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 “Enlightening the World”

     It is said that there is a time for everything (Bible, Ecclesiastes 3)
-There is a time to work
and a time to rest.
-A time to plant
and a time to harvest.
"A time to go out
and a time to get in."
-A time to separate
and a time to unite.
- Etc. ...

Now is the time for the Somayag in Maheshwar
to help Mother Earth and all her children.
Many people from different corners will come to participate in this Majestic Event.

And yes, yes, yes, anyone, from anywhere can connect to this Matrix
to be part and to Light the Net around the World,
to Intensify and Magnify the Healing and the Loving Energies.

You may wonder
how can I be part of this Network?

The answer is simple:
- practicing Agnihotra
- Tryambakam Homa
- Any other Homa
- Pray, sing, serve,
- And by delivering the fruits of your actions to God without asking for anything in return.

"Let not my will, but Yours be done."

To capture these epic moments and keep them alive, we will make a movie


“Enlightening the World”
with video clips and images from the Somayag and Homa Fires that you will perform across the globe from February 7 to February 12, 2017.

 Anyone can be an actor / actress in this Movie by simply sending photos and/or videos with the Healing Fires in your locality to the mail:  terapiahoma@yahoo.com.
They can appear with their individual or group Homa Fires.

You can see a sample of a small compilation in:
(Somayag 2009, Maheshwar) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qC5o1R0j3I
(Homa Festivals & SomaYag)
(Spot Homa Therapy Festival)
 (Homa Festival in Elqui – Chile)
(Spot Homa Festival 20 Julio)
 (Commercial-Homa Festival 2008)

Many of our past experiences can be seen as preparation for our accomplishments today. Therefore, let us prepare to play an active and conscious role in this event. We are all great and perfect in the eyes of God. We are all His children, so we are all Divine.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!


EDITOR's NOTE continued

 The Pacha Mama is our Mother Earth and her children are our brothers/sisters. We may be living in a different room of our great Home (the planet). But, we do not have to be separate or indifferent to our Big Mother and her children.
Please, hear the call. Let us take a step forward, and let us report.

Let's play and love more. Let’s ignite Agnihotra, the Fire of Love.
In this plane, everything changes. We cannot stop changing. But we can choose how to change, until we are ONE with GOD.
Then we will be immutable or
stable in a changing world.


Nelly Espinoza
Comas, Lima, Peru, South America

    "Three years ago a friend gave me a video about Homa Therapy and I kept it with my other videos, without watching it." A month ago my sister was brought from Huanuco in a very delicate health condition. Since I owe several videos about natural medicines, I found the one that said "Learning Agnihotra." I saw it and I was amazed by the many testimonies that I could not have imagined.

(Photo: Mrs. Nelly practicing Agnihotra at age 73 - an example that one always can and that it is never too late.)

I started to investigate where to find the Homa Fires and to make a long story short, I met you (Prof. Abel) at 10 o'clock at night in Miraflores, Lima.
So I learned Agnihotra and now I am able to help my sister. She could not remain quiet, not even for a minute, she did not sleep at night nor during the day. She spoke constantly without being anyone being able to understand her.
    However, we are taking her to the Homa Therapy sessions in the Hospital in Carabayllo and now she is calm, sits quietly, does not need to move all the time or to get up, she does not speak any more continuously and she does not scream any longer. With Homa Therapy we see a Total Change. I bless God."

Diego Avelinda Ferreyra
Granja Satsang, Curacaví, Chile, South America

      "I am 52. I suffered from a trauma to the femur's head and they had to replace my hip with a prosthesis. That was about 8 years ago. But for the last 6 years, it was quite painful. I always had pain, 24 hours continuous pain.
I work here at the Satsang Farm, for a few days each week and I received the Agnihotra ash and started to take it. In just 2, 3 days - CHAO! The pain has gone and so far, nothing hurts at all.
Really magical! At first I took the Agnihotra ash 3 to 4 times a day, now I take it 2 times a day in a big glass of water one coffee spoon filled with Agnihotra ash, which I pass beforehand through a strainer. And I take it this way. It does not have any taste, nor does it smell.
(Photo: Diego Avelinda Ferreyra.)

       Before, to calm the pain I took a morphine derivative, but I also did not want to abuse that, because it is extremely addictive and I had no interest in that. So I had no choice but to suffer.
       My job is cutting wood, cutting grass, doing everything that is fieldwork. Now, all I've done is take the ash and the pain went away. And I will not stop taking this ash, because I do not want the pain back. Thank you very much."

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Orietta Llamazares
Chicureo, Santiago,Chile, South America
"I had a very dry plant at the entrance, I was quite ugly. I told this to my daughter Josefa and she said to me: ‘Mama do not worry, I'm going to give it Agnihotra ash. And she put ash to the plant. One day I'm going out and the plant is big, green and beautiful! I swear. I am very skeptical to believe anything.
I called my daughter very excited 'Josefa look at the plant'.
She just looked and said:
 ‘Yes mama, it's always like that with Agnihotra ash.’ (Photo: Orietta Llamazares)

    That was when my daughters just started with the practice of Homa Therapy and that was my first experience and I was impressed.
When I am super sick, my daughters always give me Agnihotra ash. They solve everything with Agnihotra ash. They do not take any medication, nothing, nothing, both of them - Josefa and Camila, while I do take medicines if necessary. At first I took the ash with juice, chocolate or something else, but now I take it directly and it is super healing. I was super bad with tonsillitis, but that helped me. It is also super good for headache, for everything.
    My daughters also make an ointment with the ash to rub it on and it is a miracle.
 And it costs nothing, the ash is produced with Agnihotra and has no cost. My girls do it every day and I can give the ash away."

Ana Sobarzo Díaz
Puerto Montt, Chile, South America

    "I'm 62. I've known Homa Therapy since 2004. Before that time, I lived in a very difficult situation, divorced and with 3 small children. The whole world came down on me, everything was destroyed. When bad things happen, it seems that everything is goes wrong.
      When I saw the Homa Fires in a meeting with Mr. Juan Ojeda, they immediately echoed in me. Instantly I started to feel good and I beganpracticing Agnihotra in my house. I had heard many people saying that the practice of Agnihotra at home brings harmony, that there are less or no arguments and fights. And I needed that!

(Photo: Ani Sobarzo)

      I did not question the reality of this and opened a space in my house every Thursday so that other people could also take advantage of Homa Therapy. Many people began to come and many healings were happening. I maintained this service to the community for 10 years, until we moved.
And there was harmony in my home!
Years passed and we realized that the Healing Fires were working, because in other houses there were fights and arguments.
   We also felt protected. In accidents nothing happened to us. The fires harmonize the whole being, they bring peace and act in a plane that opens the senses. People sometimes came stressed and had a hard expression on their face. After Agnihotra they left relaxed and looked more beautiful.
      My personal life began to take a wonderful course. I understood many things in my life and understood why somethings did not turn out. When I was in harmony, everything else came automatically, everything had a flow and when I did not come, I knew that this was the best thing. When one is in harmony, the children and the family also perceive it and they are calm too. And one has a closer relationship with his soul. The Fire transmutes and transforms. The mind begins to change. If one is very aggressive, nervous, desperate, anxious, the Fire is transformed the mind and you calm down little by little."

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    Recommendations given by Carolina Morales Pavez, Agricultural Engineer with Magister in Desert Areas. She wrote her thesis on Homa Farming in 2006 and since then works in this field and gives workshops nationwide. She lives in Iquique, Chile. We are very happy that she will be reporting her experiences and that the reader will be able to learn more of this ancestral knowledge of farming and put it into practice. This time she shares:
gnihotra Ash and its Applications

   "In this Newsletter and the following we will talk about the use of Agnihotra ash and Homa bio-preparations that can be developed and applied in urban and / or rural farming.
The applications of Agnihotra ash in farming are broad since its use can be directly to the soil as well as to crops as well as incorporated in handling and / or methodologies inserted in the sustainable agriculture. That is to say, it can be incorporated into work which deal with soil preparation, composting and vermiculture, seed treatment and conservation, water quality treatment for irrigation, preparation of bio-preparations, among others.
Agnihotra ash:
      May produce disinfectant, anticoagulant effects. It has pesticidal and fungicidal properties. Agnihotra Ash can solve the problem of mineral deficiencies. It can be used throughout the development of the crop, from the preparation of soil till the end of the harvest. Frequency: It can be applied weekly.

Agnihotra Ash Solution:
   It is prepared by incorporating a few handfuls (or 1 tablespoon per 4 liters of water) of powdered Agnihotra ash  into a 100-liter water tank (or whatever size), to which one Yantra is added. It is left for three nights. On the fourth day, it is filtered and it can be used as foliar application to the crop and soil. It can also be spread through an irrigation system that has a filter. It is also used to treat diseased plants and to maintain the nutrition and fertility of crops and soils.
Frequency of use: It can be applied every three days to the crops.

Photos: Foliar application of the Agnihotra Ash solution. Direct incorporation of Agnihotra ash to the soil for seedlings, composting, etc.

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Farming mega-mergers threaten food security, say campaigners

The Guardian 02/10/2016

Deals would put the majority of seeds, chemicals and GM traits in the hands of three companies, deepening poverty for small-scale farmers.

When an Indian farmer plants his cotton crop, there’s at least a 75%

chance the seeds have been bought from a company owned by Monsanto. If a Latin American farmer sprays insecticide on her genetically engineered soya beans, the chemical is more than likely to have been provided by German chemical and drugs company Bayer or by US firm Dupont.  And when African farmers add chemicals to their maize fields or plant it’s odds-on that they have come from Swiss company Syngenta. For more information please see: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2016/sep/26/farming-mega-mergers-threaten-food-security-say-campaigners


Good nutrition begins in healthy soils

 By Patrick Holden 7th September 2016

There's no such thing as 'healthy food' if it's not produced by sustainable farming systems on living soils, Patrick Holden told the recent 'Food: The Forgotten Medicine' conference. But after 70 years of industrial farming, there's a huge job to be done to restore our depleted soils and the impoverished genetic diversity of our seeds and

crops.Seventy years of industrial farming have so severely depleted the soil microbiome that many soils are predominantly dead. Only by changing our farming practices can we rebuild its microbiological life and the soil carbon it depends upon. To read complete article see:


The Marketing of Madness
Selling the Disease

    The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs
The Marketing of Madness is the definitive documentary on the psychiatric drugging industry. Here is the real story of the high income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit center.
        Over the years, psychiatry has convinced

millions of people that their emotional changes are due to serotonin deficiency and can only be relieved by taking drugs that disrupt the mind, such as antidepressants.
Please see:


The Lie We Live

   Exposing one of the truths about our world.
My name is Spencer Cathcart and this is a video I wrote & created called "The Lie We Live". It received over 22 million views.

It was originally published in January 2015.
To see this short video clip enter:

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              "YOGA & FIRE” workshop at the "VALENTIN LETELIER" School
More than 30 students of the mixed(male/female) School Valentín Letelier in Santiago participated in the 'Yoga & Fire' workshop. The students were very grateful to be part of this class for their well-being and health. The activity was supported by the counselor of the educational center, Jorge Olmeño, by the teachers of each course and Camila Molina, Agnihotri who works with students.

The workshop started with the Vyahruti Homa followed by therapeutic exercises and simple Yoga asanas. It ended with a short Meditation and Mantras.

(See photos on this page.)

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At the Ayurveda School, called 'Ayurvida', Prof. Abel conducted the "Anti-Stress Homa workshop". It was organized with the support of director Leila de Sa, the teacher and secretary María Isabel and the administrator Ignacio Vives.

     The activity was coordinated by Camila Molina, Agnihotri and Ayurveda therapist recently graduated from this institution.
Participants included Ayurveda students and others. Anti-stress exercises were performed. The theory and practice of Agnihotra with its relationship to Ayurveda was of capital value in this workshop. Ms. Josefa talked about the necessary materials for its practice. (See photos this page.) At the end of the meeting, several participants acquired their Agnihotra kit.

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      The 'Satsang' farm, where Ms. Karina Ohme keeps the Homa Fires burning, has become a place where nature reigns. It is an oasis of peace. These few hectares are mainly a forest, giving silent shadow to the one who walks quietly and respectfully among them and connects with their spirits ...
No living trees nor branches are cut, but the gift of dry branches is collected for heating in cold seasons.

    Since Karina acquired this farm several years ago, she created a Biogarden with the assistance of Homa Technician Juanito Rodríguez, Agronomical Eng. Carolina Morales and many other friends, students and visitors. (See photos this page of Satsang.) 

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Photos of this page:
The Satsang farm is nourished by the Homa Fires and it shows abundance in flora and fauna.

 There are several varieties of lettuce, peas, celery, potatoes, carrots of different colors and flavors, beetroot, chives, corn, Brussels sprouts, etc., culinary and medicinal herbs for wonderful infusions, flowers, birds, bees, etc.

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Composting and Vermiculture are done and Homa Biosol are produced here. Satsang Farm aims to show the benefits of Homa farming. Eng. Carolina Morales teaches management, preparation and applications of Homa farming through workshops and courses.
 Photos above: Eng. Carolina Morales in red T-shirt with assistants and students.
Photos below: 1) Karina doing sunrise Agnihotra.
2) Prof. Abel giving 'Sanskrit and Homa Mantra' workshop in Satsang, which ended with Agnihotra under the trees, accompanied by singing birds.

for Nature.

Each plant receives nutrients
and gives a feedback of love to the atmosphere.

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     Together with Mr. Hector Rosas, President of the Quintuple Sendero (Fivefold Path) Foundation of Chile, we arrived in Puerto Montt, in the south of Chile. It was a short flight, filled with amazement in seeing the Andes Mountains in their majesty, peaks dressed in the silence of white ice, and beautiful volcanoes. Some of these were active bursting with smoke and ash, reminding us to respect Mother Earth ... How wonderful is Our Home!
     Mrs. Sukhmani (Paula Heinsohn) along with the Homa volunteer group, had organized the 'Homa Festival of the South'  in the city hall.
     Sukhmani had the unconditional cooperation of Javiera Niño de Zepeda, Camila Iriarte, Claudia Flores, Carmen Pérez, Paola Torres, Fadia Hammad, Gerardo Lillo and Bárbara Ortega, Gastón, Puran Prem, Carlos Velazquez, Cesar Ascencio, Patricia Crespo and Ani Sobarzo. Everyone received much applause for their loving work.
   The whole Festival was beautifully set up with talks for the mind, exercises for the body and music for the soul. Triambakam Homa was maintained throughout the Festival.

Photos below 1: After the Vyahruti Homa, Mr. Hector Rosas gave a talk about the 5 steps that lead us to Happiness.
2: The Sama group, composed of Gerardo Lillo, Daud Carroza and Julio Martínez, filled the space with celestial music.
3: Eng. Paula Heinsohn spoke about some of the acomplishments of HOMA farming.

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Prof. Abel spoke about the effects of the practice of Agnihotra in Human Health, showed interesting video testimonies and conducted the "Therapeutic Yoga" workshop.

(see photos)

Everyone participated and the Atmosphere was charged with the
Heat of Happy Hearts.

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Picture top left: Movement and Gong Relaxation with Puran Prem Singh.
Picture above right: In meditation and silence, we received the blessings of the many Agnihotra Fires.

Photo left: Massive practice of Agnihotra.

Towards the end, when the fires had released all their Glory and Peace into the atmosphere, Barbara and Gaston gently touched the quartz bowls.

Mrs. Sukhmani wrote the following summary:
"On October 9th, a beautiful dream materialized with the “SECOND SOUTHERN HOMA FESTIVAL”. It was beautiful to be accompanied by Abel, Aleta and Héctor Rosas, President of the Fivefold Path Foundation. This Organization has been constituted with much love in Chile to spread this wonderful knowledge.

   More than 200 people attended the event, which had been organized by a small and generous team (part of this team on photo right).
  Abel, Héctor and Aleta gave us all their experience and love for Homa Therapy. We also learned about scientific advances in Homa farming. The Sama group blessed us with their inspiring Indian music, and Barbara and Gastón from ‘Aura Sound’ closed with vibrations of quartz bowls. All left relaxed and full of love."

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   Mrs. Sukhmani continued:
"On Monday the 10th, a Rudra Yajnya, a powerful healing fire was practiced. In the afternoon, we carried Agnihotra ash to the sea, to bless and heal these austral waters."

Photos above
and below during the Rudra Yajnya.

Photos above while handing Agnihotra ash to the ocean and to the left practicing sunset Agnihotra with our wonderful hosts Javiera, Nick and their baby (left) and friends with their little daughter (far left).

 127 / 14



      The director of the 'Ilque Rural School', Sr. Patricio Oporto (photo below) took with gratitude the initiative of the Yoga teacher, America Gallardo (photo below), to learn about Homa Therapy and welcomed the Therapeutic Yoga class. The majority of the students participated. This school has many children who cannot be in official schools for various reasons.

       Prof. Abel explained in detail the wonders of daily Agnihotra practice and the intake of its healing ash to rise the IQ and the Intellectual Ability of Children.

(photo above) Prof. Abel's class started with a Vyahruti Homa.  
The children, the principal and some teachers enjoyed the exercises, which help to coordinate body, mind and breath.  (photos to the left and below)

It is also always wonderful to see the beautiful smiles of happy children!

127 / 15



Mrs. Sukhmani organized the 'Homa Healing Workshop' with a group of senior adults. Mrs. Fabiola Oyarzún is the President of the Community Union of groups of senior adults in Puerto Montt. This organization with more than 1500 members, represents over 20 Organizations of Senior Adults in the city.
The Fivefold Path Foundation made an alliance with this Union to organize Homa Therapy activities as part of their agenda dedicated to the Elderly this month.
Thanks to their support the city hall of the Municipality could be used for the Homa Festival. After the workshop, much interest was expressed in continuing on a regular base the practice of Homa Therapy and taking it as well to other organizations for wellbeing of our elders. We have been informed that the Homa meetings are every Thursday, thanks to the collaboration of Mrs. Javiera and Mrs. Sukhmani.

 Photos from the Healing Encounter with the Elderly.

 They practiced the exercises with much enthusiasm and joy. Some people who complained of pain received the Agnihotra ash before the workshop and at the end they asked for more, because they felt relieved.

127 / 16



Ms. Karina Ohme organized a "Homa Anti-Stress Workshop" for elders at the 'Comprehensive Senior Adult Center' in Providencia through Mrs. Constanza Martínez Escribano, who is in charge of activities.

This group of retired professionals showed great interest in learning more about Homa Therapy and had a range of interesting questions for Prof. Abel.

Everyone enjoyed the therapeutic Yoga exercises, the conscious breathing and expressed their desire to continue the practice of Agnihotra.
Ms. Karina made a commitment to organize further Agnihotra meetings.

127 / 17



'Anti-Stress Homa' Workshop with Therapists and

Technicians from the Department of Complementary Medicine at the Curacaví State Hospital. Homa Therapy entered through Acupuncturist Cecilia Garrido and found much resonance. Some are now practicing this ancestral technique for health with the assistance of Karina.

127 / 18



     The last days of this trip were spent at Satsang in the company of Karina and Juanito Rodríguez, who had the great honor of accompanying and serving Master Shree Vasant in many of his travels.
       We performed a Rudra Yajnya, thanking for the many wonders. There was also the lovely of visit of  Thomas Habianitsch, his wife Dr. Devi and their two daughters, of Tania Osalbreña and her partner Prof. Carlos Bustamante. We shared stories, memories, Homa fires, smiles, love and rich Homa organic food.

Photos above and below: sharing Agnihotra and practicing Rudra Yajnya in Satsang.

- Photos below:  'Yoga & Fire' workshop at the home of Mrs. Mónica Santos and her husband. We met more wonderful people and enjoyed the exercises, the teachings of Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra Fire. Several got their kit immediately in order to start their Agnihotra practice. There was also a delicious dinner.
One continues wondering: Where do so many blessings come from?
Is it Grace manifesting through the practice of Homa Therapy?

127 / 19



From Bogota arrived these Good News:

"Joaquín Endir Rozo participated in the   'National Encounter of Youth Camps' where he had the opportunity to do the Homa fires every day in the company of young people from all over the country.
There was an atmosphere of joy and fraternity. Many young people reported experiencing much peace during Agnihotra. Joaquín closed his workshop on Listening as a basic element in the process of self-knowledge and conscious leadership."

(Photos above: Joaquín Endir sharing Homa Therapy with the youth at the National Encounter of Youth Camps.)  

 Mrs. Diana Molano wrote:
"The pictures (to the right)
 are from the Bogotá Homa Center Funlibre, where people gather to pour out the

 blessings of Light to mankind, emanating through Agnihotra."

127 / 20



(Photo above: Bogota National Park)   Mrs. Diana Molano continues to write: "I am also happy to share with you this image that reflects the growing strength Homa Therapy receives in Colombia with each day.
The photo is from the 'Encounter for the Awakening of Consciousness' that we organized on Saturday, October 1st in the National Park of Bogotá. It was a beautiful opportunity to meet and share Agnihotra and pray for world peace. This event was made possible thanks to the cooperation and management of tireless Homa practitioners such as María Teresa Nuñez and Doctor José Magmud."


Mrs. Diana Molano continues her report:
    "In Ibagué, Mr. Iván 
scheduled a full-moon Triambakam Homa, which began with Agnihotra in the afternoon. Triambakam was chanted for 12 hrs.  It helped to quiet the mind, meditate and enjoy the beautiful night of this full moon." (Photos above and to the right)

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  We received the photos (above) from the 'Gnostic National Encounter' which happened to be in Villavicencio.
A group of Agnihotris from Villavicencio, including Audo, Diana, Joaquín and Mrs. María Teresa, who arrived from Bogotá, participated with Homa Therapy.

The photos (left 1 & 2) are in home of Diana and Endir and (3) in Samadhi Yoga School of Villavicenicio.


Mrs. María Teresa Núñez sent the photos (above and below) and wrote:
"Greetings to all practitioners of Homa Therapy and to all those who support us in our events of growth and inner search!
I want to let you know that the Homa Encounter in the 'Peace Camp' established in the Plaza Bolivar, was beautiful and very powerful. We were accompanied by many Agnihotris and many people from the camp.
       I am convinced, without a doubt, that the work done by the Homa Fires greatly influenced all the hearts of the audience, healing and purifying our minds, hearts and spirits and of everyone around the Plaza Bolivar, for a greater common good."

(Photos taken during Agnihotra in the Plaza Bolívar of Bogota in the Peace Camp. The Christ painted on the street begins to live again inside of us.)

127 / 22



Dear friends,
         We are pleased to announce that the last and final Somayag in the series of seven Somayags inspired by Shree Vasant Paranjpe, will be held at the Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, India February 7-12, 2017.

To date six of these Somayags have been completed successfully.
This is an opportunity for all of us to come together again for a cause mightier than all of us together, an opportunity to contribute ourselves to a Higher Goal; no matter how small our individual efforts may be. By coming together in a united effort, we can achieve more than the sum of our parts.
Supporting and attending, if possible, such a Somayag helps us realize that it is the journey together which gives us great joy and enhanced meaning to our lives. In those moments together we understand and learn more about life.

This 7th Somayag is known as Aptoryam.
This Somayag is to help all our families and all living beings in good health as well as to purify our environment and thus help all the planet to regain good health again.
On a more subtle level Aptoryam Somayag is for purification and strengthening our sense organs - and as it is the sense organs through which we perceive the World. If these sense are pure and strong, we will be able to achieve Equanimity of Mind and Ultimate Peace. So this particular Somayag will help to unite all humanity.

The beneficial effect of each of these Somayags last for several decades. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease free.

Somayags yield great benefits to the psyche. They are, of course, part of the Science of Yajnya, of which daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra is the core practice for the common person.

So let us come together and celebrate this time with each other in Unity and Harmony.

If you want to come please register using this link:
For more information: http://somayag.org/

The Somayag Committee

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Purification of Water by Agnihotra

In the last issue of this Homa Health Newsletter we saw that Agnihotra purifies the air from pathogenic bacteria, reduces harmful chemicals in the air like NOx and SOx , and also reduces the quantity of particulate matter in the air (which is harmful for our respiratory system).

Today we want to discuss the effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on water. We are advised to add Agnihotra Ash to our drinking water, and many of us are doing so regularly. Why is that recommended? The reason is: Agnihotra Ash removes pathogenic bacteria from water. This has been tested number of times. One impressive experiment was done by
Dr. John Matlander (photo)
, Cuenca, Ecuador.

In his own words: 

"An experience was with a gallon of infected water that I had for several weeks.

Before using it, I requested a doctor to analyze it with a potent microscope. He told me that that water was a cultivation containing fungi, staphylococcus and streptococci. Before throwing it away, I put some of this water in a 200 ml glass and added two teaspoons of Agnihotra ash. I mixed it well and left it for 3 days.

Then I returned it to the doctor and asked for another checkup with the microscope and he said: "Completely pure water." So I told him that this was the same water he had analyzed 3 days ago and the doctor thought that this was impossible, completely impossible. But it happened this way, the Agnihotra ash had made this water completely pure."

      That means: Agnihotra purifies water. But even if we do not add Agnihotra Ash to water but just keep water in some bottle next to the Agnihotra fire, water gets purified. That was shown by Dr. John Matlander in some additional experiment.
There was a 77% reduction in the number of colonies containing Klebsiella and Enterobacterium S.P. and an 81% reduction in Escherichia Coli. Similar experiments done in Maheshwar Homa Therapy Goshala confirmed this result: Just keeping water in some container next to the Agnihotra fire purifies water. This leads to the hypothesis that not only Agnihotra Ash, but also the fumes of Agnihotra have the potency to purify water. But what happens if the water bottles are closed so that neither ash nor fumes of Agnihotra get into contact with the water examined? Water still got purified. Parameters measured were COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), DO (Dissolved Oxygen), pH, total hardness, and count of coliform bacteria.

Quite an astonishing result as in this experiment – different from those mentioned before – there was no contact neither with Agnihotra Ash nor with Agnihotra fumes. Therefore the effect cannot be explained by some sort of chemical reaction.

(continued on next page)

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Dr. Ulrich Berk - continued:

       It seems there is some kind of energy field around the Agnihotra fire which brings about this effect of water purification.
   Which kind of energy field could that be? Only physics will be able to find out. In physics, the most common energy fields are electromagnetic fields. By further experiments we could show that the Agnihotra Energy Field must go beyond the electromagnetic range. This will be discussed in a later issue of this newsletter. For now let us stay with our topic of water purification.
We have seen that Agnihotra Ash, Agnihotra fumes, and even just proximity to Agnihotra fire are helping to purify water. All these experiments were done using small quantities of water. The water was kept in bottles of 200 ml up to 1 litre. But what about larger bodies of water? Pollution of rivers, lakes, and oceans is a big environmental concern. But of course that is a big challenge to achieve some improvement.
Still, some initial results could be obtained.
Following photos show one part of the Narmada River before and after Agnihotra Ash had been added.

Narmada - Before Agnihotra Ash had been added

Narmada - After Agnihotra Ash had been added

Within three days a big improvement could be seen.

This shows that it is a very good habit to regularly add some of your Agnihotra Ash to water bodies in your vicinity. If you have your own well, then best to do so regularly every day.

But not only the ash helps – also the healing atmosphere of Agnihotra (and other Homa fires) helps to purify water. Below see the results of monitoring the water quality of Narmada River in Central India. Water samples were taken before our Homa Therapy Goshala (which is situated next to the banks of the Narmada River), close to our Goshala and further downstream. In all the different parameters, the water next to this Goshala was best – and it was the only place where the water was fulfilling the standards set by World Health Organization. This initial result shows that Homa places do have an effect on larger water bodies like a big river.

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        In your meditations when you have questions answers will come. You cannot expect however to sit down and receive an answer one day because for that one time you have meditated. You must train and relax the mind to a certain point by meditating regularly every day. Then automatically you become attuned to another energy cycle and receive higher knowledge through subtle channels.

      All our people must come together. They must be guided firmly but with total love and innocence. Elevation of soul comes only through purification of the mind. When one does not seek liberation one receives it by Grace. We are fortunate to have been given the easiest way.

      Do the disciplines as strictly as possible. However, I tell you, keep this goal in mind at all times. Utilise the power of Mantra. If it helps, consciously repeat the words "Be full of love". You will come to know so much so quickly. It will open doors for you, you never realised existed before.

      If one learns to curb these physical/sexual desires and channel the energy into SERVICE, creative expression through art, music and through KARMA YOGA and meditation, then the love of the material world of desires becomes less. Then the pull of physical attraction becomes less, and ultimately it is overshadowed by attraction to SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN ANOTHER PERSON. Then one can have the chance to meet another person more equal to their own spiritual development. The physical attraction becomes far less important. Such a union is likened to what is popularly called “soul mates”. This type of marriage has greatest chance at achieving harmony and balance with love and compassion for another person! The focus in such a marriage becomes not each other’s needs, but the needs of others. Such a union is wonderful, but one must first control one’s sex urges and one’s appetite for material things.

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( recibido por la Sra. Parvati Bizberg, Polonia)

On Championing the Children
Yes, yes. If you think that politics will reduce conflicts and create solutions, think again. The answer will never come from the political arena. There is very little truth in politics.

While the eyes and ears of the world focus on U.S. election process, greater crimes are being created and, one-by-one, freedoms curtailed.

What began in the wake of 9/11 continues at an accelerated speed now, and it is happening on a global scale.

While we do not suggest refraining from exercising your right to vote in any election great or small, we suggest strongly that all of you mobilize your individual groups, families, and friends to create new solutions for increasing education and combatting crime, as and where you live.

As children are the future for humankind, more focus and care need to be directed toward the youth. Especially now, while stress appears to be the norm, with the environment taxed and economic situations often strained—what choices do children have?

How can they learn to create alternatives which embolden them with choice, hope and clarity?

How can they learn to MEDITATE instead of MEDICATE?

New ways of learning require new ways of teaching. If the schools no longer provide the much-needed respite of Creative Arts and Music, the responsibility must rest on the capable shoulders of those of you who rise to the occasion to inspire and champion the children.

(Following is an excerpt from a requested reading. I felt it might be helpful for others:)

On Finding One’s Purpose in Life
Yes, yes. One can continue to collect experiences and add to one’s pictures of life—yet, ultimately what to do with these experiences, snapshots of moments captured in time? Will they help others? Will they enrich their lives? Will they open doors to true service for humanity?

It may assist this being to make a list of what she feels are closest to her purpose in life. When did she feel the fulfillment of a higher purpose in her life? When she can identify that, that is her purpose. What is her song?

Practice of daily Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset would enhance her practice. Agnihotra would calm her nervous system and contribute to the environment at the same time.
Agnihotra, like any effective tool for healing, requires some level of commitment to achieve greatest results. Her nature would benefit from the fire in her life. OM.

From the Divine Feminine
Dear beloved, we are calling you to return to the roots of your soul. Yes, dear one, go within. Make time to sit within. This is where all answers come, even for health, for practical considerations, and for emotional rebalancing.

You truly must take time to feed your soul.

Wisdom, beloved, Wisdom is yours for the asking, like fresh ripe fruit simply waiting to be picked. This is your time. You simply must dive within.

Any way that brings you deeper into spirit, do that. Whether it is music, movement, art, writing or simply dreaming. DO IT NOW.

Every day take the time to partake of all the loving energies alive and well at this sacred place. The atmosphere here is astonishingly pure and vibrant with love. All who enter this energy field receive its blessing. Everyone experiences this.

Ah beloved, now draw or dance!

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