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Homa Medical Center
"The Good Shep
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Guayaquil - Ecuador - South America

I like to inform through this letter that we have been practicing the fires of the Ayurvedic Medicine: Agnihotra and Tryambakam for the last 6 years in our Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd", Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America. These Fires are an important part of our patients integral medical treatment. The results are surprising. We have an average of 50 patients daily and many of them report improvements with this Homa treatment in less than 21days.

We have also noticed acceleration in the healing process of patients with cancer, AIDS,
diabetes, arterial hypertension, even in systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

Yantrams, Agnihotra Ash and Shiva-Lingams are usually part of the Homa treatment.

Attached to this letter you will see the documentation related two cases where the allopathic medicine had given up on them.

1.) Illness: Hodgkin Lymphom
The patient was given two months to live. He improved within 45 days and didn't present any tumor after 2 months.

2.) Illness: HIV Positive
A 20 year's old patient was diagnosed HIV positive by the National Institute of Hygiene of Ecuador. She did not receive any Retroviral treatment.
Now the tests of Webster-Lock gave negative results. This happened after 60 days with Homa treatment (Agnihotra fire and the consumption of Agnihotra Ash). We treated this patient additionally with Aloe Vera and Dulcamara plant, prepared in darkness with honey from bees and Agnihotra Ash. The plants, because of their photo sensitive character need to be consumed in darkness. The plant preparation was taken one day Yes, one day No, for 30 days. The patient has a 3 year-old daughter who is also HIV positive and who is also receiving this Homa treatment. We already could take her daughter out of a coma due to Pneumonia. Her enlarged liver has diminished more or less 30%.

We have many more cases and we hope to present them to the community soon.

We pray for the quick recovery of all our patients.

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Dr. Jaime Montufar Villavicencio
Medical Doctor and Surgeon
Guayaquil, Ecuador
, South America
Tel. 00593 - 4 - 238 4831