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  Let us do more Swadhyaaya. If you ask someone:
1) What do you want?
      Most people will say "To be happy".
2) Do you know anybody who is “Always Happy”?
    Most will say "No"
3) Why not?
   For most people, life is a sequence of happy and sad experiences. Sometimes, more sadness than joy.
4) Why?
  An astrologer may say:
-Most natal charts have negative aspects between their planets.
- Every chart has positive and negative planetary configurations.
  A Buddhist may say:
Life is misery from beginning to end.
5) What are the causes of suffering?
a) Common people might say:
- lack of money
- lack of education
- lack of willpower
- lack of moral support
- lack of love
- lack of good health
- lack of power or fame
- bad luck, etc.

      However, we can see people born into families with: money, education, love, moral support, power, fame, good health, etc. and they still experience sadness. Maybe there are other causes.



b) The wise men, saints and spiritual scientists say:
- Desires
- Unfulfilled expectations
- Negative Karma ("we reap as we sow")
- Attachments
- Pride, Anger, Greed, Jealousy, Lust, etc.
The wise tell us:
- We are looking for happiness
in the wrong places
and with the wrong people.
- Our social, cultural, economic and mental programming is out of line, infected or damaged.
They say:
a) Go within, meditate.
b) Train the mind.
c) Know Thyself.
d) Be full of unconditional love.
e) Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself
f) Do Selfless Service, etc.

  Why go within?
After work, we get tired and look forward to get home. At home we are happy. At home we can rest and unwind. Home is a house where you (body/mind unit) usually feel at ease and relaxed. Other people focus in their bodies. The body is home for some.

Your experience, comment, questions, suggestions and stories for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com. Thank you!



    Few people look for refuge into their emotional bodies and minds to get some peace.
So, we can be architects of:
a) Great physical houses/buildings
     (Taj Mahal, White House, etc.)
b) Beautiful bodies
      (Mr. and Mrs. Universe, etc.)
c) Emotional bodies
      (musicians, painters, singers and other talented artists)
d) Great minds of Nobel Price Scientists, etc.
- and still experience unhappiness.
    Some Spiritual Masters tell us that we should move our attention from the periphery towards the center.

Also our surroundings, the physical body, our emotional structure and mental body are continually changing. To focus on something that changes continually, is to bring restlessness into being.
To still the body, the tongue, the emotions, the senses, mind/intellect, is to experience the peace of the center, the spirit or God. Meditation is the process to go into the Light and inner Sound and experience Self Realization. The practice of the Fivefold Path is a preparation for a
Spontaneous Meditation.    
Let’s remember that meditation is more than going within, it is going into “stillness”, peace, love, etc.


Luz Mery Mora
Armenia, Colombia
South America

      "I had a thyroid problem. I took medicines for 6 years. When I began to feel a kind of generalized anxiety, I had to go to a psychiatrist. I woke up feeling panic and very cold. I visited many doctors, but they said that I was well in spite of these horrible crises with anguish.
   The psychiatrist asked me if I wanted to die, but I told him that I had no problems, not with love or work and that I did not know why I was like this. The endocrinologist sent me for examinations and prescribed me with medication for Hypothyroidism. He said that I needed to take thyroxin pills for the rest of my life.

       When I started the practice Homa Therapy 4 years ago,  I was able to stop taking those pills. I love it and I often participate in the Homa sessions in Botica Sol.
    I feel very calm and relaxed. Nothing hurts. I do not feel anxiety nor panic.
And my hands are warm. Now, I think that, if people are well energetically - because our body is energy - then we are healthy.
     My husband also took thyroxin, because he had the same thyroid problem. He also stopped taking these pills. He feels good just taking Agnihotra ash.
   A friend, a bacteriologist, told me that before practicing Homa Therapy, she had problems, her children could not find work, etc. But when she started doing the Homa fires, things got organized and went smooth.
    I can confirm this from my personal experience. My son is an engineer in telecommunications. When he finished his specialization, he could not find work. He was quite depressed and wondered why he had studied at all? I said to him: 'Have patience, with the Homa fires everything goes well.' And without any doubt, everything always falls into balance with the practice of Homa Therapy."
(Photo: Mrs. Luz Mery Mora)

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Claudia Janet García Orosco
Armenia, Colombia,
South America

            "I am 36 years old. I just participated in the Agnihotra session in Botica Sol. I also came last Saturday. I could not bring my mother, because she's sick. So I got some Agnihotra ash for her and gave it to her with a little water.
    She suffers from insomnia. She has high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, an aneurysm, a kidney disease, high blood pressure and gastric ulcers.
She hardly sleeps. We say jokingly that she is the night guard. 
                                            (Photo: Ms. Claudia Janet Garcia)

    But when she took the Agnihotra ash, she slept all night long. In the morning she got up for a while and went back to bed. I was almost scared, because never in my life she had gone back to sleep. It was already 11 am and she was still asleep. It turned out that she had slept peacefully and then got up relaxed and very well. The next day, Sunday afternoon, I gave her again some Agnihotra ashes with water and again she slept pleasantly. Since then, she sleeps peacefully. She even sleeps after lunch. Something she never did before.
  This happened by only giving her some Agnihotra ash!
Now she also has more energy and is more enthusiastic.
    She is 70 years old and she had this sleeping problem for 20 or 30 years. I am going to bring her to the Botica so she can also participate in the Homa Fires." 

Mr. Camposano Cruz
Armenia, Colombia,
South America

   "I was motivated towards Homa Therapy after participating at a large gathering in the auditorium of SENA Galán. That was 4 years ago, when you were here the last time. Since then, I began to be more aware and attend the Homa sesiones in the Botica Sol.
        I had the problem of tinnitus and although I was in the hands of six medical doctors, I only felt improvement when I went to Homa Therapy. And instead of drugs, I began to consume the Agnihotra ash and I'm very well.

    I also invite people to Homa Therapy and take the Agnihotra ash  to help others. I am very grateful to Homa Therapy and I've a lot of love for it."
(Photo Mr. Camposano Cruz)

Estela Rodríguez
Armenia, Colombia,
South America

    "My experience is, that I have suffered for more than 20 years from a terrible migraine headache.
     Many Doctors treated me, but I never got healed. I was always told that this will be a lifelong problem and it had no cure.
      Yesterday, I went to the ceremony of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was outdoors

under a tremendous sun. I had no umbrella, or anything to protect me from that extreme heat. I cannot receive heat and I thought I was going to die. I was for 2 hours under this sun. It was 13:30 and I had not eaten anything. This is another thing I cannot do, because being hungry also increases my headache. But I spent the whole day without migraine. What a great experience!  I've been coming to the Agnihotra sessions for 2 months. I consume its ash and I'm perfectly fine."  
(Photo: Mrs. Estela Rodriguez giving her testimony in the crowded auditorium during the Homa Festival.)

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Luza Quiceno
Bogotá, Colombia,
South America

   I started to do the Homa fires four months ago. I have seen great improvement in my health and in my mind.
    I suffered from chronic fatigue and muscle pain and this had made me very irritable.
     Now I remain calmer, getting away from anger, which had prevented me to have a good family relationship or a good environment. Now, I'm more in an attitude of loving service at home. I handle situations calmly and quietly. As far as possible I do Agnihotra daily and take its ash three to four times a day.

    My appetite improved, as I had suffered from loss of appetite.  My sleep also improved. I used to wake up and I was disturbed every night. Now I have a restfull sleep and my appetite has increased.
(Photo above left Luza – with eyeglasses -practicing Agnihotra)
     My family lives in Armenia (Colombia) and my sister had suffered from Bursitis at the hip level for one year. She could not walk, because the pain was excruciating. She also had back problems due to stress. Three months ago, she started taking the Agnihotra ash and that took away her pain. Now, she can do her activities  without problems, since she has no more pain. She takes Agnihotra ash daily three to four times. She stopped taking her prescribed drugs. She actually had an appointment with a specialist doctor who told her that she is cured. This happened thanks to Homa Therapy.
       My father has some health problems. He has been taking the Agnihotra ash for four months. And he told us that his back pain has disappeared.
        I also want to tell you that when I went to the Homa meeting in Tenjo at the Farm and I invited two friends. One of them is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician and specialist in Epidemiology. She came to the understanding that many people get sick from the mishandling of their emotions. She is searching in this direction and she is using also alternative medicine. I had told her about Homa and she enjoyed very much the Homa meeting in Tenjo.

      Missi, my grey cat, had a fungus on her head for three months (first photo right).

Then, I started to apply Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee or with a little water. I made a sort of ointment and did this three times a day  for two weeks and gradually her fur began to grow again.
 Now she is completely fine without any fungi.
(second photo right)

           (Photo above right: Luza and happy and healthy cats.)  
 Dalí, my Siames cat, got a fungus on her tummy two months ago. It was ugly and red.
     I began to apply the Agnihotra ash with a little water, two to three times a day for fifteen days and it gradually healed.
      Now her belly is cured and the fur has grown back.

(See photo animation on the left.)
Om Shree. A thousand blessings."


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Maria Teresa Nuñez
Homa Farm Tenjo
Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America

Excerpts from her letter:
    "Little by little by "Divine Grace" and directed from the highest and most profound instances this Homa farm came into existence. It is supported by my son Sebastian, my employees, the inhabitants of this place and some practitioners who visit us on full and new moons.
    The Homa farm just had its fourth anniversary. During this time, little by little, step by step, we have been cleaning and healing this place through the Fires.  
   Now, it is a wonderful paradise, where we give thanks and praise from the moment we open our eyes for being allowed to live here...

(photos Homa farm Tenjo)
... For me the "Homa Fire" is something that is lit in my heart. It is beyond the physical evidence that one might live or see in my daily life or in my personal "Fires".
... For me, it is very clear that without Homa Therapy the farming results would be half.  Although we had many, many years trying to grow plants such as the ‘pear trees’ and ‘papaya trees’ , they only grew after the Homa Resonance point was activated".

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cont. Maria Teresa, Homa farm Tenjo
     "The Homa farm  has also taken the role of an Activity Center for Personal Growth...
   Sometimes I imagine, when I light Agnihotra, how every second, someone ignites a "Fire" around the planet and that at the end, the whole planet is surrounded by healing fires and I smile.
  My soul is filled with happiness for being part of that group of missionaries of purification and healing, by doing such a little "sacrifice" from my home with my family.   So little is asked from me and what   I receives back is so much. I give "one" and receive "a thousand". So great is the power of Homa Therapy."   
(photos Homa farm Tenjo)

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Deaths, Floods and Pestilence Cited in White House Climate Study

By Justin Sink, April 4, 2016
Deadly heat waves, worsening air quality, and the increasing spread of illnesses like Lyme disease and West Nile Virus could kill tens of thousands of Americans and leave scores more battling chronic disease over the next century, the White House warned in a report released.

To read the article, please enter:


EU parliament votes to re-approve glyphosate despite ‘concerns about carcinogenicity’

13 Apr, 2016
The European Parliament has backed a re-authorization of a pesticide believed to be carcinogenic for another 7 years, despite a widespread protest campaign calling for a full ban instead of a downsized “compromise”

deal. The weedkiller glyphosate is to be given market approval for another seven years, instead of 15 as originally requested, while its use should be limited to professionals only, the European Parliament said in a non-binding resolution approved on Wednesday. The body also advised the chemical shouldn’t be used in public locations, such as parks and playgrounds. Please read full article:

Denmark is On its Way to Becoming an Organic Country

Jan 27, 2016
People in Denmark have a great appreciation for organic food. Their country’s national organic brand has been in business for 25 years, making it one of the oldest organic brands in the world. Plus, the Danish government is working in multiple ways to convert the entire country’s

agriculture into organic and sustainable farming. Last year, they released an ambitious, 67-point plan to double organic farming, and to serve more organic food in the nation’s public institutions by 2020. Read more about the 5 Reasons why organic food is important:
About the International Year of Pulses 2016

     The IYP 2016 aims to heighten public awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production aimed towards food security and nutrition. The Year will create a unique opportunity to encourage connections throughout the food chain that would better utilize pulse-based proteins, further global

production of pulses, better utilize crop rotations and address the challenges in the trade of pulses.  For more information please see:  http://www.fao.org/pulses-2016/about/en/ 

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      We arrived in Villavicencio in the company of mother Maria Teresa Nuñez. There, we met the lovely couple Diana Molano and her husband Joaquin Rozo, both devoted Agnihotra practitioners
since 4 years.
They had organized several Homa presentations and meetings in the city.

The first encounter was in the Correctional Institution for young law offenders. They do also suffer from some physical health issues. However, most of all they lack

orientation and healthy mental guidelines, inspiration and motivation to achieve their highest dreams and ideals.
The practice of the
 Fivefold Path and
 the Homa fires can
 - return them the lost wings to fly towards a life filled with love, values and purpose
- prepare them to be a valuable member ready to serve the community .

 Photos: Prof. Abel talking to these young people, asking questions and teaching them relaxing Yoga and breathing exercises

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Photos this page: After having learned the evening Agnihotra Mantras,
we chanted them at sunset.  We could see how their faces relaxed.
There were laughter and smiles and all the negative energy were guided their way out ...
Where there is light, darkness cannot be.     And the Light of the Homa Fires reaches into the last corner, hidden outside and inside of us.      Divine Grace is working ...

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The next day, before sunrise, we met a group of elders and their caregivers at the Geriatric Home called 'Las Mercedes'.

They all were bathed,
 well dressed and ready to receive the first rays
 of the sun  in their beautiful garden with the
Agnihotra Fire

They also had questions about their health and wellbeing.
 They could watch video testimonies from people suffering from the same or even more severe problems and who found relief through the Homa Healing Fires.

     With the regular practice of Agnihotra, our elders can again feel joy, warmth and love in their lives and express these feelings through care and friendship with their companions. In addition, they find relieve for their physical pains in a natural way. 
    They loved the exercises they learned with Prof. Abel, which help them to have more flexibility, better circulation and energy flow.          (photos this page)

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  Joaquín and Diana had also scheduled
an audio-visual presentation of the effects of Homa Therapy in 'Alfarero', a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.
The founder and director is Mr. Elkin Zapata Valencia.

He welcomed us with open arms, as he had previously heard of the successes of
Homa Therapy in the treatment of this type of disease.
The Agnihotri group of Villavicencio
was also there to help. During the whole presentation, the Tryambakam Homa was maintained and then Agnihotra was practiced.

Photos this page: presenting and teaching Homa Therapy and enjoying the calmness and peace emanating from the Agnihotra Fires.

There is always a space in the heart and the mind for Hope,
 for a better today
and tomorrow.
Agnihotra nurtures positive thoughts and actions for this Hope to become reality.

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     Through several radio programs,   the community of Villavicencio was invited to participate, experience and  take advantage of Homa Therapy for their health and wellbeing.
      A Healing Homa Gathering was held in the Auditorium of the Assembly of Meta with the help of Congressman Mauricio Niño Guayacan.
    Prof. Abel learned about the health problems of the large audience and answered many questions.

     A Little girl had come, who was constantly coughing. After taking the Agnihotra ash, the coughing immediately calmed. Everyone was witness to this. This was one reason why people were very, very attentive to know Homa Therapy.

Also Homa video testimonies were shown.  Then, people
were eager to know and experience Agnihotra, the basic fire of
Homa Therapy.          We taught the Mantras and all pyramids were lit  to catch the last healing rays of the sun on this wonderful day.

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We received the blessings of the many Agnihotra fires with silence and gratitude.

 Our bodies relaxed and our minds calmed by chanting together the Mantra "Om Shree". 

 ...and this sound took us to a place of peace deep inside...

(see photos)

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      After celebrating Agnihotra, people showed further interest in knowing and learning more.
       So Prof. Abel taught simple exercises to strengthen the body and mind, while we were looking at more videos, showing the practice of Homa Therapy worldwide.
     Joaquín Rozo explained in detail how to do Agnihotra correctly, invited the public to future events and also offered  to experience Agnihotra in his home on certain days. (right)
    The Homa volunteers took turns in keeping the Tryambakam Homa going and thus contributed to a relaxed, positive and pure atmosphere.
                  (See photos on this page.)

Photo left:
Maria Teresa doing Tryambakam Homa, accompanied by Marcela from Cajicá and photographer Endir Santiago who gave us beautiful pictures of the various Homa activities in Villavicencio.

 119 / 14



During our stay in Villavicencio, the dedicated Agnihotris Diana y Joaquín (photo below left), not only opened their home for us to stay with Maria Teresa and Marcela, but also their loving and service oriented hearts...

There were several private and public meetings at their home.  We practiced Agnihotra under a tree plagued by ants, who then choose to go somewhere else...
We met Mr. Hernán Melo and his three beautiful daughters (pictured right: Lorena and Geraldyne; Yuliana not pictured).  He also started with the practice of Agnihotra to support his family.
(Photos on this page: Sharing the  Blessings and Light of Agnihotra, expressed in loving service; the Homa family of Villavicencio..)

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Another wonderful encounter with a Homa Therapy presentation about its health benefits happened in "Inbound Yoga", a center in charge of Muni Das, a Krishna devotee.
    Joaquin and Diana taught and practiced regularly Agnihotra at this Center for 2 years as a service.

    People brought fruits to share and in the midst of this bountiful harvest, Agnihotra was performed, followed by meditation. Everyone enjoyed this encounter with peace and silence. Afterwards, Prof. Abel answered questions and eventually we shared the fruits blessed and charged by the Fire Homa. (See photos on this page.)

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    The big house with the large back yard of Diana and Joaquin became a
Homa Center
Some people came here after the meetings to get their Agnihotra kit and learn this healing technique well. 
Photo above left:
Maria Teresa  (our Angel on the Homa Tour), teaching a group how to prepare the Agnihotra fire.
Photo above right:
Prof. Abel deepening the knowledge of Homa Therapy.
 Photo right: AGNIHOTRA

-Photo right Hernan Melo
- Photo left  Mauricio
 with Joaquín and Diana in the background
The Consistency in the practice of Agnihotra is important to witness the
"Homa Miracles."

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Photos this page:
Our next trip took us to Bucaramanga, where we met dear souls, named Tita, Pablus, Judith, Alexandra, Maritza and many wonderful people doing Agnihotra.
Can you see their
"Agnihotra Table"?

Tita y Pablus

  It was a 'Festival of Light' with laughter and joy, but also with silence and meditation that took us to the center. This happened in the home of Tita Pulido and Pablus Gallinazo, our hosts of noble hearts.  We have also had the honor to meet the Maharaj of the Hare Krishna movement of Bucaramanga, Swami Das Anudas, now practicing Agnihotra.

  119 / 18



Tita and Pablus had requested a space for an Artistic Homa Encounter  at
Bucara-manga Museum of Modern Art.
  Tita and Pablus are renowned  musicians and writers.

Photos of this page: above - Tita finishing the introduction and Prof. Abel making contact with the public, asking about their illnesses and problems before giving the solution with a variety of testimonies, underscoring the effectiveness and efficiency of Homa Therapy on all levels.
 Photos below - 1) Artists in action - Tita Pulido, Swami Das Anudas and his group with devotional songs;   -2) Irdanti Sanabria with indigenous music;
supported by his daughter, Dana Tashina (with her cousin Ram).

 Agnihotra is Serenity, Silence and Light one can breathe ...

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  (photos this page)   
       We all joined the silence, surrendering to the flames, driven by the wind; feeling relieved by dropping and burning everything that keeps us away from the Light.

       Mrs. Tita Pulida, with the support of Mrs. Judith Sanabria, organizes frequent Homa meetings in Bucaramanga.
      Now, with Swami Anudas Das, Agnihotra is practiced in the Krishna temple every Wednesday and Friday.

119 / 20



This presentation of Homa Therapy and its benefits were a "Healthy Gift for the retired workers of the Fireworks Factory"
 of Maria Teresa's father. They were brought by a big bus
 and cars to the
'Valle Bonito Farm'.

(Photo left: Maria Teresa and photo right: Judith Sanabria participating in the Tryambakam Homa.) This was a group of very happy, friendly and interested people. They also quickly learned the Agnihotra evening Mantras. Tryambakam Homa was executed during this event, as in all other Homa events.   

119 / 21



  Photo above: A good group of Bucaramanga Agnihotris were present  and together with the lightening of the pyramids, also the hearts of the participants got lit with Light and Gratitude.
  Photos below:
A wonderful way to spend a Sunday: -acquiring new knowledge; -receiving healing through the medicinal Homa fires; - having the joy of music and original songs by Pablus and Tita, delivering strong messages with their irresistible voices;

 - having the opportunity to:
 observe an Arabic dance of a beautiful young woman, Kathe Martínez
- and feeling the rhythm and pulse of indigenous music by Irdanti.
What a Great Gift for Everyone Present!

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       From Bucaramanga, at a distance of a whole day (18 hours by car), on rocky and muddy roads, through wild forests with old and giant trees, picturesque valleys and mountains, we arrived at the Farm 'El Paraiso' of Mariana and Roberto (photo below left) in Saravena, situated approx. 40 km from the Venezuelan border.

We taught and practiced the Homa Fires and we took time to walk, climb hills, observe the fish in the lake, enjoy some of the more than 100 varieties of birds and contemplate mother nature in her exuberance.  (photos this page)

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     During our Colombia Homa tour, we returned sometimes for one or two days to the Tenjo Homa Farm  to prepare for the next trip. There were also meetings with groups of people interested in learning more about the healing Fires and especial meetings with the inhabitants of the Homa farm.  (Photos this page.)

Photo left:
It was a great joy to meet Dr. José Antonio Magmud,
 who had the honor to accompany Master Shree Vasant in some of his travels in Colombia.

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      Mr. Vinayak Lokur wrote from Belgaum, Karnataka:
    "Happy to share with you the news that we celebrated this year again the 
"World Agnihotra Day" on 12th of March

 The gathering was attended by about 100 people.
The audience was informed about Agnihotra and we performed Group Agnihotra at our factory at sunset.

           After Agnihotra, the participants who are regular performers of this healing Fire, shared their experiences of improvement in health, peace of mind & of receiving more energy through Agnihotra.

           This time, we also focused on the "Importance of the Cow". We brought a cow into our factory and did a gratitude ceremony to honor all cows. Then Mr. Godse and Sri Ram Gopal Prabhu enlightened us about "The holy cow" and the
"Significance of Homas."

oto 1st row: Mr. Vinayak informing about the benefits of Agnihotra practice.
 Photo above: during Agnihotra
 Photo right: Thanksgiving ceremony for the cow.

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Vet. Doctor  Carla Cossy León shares the photos of this page which are from a meeting in Loxahatchee, FL, with the Homa Tribe 'MaYu'.

119 / 26



       If you are capable of being full of love then it is your duty to become full of love. If you feel you have been full of love and sincerely devoted then try to get to that state again. All is not lost. One moment of 'Thy Will be done' brings us into the Light again. You see how, when one has given some devotion to some measure, you feel the love. Doubts and fears work against the fibre of devotion. When one loses that devotion, one becomes again just a normal man. When you are devoted, any land is your home. When you have that sincere total devotion, faith, though you fall, His love is unbounded. His Grace is unmatched by any force in this universe. When you develop that feeling truly of 'Thy Will be done' everything is automatically done for you.

       Community must come up in every place where Agnihotris are doing the work.

      If you have the right frame of mind then this work will have great attraction for you, great interest. If your mind is always on outer things, then you will not be able to do it effectively because the mind is a wilful tyrant. It will embark on its own direction if you do not train it properly. So mind can lead you to all kinds of trouble, just as a dog when it is unleashed. If the mind is trained it will obey and this is the state of atonement - at-one-ment.

      Most people are unhappy because they search for happiness in the material world which can only multiply their desires and never satisfy them.

       Let us realize that preoccupation with astrology - unless it is revealed knowledge given to you as an instrument - will only serve to cloud your intellect and confuse others. Same with Tarot Cards, numerology and these divining techniques You can be responsible for your own self but never for another. What one does with this knowledge? We are not saying that these things are bad. No. Not like that. We are simply telling you that for you these things are a trap. You can learn from it and let it go. Knowledge can be misused to glamourise the self, to enhance the self-image. You need none of this. Not this. Not this.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

    On Agnihotra – Environmental Protection and Defense
    Yes, yes. The best defense against the effects of Chemtrails, you are already employing—performance of: daily Agnihotra, which creates a cyclical, protective shield, boosted with each fire, performed precisely at sunrise and sunset.

In addition, try and spread Agnihotra Ash all over the property, where cows graze and gardens are grown. Do this periodically. This is also a deterrent for radioactive particles. It is essential to practice these Homas (fires) regularly to achieve this protective effect.
Blessings abound. OM.

On the Nature of Politics and Extremism
     Yes, yes. There are those in power whose very natures are compromised, let alone their political stances. Indeed, look beyond what you see in the media. Every candidate, every being in political office today around the globe, has secrets hidden in darkened closets, long since inaccessible even to them. Even those with glowing reviews and great accolades, all have something to hide. It is always a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. In any case, dear ones, there may be a few as yet unscathed. Let us see how the future unfolds on this planet.

Africa is suffering greatest turmoil and droughts. There will be a resurgence of extremist sentiments which serve to further divide racial sectors, threatening a return to previous grievous systems. Civil rights threatened, expect turmoil and revolution. Africa is most definitely affected now.

On Human Decency and Compassion
     Yes, yes. The sanctity of human life is succinctly dismissed in the scramble for winning political parties and world domination. Above all else, the sanctity of human life need be preserved and respected.

When there is a decline in human decency, compassion and love in the world, the edges of that world begin to crumble and the entire existence upon this Earth becomes weakened to the core. Without human decency, respect and honoring of each other, there follows a decline in natural resources and upheaval in Nature.

Do you think you are separate from Nature? It is not only the environmental abuse that causes destruction of planet Earth, dear ones. Though you abuse the environment continually and hide its decline under the guise of great technical and industrial progress, it is the decline in human decency which cements the turn in this planet’s downhill slide. It is the human spirit that is required to uplift and transform this planet, dear ones. Human beings are necessary in the evolution of this planet. Indeed. Indeed.

Where there are pockets of loving, compassionate souls, such places become like oases in a world dispassionate. Such places as you have developed here, dear vehicle, attract and nurture souls in a way that is both rare and sacred. Being caretakers of such a sacred place may seem simple or normal at best, but it is not at all.

Dear ones here at Bhrugu Aranya, you are in the process of creating an elevated environment, where all living beings can coexist in a harmonious balance with Nature. Even if none of you are present on any given day, someone who comes to receive healing will receive it, simply by entering this atmosphere. You may not even realize the power of this place. And rightly so. Remain conscious, but humble purveyors of the knowledge, and caretakers of this oasis, welcoming those who come with hearts open to receive light. Indeed, here there is much Light.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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www.agnihotra.org     www.homatherapie.de      www.homatherapy.de
www.tapovan.net    www.homatherapyindia.com     www.homatherapy.org
www.homatherapypoland.org    www.homapsychotherapy.com

www.agnihotra.com.au    www.terapiahoma.org

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