I have had a nose operation when I was young, but the problem still continued.
    Now, by just taking the Agnihotra ash, I'm fine. Today is my first time that I participate in the Agnihotra Fire."

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Rocio and Romulo Valdez
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

     "We have the case of a niece, who died 8 years ago at the age of 33. She had 7 tumors in her brain and they were inoperable. The process from her being diagnosed until her death lasted 3 to 4 months.
     She suffered from terrible pains which did not stop with anything. And she even received morphine
. She had become blind, since the tumors had also affected her eyes.                             
(Photo: Mrs. Rocio with her husband Romulo sharing their experience at an Agnihotra meeting in Amaranto.)

      Then a friend of my sister offered to come to their home to do a therapy. She came with a group of people and they performed Agnihotra. My sister later continued several more times doing it. And the amazing thing about this therapy was, that after this Agnihotra, my niece saw small kids running all around the house wearing blue hats and she asked her mother who they were. Since she was blind and there were no children, she apparently was able to see on a subtle level the elementals.
    Another remarkable thing after this Agnihotra was that she did not feel any more pain again. There was no more need for further morphine injections. When they took her for the resonance, the doctors said that it was impossible due to the 7 tumors not to have pain. But she said that nothing hurt and she died without any pain. For my sister, this was the greatest miracle. It was due to Homa Therapy that the pain had vanished.”

Deborah Titus
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

      "I am 51 years old. Basically what happened is that I woke up 3 weeks ago to go to work and I could not see anything. Nothing. Complete Darkness.
Since then, I’ve seen a team of doctors, who have done all the visual tests, all the neurological tests, and the explanation was that my eyes were inflamed- the back of my eyes and the retina. As a resul, there was no light going to my eyes; my eyes were swollen. I was in total darkness. I could not differentiate morning from night.

    My friend Joyce told me about Homa Therapy and I’ve been attending 3 times. I come because I get a sense of learning how to just release and surrender and I experience peace. I feel that this technique with the Homa Fires and the breathing exercises that Prof. Abel has shown me, have helped me. I saw my doctor 2 days ago and I saw my doctor today and he showed me the scans of what it was 2 days ago and the dimension of the scan today was half the size. So I have been released and I can go back to work on Monday!
My vision is not 100%, but I can see the birds, I can see the faces, I can differentiate. Before, I could not see my own eyes, I could see my face, but not my eyes. Today will be my 4th session with Agnihotra in this Holistic Natural Center of Dr. Mario and Yuri. Oh my God - in such a short time this is happening!
I also received the Agnihotra eye drops.
The first time I used them, I felt a cloudiness coming in and I got almost scared. But after that, the clarity came. I went outside and I was so amazed. I can’t find words to adequately explain. I am happy. I am very, very happy."
(Photo above: Deborah Titus - left- participating with her friend Joyce -right- in Agnihotra session.)  

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Chemical evaluation of vermicompost under the use of biofertilizers Gloria Biosol Homa and Comcat
(An extract from the magister's thesis.)

 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

Today trends in food production should involve more environmentally friendly farming practices. In this research, the effect of two biofertilizers - Gloria Biosol Homa and Comcat were evaluated on the chemical composition of the substrate of vermicompost used and drainage. The pH, electrical conductivity (EC), organic matter (OM), nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium were evaluated in the substrate (pre-and post-treatments). The pH, EC and nitrates were checked in the drainage from the soil matrix. The post treatment substrate doubled the concentration of nitrates (198 mK/kg) with Gloria Biosol Homa with respect to the base substrate.
In the drainage solution for both products, the values were 10,3 mg/l, one-fifth of the acceptable threshold in irrigation water. Leaf nitrate synthesis for the two biofertilizers accounts for less than 10% (µ: 300 mg/l) of the acceptable threshold for leafy vegetables. Both products can be used on this type of vegetable, suggesting applying the product to 50% of the commercial dose since it can have the same and better results than when using the commercial dose suggested by the product labeling which in the case of Comcat is of 100g ha/liter and for Gloria Biosol Homa is 1 L (liter) for 200 L of water, under similar test conditions.

Table 1. Chemical analysis of vermicompost before and after the start of the trial.

Parameters pH Electric Conductivity
(dS m-1)
Organic Material % N (mg kg-1) P (mg kg-1) K (mg kg-1)
Initial Sample 7,7 3,1 10,7 99 476 530
Final Sample
T1: GLORIA BIOSOL HOMA medium commercial dose 7,2 2,4 9,6 182 568 541
T2: GLORIA BIOSOL HOMA commercial dose 7,2 1,5 10,3 224 525 520
T3: GLORIA BIOSOL HOMA double commercial dose 7,4 1,6 9,4 188 550 585
medium commercial dose
7,3 1,3 9,7 75 554 542
commercial dose
7,4 1 9,3 79 532 521
double commercial dose
7,4 1,9 9,6 75 432 567
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            Cont. - Chemical evaluation of vermicompost under the use of biofertilizers Gloria Biosol Homa and Comcat

In the substrate at the end of the crop, the variations in the pH, OM and K parameters are minimal, since the inputs used did not vary in their concentrations in a notorious way. In the case of pH, the neutral acidity level was maintained from the beginning of the experiment until the harvest of the plants. This could be due to the fact that the test always maintained the daily irrigation, resulting in a constant washing of salts as well as the microbial activity that is highlighted in soils that are fertilized with vermicompost. These managements are some practices to prevent soils and/or substrates from becoming alkaline, as it could have been influenced in this research product by the irrigation water for example or biofertilizer comcat.

As for the OM (organic matter), the percentage variation did not have an incident variation, which was maintained because the substrate counted on important organic matter and in addition the biofertilizers promoted and activated the microbial processes in maintaining and decomposing it.

In the case of K, this element did not show significant variations from the beginning to the end of the measurements. Therefore it can be inferred that the biofertilizers in this case are those that contribute with the K necessary for the crop, whose nutritional demand and absorption is during its entire growth stage.

On the other hand, in the EC, N and P parameters the variations are larger and reflect the effect of the biofertilizer. The EC (electric conductivity) presented an average reduction of 1.48 dS m-1 for the two biofertilizers. This was due to the constant salt washing that the test product had through periodic irrigation and irrigation water with an EC of 1,8 dS m-1 which did not change positively.

Regarding the N (nitrogen) in the substrate there is a differential response between Gloria Biosol Homa and Comcat. The former generated an increase in nitrogen concentration to the double; On the other hand, a reduction of 22.89% was obtained with Comcat. A direct relationship between the applied concentration and the nitrogen content present in the substrate is not obtained. However, it can be inferred that Gloria Biosol Homa contributed with the concentration of nitrogen in the substrate, as well as facilitated the processes of mineralization of organic matter, also resulting in the increase of nitrogen in the substrate of the test.

Figure 1 - first photo right: Lettuces on vermicompost treated with Gloria Biosol Homa.

Figure 2 - second photo: Lettuce plants 10 days after transplanting on vermicompost.

Figure 3 - photo on the left:
The laboratory where the chemical analysis of the vermicompost was performed before the beginning
 of the test and after all the
treatments were applied.

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Pastor Thomas - My first Homa experience:

     "I am the man in charge of the garden at the Laulima Permaculture Farm. George, the owner, told me about the Homa fires. Near the house, we have a small citrus tree planted that was dying. I kept putting water on it, but I saw no change. However, this morning, after a couple of days of Agnihotra practice and applying some of its ash, I looked at the citrus tree and saw that there are new leaves and not just one. I must say that these new leaves shot up during the night. I asked myself "What is this?"
   I'm seeing something miraculous, because practically overnight, the plant has been pushing up leaves, and in all angles. ( photo below left)

      In addition, there are some plants that I planted 2 weeks ago and others that I just planting and to these recently planted we gave some Agnihotra ash. And now, after only 2 days, these are stronger and higher than the ones I planted first. And they are all from the same nursery.
It is very amazing for me to experience something like that. I am very grateful to have learned Agnihotra."

Photo above: Pastor Thomas practicing Agnihotra.
Photos below: the Laulima farm where permaculture is practiced and only recently the practice of Agnihotra and the use of its ash has been added.

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Dear brothers and sisters

        A large percentage of the people of the Northern Peruvian territory are suffering the impact of Climatic Change through floods and mudslides, which has brought many disasters.
  You can help from anywhere in the world, uniting for the mass practice of Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa, prayers, affirmations, visualizations, sending Light, Love and Peace to the hearts of our brothers and sisters

Dutch company manufactures solar photovoltaic panels integrated in ceramic tiles

    Solar panels are increasingly designed to reach the largest number of houses in the world, solar shingles look like a perfect solution. These solar shingles are dark blue or black, the best colors for the absorption of

most of the visible light spectrum. The greater the amount of light absorbed the greater the amount of energy generated.
For more information please visit: http://ecoinventos.com


Cancer is not a Disease but a Business

     In the modern world, cancer has become so widespread that it has affected the old, young, babies and everyone. Know some truth behind cancer, and learn about some natural alternative treatments that work quite effective as cancer cure.
   Let's recall an instance from the past, quite a large number of seamen, lost their life to a disease named scurvy, a disease that took the life of numerous people as well. And a number of people got an enormous income from it. Afterward, it was discovered that scurvy was just a deficiency of vitamin C, that means it wasn’t a disease.
Cancer is just like that!

To see this video please enter:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vjkAF0231U


The farmer who was intoxicated  works today his land without agrochemicals

Argentina - 15/02/2017
     At age 12, Juan Bruschi heard from his father a question that marked his life: "Do you want to work or study?". Days later he was on top of a tractor. The vegetables were the only family sustenance.

    Juan mechanized a routine that already by that time, decade of the 80, included many chemical substances. During a fumigation, he was intoxicated while spraying a very potent pesticide. That day he experienced with his body the toxicity man throws on the soil.
For more info please see: http://www.ecoportal.net/Eco-Noticias/El-agricultor-que-se-intoxico-y-hoy-trabaja-la-tierra-sin-agroquimicos 

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Sharing and teaching Agnihotra daily with part of the large Homa Family of Guayaquil and newcomers. The Agnihotri couple, Patricio & Mari Feijoo always ready to serve with their Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant 'Amaranto'. There, we also learn simple therapeutic Yoga exercises, meditation, concentration and how to get and maintain a positive attitude.

The farewell from Ecuador was celebrated with an ocean of Healing Agnihotra Fires, dancing to the rhythm of hearts full of love and gratitude for each moment shared...

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Arriving in Miami, Florida,
Vet. Dr. Carla Cossyleon picked us aup and took us to West Palm Beach, where we arrived just in time for Agnihotra, which could be shared with some members of the Homa tribe at 'MaYu' Natural Nutrition Center.

          It was a tremendous joy to celebrate Agnihotra after 2 years of absence. Again, almost daily for 2 weeks with this group of dedicated Agnihotris, listen to their testimonies and feel their joy and hope. Several new people started with the practice of Agnihotra.

Photos from this page of various Homa encounters in 'MaYu', which is under the direction of Dr. Mario Chávez and his wife Yuri - first two from the left.

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Mrs. Miriam Molano, a healer by profession, also invited us to accompany regular Thursdays Agnihotra gatherings
at her home.
It is always wonderful to share, listen and learn together.

(Photos from the first 3 rows of two Homa meetings at
Miriams’ place.)

Prof. Abel y Aleta were interviewed on “Radio Communal” by Mr. Carlos Mahecha and
Mr. Hellman Ruiz
, who asked many questions about Homa Therapy, its origin, scope, practice, benefits, etc.

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A Homa Anti-Stress workshop took place in ‘MaYu’, where we also learned some  simple relaxing physical exercises. We shared Agnihotra and at the end of the workshop a healthy meal, lovingly prepared by several of the participants.
Photos right & above: 'Homa Anti-Stress' workshop at ‘MaYu’.

Photos above and to the right: during the visit of the 'Laulima' Permaculture Farm of
Mr. George Soria and his wife Kathy.

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   In the farm of George and Kathy, practicing Permaculture techniques, it was possible to create a small jungle with native plants and trees in just
 a few years.
    Prof. Abel presented Homa Farming in
an audiovisual way, emphasizing
 its benefits.

             In a few days, everyone witnessed extra-ordinary happenings with Homa Therapy.
       Mr. George took all guests for a tour around the farm. At sunset, we practiced Agnihotra, for the joy of the birds, trees, geese, flowers, plants, vegetables and all and everything alive in this beautiful environment.
       There were a couple of Homa meetings during our stay at Laulima farm.
 (Please see photos above and below and also the sector of Homa Farming to read about Pastor Thomas’ Homa experience.)

                  The days passed by quickly, being busy teaching and practicing Agnihotra in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.
               Now there are some more Agnihotris, more healing, happier hearts filled with hope and love, sharing their well-being with others.
(Photos right and below)
     We like to thank everyone and specially  Mr. Rafael Dietsch,

         Dr. Carla Cossyleon, Mrs. Carmen, Dr. Mario and Yuri Chávez, George and Kathy Soria for their untiring work and service for the community.

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Photos this page: Goshala cowshed; Dr. Ulrich Berk and Achal Apte preparing the Kuntas for the Somayag; the "Tapovan and Maheshwar boys" as they are affectionately called. Under the guidance of Sanjay Patil, Anne Godfrey, Aaron Kidd, Prem Yogi and Sarvajit, they made Maheshwar shine.    They renovated, painted, modeled, reconstructed, improved, renewed, washed, cleaned, ... the buildings and land. They turned into electricians, plumbers, builders, painters, landscapers, farmers, etc.
              If we talk about service, they are the teachers. With a smile they brought

buckets of hot water for showers, heated in big pots on firewood,  to the bungalows long before dawn!
       Please receive everyone’s Gratitude, Love and Respect!

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Photos:  - Aaron Kidd and Bharat working in the Goshala garden, where everything grows healthy and abundant and in less time than usual.
Aaron Kidd from Australia shares:
      "We have planted a larger vegetable garden 3 month prior to the Somayag. The cherry tomatoes self-plant if they are in a happy environment, where they feel good.      Here they come every year without necessity to plant them. We have a great variety of vegetables and herbs like coriander, which is inter-planted with small eggplants, then indian guilka (a squash like vegetable), bitter gourd, beet roots, a bigger eggplant variety, tomatoes, capsicorn, spinach, cabbage, kales, cauliflower, broccoli, various varieties of salad greens, carrots, onions, garlic, beans, celery, cucumbers and some Asian vegetables too, then amaranth, parsley, basil, fenugreek, etc.
         Cauliflower is usually very susceptible to pests and actually difficult to grow organically. We had a great result this year, not only had we big heads of 3 kilos (without the outside leaves), but is has also grown very quickly. It took about 2 and a half month from the time the seedlings were planted.
         It is an amazing garden, everything is so healthy, no pests, no diseases, everything is balanced and with great taste and flavor. We see a great result and it is a good advertising for Homa gardening.

Photo below: Karina Ohme from Chile harvesting a cauliflower for the kitchen.
 The other photos show the abundance in the Maheshwar Goshala garden.

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Aaron Kidd continued:
       "We are picking a full bucket of tomatoes every day, sometimes every 2nd day and that since 2 and a half month. And you can see tomatoes are everywhere in all different stages. It is a lot of tomatoes for a fairly small patch of land. That is another great result.
        We are happy that everyone attending the Somayag can eat organically grown Homa vegetables. Instrumental for this have been Bharat, a Tapovan boy and Prashant from the Goshala. They have done a lot and deserve all the credit. But it is also a result of 7 years of gardening, the Homa composting, lombriculture, the Homa farming methods of using Agnihtora ash and spraying Gloria biosol, which is showing its results in a rich, nutritious soil.
All this things have helped and we are harvesting the fruits thereof

Photos on this page: Crops in  Maheshwar Goshala and vermicompost beds. Below: Prashant with his son Sumit who ,along with Bharat, is in charge of the Homa garden.
         The future of food on our planet is in our hands! Healthy nutritious food leads to good physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 
The practice of Homa Therapy leads us to a state of love towards every living being.

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Photos of this page: Kitchen duties & the wonderful spaces to enjoy the good Homa organic food.
The responsibility for western cuisine was in the capable hands of Suwindi from Australia, Juan Rodrigues from Venezuela and Karina Ohme from Chile, while the Indian cuisine was in the hands of the experienced Maheshwar crew.
     Both teams had many assistants, who cut, peeled, washed, crushed, cleaned, served, etc, with smiles and joy. The food was healthy and delicious with fresh Homa vegetables from the garden and always with abundant salads and herbs.

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Photos this page: Something of the Beauty of the Goshala.
     Anne Godfrey from Australia is the genuine mind behind the beauty and all the greenery of Maheshwar. Her son Aaron Kidd is also an artist and supports all this work. Anne lives with her husband Bruce Johnson since 20 years in Tapovan in charge of the place. There, 24 hours of continuous Tryambakam Homa is being performed since 16 years. Also the Mahasamadhi of Master Shree Vasant is on this sacred land.

    The Maheshwar Goshala is the only place in this dry region, where the green is lush and abundant, trees and plants thrive everywhere, providing shade and peace. The place invites for meditation, to contemplate nature and to find Joy and Gratitude in ones’ heart. During the Somayag, women and girls created beautiful mandalas with species and flowers every day.

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   At the suggestion of Anne Godfrey, during the Somayag, the 'Women's Healing Circle' was formed where we gathered to celebrate life, sing, pray, ask for the presence and assistance of the Masters, Angels, Devas and where we committed ourselves to see, speak, feel, express and BE love, every day!

        We sang with Maria Broom from Baltimore, USA and with Maria Estela Lobos from Talca, Chile. We heard songs from a Russian choir of angels and bhajans from India. It was wonderful!

        We also enjoyed Therapeutic Yoga classes and Yoga Nidra with the experienced instructors Abel and Christa Mena.
     There were also workshops on "Communication" with Henry and Janette from Baltimore, on "Eco-villages and their Challenges" with Jarek and Parvati from Poland and "Preparation of Homa Medicines" with pharmacist Monika Koch from Germany.

   The 24-hour Triambakam Homa was maintained during the days of the Somayag. Another joyful meeting was when the participants
 represented their country or continent with a song.
Music has no limitations of language, it can be heard with the heart.
    We also want to take the opportunity to thank Gisirh Patil, Shreedhar, Camila and Josefa Molina and Daniel for sharing their photos in this HHNL!

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7th to 12th of february 2017  - Seventh Somayag

          "The ancient science of bio-energy given through the Vedas describes certain energy processes which have the power to effect a change in the functioning of PRANA (life-force which pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos). These energy processes come under the category of YAJNYA. Somayag is one such Yajnya.
The beneficial effect of each of a Somayag lasts for several decades. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease-free. Somayags yield a qualitative and quantitative improvement in the psyche. By using this Supertechnology we can eradicate pollution factors on a large scale."

On February 6, the Yajnyaman Dikshit Achal Apte arrived with his wife Bhakti and his son Sudaksha of 4 years of age, bringing the energy of the Tretagni Fire, which is being practiced in their home since generations.

They were welcomed by the family of Master Vasant Paranjpe: Mother Kusum, Abhay, Anjali, and their sons Shrikant and Saravajit,

who lives with his wife Asmitha and daughter Ishwari in Maheshwar. They also received the appreciation of the Somayag Committee represented by Dr. Ulrich Berk, Karin Heschl and Anne Godfrey and all the visitors present from the 5 continents, who had arrived for this extraordinary planetary healing event.

Photos show the arrival and welcome of the Yajnyaman family and the creation of Agni.
Vedas state that Agni tatva (source of fire) is present in Ashwatth (peepal) tree (Ficus religiosa) and Agni is created from two pieces of Ashwatth tree by friction. For Somayag, we need pure fire energy, which is created through a special process."

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   This day ended in the Yajnyashala with many Agnihotras.
"AGNIHOTRA, tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset is the basic YAJNYA which any person can perform with only a Little effort. Agnihotra is to be performed at sunrise and sunset to keep the Nature’s cycles in harmony."(photos above)
       From here onward, we are enjoying the photos of a professional - Girish Patil (right), who kindly offered his sight of the Somayag. Thank you Girish!

        As far as it is known, never in history this series of 7 Somayags was performed at one place. It is also very unusual that a Westerner, in this case Dr. Ulrich Berk (photo left), could sit inside the Somayag area, which is part of breaking a tradition, which is not based on Vedic Knowledge.

Photos: Wooden instruments used during the Somayag.

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     The Rutvijas (priests) had arrived for the beginning of the Somayag.
"For every Somayag four groups of rutvijas are necessary, each well-trained in one of the four Vedas. The training takes at least 10 years and must begin at a Young age for a person to be able to master all the mantras. They work as a precision-trained team, chanting for many hours daily and carrying out varied procedures, using an array of special Yajnya implements. They also perform a number of other tasks necessary to the Somayag, such as moving equipment, carrying Wood, cleaning implements and helping to build some places needed during the Somayag."

The priests' guide was
Atvariu Mangesh Bhavikar - pictured above.

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          "Vedas are the source of all knowledge. Vedas gift us the science of Yajnya (Bio-energy) which has the power to heal much of the horrific effects of man's inhumanity towards his fellow man and towards Nature, which is now reeling from poisons, pollution, violence and violation of every kind."

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        "The Pravargya ritual is an integral component of the Somayag and takes place several times.      In the process of Pravargya fresh cow-ghee is poured into the Mahavir pot (three-partitioned earthen pot created through a specific process) and boiled on fire.                                Simultaneously, Rigveda, Samveda and Yajurveda mantras are chanted in deep solemn voice till the cow-ghee reaches its boiling point.

Boiling point is observed through timely chanting of mantras. All aspects of the mantras are very strictly observed, including the lengthened syllable ‘Om’ at the end of every mantra. When the ghee has reached its boiling point,

       fresh milk is taken from a cow and a goat at the Yajnya place and oblation of cow-milk/goat-milk is given to the boiling cow-ghee. Instantly, with very great intensity, the flame shoots up into the atmosphere about 10 meters."
    Photo series above: Pravargya Fire. To the right Mahavir pot filled with ghee at the point of boiling.
Photos below: sunrise and sunset Agnihotra is practiced dailly in the Somayag shala.

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Photos on this page: Each act, each gesture, each oblation, each Mantra of the Rutvijas is in accordance to the Vedic knowledge.
Below: The Yajnyaman couple maintains fast throughout the week during the Somayag.
    "The Patni (wife of the Yajnyaman) is vital to the Somayag. The Yajnyaman must have a wife, and she is called upon at various points during the Somayag to be present for certain activities and often to touch and bless utensils which are used. The Patni is the only person who is given her own quarters in the Somayag shala."

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Every person present is exposed to anatmosphere of peace, devotion, silence, joy, ...
       "There are some special Yajnyas (HOMAS) like SOMAYAG which are to be performed based on astronomic conditions. They are performed for purification of the environment, reducing the burden on the mind, making mind full of LOVE. In such Yajnyas chanting of Mantas and offerings to the fire goes on for several days."

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The Rutvijas took a moment to salute the Narmada River in their own special way - captured by Girish and some curious birds.

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"This Yajnya is called Somayag because of the juice from the herb Somavalli is used as the main oblation.

 (Photos to the left)  

    Soma is known as the king of medicinal herbs. This special Yajnya provides an extra powerful boost of healing energy for the whole world. Countless positive benefits to a person, family and society are mentioned as an outcome of participating, conducting and supporting Somayaga."

"The fumes emitted from the burning oblations in Yajnya, serve as nucleus of clouds and rains. Smoke from the burning medicinal plants helps in the purification of the atmosphere and many disease bearing germs are neutralized. Thus, a healthy eco-system is created through Yajnya process."

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On the path to the bank of the sacred Narmada river everyone was filled with joy, there was music and dancing. Sarvajit Paranjpe gave a short talk and thanked the priests and all present for culminating this planetary healing event successfully.

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Photos of this page: On the banks of the river Nármada, where the Rutvijas delivered and submerged into the holy waters all the instruments and utensils, which had been charged with the powerful energy of the Somayag. People then took a bath and also received the blessings of Mother Narmada.
This is how the 7th Somayag was fulfilled!
From the Orion Transmissions:
"We have renewed the intention of this Somayag. And it has been a successful Somayag, with greater effects on the planet than can be seen or heard. Power is generated from this site and Sound has begun to reverberate through the earth, air, fire, water and ethers."

to see more beautiful photos from this Somayag please see Monica Molina's: https://monicamolinaphotography28.pixieset.com/somayagindia2017/

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Effect of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on Seed Germination

           Earlier we have covered beneficial effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on air, soil, and water resources, as well as on radioactive radiation. As environmental pollution naturally also affects plants as it affects us humans, it can be expected that both Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash have beneficial effects on the growth and health of plants as well as their resistance against pests.
The easiest way to experiment about that is by examining the germination of seeds, both in Agnihotra atmosphere and using Agnihotra ash.

Quite a number of such experiments have been done, some of them already quite some time ago.
Germination of rice seeds were part of two Ph.D. theses done at the Vivekananda University in Bangalore in the first years of this millenium. Rice seeds were put in petri dishes on top of a filter paper which was soaked in water. Agnihotra was performed, and root length, shoot length, fresh weight, and dry weight were measured and compared with control. There were three controls: One without any disciplines of Agnihotra, one with just the mantras, one with Agnihotra fire but without mantras and offerings. Result was that Agnihotra lead to a significant increase of root length, shoot length, and fresh weight compared to control. Also it was obvious that the effect of Agnihotra is more than the added effects of mantras and the fire alone.
Interesting that one study specifically examined whether it makes a difference whether a male person or a female person utters the mantras. No surprise that there was no difference – which hopefully helps to remove one prejudice still prevalent in some countries.
The authors attribute the positive effects of Agnihotra on seed germination to the Agnihotra fumes. This seems to be a premature assumption – in experiments on water purification we could show that water gets purified even when the water bottles are closed (and no fumes get into touch with the water). That means there must be some energy field around Agnihotra which leads to this effect. About this Energy Field of Agnihotra we will talk in a later issue of this newsletter.

The effect of performing Agnihotra in a room where seeds are kept was subject of these two studies just mentioned. Other studies examined the effect of Agnihotra ash on the germination of seeds. One quite comprehensive study was done a couple of years ago in Fergusson College, Pune, India. Again the seeds were kept on some filter paper in petri dishes. Watering was done with:
a) tap water
b) control ash water (1 gm control ash + 100 ml water) and
c) Agnihotra ash water (1 gm Agnihotra ash + 100 ml water)

(Control ash is the ash you get by burning the same ingredients as used for Agnihotra – but without the disciplines of Agnihotra: No mantras, not done at sunrise or sunset, and the vessel – although made from copper – does not have the pyramid shape of our Agnihotra pyramid.)

(continued on next page)

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Seeds of vigna aconitifolia (mat bean) and vigna unguiculata (cow pea) were taken as experimental material. Seeds were allowed to germinate and germination was observed every 24 hrs.
The results show clearly that control ash improves rate of germination as compared with plain water, but Agnihotra ash does so much more:

Tap water

Water with control ash Water with Agnihotra ash

After getting this encouraging first result, more experiments were done, trying to figure out whether all the different disciplines of Agnihotra are really necessary to get the full effect. For that, variations of the different parameters were used:
1. Time: sunrise time, sunset time and any time other than sunrise and sunset
2. Mantra: with mantra (sunrise and sunset) and without mantra
3. Rice: brown rice (unpolished) and white rice (polished)
4. Ghee: cow ghee and buffalo ghee
5. Vessel: Agnihotra copper pyramid and steel pot of same size and shape

Fires were done with altogether 48 different combinations of these parameters, and the resulting ashes were used for germination of mung beans, providing same environmental conditions. After two weeks plant growth was measured by considering shoot and root length and put in some graph:

The peaks are there when all the disciplines of Agnihotra were properly followed. You can clearly see – if you make any change, the results are worse than performing Agnihotra properly.
Means we really have to be exact in our practice of Agnihotra!

Germination of seeds has also been done adding Agnihotra ash / control ash / plain water after the seeds were put into soil (and not just kept on filter paper on petri dishes). Results also clearly showed that Agnihotra ash gives better germination (root lenght, shoot length, total weight) than control ash. Control ash gave better results than plain water which is not surprising as any ash contains certain nutrients. Surprising though is the difference between Agnihotra ash and control ash – as these two ashes do not show a significant difference in chemical analysis! This will be the topic of further discussion.

As sprouting experiments are relatively easy to do, some have been done on school level also. Some time ago by Bhumika Patil (Amalner, India) did this for some contest in the field of environmental studies, and her project won the first prize! See her photo  to the right.

Also you can try similar experiments at home.
Will be quite interesting to see for yourself!
Please send photos of your results.

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    You can receive your great healing power where you are. Devotion is the key. When things disturb you, go to your room and be silent because otherwise it affects the whole atmosphere. You must be considerate of others, particularly your child.

    When you are given all Grace why do you fear? We take away the fears yet you still look for them. It all depends on you. We give you Love and strength. You must use the tools or they go to rust.

    Do not worry. There is no cause for worry. It is like the threat of a disease. You are told beforehand what to do to avoid unpleasant circumstances. Now if you listen you will find simple answers to all your questions. Just do the disciplines and all will be taken care of. This is for your own good.

    Most people are unhappy because they search for happiness in the material world which can only multiply their desires and never satisfy them.

    Man tries to become happy by detaching from his intellect, e.g. taking tranquillizers, pills of "happiness." This is not correct. Man should use his intellect to detach himself from the impressions of day-to-day life. This is the right use of intellect.

    Refine those characteristics which are more rough for the people. Let the outward display of emotions reflect the inner Light. Display only the positive, never the negative. Cultivate patience and tolerance of others. We know who you are. Others know what they see. To better enable these others to see more clearly the Light, simply allow what is inside to come outside.

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( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

        ... Though all appears to be daunting and shadows pilfering the light, dear Light Beings of planet Earth, do not despair. Do not give in to fear. That is the game being played. You do not participate in the games that are beneath your stature in Light.

Walk quickly and carefully through the booby traps that appear before you. Without fear, none of these seeming obstacles have any chance to touch you. You are beyond that grasp, when your strength and your hope lie in the Spirit, in the wholeness of the universe and the souls coming together en masse to shift the tide. And, the tide will shift once again.

Those sacred sites have been prepared by us for just these times. Support and build up these sacred sites, for there shall be peace at those places, as we have shown. (Sacred sites referred to here are the three Points of Light – Maheshwar, India, Bhrugu Aranya, Poland, and Elqui Valley, Chile).

The portal is slowly closing and the ease with which many have shifted into the Light has been phenomenal, like no other time. Now, the portal is again closing, so there will be less beings departing from end of December, actually beginning now. The entryways are now rich with Light, as many who have passed most recently were imbued with light.

Those who lived their lives in kindness and in loving service always continue on the path of Light, as their evolution has been stepped up due to the energies alive at these times.

No Fear.

May this sacred holiday, in all your cultures, be rich with Peace, Hope and Love.
May you all walk on your chosen paths with a light step, an open heart and compassion, compassion, compassion.

Your calling is loud and clear now, each of you, no matter what path you take.
Walk in Light, in reverence to Mother Earth, hand in hand, heart in heart.

Blessings abound.
We are,

On Our Precious Resource – Our Children

And, by all means, become as still as you are able — to listen attentively to the children.
They are leaders of the future, being groomed for their roles in time. Their hearts remain open, despite the chaos their tender souls observe in the world outside. Help them to kindle and maintain that Light within, until it becomes so clear, so strong, that nothing can extinguish it.

Consider every moment with your own beloved children to be a blessing bestowed upon you by Almighty.

Be the mirror for your children, so that who you are at your highest vibration becomes reflected back to them, as they seek to find their own ways to rise.

Take care how you expend and extend your energies.
Guard your personal space, no matter how small it may seem.

Go within daily.
Meditate more deeply.
This is the time when TRUTH will be revealed.
Shadows become visible.
Walk in Light.


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