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     Let us do more Swadhyaaya (self-study).
If you ask a group of people: What is the purpose of life? The vast majority would say that the purpose of life is
“To Be Happy.”

   But the meaning of happiness varies greatly depending on:
the state of consciousness, age, culture, region, education, economy, beliefs, etc. of the respondents.
Thus, we see how the babies are happy when their mother is near. Children are happy when they are playing. Young people are happy with new experiences, romances, adventures, etc. Adults tend to seek more money, wealth, properties, partner, children, fame, power, etc.
For some happiness is to eat or live with much comfort and luxury, fashion, jewelry, pleasure, sex, etc. Some have much joy when they express their feelings through their voices, dance, sculpture, painting or any art. Some want to investigate and discover mysteries , study science or philosophy, etc.
  Many experience happiness when they serve others selflessly.
And few just focus on searching the “Self” behind the shadows.

    Every day there are more souls who want to go beyond all transient joys or loves and want to get back to the Source and feel in communion with the 


        The practice of Agnihotra is a simple technique that can start our "Awakening to other Realities".

Creator of all these “Gifts” (emanations or projections). Agnihotra (Vedic Fire) can bring us to the practices: Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya. They together form what is called the “Fivefold Path", which has a universal character and it is open to anyone who wants to know through his/her own experience without having to change his/her beliefs.
   Yes, yes, yes, some souls want to go beyond the “Gifts of Life” and the limitations and meet the SELF or great soul or God, hiding behind the "Gifts" or rather, hiding
inside of us.
            Spiritual Scientists tell us that only through the Union with the Universal Father / Mother, we can find the
"Permanent Happiness".

      We invite you to walk together, holding hands,
back to Our Great Home.

Receive all our love.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



Cesar Augusto Aguilar Obando
Piura, Peru, South America

      "I am 61 years old. My health is very good with Homa Therapy. I was unbalanced regarding my health. I suffered a pre-heart attack, and I took many pills. Every day I took between 6 and 7 pills. I had high cholesterol and triglycerides levels, and high blood pressure, among other things. When I heard of this therapy, I came with my wife who was also with poor health.
At the moment of Agnihotra, I felt something changing in my body! we have been doing Agnihotra constantly in the Ñari Walac Foundation or at home with my family for one month. I am not taking any more pills, except the one for blood pressure. Now I am in good health."
(Photo: Cesar Augusto Aguilar in front of Agnihotra.)

Nancy Merino Trelles
Esposa del Sr. Cesar Augusto
Piura, Peru, South America

     "I am 63 years old. I started Homa Therapy in the Reategui Hospital. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and triglycerides, nerve problems and depression. Psychologist, Dr. Marisol sent me to Homa Therapy and I recovered a lot. Before I took 5 tablets daily, many sedatives. Now I do not take anything, just vitamins. I have over a year participating in Homa Therapy. And for 1 month, I have practiced Agnihotra on my own. I've seen that Homa Therapy Works. I am recovering step y step. I love doing Agnihotra with the group."
(Photo: Ms. Nancy Merino practicing Agnihotra.)

Carmen Parreño Obando
Hermana del Sr. Cesar Augusto
Piura, Peru, South America

      "I am 54 years old. I suffered for 8 years with depression. I was going to a psychiatrist and took pills. I was really in bad shape. I felt something horrible and ugly in my chest. Thanks God, my brother Cesar and Nancy, my sister in law,  brought me to Homa Therapy. After some time my daughters Paola and Gabriela also started participating in Homa Therapy.
Already I feel calmness at house. We went passed rough situations. It was like we spoke different languages; we did not understand each other. Now I feel calm; my daughters are peaceful and everything is fine. I'm no longer taking any anti-depressants.

I thank Nancy and Cesar Augusto, who have brought me to the fires and always, always I thank God, because what happened is a miracle of God.
  And one more thing that happens with Homa Therapy is that I want to hug everyone for the joy and love I feel. Thanks also to you and please continue to help so many people, who truly need it. Om Shree."
 (Photo: Mrs. Carmen participating in the Agnihotra session.)

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Prof. Miguel Sastre
Finca Cripiña, Utuado, Pto. Rico

    "I am 60 years old and a professor of biology at the University of Puerto Rico. We started with the practice of Agnihotra approx. one year ago. When I do it, I feel during and after Agnihotra a very special positive energy. It is real and it helps me with my meditation techniques, which I started in the year 86. And that energy remains and makes me feel good."

Elena Biamon, wife
Finca Cripiña, Utuado, Pto. Rico, Caribbean

    "I've also felt the benefit of Agnihotra in my meditations. We always do our practices after Agnihotra. And personally, when I do Agnihotra, I feel that I manage better the challenges that life brings me during the day. I handle the situations calmer and with more wisdom."
                                                                                       (Photo: Elena y Miguel during Agnihotra)

Frances Fuentes
San Juan, Puerto Rico, Caribe
(Photo: Mrs. Frances Fuentes)
"I was with you at the University of Architects and had been all day with an incredible headache. I do not like to take pills for pains. So I heard the talk about Homa Therapy and at the end of the Agnihotra fire, my headache was gone! Spontaneously! I want to continue to learn about Agnihotra and buy the kit. I am also taking the ashes of this fire. Thanks."

Noemí Martínez
San Juan, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

       "I went to Barbara Rogers’ property when she bought it. She had bought a disgusting thing, with no good energy. And she being a gringa, so white, so mucho into beauty, I thought she will not last one month here.
But I came back and I could see the amazing transformation of the place and of her. Then she told me about the Homa fire and invited me. She asked if I suffered from sinusitis.

Then, when the fire started, I felt the heat on my face and opened my eyes and the Agnihotra Fire was making a tunnel over my face. There was no wind, there was no reason for this to happen. After that, for a month I was throwing out the sinusitis stuff. This was a healing crisis. And my sinusitis was cured.
Then I had another experience, lke a Dejavú. It reminded me that I had been doing these fires before. It was a like re-start. So, I also practice the Homa fires and Barbara is my teacher."                                                                   
(Photo: Mrs. Noemí Martínez)

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     José Vicente Segura sent the following photos and information from Almazora, Castellon, Spain:

       "As you can see, with the help of Homa Therapy, I have finally been able to get my first crop of tomatoes. The photos show the power of the ash coming from the Agnihotra Fire and its effect on my plants on a balcony on the fifth floor of a building in the middle of the city.
The remains of the veggies, I give to my staff, the earthworms, who contribute with their precious humus. (See last photo on this page)With best wishes."

     José Vicente Segura, with the help of the Homa fires and ash, harvests a nutritious, organic and healthy crop of grapes, peppers, beans, pumpkins. He also enjoys a variety of flowers, herbs, etc. He also keeps earthworms on a small scale.

(See photos on this page.)

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More than 90 percent of world breathing bad air, says WHO
The World Health Organization calls for dramatic action against pollution that is blamed for more than six million deaths a year.
AFP - 27/09/2016
The problem is most acute in cities, but air in rural areas is worse than many think,

WHO experts said. Poorer countries have much dirtier air than the developed world, according to the report, but pollution "affects practically all countries in the world and all parts of society", said Neira, the head of the WHO's department of public health and environment, in a statement.  For more info please see: http://phys.org/news/2016-09-world-bad-air.html 


As arable land disappears, here come the vertical farmers

       As cities expand, eating up swathes of countryside in the process, agricultural pioneers are finding new ways to grow the fresh produce we need, in containers, empty buildings and any other spare space they can find to create new vertical farms.
    “We are just trying to imitate nature. It’s not as futuristic as it might sound,” insists a smiling Maarten Vandecruys, the youthful founder of Urban Crops, a new Belgian company specialising in indoor growing systems with the help of LED (light emitting diodes) lamps.
For more info please see: http://econews.com.au/52054/as-arable-land-disappears-here-come-the-vertical-farmers/


World's Largest Solar Project Would Generate Electricity 24 Hours a Day, Power 1 Million U.S. Homes

         The race to build the world's largest solar power plant is heating up. California-based energy company SolarReserve announced plans for a massive concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Nevada that claims to be the largest of its kind once built.
    SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith told the Las Vegas

Review-Journal that the $5 billion endeavor would generate between 1,500 and 2,000 megawatts of power, enough to power about 1 million homes. That amount of power is as much as a nuclear power plant, or the 2,000-megawatt Hoover Dam and far bigger than any other existing solar facility on Earth, the Review-Journal pointed out.
"It's a big project," Smith told the publication. "It's an ambitious project." For more info: http://www.ecowatch.com/worlds-largest-solar-project-nevada-2041546638.html


Study: rapid transit key to fighting climate change

     A new report just released shows big cities worldwide have expanded faster than their rapid transit systems, leading to higher levels of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and commuter misery.
Cities, home to more than half of humanity, account for nearly three quarters of all heat-trapping greenhouse gases.
The transportation sector is responsible for 15 per cent, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
        For more info please see: http://econews.com.au/52088/study-rapid-transit-key-to-fighting-climate-change/

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Activation of a
Homa Resonance Point
in 'Casa Picaflores'
of Mrs. Barbara Rogers.

     Barbara practices Agnihotra since 5 years and her space has become a paradise.

    The photos show the activation and a small part of the great diversity and beauty of this land of the Tainos, ancestors of the island.

125 / 06



More photos of ‘Casa Picaflores’ (House of the Humming Birds), a recreation resort for many tourists.
At the entrance of the property, majestic trees take their place as guardians. Then one can find:
-Amla, cacao, avocado, coconut, guava, grapefruit, guava, lemon, noni, palmarosa, jackfruit, sapote, plantains, bananas, almonds, macadamia, mango, carambola, etc.
-Medicinal and culinary herbs and plants like neem, moringa, cloves, cinnamon, aloe vera, oregano, coriander, jiaogulan, comfrey, watercress, etc. Bushes like vanilla, passion fruit, tulsi, chayote, sacha inchi, passion fruit, raspberry, coffee, pineapple, etc.
-Roots like cassava, yautilla, taro, ginger, peanuts, turmeric, etc. There is a garden/nursery with tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, kale, watermelon, celery, spinach, lettuce, corn and other wonders.
 With the Homa Resonance Point, doing the Homa fires daily, the entire farm is revitalized.

125 / 07



Photo above left: Activating a Homa Resonance Point in the farm of Mr. Kurt in Ciales.
 He plans to establish a resort for meditation and self- development, etc.
Photo top right: Agnihotra on the road, supporting and nurturing mother Earth.

   Presentation of Homa Therapy at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Faculty of Architecture, thanks to the invitation of Prof. Esteban Senyey.       
  Prof. Abel spoke of the small house (our body) and the big house (the Earth) and how to achieve an atmosphere of harmony and well-being through the basics of the Fivefold Path.
Photos above: - Ing. Matthias Erismann is doing the introduction to the topic.
- Students are learning simple Yoga exercises to strengthen our main house, our body.

Photo left: sharing and experiencing Agnihotra and its harmonizing effects in the courtyard of the University of Puerto Rico.

125 / 08



     Agnihotra in Samyasin, a picturesque farm in a valley with a beautiful river, waterfalls, ponds and petroglyphs left by the Tainos (native Indians).
    We shared the healing Fire with our hostess Mrs. Vita Mohan, her son, her daughter Yanna (Agnihotra practitioner), her grandson and our guides, Matthias and Ayrad.
 (Photos above)


     At the Faculty of Medicine of the Ponce Health Science University (PHSU), we met Dr. Jaime Matta (photo above left), recognized scientist and researcher for cancer drugs. He is chief of the Dep. of Toxicology. We met him and his wife Lala Armstrong through Prof. Miguel Sastre and Elena Biamon.

   Prof. Abel, in front of a full auditory, facing an audience with doctors and medical students, gave a talk and audio-visual presentation about the
Ancient Ayurvedic Healing Science - Homa Therapy.
    There was a lot of interest and questions after seeing the excellent results of this technique of Medicinal AGNIHOTRA fires.    
 (photos above)

125 / 09



        People arrived from the area of Utuado, but some also came from the capital San Juan (over two hours drive) to the Samyasin Finca to learn and deepen their knowledge of Homa Therapy. Some attendees enjoyed the beautiful environment of Samyasin by walking and swimming in the river Limón.

Prof. Abel accompanied the teachings of Homa Therapy with relaxing and strengthening Yoga practices. Matthias and Ayrad shared their Homa experiences. Approaching Agnihotra time, Aleta taught the Mantras and the practical part of this healing technique.

(Photos this page: enjoying the scenery, exercises and the calm and beauty of the Agnihotra Fire.) We also shared a meal lovingly made by some of the attendees.

125 / 10



Photo above: Mrs. Elena Biamon gave an introduction to the Homa Therapy topic.         
Through Mrs. Elena Biamon (from the Boricua organization of Eco-Organic Agriculture), and entomologist Mariangie Ramos, Homa Therapy came to the Dep. of Agricultural Technology at the University of Puerto Rico in Utuado.
   Prof. Abel, after a Vyahruti Homa, presented the benefits of this Ancestral Super- technology in the areas of Agriculture and Ecology.  (see photos)

These future agronomists were astonished by the effects of Homa Super Technology. They had many questions.

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A Homa Resonance Point (HRP) was activated in the 'Finca Cripiña'. So, this is another power center of subtle healing energies in Puerto Rico.
This farm belongs to Mrs. Elena Biamon and her husband
Miguel Sastre, Biology Professor. They practice Agnihotra since one year.

   Photo above left: practicing Agnihotra with Elena, Miguel, Matthias, Ayrad, Mariano, Sonia, Abel and Aleta.
Photos 2nd row: Finca Cripiña at the foot of the highest mountain in Puerto Rico - the Piquito; some of its beauty and charms.
Photos below: Activating the farm as HRP.

125 / 12



On the way back
 to our base of operations
 'Casa Picaflores' we did Agnihotra next to a river, where the fish and small turtles were happy about this healing gift and the ash.

It was a great joy meeting again with  Dr. Jaime Matta and his lovely wife Lala Armstrong, (photo left) to deepen the understanding of Homa Therapy and see some possible aspects for scientific research. Dr. Matta began with the personal practice of Agnihotra accompanied by his wife. With Eng. Matthias, they have constant support..


         Eng. Matthias also organized a presentation of Homa Therapy in the 'Sadhana' Center of Mr. José Rodríguez and his Cynthia. This is a wonderful Yoga School, full of light, warmth and love. (photo above)

125 / 13



        In the  'Sadhana' Center, the participants learned about the benefits of Homa Therapy on human health and the practice of the basic Agnihotra fire.
Most of them have health issues and expressed their desire to improve using this simple and effective technique.
          The number of Agnihotris on the island had increased with the various presentations of this ancient science and we no longer had enough Agnihotra kits for all who wanted it.

However, they received it later.
  (photo above:)  Prof. Abel also taught a few simple exercises to relax and relieve tensions in certain parts of the body.
 (photos below:) The presence of several active Agnihotris converted this meeting into a festival of Light and Healing.
Mrs. Preet Kaur Khalsa enriched this encounter with devotional songs touching the hearts of the audience.   (Preet Kaur Khalsa - photo last row to the right.)

 125 / 14



      In the organic market in the ‘Placita Roosevel’ of San Juan people gathered to hear about Homa Therapy and its achievements in human health, agriculture and cattle raising. This Market is organized by the  Organic Cooperative 'Mother Earth' directed by co-founder Maria Elisa González Todd.
      Mrs. Barbara Rogers  spoke from her heart when she related some of her experiences with Agnihotra and its healing ash. When she moved to the island, some people gave her 2 months to run away and return to the US.

However, Barbara took the challenge and converted her property into a paradise, gaining the respect and admiration of all.

Ayrad y Matthias Erismann and Elena Biamon shared their experiences with Homa Therapy and encouraged attendees to start an organic Homa garden in their homes.

1st photo right):
Mrs. Ayrad sharing Agnihotra ash

2nd photo):
Elena and Prof. Miguel offering Homa products in their stand.

125 / 15



 Photo left:

Sharing Agnihotra and thanking the wonderful human- angels (Barbara Rogers, Ayrad and Matthias Erismann), with whom we could serve together in many places.
We also thank all the people who helped in any way

for Homa Therapy to expand strongly throughout Puerto Rico. Mrs. Elena Biamon and Miguel Sastre, Dr. Matta and Lala Armstrong are some of many other remembered friends. The Memories of the many Healing Fires in Puerto Rico remain in our hearts. Thank You!


(Photos above: patients are enjoying to know their bodies through therapeutic Yoga practices.)
Arriving in Lima, Mrs. Nancy Vásquez waited for us. She is a loving hostess and dedicated to service. She is the mother of Christian Alvaro Vasquez, promoter of Homa Therapy in hospitals in the northern area of Lima.
With Dr. Jorge Torres, psychologist in the University Polyclinic Carabayllo and his patients, we were able to share Homa Therapy for two consecutive days.
 (Photos below sharing the healing Agnihotra Fires.)  
Dr. Torres practices Homa Therapy with patients and anyone interested every Saturday at this public health institution.

125 / 16



Once again, we heard about many healings through the practice of Agnihotra.

Photo left - Dr. Jorge Torres

   Photos: sharing the Silence and Healing Homa atmosphere with patients and volunteer like Mrs. Luzmila Molaños Diaz, Leandro Acosta, Mrs. Mery Tippe, Mother Nancy and others.

125 / 17



    We have also had the honor of sharing a Homa meeting with Dr. Tomas Zapata (Pathologist) yand patients in the State Hospital of Comas.
Here, Agnihotra is practiced every Friday.
    Prof. Abel taught therapeutic relaxation techniques. Dr. Zapata handed out the medicinal Agnihotra ash. (Photos this page)

- Photo below left: Agnihotra with the help of Mother Nancy Vasquez and Mery Tippe.
- Photo center: Dr. Zapata    - Photo below right: enjoying Agnihotra

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Dr. Ada Pucuhuayla Macassi, director
of Complementary Medicine, invited to facilitate a Homa Anti-Stress Workshop for her staff and patients.

AHere, several nurses are practicing Agnihotra under the assistance of Mrs. Iris Rivera.
(photo left - Dr. Ada with Prof. Abel during the introduction.)

Enjoying Therapeutic Yoga exercises for all ages,
to improve our physical and emotional health and wellbeing. A little effort every day can go a long way.

125 / 19



  Dr. Jesús Borja, Director of Complementary Medicine at Puente Piedra (also in a Northern District of Lima) participated, accompanied by his family.
   - Photo above left - Dr. Ada is the 1st to the right and Dr. Borja is the 2nd to the left. They, along with several nurses, patients and Homa volunteers are practicing Agnihotra frecuently.
   - Photo below: The Ventanilla and North Lima Homa family is leaving signs of purification, healing and wellness wherever they go.

Back in our operational base in Piura, we found that in our absence a dove had installed her nest, hatching 2 little ones, right in front of the window where we practice Homa. (left)

125 / 20



  With the warmth and affection of the Piura Agnihotris, the meetings and healings continue daily. Also we took advantage of the weekend to meet at the Quiñones park of Castilla to enjoy Agnihotra in nature. We had the pleasant company of Eng. Luis Tafur, his daughters and Eng. Oscar Altamirano, who all arrived from Jaen, Cajamarca.

125 / 21



(Photos above and left:)    Before starting the Chile Homa tour, we met in Lima with Humberto Guerrero
in his veg. restaurant
'Sabor y Vida'.
 (Photos below:) In the Geeta Ashram, under the direction of Eng. Kishore Gupta, Homa Therapy and its beneficial effects were presented and the practice of Agnihotra taught.

125 / 22



Ms. Michelle Balandra shared from  Guayaquil:

 "It was really a powerful day, the energies were beautiful! The Agnihotris Dr. Raul, his wife Rocio, Marianita and Jorge did a Rudra Yagnya.
  Then, at sunset, we all practiced Agnihotra with 25 pyramids lit. Then, we received the Blessing of the Universal Womb as we connected with over 125,000 people all around the world."

Mrs. Sonia Hunter wrote: "I want to share these photos of the Tryambakam Homa at full moon, where many people assisted. During meditation, after Agnihotra, I played the crystal bowls. With much love."

125 / 23



Ms. Michelle Balandra wrote from Yonkers:
"Back home in the US, we had a great time at the Homa Therapy workshop held at the community Garden of Buena Vista Ave in Yonkers, New York. It was lovely to share Agnihotra with members of our community. Many of them took these moments to relax and connect with nature.
Earlier in the day, the organization 'Eat local NY' came to visit our communal garden. They do a wonderful job and provide our community with fresh vegetables from the area and teach different ways to use them in a variety of dishes. A huge thanks to Luz Casanova Moreno and the Greyston Organization!
Love and Blessings".              (Photos above and below from the meeting.)


Vet. Dr. Carla Cossy León wrote from
 Boynton Beach:

     "Agnihotra with friends at my house, cleaning and purifying the atmosphere.
The whole Force of the Universe is within the Fire."

(photo left)

125 / 24



Photos above: sharing Agnihotra at the College ‘Gimnasio Moderno’ where we gathered to promote a change in consciousness regarding our planet. This meeting was called by Mr. Eduardo Rodríguez.    
     From Bogota, we received news from Mrs. Diana Molino from the Homa Center:
"It gives me great joy to share the images of the last meetings in the Homa Center Bogota which works at the Foundation of Leisure and Recreation: FUNLIBRE. There we meet every Thursday around Agnihotra. Sometimes we show videos, review the technical aspects of Agnihotra and resolve any possible doubts regarding this healing practice." 
Photos below: Activities in the Homa Center.
Photo last row to the left: Dr. Jose Magmud doing Tryambakam Homa.

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Agnihotra practitioner Lalo Urueta Sanchez wrote:

"From Huaquillas, we share with love the photos of a meeting we had at sunset Agnihotra in the home of our Agnihotri brother
Carlos Vivar
. Om Shree."

(See photos at left and below.)


Ms. Mariela Pugliese shared from La Rioja, Argentina:
      "I am sending a couple of photos of an event in the city of La Rioja. The event is called 'Expo Holistica' and is done once a year. This was the sixth expo. We already had participated in some earlier ones with Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa. We also had the chance to project the HBO ole documentary 'Heirs of the Fire'. We were able to practice Agnihotra during all three days. We did some breathing exercises during the healing fire. After that, I gave a talk. It was beautiful! People are very interested in Homa. Sending you a giant hug!" 

 Photo above: Mariela teaching Agnihotra.
Photo below: during Agnihotra in Holistic Expo La Rioja.

  125 / 26



  125 / 27



  125 / 28



Dear friends,
We are pleased to announce that the last and final Somayag in the series of seven Somayags inspired by Shree Vasant Paranjpe, will be held at the Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, India February 7-12, 2017.

To date six of these Somayags have been completed successfully.
This is an opportunity for all of us to come together again for a cause mightier than all of us together, an opportunity to contribute ourselves to a Higher Goal; no matter how small our individual efforts may be. By coming together in a united effort, we can achieve more than the sum of our parts.
Supporting and attending, if possible, such a Somayag helps us realize that it is the journey together which gives us great joy and enhanced meaning to our lives. In those moments together we understand and learn more about life.

This 7th Somayag is known as Aptoryam.
This Somayag is to help all our families and all living beings in good health as well as to purify our environment and thus help all the planet to regain good health again.
On a more subtle level Aptoryam Somayag is for purification and strengthening our sense organs - and as it is the sense organs through which we perceive the World. If these sense are pure and strong, we will be able to achieve Equanimity of Mind and Ultimate Peace. So this particular Somayag will help to unite all humanity.

The beneficial effect of each of these Somayags last for several decades. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease free.

Somayags yield great benefits to the psyche. They are, of course, part of the Science of Yajnya, of which daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra is the core practice for the common person.

So let us come together and celebrate this time with each other in Unity and Harmony.

If you want to come please register using this link:
For more information: http://somayag.org/

The Somayag Committee

  125 / 29



We are very happy to present a new, interesting and much awaited column: "Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra", written by Dr. Ulrich Berk.

Ulrich Berk  (photo right)  was born in Germany, has a Master degree in Philosophy of Science, Sociology and is Doctor of Philosophy (Logic, Mathematics, Psychology). He stared with the parctice of Agnihotra in the year 1979.
Since 1980 he coordinates research on Homa Therapy, in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Yugoslavia, India, etc. In India he works in cooperation with different universities like Palampur Agricultural University, Kanpur Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu University, Dharwad

University, IIT, Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, Fergusson College, Pune, Vivekananda University, Bangalore, North Maharashtra University. He is author and co-author of various publicationes about Homa Therapy and Homa organic farming.

Dr. Ulrich Berk wrote:
    "Many people have experienced the beneficial effects of Agnihotra on their own health and well-being, on animals, plants, and on the environment.
If we trust our own experience – we do not need any scientists to tell us that this method of Agnihotra has beneficial effects.
We have experienced such effects and each month we can see a lot of new evidence of healings by Agnihotra in this Homa Health Newsletter. That is enough reason to continue doing these healing fires – scientific confirmation is not really needed.

Still there are some considerations why scientific research about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy makes sense:

1) Even though we experience the effects of Agnihotra – some people still would like to know HOW Agnihotra works, what are the underlying mechanisms, how do the energies coming from the sun at sunrise or sunset, the mantras uttered at that time, the copper pyramid of fixed shape and size, and the flame we get by burning specific substances all work together to get the effect we are experiencing? That seems to be quite an interesting question.

2) When we are sharing the method of Agnihotra, often we meet with people who are not open to just try and see, experience the effects and then decide whether they want to continue or not – they would like to have some scientific background in order to believe. For such people scientific results would be important and helpful.

3) Although we can experience quite a lot of beneficial effects of Agnihotra (on ourselves, on plants and animals), there are areas which are beyond the range of our senses. E.g. we cannot easily find out whether some fruits or vegetables are polluted with pesticides – and therefore cannot easily find out whether it helps to soak these fruits and vegetables in Agnihotra Ash Water overnight. For that, some scientific experiment would help.
(continued on next page)

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Dr. Ulrich Berk - continued:

         Or we cannot taste, smell, feel radioactivity. But it is said that Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash neutralize the negative effects of radioactivity. As our senses cannot detect radioactivity, laboratories and specialized scientists are necessary to answer such questions – we need controlled experiments instead of simple observations.

      When we talk about “science“, it is important to make a clear distinction between statements of the Traditional Knowledge of the Vedas – the ancient-most knowledge of mankind – and statements of modern science. The principles of modern science stipulate that each and every statement should be tested before acceptance, there must not be any dogmas. (That modern science does not always follow their own principle is a different story.)

 Following this principle we suggest to treat statements from Traditional Vedic Knowledge as hypotheses – which are put to test by modern science. An example: it is said that Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere. One could first identify the different aspects of atmospheric pollution, like biological pollution (bacteria, viruses, fungi), chemical pollution (different sorts of harmful chemicals), physical pollution (harmful particles), and even thought pollution.
One of the hypotheses then could be: bacteria in a room are controlled by performance of Agnihotra. We would then design experiments to test this hypothesis, thus confirming (or refuting) part of the Vedic statement that Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere.

    Starting roughly 40 years ago there were always some scientists getting interested in the subject and doing studies. At the beginning it was mainly scientists from Eastern Europe, and we got some very interesting results. In the last years more and more scientists have started to examine the effect of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on our environment as well as on our physiological and psychological health. Especially scientists from different universities, colleges, and research institutes in India are getting involved, and some very interesting research projects have been carried out or are being done right now.

    In the following issues of this Homa Health Newsletter I will present these scientific findings, showing the effects of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in areas as:

   Water resources

Animal health

Human health
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      Mantra is a powerful tool when used properly. Power is given through the Mantra. Do not miss meditation timings.

       Best is to cast no blame and seek for the answers why within. To blame another for a fate which has befallen you is to refuse to look within. Then how can you learn your lessons? You look from a higher perspective and you will realize there is no need to blame anyone. If it is too much to bear, lay it at Our Feet and it will be lifted from you.

         It is like inside there is a treasure chest full of diamonds and gold and you are asked simply to go inside and open it. You have been given the key and again reminded of that key. All you have to do is go inside and open the treasure chest. You continue looking outside for answer. Go inside and you find more than answers.

        You must get into the habit of smiling all the time. All the time smiling. It has a good effect on your mind, not to mention the joy you bring to others.

        Self development begins with a thorough investigation of “Who am I?” “What am I here for?” “How can I overcome my addictions, attitudes and mental blockages in order to fulfill my VIKARMA."

     Forgive, have no expectations and LIVE IN JOY. Think like a businessman in that he becomes more efficient, organized, time-conscious and the like, but focus must clearly remain on spiritual development. One has to conduct himself and lead the life by spiritual teachings and not what is done in the world of business and worldly affairs. It is easy to fall in the trap of success but to tread the spiritual path, effort is required.

       If there are any moments when sorrow takes hold or fear takes hold, let those moments be further and further between whenever you feel sad or afraid. Watch it. Do not catch hold of it. Simply watch. Then it will go. No one wants it. Periods of joy become longer and more and more frequent. Increase meditations together. Chanting together.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Carrying the Spark of Light
Yes, yes. In the world there are senseless crimes against humanity, but not only humanity—also, senseless injustice toward the animal kingdom, and the beleaguered environment. There can be no more cries from the hungry, those in pain, those alone and suffering, in every corner of this tumultuous, troubled world.

Those of you who have seen and experienced Light, Truth and Love that surpass understanding, can and must carry that spark of Light to all human beings, high and low, around the globe.

Cease the fretting and unnecessary woes, curb your worrying tendencies and strengthen yourselves in unity. Move as one force through the darkness that surrounds this world.

Chant. Pray. Sing. Write.

If you think you can isolate and achieve this purpose, you will find yourselves feeling something is amiss.

It is not time for isolation, nor time to insulate yourselves, even within your tribes or even within your family units. It is time to make full use of all your creative gifts to spread the Light.

Many will speak words of inspiration, which will awaken others through the power of the word of TRUTH.

Others will inspire and awaken via the majestic power of MUSIC.
Still others, with ART.

There are many avenues, like streets paved with gold, all of which lead Home. 
Choose your path wisely. Hold true to those tenets you learned along the way. Speak out.

Dance. Sing. Paint. Build. Create.

Blessings abound.
Build and fortify your faith.
Walk in Light.


On Strengthening the Spirit
Yes, yes. It is time for deeper periods of meditation in your life, dear vehicle. This is the Source, the resource from which you will glean stamina, clarity and direction. Your soul has yearned for this. You must be strict with yourself to make greater use of your time.

If you know, as you know, what is your highest calling, what is your Vikarma, it is that which must account for more time each day. It is only through strengthening the spirit that Light can truly manifest—from the inside out to the world.

We are always present, ready to serve any time, any day, ORION.

On Bringing Joy
Yes, yes. Dear ones, consider your lives as a whole. Examine your reasoning and purpose for all that you do. Become super conscious of what motivates and inspires you, what brings joy not only into your own heart, but into the hearts of those around you.

Consider your life now. It is like your own vehicle. What direction are you going towards in your life? How can your life carry the impact into the lives of others? If you are blessed with healing abilities, are you making these healings available? Are you reaching out with words as yet unwritten?

Dear vehicle, in your case, writing will be your primary source of communication with the masses. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE.

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