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        The property is usually associated with the words "mine", "your", "his”, “hers”, “our”, etc. in the material world. You can own a house, land, plants, animals, cars, buildings, jewelry, clothing, electronics, appliances, companies, cities, royalties, money, mines, books, antiques, furniture, etc. Some people even claim to own other people.        We tend to identify with our belongings.  Even some so called "spiritual people" tend to do this.    Maybe it is part of living in a material world.
Consider these cases:
a) You withdraw $ 250,000 (hard-earned money with your work) from your bank account to get the home you have always wanted, but someone intercepted you in your way to the office and you were robbed in 5 minutes.    How would you feel?
b)   A poor person was killed and robbed. He had only $ 10 for his family meal.
     The police caught the thieves. Now, let us say that you are the judge and you must decide what to do with these criminals. What is the price they must pay for their actions according to you?
      In the first case (a), the thief said, "I needed the money for a surgery, otherwise my mother would die."

Can you have things or peace?
Things and peace?
Or just PEACE?

 In the second case (b), the thief said, "He was poor and had no job, so he had to steal to feed his family."
      However, a third person (billionaire) appears and says. "I know these criminals and I want to pay for them. How much should I pay?"
         Perhaps the answer may seem easy for some people but difficult for others.   And probably many other factors have to be taken into account.
     You can replace any object, but you cannot replace life, can you?
Can you give life? Someone can say "we have no right to take life, any life, unless it is a situation of self-defense."
Whatever the case may be, the practice of Fivefold Path -FP- (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya) can bring more light on these dilemmas.
         Yes, yes, yes, there is the law of Karma (you reap what you sow).           However, above this law is the
 "Law of Grace". And yes, yes, yes, by Living the FP, we can align ourselves with the Divine Grace.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com



Socorro Pedrosi
Hospital EsSalud Reategui
Piura, Peru

"I am 77 years old. I've been coming to the Homa Therapy sessions for 3 months in the Reategui Hospital. My health was pretty delicate. My knees hurt a lot and I could not walk. I cried of pain and I could not sleep. I was stressed out and that aggravated my problem with high blood pressure. One day, I read an article in the newspaper about Homa Therapy in the Hospital. So, I came to the Hospital for Homa Therapy. Now, thanks God, I

feel better. My legs do not hurt anymore as they did before; before they were heavy and hard. I could not turn around myself in bed. It was ‘ay, ay, ay’, but now I do not need any more to ask my husband for help. I can sit up and walk alone to the bathroom. Before, I went to bed at midnight and at 5:00 am I was already up. I was wondering what to do? I was desperate; then I started to think about lots of things to do, but I did not want to disturb anyone in the family at this early hour with noise. Now, I fall asleep at 10 pm and if I get up to go the bathroom, I quickly retake sleep until 8:00 am. Sometimes they even have to wake me up. Then I go back to bed at nine and sleep for another hour or so. I set the alarm to wake me up, because I also have to do things around the house and prepare lunch. When I wake up, I am calm. I used to cry because I felt helpless; I could not do anything. Before, standing up was horrible. I had to hold on to something and my husband had to help. Now I can get up quickly and there is no more crying."
(Photo: Mrs. Socorro participating in the Agnihotra session in the Reategui Hospital.)

Rufino Alemán de Rosario
Hospital Essalud Reategui
Piura, Peru

       "I am 58 years old. My lady and I started Homa Therapy (HT) two and a halg years ago. Our friend, Mr. Martinez, who was cured of a wound on his foot by applying Agnihotra ash with Ghee, invited us. He has had the wound for many years, but it healed.
I suffered from migraine on the right side of my head. By practicing Homa Therapy, this problem has disappeared gradually.

     I have only occasionally headache from the stress at work, but I no longer have that tingling in the head. I was suffering with migraine for 8 years. I also sleep better and in our house we feel an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and protection." 
(Photo: Mr. Rufino doing Agnihotra in the Reategui Hospital.)

Jorge Calderón Chunga
La Unión, Piura, Peru

      "I'm 14 years old. If I get tired I do Agnihotra and I feel relieved and wonderful.
I've been doing Agnihotra with my dad for 3 years. We both have an Agnihotra pyramid."

(Photo left: Jorge practicing Agnihotra)

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Cristóbal Segundo Sandoval Aguilar
Hotel "El Cabildo"
Cajamarca, Peru

       "I am 67 years old. I found out about Homa Therapy through an email and decided to come to the presentation because I have seen a lot of literature about this healing technique through the Homa Health Newsletter. But I had not had the opportunity to practice it. My daughter, when she was in Colombia three years ago, bought me two Agnihotra kits. However, I never used them because we did not know how to use it. Usually I sleep 3 hours with       

medication. After 3 days of Homa Therapy, I sleep 4.5 hours, but I still keep taking the same drugs.
    In addition, I had an accident and I was psychologically traumatized. But, I feel better now with the practice of Agnihotra."
                                                                                    (Photo: Mr. Cristobal practicing Agnihotra)

Cesar Otero Requena
Hospital Essalud Reategui
Piura, Peru

        "I am 73 years old. I suffered from large kidney stones. Every two weeks, I had an infections and renal colic pain. In the emergency, I received injections, but they did not calm the pain. The doctor ordered a CT scan and the stones were visible. He told me: “with the following treatment the stones will dissolve; they are very big. Go to the drugstore of Dr. Castro and buy this X preparation and some pills." So I went to ask the doctor for the prices and they were expensive.
        Thanks God, I remembered that I had assisted to the Homa Congress in the National University of Piura (Universidad Nacional de Piura). That was a wonderful event with lots of healing pyramids Fires. I returned to the doctor, he gave me pills, but I did

not take them. I came to the Hospital for Homa Therapy and received massages in a jade stones chair. I took the Agnihotra ash 3 to 4 times daily.
          I also suffered from diabetes with neuropathy. I had pain in the legs and they got numb. My hands and arms ached. One feels cold and sometimes heat, but the doctor told me that I feel the cold and heat 3 to 4 times stronger because of diabetes which attacks the nerves. I could not sleep and the pain was unbearable.  
But with faith and hope I attended this Homa Therapy. After 3 months, I felt the improvement. I had no more kidney stones. The ultrasound confirmed that. I took the Agnihotra ash daily and urinated in a bottle and I saw how I expulsed something like sand. I have no pain and sleep well and it was Homa Therapy that healed me.
I want to give the advice to take the healing Agnihotra ash daily.
I am grateful and I am happy with Homa Therapy.
           Another thing, I write poems, stories, legends and I used to get up at 5 am to read and write. In the Church, the sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, asked me to write a poem in the honor of Father José Guillermo’s birthday. The whole day I had been tearing up papers because I did not get anything, any literary figure. After Agnihotra and on the way home, the poem appeared in my mind. I wrote it down at home. So I have faith in Homa, but it needs perseverance and responsibility. Of course, it is also important to improve our food. What does harm, throw it away."
(Photo: Mr. Cesar participating in Agnihotra in the Reategui Hospital.)

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Psychologist Marisol del Mar La Roca
Hospital Essalud “Reategui”,
Piura, Peru

      "This Homa Therapy is not just for the sick ones but it also helps to preserve the harmony and tranquility where one lives.
If you see a hyperactive child, Homa will help him. I advise you to experience it.
     When I first saw this therapy, I was in my psychology service and I said “what concoction are they doing here?”.  That was my expression. But I like meditation and group activities, so I participated and it was great. In addition, what happened? One day, I went to Punta Sal (the beach), with some health promoters. I was swimming in the ocean and guess what I heard?

'OM SHREE, OM SHREE, OM SHREE'. I was embellished, because that sound of the ocean was so beautiful and it filled me with much peace."
(Photo: Dr. Marisol participating in Agnihotra at her workplace, the Reategui Hospital.)

Jose A. Izquierdo Mondragon
Alto Piura, Amazonas, Peru

"We came to know about Homa Therapy in the year 2007 through Eng. Luis Tafur, who invited us to an internship in Piura. Even though, we are not practicing Agnihotra every day, we have noticed that by practicing it and taking Agnihotra ash (sometimes with a little honey), the children and we, the adults too, heal from any illness or problem. So, we do not need pills nor drugs."

(Photo: Mr. José Abel Izquierdo sharing  Agnihotra in the Homa presentation in Bagua Grande, Amazonas.)

David Echeverría
Alto Piura, Amazonas, Peru

         "I was suffering from an incurable disease in the throat with blisters.
The doctors did not know what to do. I did not have my tonsils any more. Then I learned Agnihotra in Piura in 2007. I came back and practiced it here in San Luis for a month nonstop. Moreover, every day, I feel better. Today, I feel great.
         I have shared Agnihotra with many people and they told me that they have improved their pain in the bones, among other things. Now, in my village 'New Piura', we are practicing it. There was a woman who also had a wound on the palate for a long time and by taking the Agnihotra ash, she was healed.

      We see many people who come to the Homa Fire and find relief. Then they do not continue, but occasionally, we reconnect. The best of Homa Therapy is that we can heal ourselves and that it provides a fast relief.
I pray to God to make Homa Therapy known to more people."
(Photo: Mr. David Echeverria practicing Agnihotra in San Luis, Bagua Grande.)

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Experiences with Homa Therapy in the garden

Mari Posadas
Hotel " EL CABIDO"
Cajamarca, Peru

       "I had a very rewarding experience with my plants.
I had removed all my plants from one part of my garden, because I wanted to plant a very pretty plant, called Hydrangea that is typical in Cajamarca. I thought it could be part of the attraction of our Hotel.  I got the hydrangea plants; I prepared the soil and then planted the tiny plants, which were just sprouting. But that week, a frost fell and all died. All plants were completely dried up, all of them. I found them dry and dead.
I was very sad, because it had taken a lot of work to get them, fix the ground and fertilize them; and then they were dry. So I told the boy who helps me that we will have to sow others again. I did not think that they could revive.

       In these days that we started doing Homa Therapy in the hotel. After a week of giving them a little Agnihotra ash, the plants that were dead started to become alive again and they were sprouting leaves.
      After 2 months, the small seedlings are already in bloom and full of buds. It is very rewarding.

For me, this was a very pleasant surprise."
In the Hotel 'El Cabildo', Homa meetings are holding on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They are open to the public under the guidance of Mr. Cristobal Sandoval and Mrs. Mari Posadas.
(Photos above and below show the hydrangeas plants after 2 months in the patio. They grow happily in Homa atmosphere.)

Mirian Faro
Cono Norte, Lima, Peru

        "I wanted to experiment with Homa Therapy. I had a dwarf plant, an aloe Vera. Out of curiosity and wanting to experience, I put a little Agnihotra ash on the soil. This aloe Vera plant is no longer a dwarf plant (bonsai). It has grown and looks beautiful.
I was surprised because this variety stays normally tiny and does not grow much."

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     The Sweet Revolution (Dulce Revolución) of Medicinal Plants - presents an efficient and natural cure for Ebola

        Josep Pàmies
, the peasant farmer of la Dulce Revolución de las Plantas Medicinales, has offered the Embassy of Guinea Conakry EBOLA possible solutions that have not been well received. Garcinia kola plant, already popularly used by traditional healers in the area, brings great results for this disease, but WHO prefers to ban it and synthesize in order to patent the miraculous formula. Artemisia annua is also an extraordinary immune system

enhancing plant and cures Malaria and Dengue, opportunistic infections that can occur along the Ebola infection.    Voluntary workers in Africa are also getting great results with a highly effective product as Chlorine Dioxide, popularly known as MMS. Colloidal silver or sea water itself can be added to the list. But the trend, rather than embrace these products that are getting great cutting edge results, is to ban them and to catalog them as illegal drugs.     That's the way of the world. Please see (activate english subtitles):         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czBaB_XE72c

Earths magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime

By Robert Sanders, Media Relations | October 14, 2014

     BERKELEY — Imagine the world waking up one morning to discover that all compasses pointed south instead of north.
      It’s not as bizarre as it sounds. Earth’s magnetic field has flipped –

         though not overnight – many times throughout the planet’s history. Now, a new study by a team of scientists from Italy, France, Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley, demonstrates that the last magnetic reversal 786,000 years ago actually happened very quickly, in less than 100 years – roughly a human lifetime.
“It’s amazing how rapidly we see that reversal,” said UC Berkeley graduate student Courtney Sprain. “The paleomagnetic data are very well done. This is one of the best records we have so far of what happens during a reversal and how quickly these reversals can happen.” More info: http://newscenter.berkeley.edu/2014/10/14/earths-magnetic-field-could-flip-within-a-human-lifetime/

               Salt-Water Powered Car Gets Approval In Europe – Yes It’s Real

        A new supercar that uses a saltwater-based technology has been approved certified for use on European roads:

        It works just like a hydrogen fuel cell except that the liquid used for storing energy is saltwater.

       This isn’t far from the water powered car, an idea labelled as a conspiracy by many despite the massive amount of evidence behind it. You can read more about that here. See more:

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   Cajamarca, Peru:
   There were daily meetings, presentations, lectures, TV interviews, etc. about the benefits of Homa Therapy and Agnihotra, the basic fire of this ancient science of Ayurveda.

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      Celebrating the healing Homa fires in the Hotel 'El Cabildo' in Cajamarca with the Posadas family.
         We heard testimonies of health improvements and healing that happened overnight through participating in Agnihotra.
       Divine Grace is working through this healing technique and every day more people join in search of solutions to their problems and for a better life.

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    Prof. Abel explains in detail the process of this healing technique and answers many questions and concerns from the audience.
     During Agnihotra, the Fire takes over and provides the experience of peace, tranquility and well-being

Photo below: We all need balance, relaxation, rest, and we can find these deeply in Agnihotra.       Some people can´t help to fall asleep in front of the Homa Fire.

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          A healthy diet and physical activity are also important for good health. Therefore, Prof. Abel also teaches effective and simple therapeutic Yoga exercises.       The practice of Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere and with deep breathing it reaches every cell in our body, energizing and rejuvenating it.
 (photos this page)

    We all enjoy with body, mind and soul these Moments of Silence in front of the Agnihotra Fire, where we are internally united with the Light of the healing flames...

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      Back in Piura, we continue participating in the daily sessions of Agnihotra in the two largest Social Security State Hospitals.

        After the massive practice of Agnihotra, there is always something to share, reflect, think, feel and enjoy.
(photo right)

      Afterwards, we leave for our homes happily, carrying more love in our hearts to share.

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  Meeting of Agnihotris to meditate and practice Pranayama exercises (therapeutic breathing) in the presence of the Homa Fire.

(Photo left)

     Weekends are perfect for larger gatherings in order to present the many benefits of Homa Therapy to more people. The public has been invited by announcements in various local newspapers. (photos above and below)

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   It's wonderful to be surrounded by many Agnihotra fires, feel the heat, and breathe deeply in this environ-ment saturated with healing energies.

             Each Agnihotra contributes to the welfare of all and both hands of the practitioner are not enough to receive the many blessings and gifts that come from above...

    (1st photo at left) Mr. Andres Arango arrived From Ecuador. He and his wife Juana participated in the Homa event.)
     (2nd photo at left) Small newspaper invitation for the daily Agnihotra sessions in the Complementary Medicine of the Reategui Hospital.

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  Like the Homa Fire, the heart burns with joy and finds a thousand and one reasons to be full of gratitude.       (photos this page)

After the healing flames extinguish, we remain in silence, witnessing and admiring the sounds of nature, the wind, the birds, the trees, etc. Optionally, we also pray for peace in the hearts of all beings.

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  The Medical Technician Christian Alvaro Soto Vasquez sent the following information and photos from a Homa presentation in Ate, Lima:

       "The photos are from the workshop in the Dept. for senior citizens which took place on October 16th at the Hospital Essalud ‘San Isidro Labrador’ in Ate.        It was part of an exhibition of Alternative and Complementary Medicine organized by
Dr. Borjas,
who invited us to present Homa Therapy. Mrs. Mery Tippe Huaman, also practicing Agnihotra, joined me under the patronage of Mrs. Rosario Silva Trejo, who has a degree as nurse.     We counted with the participation of nearly 40 nurses and other medical professionals of Essalud.        We were able to practice Agnihotra and share a direct experience of Homa Therapy and its benefits.
(photos above and below)

The theme of the presentation:


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           The Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela' celebrated 15 years of service and commitment to the Armenian community. Time during which it promoted healthy lifestyles and concentrated its efforts in the pursuit of human happiness and well-being through constant work with: a) Promotion of healthy eating habits through its organic restaurant and store. b) Proposals for better health through Homa Therapy from Ayurveda and other ancestral alternative medicines like Chinese medicine. c) Therapeutic arts like yoga and healing dances.
         It offers permanently creative spaces for workshops, various expressions of art, ancestral memory and circles of knowledge and human integration, seasonal and cultural events for promoting culture and spirituality.

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We received the following letter from Ms. Marcela Peña from the Investigation Dept. of the Homa Medical Center ‘Botica de la Abuela’:
"Every day, we do Agnihotra at sunset, where participants actively join us. we practice the Vyahruti Homa before every activity and meeting and do 24 and 12 hours of Tryambakam on full moon and new moon.      Today we are doing 12 hours of Homa Fire synchronizing ourselves with the rhythm of the new moon.     In order to carry out this task of purification of the atmosphere and fill it with love energy through the Homa Fires, the team members take turns to meet the goal.

photo left:

Performing Vyahruti Homa on Saturday during the celebration of the "Day of Love and Friendship"  we shared and reflected on giving and receiving.

Activities in the Botica de la Abuela:
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Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez wrote from Tenjo:  

           "Here in the Homa Farm Tenjo in Colombia, we have many events for personal growth of one type or another. As a Homa farm, all events always start with a Vyahruti Homa to harmonize the space and do a little meditation to

    prepare our bodies and spirits to receive the teaching and guidance.          Sometimes people who have never heard about Homa Therapy come, and they love the Fire and surrender to it.
            If the time for Agnihotra approaches, of course, we all join for Agnihotra."





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Homa farm Tenjo cont.:
        "We also have certain permanent events like on Saturdays the 'Women's Healing Circle' with the pleasant teachings of Grandma 'Deva Hummingbird' from the Council of the Grandmothers (photos below at the eco village Atlantis) on different topics such as responsibility, consciousness, etc.  
. Beatriz Ospina directs the 'constellation workshops'.    On Tuesdays, the actress and dancer, Lisbeth Cepeda dictates her dance lessons on the Homa farm.

          On full and new moon, we do at least 12 hours of Tryambakam Homa, involving Agnihotris coming from Bogota and other parts.
(Photo above: Agnihotri Franklin Cerinza doing Tryambakam in the company of visitors.)
        The doors in the Homa Farm in Tenjo are open every day to share the teaching of Homa Therapy, and to enjoy this atmosphere which is purified and full of peace and joy. Sending all my love. Om Shree Om."

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  America Camacho and her husband Josué (photo left to the right)
sent the photos on this page, where they were sharing the Homa Fires on Equinox, on new moon the  Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra with friends.

         They live in Malaga and enjoy sharing Homa Therapy and its many benefits. Apparently, there is a large accumulation of Orbs (balls of light in the photo above -right) in the space where the Homa Fires are practiced.

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       To rid yourself of negative habit patterns replace them. Concentrate only on positive thoughts. Positive actions will result. Get out of these material worldly desires.

     All houses in which Agnihotra is performed regularly will be blessed. No harm will come.

          You need not focus on the negative aspects of your personality. We are not concerned with the personality— except as it is used as an instrument to uplift others. Concentrate and focus all energies on this Fivefold Path work now. Rebuild yourself with intensified meditations.

           Do not look to the future now. Live in the precious moment. Allow the time to unfold.

          People should not feel they are being directed to pray because many people’s religious beliefs interpret prayer differently. What we are telling is a simple path to follow which will help others and help the person who follows it. That is the Fivefold Path: Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya.

          Many feel that prayer helps them with desires, resentments, fears and the like. Then certainly pray, but true prayer is not asking for anything as Mother Mary has said, save His Will.

          All the time the mind wants to escape the nectar and go into the world of these sense desires. All the time. Many suffer in the world with no idea why they suffer. At least, if you choose the life of misery, you know you choose it. To have that awareness alone is precious. To make the right choices is even better. So one must learn to take joy in the spiritual life.

         Philosophy is kind to man. Men respect philosophy. To have philosophical debates is like dog following his tail round and round. He may catch hold of the tip of his tail only to lose it again. There is no time for philosophy. There is no end to it, no satisfaction or ultimate realization. We are not the mind. Therefore we may, must go beyond that.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Bringing Planet Earth into Alignment
    All of you propagating these ancient fires to heal the planet are being guided by Higher Beings who have come to this planet to reveal sacred science to bring this beloved planet into alignment so the next dimension can be realized.

Be aware that your act will never be played out on the main stage. It is for the planet’s evolution. Thus, you have been forewarned not to become involved unnecessarily in political agendas, in quests for name or fame. Stand up for equality and for justice where your voice can be heard, but remain away from the chaos and the fray of political persuasion and contamination of truth.

In actuality, truth shall prevail.

Be aware. Be awake.
All will be thus revealed.

On Being Points of Light
Yes, yes. If you could look at a map of the planet, you would see places of conflict, war and violence appearing as volcanoes erupting. You could see chaotic energy shooting out from these crucial points on the globe.

Those of you who work with healing energies have access to power to reshape the world. On that site map of the world, focus on each point of conflict and flood the area with Light. Direct healing energies in thoughts, words and actions to these lands in dire need of protection and Light. Focus on global healing, not just individual.

At Agnihotra, the times of sunrise and sunset, send Light and healing to those places.

Begin to reach further and further with your prayers. Visualize a healed, whole planet. These are crucial times, times when destructive forces are wreaking havoc environmentally and politically.

Strengthen your bodies, minds and souls for the work at hand. No time for nostalgic reminiscing on days gone by, on simpler times. No time to give into worry or fear.

Those of you whose paths are clearly focused on SERVICE to the One, shall be strengthened and protected in order that the Light for which you work will shine everywhere all around the planet.

The ley lines which are connected, intersecting around the globe, are being strengthened energetically.

Each of you acts as a point of Light. When all are connected, you, dear ones, you form a human grid which can be seen from other planets. We see you as the Light Beings whom you strive to be. Each of you radiates Light, some stronger or clearer than others. When you connect, all the Lights become stronger like a network of energy. This, dear ones, is the critical mass necessary to reset the energy cycle on this planet Earth.

You are the record keepers, as planet Earth is the record keeper.

The shift has already begun.
Walk in Light, dear ones.
Effortless Grace will be showered upon you.
Listen. Listen. Listen. OM.


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