Lima, Peru October 9, 2001


We have to warn the people in New York City and these other cities of U.S. Another place possibly targeted
is NORFOLK, VA. People are not likely to consider moving but it is wiser to live outside of the cities and still do all the fires and help the people.

Now those of our people, i.e. people who practice Agnihotra fire, who are now in larger cities of U.S. have to take precautions. Yes, Maharaj Shree protects them. Still New York is going to be more dangerous now. Washington D.C., Boston, Massachusetts. More people practicing Agnihotra healing fires are required there. Also Miami. There is urgent need for more people practicing Agnihotra in Los Angeles and Chicago. Also our people can go there for that purpose and LIVE OUTSIDE THE MAIN METROPOLITAN AREAS. It is not only terrorism but also that natural disasters have been predicted PARTICULARLY IN COASTAL AREAS. If focus is on airline security and of airports, then of course, terrorists will move to another area where focus is less. They will not continue focusing only on airports and airplanes. Next targets will be as well devastating if they are not stopped.

Now, as our work goes more on the subtle level, it follows that those near, rise more into power. By power we mean higher awareness simply. Maharaj Shree Gajanan can utilize the few people who do HIS work. 
All these days when this was told, the response was
"How can a small number of people do all the work?". 
Now, as we move more and more into the subtle realms, so our people also begin to work with these subtle energies.

As you become more subtle your physical needs also change in terms of food, for example. Also at this point cleanliness becomes more important. Food becomes fuel only as desires fall away. Needs for this "fuel" change and one eats less and lighter as one advances. Then a stage is reached where nothing is required but the body takes food only almost symbolically.

All of you will become more sensitive to vibrations. You have to move among many people where you can not always dictate the situation. Still, stay in places that are clean; wear clean clothes; shower every day. Keep discipline clothing for Agnihotra healing temples, plus 4 a.m. Mantras. As you become subtler, all these "I need" "I want", become less.

End of message