for the "FESTIVAL ECO HOMA 2005" in the National Agrarian University La Molina
on February 19th, 2005 in Lima, Peru

Nature must replace herself. We must first destroy some of the illness, wounds caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Nature must be healed first then she will give back large amounts of healthy produce and peace of mind. This can be achieved by HOMA Organic Farming. Homa rejuvenates the soil.
It does not matter where you are living now. There is no place free from pollution and its degenerating effects on the mind. We are living in a very difficult world. There is much pressure and strain from every direction. Everyone is searching for cures for this or that. Let us go forward with HOMA Therapy. It will heal the planet.
There are disturbances in the atmosphere now. We must all be prepared for an influx of people turning to Agnihotra, the basic Homa tuned to the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sunset as their last resort. The influx begins. We will turn away no one.
All people need to be told now. If they are not interested then that is their worry but it is our duty to deliver to the world this message of HOMA Organic Farming, HOMA medicines, HOMA psychotherapy.
HOMA can save lives. Already results have shown cures of diseases, mental and physical.
The sun has risen on a NEW ERA.