13th April


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Editor's NOTE


      Let us continue with more Self-study.
        It is said that “what goes around, comes around” and “what goes up, comes down”.            If these repeat themselves continuously, after some time, we are talking about “cycles”.   
    Some of these important natural cycles are:

a) Water cycle
(precipitation – evaporation – condensation – precipitation)

b) Breathing cycle
(human: Inhalation and exhalation +/- 18 cycles per minute = 18 cpm)

c) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide “CO2” cycle (atmospheric O2 enters humans and animals through inhalation and CO2 is exhaled – plants take in CO2 through photosynthesis and release oxygen into the atmosphere)

d) Heart cycle
(human: contraction and expansion/ systolic and diastolic, +/-72 cpm)

e) Moon cycle
(new and full moon every 28 days)

f) Solar /circadian cycle (sunrise and sunset cycle every 24 hours)

g) Life cycle (birth and death)
h) Etc.
       It is important to notice that there are thousands of natural cyclic processes occurring simultaneously and they are somehow interconnected.  
           Among these, the energy solar cycles are of capital importance for they affect directly the life in the planet.


Mahashree Gajanan Maharaj
with his wife Wahini 

There is a clear correlation between:
- the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle
- the moon cycle and the ocean tides
         There are also other negative factors which can disturb the natural cycles, among which, Pollution is a major one.

       The wise tell us that civilizations show cyclic patterns of rise and fall.         
   Spiritual Scientists talk about “Yugas and Avatars” and that we are going into:
- the Age of Aquarius
- Satya Yuga

   Today, we want to acknowledge Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot as the Light and Grace behind and around Homa Therapy in the World,
Master Shree Vasant and all Beings who serve selflessly
as Divine instruments.

         Yes, we can neutralize the pollution and reset the Energy Cycles of the Planet through these Homa Fires!

        Yes, yes, yes, we can all be Instruments of Peace and bring Harmony and Health everywhere!


Your experience, comment, questions, suggestions and stories for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com. Thank you!



Maria Cecilia Rey
Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America

          "I am 62 years of age and this is the first time I have participated in Homa Therapy. I was invited by Maria Teresa Nunez. It was really wonderful to experience the goodness of this fire therapy.
I came with a pain in my waist. I had suffered all week.   This is due to my body position when I sow. I thought, how am I going come here and participate?, because I had a lot of pain. During Agnihotra fire I felt a lot of heat that climbed up my legs and went into my whole body.

But it was not a heat that makes one sweat, no. It was a very special warmth, very nice, very wonderful. And now, I'm fine without pain. I can move, get up, walk well.
When I arrived, I was not able to lift my legs and now look! It does not hurt, nothing at all hurts! I'm very happy. Only with this fire and the smoke I am fine. I feel very emotional because this really is wonderful." (Photo: Mrs. María Cecilia Rey)

Maria del Pilar Isidro Villamisar
Bucaramanga, Colombia, South America

        "I am 53 years young. I came to know Homa Therapy in the US in 2008, when my daughter was diagnosed with osteo-sarcoma. This is a bone cancer which was  in my daughters’ femur, in her right leg. At that time she was 17 years old.
  A friend connected me to a doctor here in Bucaramanga, who taught us the practice of Homa Therapy and we started doing it.
    In the treatment of my daughter, which was done in Bogota, several miraculous things happened. Her tumor was very large.   It had the size of a tennis ball and it was encapsulated.

(Photo: Mrs. Maria del Pilar Isidro sharing her testimony.)
She received chemotherapy and with her first treatment, I started doing Agnihotra. When we went for the second treatment, the tumor had decreased considerably. However, my daughter was a candidate for a total femur transplant.
   Today it has been 8 years and my daughter has not one single malignant cell in her body. We testify that this has been miraculous, because my daughter, at the time she was diagnosed, she was told she had 15 days to live.

   There are several things I want to highlight about this Homa Therapy.
- While I did the Homa fires, I was purifying also myself as my daughter was improving.
- I was struggling to finish my marriage. We had 22 years of marriage and already for 10 years I had tried to get out of it. I did all the Homa Fires with much discipline. I was told that whatever  is not meant for me will leave. And so it happened! Now, I have seven happy years behind me.    This resolution of my problematic marriage apparently also helped my daughter considerably in her recovery.
     I am a university professor, but I am also a woman of international business.  As a result of my practice of  Homa Therapy, I put everything in the hands of the universe, so God's Holy Will be done in my life. And everything has been wonderful. I am the dean of a faculty of a University in Bucaramanga and with the help of Homa Therapy, today I have 400 students.
      Homa Therapy for me is magical, because only what is for you comes, and what is not leaves immediately. I do these healing Fires every day and also take the Agnihotra ash daily. Thank you very much."

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Ivan Andres Cotina
Popayan, Colombia, South America
(Photo: The young man Ivan Andres with
Prof. Pedro Henry Ariza)

        "I am 23 years old. When I got the diagnosis JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis), my health was declining fast. I had been a perfectly normal young man. I did a lot of sports. This was something I liked a lot. But, practically in one year, I was in bed and I could not move. My body was swollen and all joints hurt.

I could not even eat because of the pain. I could not do anything.
   In my house, everyone was desperate. They also suffered a lot with my pain. My mom, whenever she heard about any recommended remedy, she made it for me or took me to any doctor and to all kinds of things.

      For some reason, I heard on the radio, that Prof. Abel was coming to town with Homa Therapy. My mom was eager to get me there. But, because I could not move, it was very difficult. Some neighbors of mine, very good friends, decided to bring me on a bicycle. I sat on the bike and they pushed it and brought me here. That was torture for me, because I could not even bear to be touched, due to the swelling of my body. We arrived late. We arrived when the therapy was almost finishing. At that moment, the Agnihotra ash was handed out. For me it was somewhat strange, but I was so tired from the trip, so I sat down and also received Agnihotra ash.  
   Five minutes after taking the Agnihotra ash, something impressive happened - I felt the desire to get up, I did and I could stand by myself!           When I left this place, I went by bicycle, but I returned alone, riding it!

So far, standing on my feet
and bending my knees was something I had not been able to do.
 For me, that was something totally strange, because I had come unable to stand, unable to walk, or do anything like this for a long time. But thereafter, my recovery process began. The swelling of my body began to diminish. With the help of the Agnihotra ash, I began to gain control over my body. The exams, my doctors do, seem always good.
          I lead practically a normal life. I can walk, run. Yes, Homa Therapy has sustained me so far and I keep practicing it.       
      And another truth, about 6 months ago I joined a dance academy. Now, I dance salsa and it feels very good.

    My thanks to Professor Pedro Henry Ariza, who has been a very important person in my life. If it was not for him and the Homa Therapy session he did and does here in the SENA weekly, I would not be standing here today. Thank you!"

Fabian Rodriguez and Alexa Zambrano
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

          "We want to share this photo of Agnihotra we did this afternoon with our dog Lolita. She is assiduously participating every day in the Homa fires with us. She likes to sit right next to the pyramid and always stares into the Fire until she gets sleepy.  After meditation, she gets up to ask for their share of ash, which by the way, she always gets mixed in her water, but she also loves taking directly after Agnihotra. Since we started on this journey of Light, Lolita is a Homa

dog. Much love. Om Shree Om." (Photo: Fabian, his wife Alexa with their dog Lola during Agnihotra.)

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Edelia de Torres
Armenia, Colombia, South America

       "With the visit of my daughter, I'm coming here more often to participate in Homa Therapy. She accompanies me and she walks with me. I like Homa Therapy, because I feel that the fires are a manifestation of Love, Peace and Tranquility. By attending, I also enjoy good health and it feels very pleasant and beneficial for me." (Photo: Mrs. Edelia de Torres)

Jeannette Torres, daughter of Mrs. Edelia:
         "I have seen changes in my mother. She came here with some health issues, which she has had for about a month. She was very,  very sick. So I came to visit her here in Armenia. We have attended the free Homa sessions about 7 times. I give my mother the Agnihotra ash about 4 or 5 times a day. Now she's sleeping better; she’s calmer; more relaxed and she has less pain. She also walks more. Before, she got tired very quickly. In addition, she likes Homa Therapy. When I say let’s go for Homa Therapy, she is the first one ready."
(Photo: Ms. Jeannette began with the personal practice of Agnihotra.)

Daniel Felipe Coy
Homa farm Tenjo, Colombia, South America

       "Dear Abel, after making the 3-week trial, you proposed to me, I have to tell you something:

        The day after your departure, I got up to do Agnihotra. During that day I was looking for work, hoping that something comes to me soon. Two days earlier, I had been in an interview, where things really went wrong.
After finishing Agnihotra, I checked my email in order to see whether I had received any proposal for work and I actually found one. It was an email asking for more information on my experience. I answered immediately and within 30 minutes I received the reply, offering a

virtual interview after two days. The man lives in Australia.
I kept doing the Homa fires and preparing for the interview.
 The interview was not as nerve-wracking as I imagined it to be. It was not even a test. I was just shown what I had to do. I already had the job!
   I am now almost one month with this work and I received my first payment. I feel very happy and I give all the credit to the Fire! The amazing thing is that by starting to do it with discipline, I got a job where I feel really good. I've also been chanting the Tryambakam Homa daily.
      Finalizing this story: A week ago, I had the opportunity to give a talk to a group of 40 people on web programming. The fire is magical! With all love." 
(Photo: Daniel and his wife Liz Karen practicing Agnihotra in front of their house in the Homa farm Tenjo.)

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Dr. Jaime Montufar from Guayaquil,
Ecuador, South America, shares:

    "I've been practicing Homa Therapy for 16 years with much love and dedication. The farm we have, through the benefits of Homa Therapy, is now a paradise. The Divine has blessed us greatly. We plant cocoa, bananas, pineapples, oranges, lemon, beans, avocado, coffee, mango, bell pepper, cucumber, papayas, guavas, noni and species of medicinal plants for preparing certain medicines used in the Homa Medical Center 'the Good Shepherd'.

These are aloe vera, nightshade, amancay, peppermint, lemon grass and others. We are very happy producing and sharing our local produce. Truly, one can see the hand of Divine Grace through our very high production and tasty and healing harvest. Receive our greatest love."

120 / 05



   Visiting the farm of Dr. Jaime Montufar and his family: sharing with neighbors and children the Tryambakam Homa, singing, some physical exercises, a dance and prayers for Mother Earth.
(See photos on this page.)

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         "On the Mother Day, Ecoticias wants to pay tribute to all mothers by giving them photos and data of 10 animal mothers, who stand out for their incredible and sometimes deep rooted maternal instincts."
       The crocodile mothers, e.g. are extremely protective. After creating the perfect nest by

heaping up vegetation, they take care of the eggs while they mature. Once the they hatch, the mother leads the newborns in her jaws into the water, where she teaches them to catch fish, insects, caracoles and other shellfish. She does that with extreme tenderness.



     All skeptics and none-skeptics are welcome. All that you know or may not know ... about Worldwide Official Disclosure and Ufo Sightings.
A CNN report about the "Biggest contemporary Secret" by Dr. Steven Greer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb5PyuYv_4c



        Pollinators, including some 20,000 species of wild bees, contribute to the growth of fruit, vegetables and many nuts, as well as flowering plants. Plants that depend on pollination make up 35 percent of global crop production volume with a value of as much as $577 billion a year. The agricultural system, for which pollinators play a key role, creates millions of jobs worldwide. Many pollinator species are threatened with extinction,

including some 16 percent of vertebrates like birds and bats, according to the document. Hummingbirds and some 2,000 avian species that feed on nectar spread pollen as they move from flower to flower. Source: New York times


May, 8th, 2016 by Julie Wilson

(NaturalNews) Previous reports have linked mass suicides among farmers in India to mounting debt and crop failures as a result of GMO crops, particularly cotton, as it was forcibly converted to patented, transgenic varieties owned by large agrochemical companies. But now we're learning

that pesticide exposure may be to blame for a new wave of suicides among farmers in India. Some 80 farmers in the village of Badi committed suicide between January and March of this year, according to the Times of India. Home to more than 2,500, Badi village (Madhya Pradesh) has had more than 350 suicides over the last two decades, affecting nearly every family in the village. Please read full article here:

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In the Homa farm Tenjo,
a group of people came together to know more about Homa Therapy and to celebrate the healing fires.

(Photos: audio-visual Homa presentation and session of questions and answers)

They came from afar to participate, enjoy and receive these massive healing energies with many Agnihotras burning. Photo above right: Maria Teresa with Dr. Jesus Cristo Pacheco, who resides on the Homa farm.

120 / 08



    In the meeting hall of the farm, just the whisper of the flames could be heard, plotting to purify and harmonize each being present.
(See pictures of this wonderful healing Homa meeting on this page.)

    The photo below right shows some of the residents of the Homa farm Tenjo. They are actively involved in the Homa disciplines.
  From left to right:
Abel, Maria Teresa, Gladis Elvira, Daniel Felipe and his wife Liz Karen, Ananda and her husband Keshaba - at the entrance to the farm)
The photo below right:
a concentrated and happy girl practicing Homa Therapy.

120 / 09



Thus began the journey to the south of Colombia. The first stop was in Bogota, where  Dr. Jose Magmud
(photo left during the introduction)
had organized a Homa Therapy presentation in a Labor Institution.

     Many of the Bogota Agnihotris came to learn more about this healing technique, hear some amazing healing reports and light together the Agnihotra Fires.
    Jaime Valbuena
(photo below left) gave us the joy to listen to devotional songs after Agnihotra.                                                           (bottom photo - massive Agnihotra practice)

120 / 10



  With our dear sister Maria Teresa, behind the wheel, we continued our way to Cali. There were several Agnihotra practices on the road to our destinations. In Cali, we stayed with a lovely young woman, Maria Angela, who had recently learned Agnihotra. (photos above)

Mrs. Esperanza Murillo, a healer, who also practices the Homa fires, had scheduled a Homa presentation, teaching and meeting, inviting her friends.

The photo above shows the teaching of Mantras and below the practice of Agnihotra.

120 / 11



        Upon arriving at Popayan, we had the joy of a re-encounter with the Agnihotris and friends of this very Mother Mary devoted village. Master Shree Vasant had visited Popayan and planted many seeds that are flourishing.
              Our dear Prof. Pedro Henry Ariza, his wife Dra. Aide and her lovely sisters Carmen and Teresa, were expecting our arrival.

   Prof. Pedro Henry prepared interviews on the radio and local television for the Homa Event in the Auditory of  'SENA' (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje = The National Service of Learning) In the afternoon, people arrived in order to come to know and experience Homa Therapy's' effects. (See photos on this page)

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     After the audio-visual presentation of some of the many benefits of Homa Therapy and some relaxing exercises, it was time for Agnihotra.
        Several Agnihotra practitioners of Popayan brought their pyramids and actively participated in this Festival of Light and Healing.
       During Agnihotra, Silence reached out and brought us to a place inside, where we were at ease for a timeless moment. (See photos)

       Later we heard wonderful Homa healing reports, who filled our hearts with yet more joy. We also celebrated Claritas' birthday (picture on the far right, first) with a special Fire.
    The next day at dawn we left towards the south for new blessed Homa adventures.

 120 / 13



 In the city of Pasto, with the wonderful help of Mrs. Lady Haya Villada, radio interviews with Prof. Abel and two Homa Therapy presentations were organized. These took place in 'Luna Crearte', a center for 'People with other capabilities'.

(Photos on this page: teaching and sharing Agnihotra and its wonderful effects in ‘Luna Crearte’.)

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 Photo above left:
Radio Todelar interview, where also the staff got involved with their many curious questions about this Homa healing technique.
Other Photos:
Teaching, practicing and sharing the Homa healing fires in Pasto.

       The group of Agnihotra practitioners increased rapidly from one day to the next, after seeing so many wonders that can be experienced when practicing this technique regularly and correctly. People showed much enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and understand.
The regular practice of Agnihotra takes us to a state of peace, inside and out.
     With love in our hearts, we bid farewell to the new Homa family in Pasto and Colombia, where we had traveled approx. 4,000 km. in the loving and caring company of Maria Theresa, her son Sebastian, and other guardian angels. Our destiny united us with wonderful people everywhere. We have learned much and have been very fortunate and feel so blessed with this task of being instruments in bringing the healing Homa Fires into many corners of this country. Thank You Master Shree Vasant!

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Arriving in Ecuador, Guayaquil we were surprised with a welcome Agnihotra party at the home of Dr. Cesar Merino! A wonderful way to settle down and feel at ease. (See photo left.)

During this period in Guayaquil, Prof. Abel suggested to practice more Homas with the Agnihotra group. Before the regular meetings and presentations, we did the Shree Suktam Fire, which is for prosperity and balance at all levels. The first Shree Suktam
was done in the
Homa Medical Center
'The Good Shepherd' of Dr. Jaime Montufar.

 (photos right and below)

120 / 16



After practicing this additional Homa Fire, more people came to hear the latest Homa news and happenings in Colombia, through videos and stories.
At the time of Agnihotra, we placed all our focus on this Fire, grateful for its blessings.
(Photos this page: participating and sharing Agnihotra;  there was the lovely presence of a mother with her newborn baby
and family.)

  120 / 17



            Arriving from New York,
Mrs. Cecibel Aviles
invited everyone to practice Homa Therapy at her home in the company of her numerous family members and friends in Sauces, Northern Guayaquil.
      Again, Shree Suktam was practiced with the Agnihotris.        Later, we did Agnihotra with newcomers.
    We  meditated - aware of the silence, the soft wind, the birds singing ... being in the eternal now.

     Later, Prof. Abel  answered many questions and clarified concerns. Cecibel related her miraculous healing from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and healings of several members of her family from a number of various diseases and problems. This meeting ended with a delicious dinner prepared with love by Cecibel.
                                                    (Photos of this page in Sauces.)

120 / 18



      The next day, we visited the Homa Center of Guayaquil, which works under the wings of Mrs. Sonia Hunter. Again, Shree Suktam was practiced first with the group of Agnihotris. Then, when asked, Prof. Abel and Aleta shared their experiences and adventures during some of their Homa travels.
   Then,  with the Agnihotra Fire lit, we all began our most important journey – towards inside.
        (photos this page)

120 / 19



(Photo above)
We did the
 Shree Suktam.
We always welcome the gatherings with the Homa Fires and family in the gourmet vegetarian restaurant AMARANTO of our dear friends Patricio and Mari Feijoo(Photo left)    
 Afterwards, we practiced some will- power developing exercises while we

watched some worldwide Homa News. (photo below:) Celebrating Agnihotra with our brothers and sisters with a joyful heart, thanking the Creator and Mother Earth for our wonderful existence. 

120 / 20



It is always a joy to see the young couple, Viviana and Mario, in their Holistic Therapy Center
'Vida Nueva'

(New Life)
and teach and practice Agnihotra with them, their patients and friends.  (Photos left and below.)

Wherever we practice Agnihotra and share its benefits without having expectations, - rays of Light emerge, and Peace and Harmony reach the bottom of all hearts.    This Light carries relief, welfare and an Overpowering Sense of Gratitude ...

120 / 21



Again we are in 'AmarTanto' to enjoy the company of likeminded souls on the path of Light and share a few hours of joy in the company of the Homa Fires.

Photos this page - sharing a 'Rudra Yajnya' and sunset 'Agnihotra'.

120 / 22



               Just a few days before the earthquake hit Ecuador, we were in this northern costal area with our Agnihotri friends Nate from the US and Konstantine (Ecuadorian clairvoyant).
               We activated a Homa Resonance Point. It was a great teamwork, offering the efforts to some higher purpose.
                       This was at the farm of
Mrs. Sophia and Don Lucas.

           Mrs. Sofia had invited friends for sunset Agnihotra, so they would receive further explanations about Homa  Therapy.

    Even though the earthquake left a track of death and much destruction, this did not happen here and yes, yes, yes, all the Agnihotris in Ecuador had Divine protection.
 Photos this page show - above: activation of the Homa Resonance Point.
-below: the 2 huts necessary for Agnihotra and Tryambakam practice;
-Abel, Konstantine and Nate joined through Homa;
-Mrs. Sofia doing for the 1st time the Agnihotra Fire in the Agnihotra hut
- last row: teaching and sharing Agnihotra.

120 / 23



          Mrs. Diana Molano wrote about their Homa Equinox activities in Villavicencio, Meta:
"Sending you photos of the meeting we had on the day of equinox. We practiced: 4 hours of Tryambakam Homa, did mandala drawings, a silent walk with meditation in the woods and read the book "Light towards Divine Path" of Master Vasant.
   At the end, we shared food made by my husband Endir Joaquin with the seasoning of love. With kind regards."

  120 / 24



       Mrs. Diana Molano and her husband Endir Joaquin Rozo are dedicated Agnihotris and practice this technique regularly since several years. They now share this ancient healing technique at various centers, institutions, foundations and at home.
The photos of the last row show the Agnihotra practice at the ‘Alfarero’, Center for Rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse.

  120 / 25



       The photos on this page were sent by Mr. Hernan Melo and show several Homa meetings in the 'Samadhi Yoga School'.
          Photo below right: Endir Joaquin explaining the correct practice of this
Agnihotra healing technique in the Samadhi Yoga School.

Also healing testimonies of the Homa family of Villavicencio were video recorded.

  120 / 26



          Mrs. Rocío de Obando wrote: " Due to the earthquake that we experienced, we asked the Agnihotris of Ecuador to intensify the practice of all the Homa fires we know, especially Agnihotra.
 The day of the quake, we were in Huaquillas, El Oro (in the hacienda of Mayor Vivar) expanding the knowledge of the sacred fires. It was Mr. José Yaguana, who invited us. From that day on, we meet at the home of Marianita Pazmiño, at the River Club (invited by Mr. Paul Segura), in the Iluminaris Institute with its Director Jimmy Paredes and various private places to help the atmosphere of our beloved planet. In our home, we are practicing daily one hour of Tryambakam Homa. Let's stay connected through the healing fires of Homa Therapy. Om Shree Om."

       All our brothers in Ecuador who practice Homa Therapy, have felt protection and have not been majorly affected by the earthquake. In Guayaquil, Don Patricio, the owner of the vegetarian restaurant 'Amaranto', told us that "despite having glass and porcelain everywhere, nothing broke or  even moved. Such is the greatness and power of Homa Therapy."
        Sonia Hunter, director of the Homa Center Guayaquil, is going with a group of Homa volunteers and Reiki practitioners to hospitals to help and talk to people affected psychologically by having lost their families. This is done in addition to daily Agnihotra for the public and distributing its ash.

Dr. Jaime Montufar continues to provide assistance to those affected:
       "In the Homa Medical Center 'The Good Shepherd' of Guayaquil, we have opened a new service to the community due to the earthquake. Many people have neurologic disorders, fear, loss of sleep, shocks and loss of appetite. Diseases are increasing and the self esteem is lowering. Together with the engineer Franklin Ortiz and his son, Damos, we are giving free medical services and medication, besides the healing Agnihotra ash. We trust fully in God and the abundance of the Homa fires and we want to continue to help many people. If you know people who need us, they are welcome on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We know that God sustains us and protects us! Our heart asks us to help and this is the Homa way. Om Shree Om."

120 / 27



            Miss Marianita Pazmiño wrote from Ecuador:

      "We are sending you some pictures that were taken on various occasions where we met with our Agnihotra family, with one mind, one spirit and one heart to send healing energy to Mother Earth, especially to our country and the families more affected by the earthquake.
        Receive our eternal gratitude for teaching us the healing fires through which we have received so many blessings. We practice it with love, because we know that our planet needs balance and healing. Om Shree Om."

  120 / 28



          Yoga is most beneficial for body’s systems, rejuvenating if done correctly Yoga can slow down the aging process.

        Our army is being trained to move all over the world. This army of Love have no weapons, no enemies. Only Love and science of Yajnya. Our aim is to rejuvenate the planet from the roots to the heavens. Through the agency of fire this atmosphere surrounding the planet will be healed.
What is required now is one pointed attention and intensity of Mantra and the fires we do.

          If someone blames another person for failures in his life, he is missing his lesson. If someone has led you in wrong direction and willingly you have followed that, the blame cannot be placed on him.

Place it at Our Feet and be done with it.

                       You cannot teach common sense. If a person does not have that it is only because the mind is undisciplined. The mind is preoccupied with other thoughts, whether they be fantasies, worries, fears or the like. So it does not utilize its full potential. Then such people are referred to as ‘scatter brained’. This is a very accurate word as it describes the undisciplined mind. So one cannot learn ‘common sense’. One cannot learn even to make best use of his ability to draw on logic or intuitions unless one’s mind is properly trained. Once the mind is trained properly all the natural abilities come to the fore and the person can begin to live an efficient life with clarity of mind.

120 / 29


as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On The Power in Light
Yes, yes. Shall we continue in this vein? It is our understanding of human evolution that, at some point, if the civilization is not being pushed in the direction of spirit, there will be changes that precipitate such direction toward manifesting in the collective consciousness.

It is such a case now, when human beings, rather than turning inward and embracing the spiritual, have instead shunned the spirit in favor of mass materialism and the pursuit of commercial, material success at all costs.

That said, no doubt there are pockets of those who wish to evolve in spirit and it is those beings who are creating an arc which is shifting the world slowly but surely toward higher goals.

Interesting that it appears to take a smaller number of dedicated human beings moving toward the Light, both in theory and practice, to shift levels of awareness of the whole. That is for one simple reason:

There is more power in Light than in darkness.
There is more power in Love than in hatred.
There is more power in Truth than in falsehood.

Those truly aligned with their higher purposes, those engaged in acts of conscious compassion and love, can affect a turn in the course of the whole of civilization.

This mammoth effort takes hearts with pure intent to heal—
without agendas,
without penchant for name or fame,
without expectation of reward or awards for their great efforts made in the spirit of humanity helping humanity and humanity healing Earth.

Yes, and those who vibrate on such a higher level of Truth will, in fact, garner support from other planets, from higher sources, from angels, devas, High Beings of light in existence on this planet, and from the force of Nature under the auspices of Almighty. Yes, yes, yes. Ah, there is so much power in it!

We bow our heads, to honor such creative spirit that aligns itself to Divine.
We are, in awe and wonder, in gratitude for our fellow journeyers,

On Homa Atmosphere — You Get What You Need
Yes, yes, yes. Your dream about the Homa farms is real. Yes, not only will the healing effects of Agnihotra become magnified as the environment’s health declines, but the beings who live in such rarified nature will be protected from great turmoil in times near to come.

There is a subtle nature to these Homa fires which you perform, which cannot be fully documented scientifically. Though science can prove that which can be ascertained by physical experimentation, the subtle realms are more difficult both to ascertain and to explain.

On a subtle level, the plants growing in Homa atmosphere that is properly, regularly maintained on an actual, active Homa farm, are receiving more than nutrients through the air and water. They are receiving life force energy which is given a boost via the presence of Divine entities which are drawn to Homa atmosphere. At a Homa farm, there are greater numbers of what is referred to as Nature Spirits or Devas present. The energy itself is super-charged and this is difficult to prove in scientific terminology.

However, this is what is most profound. The effects on human mind, body and spirit are noticeable and inspiring to see. Those entering such a rarified atmosphere often remark about how peaceful they feel or how energized.

What is needed by each individual organism will be that which that organism experiences. If one is in need of deep rest, the body will experience a calming, peaceful flow of life force energy.

If a depressive person comes into such environment, he or she is likely to feel a surge of positive energy, which can dispel even the darkest moods. Indeed, there is far more than the eye can see.

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