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       More Swadhyaaya (self-study). Have you noticed how many things do you usually need to be comfortable, satisfied and happy? Just look around you. Today, we have a more comfortable life than 20 or 50 years ago. Maybe, we have an apartment, or house, or building, etc., with:
furniture (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.), electro domestic appliances (stove, refrigerator, blender, microwave, juicer, etc.), televisions, telephones, computers, Internet devices (routers, boosters, antennas , etc.), clothing (dresses, pants, skirts, underwear, shirts, suits, gloves, socks, ties, etc.), shoes, belts, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, hair dryer, ornaments, curtains, porcelain articles / china ware, cookware, eating utensils, books, books, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes (cassettes), pictures on the wall, bathroom accessories (nail clippers, scissors, nail files, combs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.), medicine cabinet (pills, injections, creams, ointments, syrups, etc.), cell phones, magazines, newspapers, etc.
Yes, we are immersed in an EXCESSIVE consumerism.
Incidentally, the major Transnational Corporations use psychologists and other professionals to create artificial needs through advertising strategies to sell their products or services.
"Often we see how the fish may die by the mouth" (by its very own mouth or other’s).
Many times, we seem to be trapped in a cage.
Some are in an iron cage and others are in a golden cage, but still they are caged. Why?


              When the senses and the mind are not controlled, often they act as tyrants. They tend to pamper your little personality or ego and enslave the soul with attachments or addictions.
                     The Fivefold Path (Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya) can help us to escape the physical and mental prison and cut the chains of the mundane attachments.
The Fivefold Path:
- Clears the intellect
- Cleanses the mind of impurities
- Improves your judgment
- Tames your senses
- Strengthens the individual will and tune it up with the Divine Will.
Unconsciousness, ignorance, falsehood and unreality catch us. The practice of the Fivefold Path leads us to Consciousness, Reality, Truth and Freedom.  
The Fivefold Path fills us up with Unconditional Love, and this Love gives us Peace and Freedom.
                            OM SATYA OM

Note:  You can be rich or poor and still be a slave. And yes, yes, yes, if the mind and the senses are at the service of the soul, you can be Free independently of your economics (poor or rich).

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com



Selena Elizabeth Sánchez Zambrano
Cajamarca, Peru, South America

       "I am 8 years old. I have taken the Agnihotra ash from my dad and I put it with some water on the plants that I have at school. The plants were dying. I did this several times and now they are beautiful.
The leaves of the plants of my classmates are falling. Their plants have only a few leaves left. I offered them to also use Agnihotra ash."

(Photos: Selena doing Agnihotra in the company of her father Oswaldo. She also helps teaching the Agnihotra Mantras.)

Cecibel Martha Aviles
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South Americia

         "An 85 years old man underwent surgery for an umbilical hernia  (photo to the right).             
   Before surgery, the doctors realized that he had a heart problem.

They had to put an anticoagulant (blood thinner) injection. This produced some bleeding after surgery.
(photo below to the left)

The doctor said the hemorrhage (bleeding) was supposed to reach the feet. However, after he was discharged, we did treat him with Agnihotra fire and an abdominal application of the cream made with ghee and Agnihotra ash.

      We applied the cream prescribed by the doctor on the left side of the abdomen and the Agnihotra cream on the right side. In 3 days of continuous Homa healing, the bleeding on the right side had disappeared by applying the Agnihotra cream.
 (photo above to the right)

Then, we cured the whole abdomen with the Homa cream."  (photo left)

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Ruth Gutiérrez
and her grandchildren Alexandro Martín and Luis Rodrigo
Piura, Peru, South America

         "I have brought Martin Alexandro to Homa Therapy in the Reategui Hospital since he was 2 years old; now, he is 5 years old. His brother, Luis Rodrigo comes with us on Saturdays only, because he is at school in the afternoons.

Both are very smart kids and they do not like to eat meat. They have great insight to say things and to understand things; that is quite incredible. Especially Alexandro Martin, who practices Agnihotra more often, the teacher says he is excellent, there is no need to explain things twice to him and he asks intelligent questions. They both have an excellent performance. Luis Rodrigo likes to solve difficult problems and he does that very well. Also, they both like to eat Agnihotra ash during the whole day.
    Alexandro Martín was born with tonsil problems and the doctor said that later on he will have to be operated. However, the last time he had a cold, the doctor said that he no longer suffers from these adenoids. Now, he does not need surgery.
   I (Ruth) came with delicate health to the hospital. However, I felt good from the first day I arrived to participate in Homa Therapy. The next day, I got my Agnihotra kit. My lymph nodes around the neck were swollen and my whole body ached. Besides, I also had a very strong, very explosive character, ready to fight. However, thanks to Homa Therapy, I am now well and take everything calmly. Although sometimes I have to face tough situations, I know how to handle them, thanks to God and the Homa fires. I also sleep well. When I cannot do the Homa Fire, my batteries are low.
By the way, 35 years ago, my lymph nodes were swollen for the first time and back then, I had to have surgery and I was hospitalized for three months. Then, the swelling returned and for that reason I came to Homa Therapy."
(Photo above: Mrs. Ruth Gutierrez and her grandchildren, Alexander Martin and Luis Rodrigo, practicing Agnihotra in the Reátegui Hospital.)

Jaime Rafael Vergara Pérez
Cajamarca, Peru, South America

      "Years ago, I was diagnosed with high hemoglobin, which sometimes reaches 19 and I feel headaches. 3-4 hours after the first Agnihotra, I had a small bleeding, which has not happened in years and this calmed my migraine headache. I was somewhat incredulous, but based on the results: I had an immediate positive result. Today was my third Homa session. With the intake of Agnihotra ash, I have felt calmer and less nervous all day. And I am happier now.

I have also been suffering from constipation, although I am careful with the food. However, during these Homa days, my stools are three times a day and I am extremely happy. To have gotten these immediate results helps me to continue this treatment and I hope that in the long run, I will achieve even more results. My desire is to learn well how to practice Homa Therapy and then to help my brothers in Cajamarca."

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Jesús Pompa Zambrano
Cajamarca, Peru, South America

        "I am 62 years old. We are in the Clinic ‘San Martin de Porres’. I have been participating 4 times in the Agnihotra Fire and I am taking its Ash regularly.
        I came here desperately due to my high blood pressure. I have resorted to several doctors here in Cajamarca and in Chiclayo, but did not find improvement. When the pressure is high, I experience ringing in the ears. I have had this problem for about 2 years and it makes me desperate. Now, my blood pressure is fine, I feel great and I want to continue with Homa Therapy. I do not have the buzzing sound in my ears any more. I thank God that I found Homa Therapy through a TV interview. "
(Photo: Mr. Jesus participating in the Agnihotra session in the Clinic ‘San Martin de Porres’ in Cajamarca.)

Antonia Preciado Benites
Piura, Peru, South America

      "I am 51 years old. I have come to the Reategui hospital for 3 weeks to participate in the Homa Therapy session in the Complementary Medicine, but I do not come every day. I was suffering from stress. I had no control over my anguish and anxiety. I had an explosive character, which I could not control. Now, with Homa Therapy, I feel like a dove, peaceful. I no longer explode. I feel quite serene. Before I fought and argued a lot with my husband and my daughters. Now, I have improved a lot."

Noelia, her 11 year old daughter remarks: "My mom is no more complaining that much."
(Photo: Mrs. Antonia with her daughter Noelia participating in Agnihotra in the Hospital Reategui in Piura.)

Rocío Pazmiño de Obando
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

        "My mom Marujita is 81 years old. She was born on March 26, 1933. She does Agnihotra about once or twice a week, depending on how often I can go to do the Homa Fires with her at home. She has her own pyramid but she needs help to prepare the Fire. So I do this and she does the rest. She loves to do the Homa Fires, which keep her with good health. She had surgery for a fracture in the femur (her right leg) on December 21, 2012. Two days later, she started with physical therapy. However, before and after the surgery, my sister Marianita and I went to do the healing Homa Fires outside the clinic. The orthopedic Doctor and the Physical therapist 

said she recovered very fast, considering that she was 79 years old at that time. God bless Homa Therapy. Om Shree Om."  (Photo: Mrs. Marujita doing Agnihotra in her daughter Marianitas' Center 'El Rincón del Alma'.)

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Chaitanya Granja - Another HOMA Farm receives a Government award.

         Mr. Anand Gaikwad and his wife, Lata have 8 acres mango, lime and sapota garden near Thane in Maharashtra.

     This "Krishi Bhushan" award was handed over by the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Shri Prithviraj Chavan. (photo left.)

       It is the third award a Homa farm receives from the government,  after Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai (Krishi Pandit) and Mrs. Asha Naik (ASPEE L.M. PATEL "FARMER OF THE YEAR" award).

Mr. Anand V. Gaikwad writes (extracts from his letter):
        "My wife Lata and myself decided to buy the farm land sometime in the year 1993 in Dahagaon, Taluka Kalyan, Dist. Thane. Lata has a Ph.D. in Pollution Biology and I have professional qualification with focus on corporate legislation and corporate governance responsibility. In the initial years up to 1998 we had to follow the agricultural practices of conventional farming (i.e. chemical farming) as we had not studied and practiced organic farming. But after 1998 we decided to go organic. Then in 2010 a Homa Resonance Point was established. Our Homa farm is now certified organic by “NOCA” under both “NPOP” and “NPO” Standards (USDA).

The farm land was purchased as a totally barren land and over the years has been developed as a fully integrated Homa Organic Farm.

Initial plantation of Mangoes, Chikoos and Coconuts was made in 1995, intercropped with vegetables, legumes, flowers, mogra (jasmine), and others.

The Homa Resonance Point was established by Bruce, Anne and Dr. Irma.                         

Homa activities on the farm, like the Rudra Yajnya."                        (cont. on page 06)

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Chaitanya Homa Farm continued:

        "Our organic farm under Homa atmosphere at present is fully developed. Our Orchard is inter-cropped with vegetables and other produce, which are available throughout the year.
All the products of the farm are of excellent quality.    
Besides, it is becoming a trainings center and a place for Agro-Tourism where we will be able to show and demonstrate to the visiting guests like organic farmers, students of agricultural colleges / Universities, officers from the Agricultural Departments as well as the public in general, (who as consumers are showing their keen interest in organic farm produce), the blessings of an organic Homa farm.

"We have presently about 10 cows in our stable. Cows are being raised at the farm since the year 2003 to bring about bio-diversity as a part of Homa organic farming. The milk yield achieved is about 50 to 70 litres per day".

Vermi-composting Activity.

Bio-gas plant, using cow dung slurry.

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Light bulb functioning since 1901!

              The Secret History of Planned Obsolescence:
Buy - Trash - Buy
Posted on 31/10/2012
Batteries 'die' at 18 months of being released; printers are blocked when you reach a certain number of prints, bulbs that melt after thousand hours (less than 1.5 months) of use, etc.
Why, despite advances in technology, consumer products last less and less?
Is this system of infinite production feasible on a planet with limited resources?
And do you want to know where the trash ends?

     The secret history of planned obsolescence (by Cosima Dannoritzer):


             Graham Hancock: The Lament of Hermes

Posted on 28/03/2013

       Hermes, the great "Messenger of the Gods" and the Greek reincarnation of Thoth, with his lament. The text is a kind of prophecy that speaks of a time of cultural disease that will be cleared to start again. Like many prophecies today, this ancient Egyptian one seems to apply to our times and gives us reason to re-evaluate our present. Graham Hancock brings "The Lament of Hermes." An ancient awakening and shocking message of hope. Please watch:

               Studies Reveal the Secret Power of the Pyramidal Shape

Why does the pyramidal shape resonate various energy fields?

The very shape of the pyramid is an amplified-receiver or resonator of various kinds of energy fields, i.e. electro-magnetic waves, cosmic rays, electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc., surrounding our planet and which are in the air around and within the pyramid.
Inside the pyramid the received energies, interact with one another.
A pyramid also creates a spherical field like a 3D globe of harmonic vibrations – where the wave patterns are synchronous and rhythmic – around itself. Everything within that field will move towards harmony.
How does the pyramid create a spherical field of harmonic vibrations around itself?

For more information, please see:

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            Homa Therapy is being offered free of charge for more than 11 years in the two main State Hospitals in Piura: Regional Hospital Cayetano Heredia and Hospital Reategui.
          The daily Agnihotra sessions are encounters of healing, meditation, teachings, learning, sharing and breathing deeply and relaxing in the healing Homa atmosphere.

                   After practicing Agnihotra, Prof. Abel tells stories that make us think, reflect, question our attitudes and thoughts and encourage us to be more aware and give the best of us in our relationships and everyday situations - with a smile.    The Homa atmosphere gives the impulse to feel and live strongly  these positive changes.

The bright burning healing flames of Agnihotra transform us on a level much deeper than the eye can see. Silence, Peace and Tranquility experienced in these minutes fills all our being and brings Light to each and every cell of our body.
It's Divine Grace!

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   On Saturday, after the practice of Agnihotra we share devotional songs that cheer our hearts and minds.
   In Homa atmosphere it is easy to feel devotion and surrender to the Divine.

     The words of these songs are felt deep inside and take the form of a very personal experience with the Divine.

     There is a group dedicated since 11 plus years to the practice of the Homa Fires. Prof. Abel facilitated several preparatory workshops and taught techniques to enter meditation.
      Don Francisco Peralta and Mrs. Martha provided the perfect environment for this.
     We learned about breathing and concentration by using certain psycho-physical exercises, Pranayamas and Trataka (concentration method through a candle or Ghee lamp).
We also heard of other important preparatories for meditation such as telling the truth and certain behaviors that help us on the path to Light.
 (photos right)
    The workshop ended with the massive practice of Agnihotra which set up the atmosphere to feel the wonders of meditation, where the mind becomes still and allows the union with the higher energy of Light. (photo below)

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     The women also continue with their "Healing Circle" on Thursdays, where we connect more  with ourselves and among ourselves through the magnificent Homa Fires (Agnihotra and Tryambakam)
     The capacity to concentrate increases and the love in our hearts for Mother Earth and all beings on the planet grows...

We feel blessed as sisters by sharing Tryambakam Homa, Agnihotra, prayers, songs and dances with  open and happy hearts.
(photos this page)

     We decided to re-unite on another day of the week to work on ourselves, to live the spiritual teachings and feel the Light inside of us stronger.
  That day, we share reading, painting mandalas, listening to music, inspirational talks, meditation, etc. and above all we celebrate Agnihotra together.

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       The daily celebrations of the Homa Fires heal our body, mind and emotions; and as a lady put it:   "I come here to feel the love of my Homa family".    (photos this page)

   We also enjoy the time after Agnihotra, when our hearts and minds are open to understand spiritual truths at the deepest level of our true being, through stories, tales, fables and prayers that emphasize Gratitude and Peace for all beings on Earth.

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      Time for another preparatory workshop for meditation for the Agnihotris of Piura. We learned more about the Yamas and Niyamas (rules of conduct), which are important steps to Meditation. This was the moment to understand vegetarianism as a way to NON-VIOLENCE (AHIMSA).

     We did concentration exercises (Trataka) and ended this afternoon of many new learning experiences with the Agnihotra Fire, which soothes and nurtures our cores.

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    Again, by Divine Grace, there was the opportunity to visit Cajamarca.
       Upon arrival, we were able to share Agnihotra with Mr. Cristobal Sandoval and the Agnihotri group, that continues firm under his guidance. 
   We especially want to thank Mrs. Mari Posadas and her family from the Hostal "El Cabildo" for their unconditional love and support.

           Every day we learned more about this Homa Super Science from the Ayurvedic Medicine through lectures, audio-visual presentations, live  testimonies,  questions and answers, conversations, etc.

The practice of Agnihotra blesses us with the so needed Silence. It teaches us without words and takes its wisdom directly into our hearts.
What a joy!

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  Christian Álvaro Vásquez Soto, physical therapist, wrote from the northern part of Lima, Peru:
        (Photo left:) "The trees (three) were dry and had never flowered before, but with the practice of Agnihotra and using its ashes, they began to flourish. Twice they even bloomed long before spring came. The three trees flourish alternately.

     (Photo below left:) Agnihotra in the 'Central Park' of Lima. One can see clearly on both sides of the pyramid several orbs, circular areas of light in light blue color. This means that there is harmony and love in that space.
     (Photo below right) My colleague Mrs. Emma Paco and I are doing Agnihotra in the area of Dental Services of the Essalud Hospital "Marino Molina Sicppa" in Comas, Lima.

      We are also doing Agnihotra regularly in the ‘Basic Unit of Primary Care’ (UBAP) in the Essalud Hospital in Carabayllo, Lima. This photo (below) was taken at the opening of the new location (which is 3 times larger than what we had before) at the 

request of its director, Dr. Borja. We are very happy to provide this service with Homa Therapy for free . Om Shree Om."

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       Mrs. Cecibel Martha Avíles, promoter of Homa Therapy in New York, sent us the following photos and wrote:
    About the two photos to the left:   
My husband Miguel and I are sharing the healing Agnihotra Fire in our home with friends from Mexico, whose children previously suffered from asthma, hyperactivity and attention deficit.
   Photo below right: Agnihotra with my grandaughter Luna who is 4 years old!

    Photo right: Doing Agnihotra in NY for a patient who was operated on her kidney and remained in a vegetative state.                She had the tracheotomy tube. Her lungs were filled up with phlegm every 40 minutes.    After  the Agnihotra Fire, she could be for 3 hours at ease  without the need to suck out the phlegm.

     Photo left:
The Tryambakam Homa helped the very hyperactive children in a daycare center to be calm and to slowly participate in the chanting of the Mantras." 

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In the Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela', Mother Dora continues firmly with the daily practice and sharing of the healing Homa Fires.

    Ms. Marcela Peña C. from the Research department of the Botica de la Abuela wrote:
 "We had the visit of Swami Saraswati Maytreyi, from the Satyananda Yoga School, who conducted the conference 'Meditation in Everyday Life'. Activity which had a great receptivity from the people. We did a meditation exercise and sang some Mantras, including Tryambakam and Gayatri.
(photo right during Agnihotra)

The image on the left is from the workshop 'The Magic of the spoken and sang voice' held at the Botica under the guidance of facilitator Ananda Chi.
We started the workshop with a  Vyahruti Homa.
         Mrs. Ananda Chi is also promoting a series of conscious concerts, in which,

through singing in different ways, participants manage to get in tune with their inner being and tranquility.             In this concert (which started with Vyahruti Homa) we heard Mantras like the Gayatri and songs in honor to the Virgin Mary.        During the concert, an explanation of the power and necessity of Mantras was provided. These sounds tune us to the sound of the universe". (photo right)

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     La Botica de la Abuela participated in 'ECO-LIFE' meeting of agro-ecological farmers which took place from the 21st to 24th of August in Manizales, Caldas.
   "This meeting of organic farmers and their folk’s wisdom was born 14 years ago, driven by the Botanical Garden of the University of Caldas. The objective is to create a space to rescue ancestral and ethnic knowledge regarding agro-ecology and alternatives for the prevailing model farmers.
               La Botica de la Abuela is part of the list of alternative agriculture schools. It was  participating with the healing Homa Fires and promoting HOMA organic farming. The Botica is known as an institution and organic health food store.
      At sunset, Agnihotra was performed by Andrew Trujillo (yoga instructor of the Botica) and Camilo Gallego (Homa farming coordinator of the Botica), accompanied

by approximately 200 people.  (photo left)
Afterwards, a general description of Homa Therapy and its agricultural, environmental and health benefits were given."  
     (Photos below: garden with organic Homa products of the Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela'.)


       Mrs. Betty Khoo-Kingsley (photo left) shared these photos from a wonderful meeting with 11 Agnihotra Fires lit in the "Swami" house of Singapore.
 (1st photo left)

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            Mr. Llhang shares following photos and wrote from Kuantan, Malaysia:
       "We were very blessed indeed to have had two enlightened Kriya Yoga masters to perform evening Agnihotra with us at Vasudevan's house in Kuantan.
       Guruji Prem Nirmal & Guruma Dharthi both emphasized the importance of performing Agnihotra to enhance our wealth & receive blessings from our ancestors and from the Almighty Father."


  Reiner Szcypior wrote from Güssing, Austria:
"Meeting with healers and shamans in Güssing, Burgenland.
                Several people who have been living with the native tribes of South and North America and Africa are sharing this traditional wisdom in Europe. I enjoyed the construction of the sweat lodge, symbolizing rebirth from the womb. Evening Agnihotra was performed with visitors and participants of the camp."     (photos right and below)

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    Ms. Sukhmani Kaur in cooperation with Ms. Ani Sobarzo organized the Homa Festival, held at the ‘Atma Bosque’ Center in Puerto Montt.
    We received the photos of this page with the following notes:

Photo left: "Welcoming the participants and exhibitors at the Homa Festival:
          Dr. Irma García, Héctor Rosas and Carolina Morales with a Vyahruti Homa.

              Photo left:     At sunset we had over 20 Agnihotra pyramids, many of them lit for the first time. There were over 80 participants enjoying the Fires and the healing Homa atmosphere.
        Photos below:
 Sukhmani doing Tryambakam with the participants & closing song in the dome.
   We were very happy with the visit of Dr. Irma Garcia and her tour in southern Chile. Fraternal greetings from these southern lands. Om Shree."

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        Ms. Camila Paz shared these photos of the tour of Dr. Irma Garcia in southern Chile:

      1) "Homa Therapy and Fivefold Path" lecture with Dr. Irma Garcia in the Center 'Satsang' in Curacavi. (photo left)
       2) Agnihotra in the 'Centro Sanatma', in Caleu. (photo below)

Ms. Karina Ohme shared the photo below and wrote: "Beautiful talk with Dr. Irma Garcia about the Fivefold Path and Homa Therapy in the 'Bhakti' Center in Los Angeles. Thank you, thank you!"

3 & 4) "Singing and sharing with Irma García and Joakín Bello in a beautiful meeting of Homa Therapy and Fivefold Path in the Community Tazul, Concepción.      What a Blessing!"

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II Homa Festival  in Santiago in the Center 'Madre Tierra':
"Gratitude to each one that was in the 2nd Homa Festival in Santiago de Chile. We lived a beautiful day of learning and celebration in connection with the Sacred Fire. We thank for the beautiful afternoon, the workshop facilitators, the attendants, musicians and collaborators.
       May the benefits of this ancient Vedic Science continue to expand for the healing of the planet and all beings on it.
       Om Shree Om, Camila Paz."

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       If you go more and more into these disciplines, you will live in harmony. One word of kindness does more than twenty words of criticism or insult. One kind word, one kind thought, all the time. Smile.

       So many people suffer now in the world. Everyone has his own Karma. You may look at someone and think, "How ideal his/her life is." Then you do not know what troubles they already have, what is to come to them. So never look at the next person and think like that. Envy does no person good.

      We must never associate with violence of any kind. Only total love. You are being worked on in a big way. Now it becomes easy for you to rise much higher very quickly.

      Simplify your life. You make it ten times more complicated than it already is. You don't even realize it.

       In your meditations, when you have questions, answers will come. You cannot expect however to sit down and receive an answer one day because for that one time you have meditated. You must train and relax the mind to a certain point by meditating regularly every day. Then automatically you become attuned to another energy cycle and receive higher knowledge through subtle channels.

      When you meditate, it helps you in a much subtler way than actual physical, mental experiences. It also helps those around you. Do not think "Oh, I had a bad meditation". Sometimes it is delightful, other times very subtle. If there is some disturbance consistently in your meditations, check your diet and posture during meditation.

      You cannot teach common sense. If a person does not have that it is only because the mind is undisciplined. The mind is preoccupied with other thoughts, whether they be fantasies, worries, fears or the like. So it does not utilize its full potential. Then such people are referred to as ‘scatter brained’. This is a very accurate word as it describes the undisciplined mind. So one cannot learn ‘common sense’. One cannot learn even to make best use of his ability to draw on logic or intuitions unless one’s mind is properly trained. Once the mind is trained properly, all the natural abilities come to the fore and the person can begin to live an efficient life with clarity of mind.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Prophecy
     Yes, yes. Most assuredly this is the year of manifestation. There will be great changes in all avenues. Do not fear. Those who are walking the path of Truth will be undisturbed.

Quantum physics will be hard-pressed to explain multi-dimensional shifts on this planet. Scientists scramble to decode theories proposed in ancient times prior to knowledge of other universes, a parallel universe and the laws which are widely accepted today. Yet, in those ancient times, Truth was uncompromised. Though forerunners of future prophecy may have been dismissed as fools or even blasphemous heretics, these prophecies stand as testaments to a higher knowledge, as events foretold unfold before our eyes.

Now, that said, many ancient prophecies are subject to change, as there is always the element of Grace and free will of the beings of every era to alter the outcome, should they but heed the warnings given. It is often a race against the clock.

We advise, we implore all of you whose paths are one with the Light, to stay focused on your paths, walk in Truth and honour the planet upon which you live, the Earth upon which you trod, the animal and plant kingdom, the humanity, your humanity.

These are indeed times of great introspection and, simultaneously, times of building and creating oases for the future.

Walk in Light, dear brothers and sisters.
The power behind you is firmly behind you and all around you.
Walk in Light.

On Life and Faith
     Yes, yes. Fire is the element of change. It is essential for the new life coming into being on this beloved planet Earth—essential for the body, mind and spirit to be able to make that quantum leap into the future, the great unknown.

Let there be no fear. Let nothing hold you back from achieving the dreams for which you have been created, for which you have taken birth in this time to learn and to experience from every hill and every valley, every high, every low. Thus, do not consider a low point a one-way ticket. It is not. Low points allow one to resurface, fresh and rejuvenated from going to the depths within. There is, on that level, no experience which is not positive in nature, even that which appears to be a dark period in one’s life. Always, there is Light. Seek it. Keep your eyes open for its magnificent glow to find you.
When the enlightened prayers of which we spoke previously are uttered from a pure heart, they will always reach fruition. They will always be heard resounding in the heavens, echoing in the valleys of your life. Have faith in that which cannot be seen, that which is ever present and always attending to your spirit, as a mother to a child.

On Sound
        Yes, yes. Music for manifesting, indeed. Creating new sounds in music, as well as using the voice as instrument to achieve more interaction between the realm of thought and the realm beyond thought, also interests us.
Now, Sound is therapy, when it crosses over into Light.
Más info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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